Lazy economy to promote the transformation of the mode of search

inert "muggy" Internet economy

search engine "inertia change"

search engine is the development of the Internet as the most basic way, the main entrance is traffic, more and more search engines become an important way for the transformation of war, Internet traffic crowd in Shanghai recently, the meeting of the world, the scale of voice and image search over text search has become a hot topic, just lazy "the economic point of view, this is due to the economic development of the Internet, the Internet itself is relying on the" inert "convenient ideas developed, is" lazy economy "" disaster ", the simple text input will no longer be able to meet the needs of convenient development, especially in the social rhythm is accelerating today, speech convenient and shoot that search search engine is more able to" capture "for the Internet users especially mobile Internet search engine Qing heart.


lazy economy behind the Internet thinking

Internet era is the era of intelligent, more and more groups in the pursuit of convenient services and promote technology innovation, "lazy" as one of the essential characteristics of human beings, in the way of human progress at the same time, but also more convenient to create a new economic entity, the Internet economy makes the lazy economy rapidly development, and recently, in Shanghai World Congress, the "lazy economy" is used in the Internet search engine, in order to convenient users and more popular voice search, image search, in the future will be more than the words visible behind "lazy economy" is a manifestation of the Internet service more convenient and rapid evolution of fine the development of the.

people are inert, especially in the era of Internet, more and more guest house has become an important economic force, pulling the Internet and the development of logistics and, with the continuous development of science and technology, the house off for "home service" have become increasingly demanding, insatiable, and, according to the 58 media advertising alliance data show Chinese, as of June 2014, the total number of Internet users is 632 million, the number of mobile phone users reached 527 million, with the continuous growth in the population of Internet users, the Internet "lazy" of economy of scale expansion, especially with the development of mobile Internet, more and more convenient APP in life, let the life of the basic necessities of life can be addressed, through convenient the Internet economy therefore, seize the development situation of inert, is the best opportunity for development of the Internet economy .

The development of social economy is to

users convenient service as the foundation of social transformation is closely rely on convenient invention based production produced, especially after the economic development of the Internet, more convenient services become an important way for the development of the Internet, as the entrance of the development of the Internet, the search engine is to simplify the process "an important way of lazy economy tianchai feeding, revealing a lazy economy after Internet changes to the user experience and the convenience of users as the basic principle, way to search images or.

Shanghai Longfeng domestic status of how easy it is to get ranking


small house sun do a blog called Shanghai dragon, is actually a very simple thing. It may be because it is too simple, in recent years a lot of people do into the ranks of the station, causing some traffic had been looted a few empty words, to make simple things seem very difficult. I think for a long time, if you write out my opinions, there might be a lot of people greeting, but finally I still want to write. For example, in a runway of 10 players for the game, take the first chance is 1/10. Then in the 100 marathon, there will also be difficult to improve as can be imagined. Is such a simple truth, although be the most changeful form, the nature or purpose of the same.

keyword web design layout


to love Shanghai search engine as an example, you need to know is just how he included our website, then how to finally how to sort search results in screening,? Although the search engine algorithm has hundreds of factors in the two years ago (if the fear do not stop). According to the careful assumptions, bold confirmation principle to understand about it, this is not too difficult.

(1) from the perspective of



this is the old topic, many people only know the good title, keywords, description set up on the site, the chain will finally do a lot of Everything will be fine.. But the existing search engines continue to improve, has begun to move forward intelligently, and continuous improvement…… We must in the old method as the foundation to improve.

there are a lot of real master are unknown to the public, muffled fortune, but now the network was born a lot of Shanghai dragon training class, there are also many self styled expert level character, in fact, many people are fooled. It is just their packaging, then put the network ready tutorial copy, even a successful case to have people everywhere to charge. Many people are not from the scientific point of view to understand the search engine ranking rules. And the ranking of a website is reduced, loudly to scold is artificial intervention (actually a meteorite, severe Award) to blame all. In fact, Shanghai dragon really is not complicated, as long as the following three steps to get, is a matter of ranking.

