The chain of the long way to create exclusive 2013 links



1: the web site outside the chain where the text is very important to highlight the importance of correlation

, a web site link, simply explain this truth, in the URL signature text in general, are closely related to this website, but also love Shanghai will be mistaken for a transitive dependency links, the judgment for our webmaster provided a good chance, why say so, because now in many forums, it is difficult to do outside the chain, especially the position of the signature anchor text, however, in this case, you can easily use the text form to mention the anchor text, this comprehensive effect is worth to advocate.

remember to love Shanghai also said that the chain is suitable let their website appear, let the love of spiders in Shanghai can be seen to be more widely spread, which is the transfer of meaning, if you feel good, then to share out, now the chain transfer and correlation is not simply talking about it, but you need fine play work, in accordance with the appropriate rules, the chain will do.

love Shanghai link tools show, it is the breadth of the chain is very important, a lot of friends of the chain distribution of some heavy websites, the chain arrangement of these sites is very extensive, and the number of the chain are not too concentrated in one or two sites in general, are scattered and come; this is our future need to pay attention to the chain in place, it is a chain not too concentrated in one place (looks like old), back to the chain, the chain in Shanghai love platform, many text links have been slowly convex remember to show the importance of love Shanghai also said, Shanghai is also a text link love can grab, this is without a doubt, this is a way to guide us. That is part of the chain anchor text and text, in general, the correlation between transfer anchor text lies in what is and what is in front of the text, text links is the site of the text, the meaning of.

second: buy the chain way quietly fade buy links need stable desirable

after Shanghai love again and again the algorithm updated 2012, believe that every webmaster in this year and mature a little after love Shanghai so intensive adjustment, the experience also experienced, also apply the old saying "no love and struggle. Shanghai is not a good webmaster webmaster" that growth is always in every site change, love Shanghai last year of adjustment, a renewal of the link algorithm, the link analysis, love Shanghai platform and so on, I believe that the outside of the road is long, we also need to step out, in 2013, the exclusive link build your own web site is the most beautiful.


As shown in figure

The wooden knife water on search engine and user page value

understand the principle of search engine should understand the search engine included a page is what, after the search engine spiders crawl a page on its massive database for analysis, to find whether there are the same information in their own database, this process can also be to determine whether the text for the original, for a completely fresh content search engine is certainly more love will be given a higher weight, for there are too many of the same content page may be included but give lower weights, or take direct way not included.

search engine

page value for


included in the website, some websites can be included is very good, some sites may be included in a difficult situation, there is a certain relationship between the problems with the website structure, but more reason lies in the existence of the value of the web page, then the page ranking a why can the page to get good rankings, why can when searching for a row of long tail keywords in the front position, and this not only their website weight is associated with the value of the page at the same time.

when we want to find the information we need in the search engine, find the ranking of the articles we should also be able to learn some rules, this article or page can row in the front position, it must have the following characteristics, the readability of the article, to solve practical problems a good user experience. The page value also contains several aspects of this, on the one hand this page is valuable for the search engines, on the other hand, this page is more need for users, this is also the search engine needs to be done, to help us find the required content.

We often talk about the problem of The

page contentA

page contains many aspects, but also can be text pictures or video, what kind of content is more valuable, from the search results can also see some clues in the search results, we can find a lot of video will have a very good ranking, this.

the reason why we have to use a search engine is the biggest reason to find what you want, so a page for the maximum value of users is to give users what they need, may be a problem or bring some useful information. We can find love in the search results are always at the top of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of the exam, one might say is why love Shanghai’s own products, but love Shanghai encyclopedia in other search engines can also row in the front position, this is because of love the sea encyclopedia are often able to offer content that we most in need of the most detailed, this is also its greatest value to reflect the user.


page for the value of the

The value of

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform new line outside the chain of tools beta version of the announcemen

3, link your website with links to URL and locating text statistics

2, link to the information statistics check website domain

sites are then tested, then click "Webmaster Tools" – "outside the chain of tools", you can see the total number of the chain need to query the site in the page.

1, the chain number query function

in the link to your site’s domain page, domain name query with URL click on the link in the list, you can open the link with the URL information page, each domain will be given up to 100 with the chain of information, and support data download.

4, website page information is

is pleased to inform you that love Shanghai Webmaster Platform chain tool beta version officially launched today. According to our previous research needs, found the site administrator foreign chain tools are in high demand, love Shanghai web search launched for the first time outside the chain of tools, provide a link to the website of the domain, the domain link URL detailed information and search website is the link to more information page display and download function.

tool chain

Two, how to use the

2, the tool will follow functional upgrades, welcome to submit feedback in tools upgrade recommendations solicitation activities.


