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of the PR value update, give it a wake up in Shanghai. Love Shanghai without a noble baby is similar to the PR value of the products, China webmaster will not forget noble baby.

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I use your own website try, the detection data is relatively small. But the future love Shanghai will certainly have greatly improved and improved.

although the nobility baby constantly remind you, don’t be too concerned about the PR value, but the Shanghai dragon are no China. Maybe we are always accompanied by the growth and fraction. From the beginning of the kindergarten, we evaluated whether or not a child is clever clever, are used to identify simple fractions. So noble baby is completely suitable for Chinese PR mentality! After the noble baby left China, the PR value for a long time not update, this let love Shanghai relieved

so this day Shanghai launched its own love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng suggestions. Now we enter the love of Shanghai, will see a Shanghai Longfeng proposal button in the lower left corner. We need an invitation code to see when you click for use! Need 50 points to exchange the alliance! Have to say this is a coup, not only against the noble baby webmaster tools, but also against those of other traffic statistics tool

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Shanghai dragon is not weakened but enters the Shanghai Dragon 3 times

many webmaster think Shanghai dragon is ignored, no need to do the Shanghai dragon, even think that personal website has no way out, in fact. "Shanghai Dragon 3" this concept has become a reality. Shanghai Dragon 3 focusing on the user experience, in turn is no longer the search engine optimization, but to optimize the search experience.

is not difficult to find, Shanghai dragon 2 is based on the improvement of Shanghai dragon 1 on the 3 or so, Shanghai dragon an exploration of the Shanghai dragon pattern, if the full implementation of this mode, will the introduction of social function, so I believe that Shanghai will improve the 4 Dragon Dragon Phoenix 3 development when certain get.

for Shanghai Dragon 3, the original article is no longer a certain index, but the original content is still unabated. Simply, we are very love if you reprint the article, and get a lot of comments, so this article if we add some ideas like, it is not a high quality articles? Shanghai Dragon 3 should also pay more attention to this aspect of readability, practical functions.

many people will ask, then Shanghai Longfeng 2 there is reference value? There is certain, but there does not mean importance. May reduce the chain effect ratio to a minimum, even is only as a reference. Many people asked me 3 Shanghai dragon chain said? Shanghai Dragon 3 should be chain invisible, because each user of the chain is you, and the high quality of the chain. To make an analogy, if the users think your site is a very good website, do not recommend to a friend? A friend recommended web of trust is higher. But the chain of tangible user to share only itself real talent is regarded as the high quality chain.

has said Shanghai Dragon 3 is a pseudo concept, because the black and gray two kinds of optimization methods are constantly interfering with the development of Shanghai dragon circles, such as keyword stuffing although Shanghai has increased the intensity of love, but still exists this phenomenon. But we can know that Shanghai is already on the "love inspirational world" by means of cheating to obtain high weight website gradually. Not so perfect thing, but after all, Shanghai is working hard to love. Now is the Shanghai dragon 2 transition to Shanghai Dragon 3 times, natural Shanghai Dragon 3 is no longer a false concept.


pay attention to user experience, love of spiders in Shanghai can grab the text, pictures and links can not crawl JS, it is a blessing or a new round of controversy for the Flash website? A while ago broke the love Shanghai assessment on-line, to determine whether a site is the quality of the website, perhaps this is the Shanghai Dragon 3 ready. So, the flash site in Shanghai is not at the expense of the Dragon 3. Let the algorithm not complete manual to complete, interface, content, this is in fact the warning we should pay attention to the advertisement of website.

The method of using duplicate content site to enhance operational efficiency


of the Internet, let the information explosion showed a rapid trend, but also has rapid replication information phenomenon, many key or important content will also appear on the Internet in different sites, even in the same site, some of the content there will also be repeated phenomenon obviously, because with the website the operation time, website content reproduced and pseudo original size will be more and more, especially some enterprise website, the key content of the industry is so much, so in the process of website operation, repetitive content becomes more and more frequent.