many experts love to search engine when the adult saw it, he is a machine (with you in front of the computer is not what difference). Don’t put the search engine when it is one thing, but not to put the search engine as your God worship. You need to have a normal state of mind, as usual to eat and sleep only to do is daily maintenance work, increase the site’s exposure.

next time continue to explain how I starting from the search engine to do the angle of Shanghai dragon, and >

search engine

Fish the right reason analysis and solution reduced supply network

station on the line 2 months have never cheated on a Shanghai Dragon (100% guaranteed), so the reasons are excluded. No large drop off the chain, the chain is still relatively stable after all do. Also today near the end of the month, so love Shanghai may be updated or adjust the algorithm according to right down there is a certain possibility. Then recently because the server open speed is poor, especially at night, if so, be right down is understandable. This seemingly excessive optimization is unlikely, because I’ve always been a "uniform" website optimization, after all, the stability is the most important! A few days before the exchange of two Links, one of which is new, the weight is not high, it involved I drop right is possible.

good afternoon, I am the master fish in yesterday’s article, "experience and lessons" operating supply websites for two months and I share the station on the line two months to get the weight of relatively good joy. Unexpectedly, this morning to check your weight, I found one of the keywords ranking has declined. Although only a small drop right, but still attracted my attention. Well, today is to share a fish analysis and the way to deal with yourself for the weight of micro drop reasons to everyone, hope this is also the weight of the

love Shanghai using the new algorithm to calculate the weight and website ranking position and the cause of weight decline is also very common, but we met this situation do not worry, as long as you follow the original site update time and frequency of updates to maintain your station, general >

3: love Shanghai update algorithm leads to decline in the rankings

site is down right, because usually are relatively simple, such as: Links site of his involvement was down the right search engine was used to adjust the algorithm, the website chain most fall, excessive optimization, website cheating, web server speed. Well, here I will analyze.

2: slow down the right

Because brothers help!The

1: Links down the right

The Because by site access speed solution!

connect to each other down the right site caused by their website in the fall of right is one of the most common reason, in fact, this is a very good one problem, as long as we get rid of the link can be right down the site, usually in a few days back naturally website weight.

this analysis is clear, the reason is right down the locked in: Links, love Shanghai update algorithm and web access speed is too slow for the three point, we have to think about the next


because the server causes the right down, more difficult, because the only way to solve this problem is to replace the server, once the server IP address new replacement should be replaced, so that the website is not good, so if the problem is not, as long as the space can give a good solution, it is not necessary to replace the

Love Shanghai cancel medical website bidding opportunities to Shanghai dragon er

Of course, The first location of Of course, the design of

medical website can be said to be regional. The target audience is mainly local and surrounding areas near the crowd, so in the beginning of the construction site, the domain name server and spelling should as far as possible with local color. Select the local IDC service providers can improve website access speed, bring a good user experience. The domain name spelling can also be cast by locals, improve the domain name identification.

in the external links the site development is very important, but also avoid spamming.

love Shanghai bidding against search engine ranking intention, optimization of poor Shanghai Longfeng site often can quickly obtain a former rankings and plenty of traffic through Shanghai to spread love. This phenomenon also makes the credibility and transparency of the widely criticized love Shanghai. However, recent exposure of CCTV love Shanghai began to converge, recently the author found medical type website is cancelled for promotion, replaced by natural ranking. This phenomenon will undoubtedly do medical sites but has been downhearted Shanghai bring a glimmer of dawn dragon er.

"fresh and natural color and layout structure, make the patient can open the page there is a comfort in your choice, so as to obtain the user’s favor and bring benefits to the enterprise. Closer to the region’s population in the design of logo and the background and picture, such as the Xi’an area of the site can take the wild goose pagoda, Xi’an Regional Symbols as a background, Hangzhou can take West Lake as the background, so that the user to open the page first impression is very kind, so as to achieve the goal of attracting customers.