1, Shanghai launched the first love outside the chain of tools, real chain for webmasters to provide their own website in love in Shanghai, the better for the construction of the chain website provides reference data.

This tool highlights:

, a chain tool function


site after verification, click "Webmaster Tools" – "outside the chain of tools", arrived outside the chain of tools page, in the selection of the site need to query the upper right corner of the page, you can view the link to your site’s domain, statistics the number of web pages and links to each domain links, and support data download. Outside the chain of tools beta version currently can display the most links to the primary domain of Top40 statistics.


site after verification, click "Webmaster Tools" – "outside the chain of tools" – "linked" ", can be in the page to view the links page and the number of links your website is. In the beta version, the linked page will be displayed according to the first 100 times the height of the link.

  station network October 30th news, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform today launched a new version of beta tool chain, the following is the content of the announcement on the official platform of new version of love Shanghai.

23 year old guy venture idea received tens of millions of dollars of strangers investmentFire 2016 n

Prodi is CEO of Hello, and the device they manufacture is called the sensory sleep tracker". The device looks like a ball and can be placed on your bedside table. When you sleep, it monitors all the environmental factors in your bedroom. The idea of a sensory sleep tracker comes from helping you develop good sleep habits and finding out what causes you to wake up at night.

to "China Silicon Valley" financial technology then aggregation

, Prodi, said that his "sensory sleep Tracker" was inspired by a basic concept: everyone needs sleep, and most people want to know how to get better sleep. "Most people might not walk too much every day, but everyone sleeps every day," Prodi told BI in an interview…… Are you energetic during the day, and your sleep the night before is very important."

Hello’s fundraising activities on the platform Kickstarter were just over Friday, and the company has been well above its initial $100 thousand fundraising target, raising funds of up to $2 million 400 thousand. But these funds are only a fraction of what Hello has so far raised. The Wall Street journal confirmed that Prodi and his company had received $10 million 500 thousand in financing from angel investors. To this end, Prodi’s company’s total funding has reached $13 million.

BI Chinese station reported on August 23rd

less than 40 years, Shenzhen from a small village into today gathered a large number of science and technology, culture, design and other top talent "Chinese Silicon Valley", and the birth of a Tencent, HUAWEI, ZTE and many other technology giants. At present, Shenzhen has more than thirty thousand scientific and technological enterprises, among them, the state-level high-tech enterprises reached 5524, in 2015, Shenzhen high-tech enterprises to achieve output value of 1 trillion and 729 billion 690 million yuan.

from the capital of the cottage to the hardware paradise, despite the rising prices, the risk of speeding up the flow of hair industry, but Shenzhen is still competitive, from the United States

, however, over the past year and a half of the skyrocketing housing prices so that the Shenzhen city life cost, the cost of innovation is very high, there are many media reports of high-tech talents are considering evacuation in Shenzhen. In order to explore the innovation of science and technology, technical talents for the nine rich entrepreneurship competition to just ended in the Western business center of Chengdu, many entrepreneurial projects are encouraged to register also highlights Chengdu this rise in the venture capital’s impact on Shenzhen.

in the past year and a half, because prices from more than 20000 flat rose to nearly 50000 level, Shenzhen has attracted national and the world’s attention recently, even once heard giants such as HUAWEI and plans to leave Shenzhen because of high housing prices. Shenzhen as early Chinese city of science and technology, brings together a large number of high-tech elite, but now also faced the brain drain embarrassing situation, so the future of Shenzhen in the field of science and technology innovation development and transformation, by the parties concerned. In June 17th, the Chengdu Railway Station just bid farewell to the nine rich "fire" of Sino US financial science and technology entrepreneurship competition will come to this, although known as the "Chinese Silicon Valley" but some embarrassment to the innovation of the city – Shenzhen, explore the Fintech innovation of enterprises in the future China potential here, and through the support of many aspects, so that innovators can take root Shenzhen, as a member of the future "Chinese Silicon Valley".

in fact, compared to Yu Zheng in innovation, entrepreneurship, "puberty" in Chengdu, Shenzhen is more like a career transformation of young people". Chengdu should take the innovative road, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Shenzhen can learn from; as a pioneer of domestic innovation and entrepreneurship development to "eat crab", it seems that only the other side of the ocean "Silicon Valley" can be used as references, meet the transformation of those can hardly be avoided.

data shows that Shenzhen is worthy of China as a capital of science and technology. As the first special economic zone, Shenzhen has various advantages in terms of policy, capital, talents and markets. When the traditional environment, patent, labor costs and other problems become more and more China hinder the economic development of the "stumbling block", as a pioneer of reform and opening up China Shenzhen walk in the forefront of China innovation and entrepreneurship.