. Use duplicate content, is not suitable for a new web site, because the weight of a new site itself is very low. When there is a repetition of a lot of content on the Internet, Shanghai will give priority to love included those high weight website, or is the first time to publish news or other information. So when you want to reprint the same inappropriate and opportunistic, this reprint content more, which is detrimental to the development of the website, this time for the new website, or the best way to invest through a large number of rapidly increasing web site or in weight, >

Then use your website is

thus use duplicate content can make the website operation to achieve a multiplier. The following methods from three aspects to share the use of duplicate content.

but sometimes duplicate content for the website is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact, since after the advent of the Internet, the information on the Internet is essentially duplicate or proportion showed a gradual upward trend. But this does not affect the user access to the Internet’s interest, the reason is that a lot of repetitive content has great significance. For example, some political news, after the news, will be reproduced in many sites, and will also be included in love love Shanghai, Shanghai news source, will prompt the number of repeat news. But the data also illustrate the importance of such information, so that the duplicate content for web site operators sometimes is not necessarily a bad thing.

is the first to eliminate duplicate content within the site. This is the website of the taboo, even if the contents of a very high quality, and can attract a lot of users. Even if users are negligible, but because the love Shanghai spider algorithm innovation, repeatability for the website internal content has a very high demand, usually once found will be punished, so as a webmaster, in this respect do not to have opportunistic ideas.

generally more duplicate content within the site, the site will hurt more, especially just the construction site, if collected by many collectors, it is possible to collect various meanings of the same simple pseudo original content, and this content is difficult to accept for the love of Shanghai, of course for the majority of users, it is difficult to accept, so usually, repeat more content for the website, the greater the risk.

The most handsome twin brother Yuan Ziwen also start selling maskSome errors in the secret Wangzhuan

"Lu Yu has an appointment", "every day" two television program interviews, so that Yuan Ziwen, Yuan Zihao, two brothers became the sought after Peking University’s most handsome twin brothers. They are Peking University students, or young writers, recently released second new books in the pre-sale period, they have achieved good sales. Brother Yuan Ziwen, as well as third identity – "source first" mask brand leader.

always stresses the importance of "


lead: on the "Lu Yu has an appointment", "day day up", Peking University’s most handsome twin brothers have started business.

3 Witkey wangzhuan. Beginners do not have the skills to rely on selling coolies, labor intensity. Tired every day, just a few dollars a day. Go here, there are people who insist not to come, give up the leave.

2 mail click wangzhuan. When you click on the day and night will be provided, when is the site closed. The money must be gone, and your pay for it is gone. You may have lost confidence in Wangzhuan, don’t give up on. The higher your journey from the end.

in Nanjing?

Wangzhuan, this word is no stranger to come to make Taobao brothers entrepreneurship forum. Your name is through the network to make money. Whether any thing has its two sides, of course, people can not escape. Double then I will personally talk about wangzhuan.

Onhook Wangzhuan

but he didn’t choose the mask as an entrepreneurial project because of his beauty.

some people operate some fringes chat rooms, SP, some hackers engage in sex technology remote control, steal game account, attack servers, the attack site, killing, invasion, crack, etc., have to write plug-in do porn sites. These things are against the law and many people are operating. It does bring in profits, but how long will this profit last?. As the saying goes, no thief can reach 80. Will be arrested some day. Wangzhuan novice friends to just into the society of the child, there is no ability to distinguish between certain. Once you’re out of your way, nobody’s going to help you estimate what you’re doing

4 site to make money. The man who walks here is the man who has gone through three kinds of hardships. Someone who has the ability to endure. With a certain basis, knowledge is also rich. Building a station and hanging an advertising alliance can make money, and it is the ideal of getting there. According to said come to this step in the success is not far away, but the way out is the site of middle ran no traffic, no traffic would not return. But where’s the flow? This is a product neck. To this point, you must want someone to turn you in. You will admire every day in the group to say their website today thousands of thousands of traffic. Even want to know him, worship him as a teacher. But people don’t bird you.