I worked in a hospital for the website done Shanghai dragon, because medical website PPC confusion, which makes Shanghai dragon does not see the result, Shanghai Longfeng level in competitive rankings obviously before become be cast into the shade. So the person in charge of the hospital was forced to abandon the normal Shanghai dragon, also joined the ranks of the bidding promotion of dragons and fishes jumbled together. After tossing into sufficient funds, but not for the benefit of the direct proportion. So the website SEM though hot, without a healthy environment, in exchange for the lost money you earn not to call the cup with the consequences. Now love Shanghai to cancel the auction of medical type website, I want to be in love with the sea to create a good business environment, so that the best corporate website best ranking.

the content of the website information, as far as possible concise close to the lives of ordinary people. Avoid long: the nature of the article, seemingly professional, may make some patients flinch. Writing the best title and the first paragraph can appear target keywords, allowing users to find what they want to find the information in the first time.

for this opportunity, the type of medical website Shanghai dragon how to do, after a change, given the following suggestions, hoping to make those who have tried to give up the Shanghai dragon er a little courage, if there are different opinions, the right to make a.

As everyone knows


Web site to do site optimization work form

two, is the network number and included the chain, an optimized website, the website included quantity will have at least a few pages, or even several hundreds of pages included, if included in the site only so few, that greatly optimize the work of the failure. There is the number of the chain, this is the optimization of each ER to the Shanghai white dragon, some friends for a short time and good rankings, ranking will use black chain technology. This is also the embodiment of the website optimization work standards.

, according to incomplete statistics, there are a large number of nearly 500 million people in the number of China users, so you can see the development speed of the network market, so many people began to go on the market network. A lot of companies, even individual shops have to do a website, want to open network marketing to the door, open the door, the website is the first step, the key to the website promotion.

five is the site of the Google PR and Sogou SR, generally took over the website optimization Website Optimization Website after PR and SR, there will be some improvement, if not increased but reduced, it.

four, the website ranking and Chinese website ranking, although this can be done by tools to brush, but this index can also become one of the indicators of whether the site optimization.

, is the site keywords ranking position, if one by our professional operation, if customers with multiple keywords, not one in Shanghai or the Google home page, you can only say that is a failure of the site optimization.

three is the site of the flow, for the enterprise website, the flow does not mean that is optimized, more important index is trading orders. This time, we should see the authenticity of the flow, the flow from the IP and the bounce rate of flow. Even if the site of the IP number is not increased, the optimization of the website jump out rate is very high the optimization is a failure.

is currently the mainstream website promotion way has two kinds, one kind of "free", a paid! What is "free"? Is the search engine optimization promotion, Forum promotion, QQ group promotion, blog promotion and so on, the charge is PPC, for advertising, viral marketing and so on. Now more and more people accept or first, "free", in fact, for companies, this is not really free, they do not understand because most companies understand, people call for free. So they will give this work some site construction company, or network marketing outsourcing companies, and even personal website optimization studio. In the process of the optimization of the website, customers are often most concerned about is that these words do need to how much ah, about how long it can love Shanghai home or Google home? He often do not care about the process of website optimization, and a website to do website optimization to reflect the work force today? Shanghai dragon will talk about some of the views, their main are:

After the site updated love Shanghai hit the turn.

updates through this website not only see this on the one hand, there are many aspects. He is like you did something wrong, resulting in a part of the loss, when an error occurs when we want to do is that? The reason is just to complain or complain about the company? Colleagues do not complain about their work? Or is the condition is not good? If you think you will never find the cause of the error, you know do wrong is oneself. The same site do is their own website, we should from their own or their own website to find the reasons. In order to identify fault for problem solving. This is why I put this one in the first place, because of work and life deeply reflect on their own, no matter what time to be in the first place.

website updated every day is commonplace, we only update the content may not necessarily be included in search engines. How to be included? I think the answer is that we all know, update of high quality original articles, this thing is definitely a few words to say about, but do it who has done? Update original content for some industries or small companies may not be realistic. As for decoration companies, securities companies, medical industry and so on, editing staff here who really have done these things, who can truly write original content. So, I said here that the check is about equal, repeatability, did not change the title of the complex, not false original update.

also is the site of the internal links in the chain, now I according to some situation in the company I encountered, I simply.