Prodi’s investors include technology tycoon, such as network tools before PayPal CEO David · David Marcus payment; Marcus Facebook, vice president of partners Dan · Ross Dan Rose, shlf1314 micro-blog Android vice president of product management, he is now the vice president of global millet Hugo Hugo Barra and · etc..

Prodi was eager for invention when he was very young. Forbes magazine reported that when Prodi was 9 years old, he saw the book "your own web site" in a bookstore, and then he taught himself about HTML. By the age of 12, Prodi had set up other professional websites.

technology innovation faces high house price threat,

for the 23 year old young people, most people may have just graduated from University, in a tangle of jobs or something, and James · Proud James Proud has raised its startups to millions of dollars of funds. Prodi’s company makes a device that helps people sleep better and deeper.

Prodi said he was always eager to go to college, but when he graduated from high school, he changed his mind. In 2011 he chose to join the PayPal co-founder, the legendary Silicon Valley investor Peter ·, T> Peter


Let entrepreneurs benefit from the eight principles of life

a, Peter principle

        each organization is composed of a variety of positions, levels, or classes, each of which belongs to one of them. Peter’s theory is the study of the phenomenon of the promotion of personnel in the United States, after the study of the phenomenon of the promotion of the staff in the organization, Laurence concluded that: in all kinds of organizations, employees tend to be promoted to the status of their incompetence. The Peter principle is sometimes referred to as the climbing principle. This phenomenon is ubiquitous in real life: a competent professor was promoted to the president of the University, but not competent; an excellent athlete was promoted to be in charge of sports officials, but nothing. For an organization, once quite some people were pushed to the level of their incompetence, the organization will result in low efficiency, resulting in more personnel than work available, mediocre stagnation rise head and shoulders above others. Therefore, it is necessary to change the basis of the contribution of the decision to promote the promotion of enterprise staff promotion mechanism, not because of someone in a position to do a good job, it is inferred that the person must be able to perform a higher level of duty. Will be promoted to a worker can not play a good job, not only is not my reward, but it can not play a good ability, but also to the enterprise losses.

        two, wine and sewage law

        wine and sewage law is to pour a spoonful of wine into a bucket of sewage, get a bucket of sewage; if a spoonful of sewage poured into a barrel of wine, or a bucket of sewage. In any organization, there are a few hard figures, the purpose of their existence seems to have made a mess of things. Worst of all, they are like rotten apples in the box. If they are not treated in time, it will spread quickly and the other apples in the box will be rotten. The terrible thing about rotten apples is that they are so destructive. A man of integrity into a chaotic sector may be swallowed up, and a non German will soon become a highly efficient sector lacking spirit of cooperation. Organizational system is often fragile, is based on mutual understanding, compromise and tolerance on the basis of it, it is easy to be violated, poisoned. Another important reason for the destruction of the destroyer is that it is easier to destroy than to build. The ceramics a skilled craftsmen spend time carefully crafted, a donkey, a second can destroy. If there is such a donkey in an organization, even if there are more skilled craftsmen, nor the number of decent work. If you have such a donkey in your organization, you should clean it up right away. If you can’t do it, you should tie it up.

        three, cask law

        bucket law is about how much water a bucket can hold, depending on the shortest piece of wood. This means that any organization may face a "

How to join the hot pot

do you know what kind of hot pot Market for what? Xiaobian tell you, China catering market total income of 1/3 is to Hot pot market, thinks that many food items, only Hot pot is one of them, you can have such a large market cohesion, visible Hot pot catering market prospects are considerable. Ho Chi Tang hot pot, the original delicious hot pot, loach and hot pot will be combined, beauty regimen, much loved, stand out in the hot pot market. Investment in loach pond hot pot in the industry, said the king, join the broad prospects. Hot pot to join the election?.

loach pond hot pot using ancient stew stew, ancestral secret recipe seasoning, slow fire slow simmer three hours of edible. Loach meat very fresh, long boiled rotten. In particular, anemia anemia, children’s night sweats, hemorrhoids, inflammation and other diners to eat more. He is on behalf of the brand Hot pot pond loach, Chinese Huizhou health pot, not only nutrition and health, good taste, but also to allow thousands of venture partners opened their life rich sail.

bearing Tang Hot pot restaurant chain Mahi discard the traditional pattern, is committed to cultivate excellent stores around the pond, lotus pond loach Hot pot easily solve the store and franchise management problems in the professional training, plus the company one-stop service in the aspects of raw material selection, logistics and distribution system, style positioning and marketing support and other support, let you easily create wealth.

bearing used with a variety of loach loach pond Hot pot stewed food and fresh and tender flesh, loach, clear soup, golden color, delicious spicy, mellow aftertaste. Lotus loach to create specialty with Tang Hot pot, rice wine, loach soup: lotus, with a strong regional flavor color Palgongsan tofu, eight cocks and so on, people can not help but linger. Dutch hot pot, bring to the public health, geographical and cultural characteristics of the concept of food brands.