entrepreneurial team of three people, one person who has been in the mask Market for many years of experience, so we all think that this industry will be more familiar with, insurance. The profession has decided, brand name should call what good, regarding the liberal arts origin, has passed the book Yuan Ziwen, takes the name not difficult, but the significance is very important. He believes that people can walk together entrepreneurship is a kind of fate, but in the complicated skincare market, the audience can not completely in the trial case choose to buy their mask, this is a rare fate "". And their mask R & D is in Taiwan this raw material pure place, and take "source" meaning, so now we see "source first."".

the source of this initial view – Entrepreneurship because of the "edge" and

Interviews with

"actually, I’m introverted and not very emotional.". Usually will give people a sense of distance, more serious, cold feeling. I am a direct person in my life, so I will be direct to our team mates." Yuan Ziwen says he doesn’t like people who don’t do things seriously. He has met people who are not serious and he has no hesitation.


1. Onhook Wangzhuan a month to earn money even to buy a pack of red Nanjing 11 pieces I did not estimate the number of want to do such a thing, do we value is a pack of red


and Yuan Ziwen are at a coffee shop opposite the little Simon gate of Peking university. Compared to the Peking University students who came back and forth with their bags back and forth, Yuan Ziwen’s figure and appearance made him recognize him at one glance. Since the day before the interview, their new book, "we’re all the same, young and hesitant", just got its online order, so he was talking about the new book with his cell phone and his editor. Seated. The reporter noticed him under the brim of the sea, well-proportioned fall strict in demands, on the forehead. A look at the beauty and clean, almost obsessive obsession with the perfect pursuit.

"source of the first signs" brand factory in Taiwan, Beijing team here is mainly financial, customer service, administration based. Every August and November is their busiest time, and in order to alleviate the problem of manpower, they will find some students who need to work part-time near Wudaokou. Asked, he is 90, how to manage these "peers", he showed the face of rational rigor.


many novice friends, enter the Wangzhuan industry can hear where there is a day to earn tens of millions of items. These projects let novice friends around the project throughout the day, we can not take care of the nature of this project. Such an atmosphere directly guides you in the wrong direction. Of course, the veteran is not Wangzhuan the patience to remind you, for them. Even a chat is a handout, not to mention the novice who doesn’t understand anything. When I did not encounter the devil, I just like you all this so called Wai earn hundreds of hundreds of projects. First, we first analyze the types of higher:

To build reasonable chain structure, recognize the benefits of the chain

in a competitive environment, often a chain can be pulled out of the one or two page ranking, why should the company please Shanghai Longfeng, because do not want to spend money on other wrong, so do not expect how much money to buy some high quality of the chain, can only rely on your own. Here I talk about building a model of the chain structure.

you should love Shanghai webmaster tools to verify, will waste the chain off the screen, here, I suggest all is rejected, a left, because the chain of garbage you no good, and I think it is not, if large enough, we can only from this point attack the competitor’s website, you say yes? So how many online bluff, one can see through, only the novice will believe. But you can’t think a little harm is not, for example, a IP spider to a waste site, and found you, followed in the garbage, the site quality is how the spider, the spider is rubbish. The other is assuming the station was K, so the spider is worse.

The number of the chain of the website

therefore, my advice is to have all banned. Then we re build a chain structure. The chain structure must be started from the home page, column page, content page. The content maybe your pages are not very large, but in the later period will slowly increase, so do not worry about it.

make the chain structure, select the platform with word 3-5, a good record, about enough, each platform two. Here, you should notice a bit, choose what platform is? "


staggering, a two-year-old site outside the chain to 30 thousand, but the ranking is very general, told me from the experience, for the chain chain of garbage and copy type, coupled with low quality before the structure is quite chaotic, so there will be a with the number of quality problems.