check the content and chain

yesterday evening love Shanghai carried out an update, I want to have many webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er some cry, some laugh ah! In this update is part of the site included the chain is greatly reduced, for example, we decorate the first nets before the chain is more than 40000, and the update after the chain fell to more than 10000. There are some websites increased, such as my friend’s website, from Erwanduoyi under up to tens of thousands of the chain. In the face of such a change would you think of what? I will have the following thinking for me:

I mentioned here is to analyze whether the external web link problems. May be in order to increase the chain in our ranking time, will send the chain through some tools, sell some links, or send some related links, I think that as long as we have done in Shanghai Longfeng people should help. So, we should analyze whether our website for these problems, or our website is being hung up the black chain etc.. The periphery of a website is really too much. We may for a moment analysis without end, but we may pick up some of the important aspects of check. In order to quickly find out the reasons, hoping for the loss of the site to a minimum.

followed by the analysis of peripheral reasonThe peripheral I think first

Li Kaifu called on Taiwan to build innovative soil and give their own recommendations

now, entrepreneurship has become a mainstream, you keep up with the mainstream? Innovation works chairman Li Kaifu in Taiwan to attend the Chinese business leaders summit in Taiwan as a visionary, entrepreneurial innovation, Taiwan entrepreneurial innovation like him, "ill". This is his first public appearance after the announcement of cancer chemotherapy, but also before the last public speech.

, environment more suitable for "iterative" innovation, namely "put a small product out, then the iterative update", Li Kaifu explained that this model is very suitable for the hard work and efforts, there are wolves of entrepreneurs to lead a good team in a fight a huge market.

What are the ways to improve the profit of tea stores

open tea shop must be the dream of many entrepreneurs, with the tea market in our country has a lot of room for development, then open the tea shop in the end to make money? Let us through the following four key note.

A: pay attention to tea shop store image and health. With a good store image also need to join the shop owner to pay attention to the usual store hygiene, clean and tidy store environment for customers is not only a kind of enjoyment, but also a kind of respect.

related recommendations

Do not seriously and business customers

some people are easy to seriously character, while others may encounter some unhappy things, in short, in the process of the management of the store, easy and customer seriously. Here, Xiao Bian stressed, can not do business and customer seriously, or suffer always themselves, or their own profits.

remember just opened twenty years ago, when the development is lagging behind, the rural shops, it is really worthy of the name of the tobacco and sugar tea, sell something single variety, youthful and I don’t know how to do business and customer communication, is often a word is not appropriate, and some seriously the needle head in opposition to the customer.

remember once, a middle-aged lady bought something to pay ten yuan a hand had intact money, but she had to put that piece of a small angle to me, then I have some uneasiness, and said: "you still give a change!" Who knows, this halfcooked customers actually said: "how, a small corner is not money?" I heard a hot temper came up: "how to give me that money?"

after listening to my words, the customer is the deep white, snatched the money in my hand and throw things away, the head also don’t return. And I’m still looking at her back.

for so many years, this customer has never been to my door, and at that time I was more stubborn can be: you are not a lot, a lot of you a little, you such a customer, not worth mentioning!

can now increasingly mature, I once again remember this thing, but I really regret, remorse, I did not expect, how can the lost will be just a simple customer?

ten years ago this thing, if you put on today, I would have said humorously: "ouch, I love this piece of money is out of print, ah, the five corners of the money really is too rare!" I think my humor will give the customer a satisfactory smile, whether she is intentional or unintentional.

of course, in addition to this aspect, in fact, the owner of the shop in the course of the operation should also continue to learn, so as to better deal with the relationship between the customer. In a word, "Knowledge has no limit." this sentence is a sentence is the truth of life, with the hospitality business, is no molimen.

Billion yuan worth of Li Xiang to give up the college entrance examination of senior high school stu

everyone calls for a dream to pursue. However, when you really find a dream, you have to pursue it? In May 21st, Zhongguancun computer city. Each desk from Li Xiang company within only one person through, the people sitting in the busy.

2000 before the Spring Festival, Li Xiang persuaded to go to work in Shenzhen after graduating from college for three months Fan Zheng returned to Shijiazhuang, the site of the two people together, the establishment of bubble network. By the end of 2003, the bubble network business doubled 3 times.