How to join

bearing Mahi Tang Hot pot, lotus pond loach Hot pot for the vast number of consumers bring a healthy delicacy to enjoy, a variety of dishes, let you eat and do not forget, and other stores do not enjoy, let franchisees enjoy unique wealth. If you are interested in the above items, may wish to leave a message under consultation, a minute of time, let you enjoy the wealth of business opportunities, hurry up.

Six new trends in Entrepreneurship in Zhongguancun

Beijing, Zhongguancun, more than ten years has been a holy place in the minds of Chinese technology entrepreneurs. With the development of the times, the current venture in Zhongguancun presents a lot of new trends, mapping the mainstream of China’s science and technology entrepreneurship.

from all over the world dream of talented people in Zhongguancun thought the collision sparks, display technology, product innovation, roadshow venture, partners and angel investors experienced resources, Zhongguancun Venture Street has become the spiritual home of entrepreneurs. In recent years, Zhongguancun entrepreneurship presents six new trends.

2009 in March the State Council approved the construction of Zhongguancun demonstration zone, the first in September 2009 for innovation works innovative incubator was established in April 2011, located in Haidian garage coffee book city, opened the prelude to a new round of innovation entrepreneurship, the city transformation of Zhongguancun venture street. Currently, Zhongguancun Venture Street has gathered 26 different characteristics, different models of entrepreneurial services.

The internal business of large enterprises has become the inevitable choice of

Sharing with you from scratch

many people will complain: I want to start a business, but not enough funds to do? How to start a business? Many people ask this question, but the answer is very little. No cost of entrepreneurship, business can not be the lack of funds, if there is nothing, how do you do.

if there is no cost of business, you will first think of the method is what? No cost of entrepreneurship, the following we start from scratch, to tell you exactly how to do?

by "successive tactics" to bang out a multimillionaire

10 years ago, a company named "one plus one" clothing store quietly was born in Guangzhou, the boss is a 20 year old Chen Zhanhong.

10, "one plus one" by the development of a family garment workshop into fashion design company, and thus the formation of "one plus one" industrial limited company, not the cost of business, 10 years, Chen Zhanhong has become a self-employed by more than and 20 companies big boss, assets amounted to tens of millions of dollars each year, only export clothing earned 15 million dollars.

Hainan Venture Park entrepreneurs dream factory

of Hainan province for entrepreneurs to build a business park, for entrepreneurs is an excellent business platform, many successful entrepreneurs set up their own business, but also better entrepreneurship to promote employment.

"have submitted the application to the Hainan Microsoft innovation center, is waiting for the audit results."   Hainan’s first professional old clothes recycling agencies ring city hero founder Xie Zaihua said happily.

in addition to providing office space, support the most attractive or Zaihua Xie Hainan Microsoft innovation center can provide the technology. "Professional technology of face recognition, speech recognition and their support for us after the establishment of online booking, Internet recovery, staff training system, can be of great help. There are entrepreneurial salon, entrepreneurial guidance, etc., which is why I want to settle down."

"current renaissance city park has Optics Valley entrepreneurial coffee, Ali cloud + hit off, Hainan Microsoft innovation center, geeks Park Incubation Platform settled." Haikou City Renaissance City Internet innovation park staff, general innovative start-ups or individuals starting the project, will recommend to the cooperative incubator platform settled platform to complete the incubation period after hatching (incubator 3 – 6 months), with the growth of enterprises will have the opportunity to enter the park independent office.

data show that as of the end of 2015, the Ecological Software Park, hi tech Zone Innovation Incubator, incubator, Lingshi creative Hong Kong four families recommended

Xining once again open the door to the world

Advanced United StatesThe association of medical technology:

the first international high level meeting was born

in August this year, the provincial Party committee, Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiao and the United States Advanced Medical Technology Association executive vice president of global · Ralph; Avis will strengthen the medical and health related industry exchanges and cooperation are sincere, friendly and in-depth talks, made a lot of consensus in promoting world advanced medical technology and medical technology, promote the exchange of Xining advanced medical technology in Xining City, to carry out scientific research and clinical application of health industry exchanges and cooperation, which contributed to the American advanced medical technology association in Xining, and held a Council in 2015 the United States advanced medical technology association in Xining in November 19th.

more than 1 thousand and 600 business services China patients

drive Xining medical science and technology development