is a phrase twice, actually have this argument in the Shanghai dragon, a dragon to a Shanghai ER website optimization to the extreme, I can not say. Unless some small sites, small sites are not operating divisions do not belong to the Shanghai dragon ER, might be a clerk to learn some knowledge of Shanghai dragon.

my hand’s website is the website of the Shenzhen hospital, which are quite sensitive to the word

in fact is that the chain regardless of any algorithm out, are very important, every time I took a website, in addition to observe his three elements to write what, if not very bad, I will never change, because I don’t want to trouble unpleasant, of course, the faster the better end of optimization. I’ll be able to proceed to the next item. The second is to look at how the chain of high quality is not high, the structure is reasonable. Here to analyze, quantity, quality, structure rationality is what.

people often ask me, an important chain should do? I would say, if Xi or Gates help you say a word, you also need to work for

How to find out the causes and treatment of down right after

this is not the end, the bottom also stack keywords of the suspects, right down the reason could be in this.

There are

and then look at the site outside the chain and chain, are not sending spam messages, or what the problem is not on this. To sum up, the reason may be that the stack keywords and the right to be reduced, just when I thought I get the right answer, the crowd out a sentence, a few days ago I also changed 3 labels. I instantly hematemesis, do so, love Shanghai don’t drop you right, who fall.

overall, ZhengZhan optimization problem in a complete mess, these are just a small problem, are numerous, the layout is also super bad.

find the reasons about the solution:

I give advice: first Links are deleted, because you are one-way links to other sites, but no matter before or now no other website links to you, a one-time 20 removed a few links on the right, if other conditions cannot do so; then the navigation stack keywords change; then the URL is static, is conducive to the later included; JS didn’t ask him to change, this change is more trouble, will also need people to adjust the website design, and finally all fix, in every stable outside the chain and content, don’t move the layout of the page, usually 1,2 months can be restored.

today in the early hours of the QQ group, someone complained, said the site is down right, let us help to see what the problem is, how to solve, the spirit of mutual help, perhaps you can find some business principles, I will help look after reading what the whole world have to feel what is called the mozhizhemowei Nothing is too strange.. I will give you talk about this website, by the way the site is down right how to find the causes and solutions.

LOGO is a website and painting works, LOGO pictures did not add a hyperlink, title is the benchmark enterprise floor industry and coating of titanium crystal, hundreds of thousands of square meters of engineering performance and coating Engineering Co. Ltd., there is no problem what. Pull down, found that the site was dynamic, open source website, there are at the bottom of the page to JS, and there were 2, 3, and found that URL is dynamic, to praise, it is the talent.

look at Links, see me Mongolia, 21 friends of the chain, are all one-way links, links to love Shanghai, Alibaba, Global trade, business network and other major sites. He is such a new station itself is not how much weight, almost all out. There is a link to the home page more than 100, the weight is higher than usual column page what many, but also can not afford to toss you so.

drop right after the first look at the station




Shanghai Longfeng data analysis report how to write

again is the use of statistical tools > remember website

Records website, there is a clear advantage is that those pages themselves were not included, convenient arrangement of network promotion personnel to run the chain, let the site included rate improved.

data analysis report the data mainly from the owners of Shanghai Longfeng tools and statistical tools, analysis of their site data and main competitor data. Analysis of website domain name, server, keywords, flow rate, bounce rate, PV, UV, IP, included quantity, included rate, the number of the chain, the chain, here I will talk about in their daily work is to record.

is the first basic data information by Shanghai dragon query tool to understand the website, believe each Shanghai Longfeng practitioners have a check of Shanghai Longfeng data used here, small series suggest that build a table of related data records every week, such as the number of keyword index, included, ranking the main keywords. The number of the chain, do not think that these data can be found every day do not need to record. These data can be accumulated in the long time development since the reflection of a website for a period of time, can let the webmaster know whether their job is a success, the next focus where.


is included in the site record, Shanghai Longfeng personnel as a site, the number, the actual page must be clear the site only in this way, you can know the number of love Shanghai included is not normal, many webmaster see the website is a collection of hundreds of thousands of pages will be very happy, but they the net station of its own doesn’t have so many pages, the site has a lot of pages are repeat included. So why would lead to the consideration of this occurrence is Shanghai dragon.

today is May 26, 2016, small dragon industry has been engaged in Shanghai for five years. I believe no matter what industry, five years is long enough for one to become experts in the industry, but the Shanghai dragon in this industry is very special, small is the grass-roots origin, every Shanghai dragon knowledge is in a little bit of groping out. So, today Xiaobian also is a Shanghai Longfeng specialist each month for a data analysis report of Shanghai dragon brains. In order to let more new Shanghai dragon can walk a little less detours, especially small share their consolidation in Shanghai Longfeng data analysis process, welcome the God of.

Shanghai dragon The second is the use of

webmaster tools record web traffic and understand the main keywords, website traffic from what keywords, and what kind of keywords, the number of key work next is more of this kind of key words. And to record key click traffic and mobile terminal every day from PC to the end of the keyword click traffic. Now the flow of mobile terminal can have many websites and PC don’t want to end up and down, so you do the mobile end user experience is necessary.

The long tail keywords truth good shade under a tree

website optimization about some skills, many owners will be exposed to the terminology of long tail keywords "," long tail keywords ", after all, is the main site in the core keywords derived some words and words related to the site, although the main keywords have a considerable amount of clicks on search engines, because of fierce competition. With the Internet and the dominance of a particular situation, for later, want the website to get more traffic, simple optimization of the main keywords have no what advantage, but only in the long tail key word hard, so as to obtain considerable website traffic.

such as the March mystery Malaysia Airlines lost contact event, media attention at the MAS event at the same time, will be the history of some aircraft mysterious disappearance also turned out, and these past time have some influence events, because of the MAS this incentive, once again attracted the attention of the audience. So, why there are many websites when doing optimization, love will be popular event + keyword optimization, the optimization is far fetched will get a certain amount of clicks, and hot after the incident, but also to get some traffic.

a lot of grass root webmaster sigh, because it is not "handsome", not "two rich generation", not "Li Gang" son…… So it’s so hard to mix. After all, grass root >

recent news reports, information APP today’s headlines completed C $100 million round of financing. After the completion of the C round of financing, today’s headlines valuation has more than $500 million. When it comes to today’s headlines, people could not help but think of "always think of the headlines, but missed the sum of headlines" singer Wang Feng, however, is because Wang Feng and headlines will continue to get "indissoluble bound", and click. Do not underestimate the energy of today’s headlines, it brought together almost all of the major events on the Internet, "history has a surprisingly similar, do not think that a popular event on the past, there are always" people "to find their origin, then simply from the flow point of view, today’s headlines not only captured the moment" the hottest events ", and the broadcast of the" historical event "will also have a lot of people will search for the source, this is the real value of today’s headlines.


in the theory of long tail keywords, American Chris Anderson’s "long tail theory" is the most representative, through his research on the Amazon library, found such a problem: the Amazon book sales although the best-selling book has brought considerable benefits, while 25% of the sales from the popular books. Anderson found in the research of online songs in many popular songs, after entering a recession, there is one click on the download, that is to say, the songs concern will always fall to zero, some people will always be remembered in a condition to download. This is one of the sources of long tail keywords, hot things will not always be popular, but once in the past, but also in a period of time because of some special reasons, again arouse people’s memory.

The old webmaster Guagua site experience

1. learns to hype

a qualified webmaster will not be short of topics on hand, because they will dig up the subject. Or that it is a classic case of pornographic, this event, if not we the webmaster speculation, the event may not be so serious, I also from this thing only to find a serious shortage of their own. Do Wangzhuan a friend told me that one day, can do the Firefox download, induced by pornographic! At that time, pornographic has come to an end, but still let me earn thousands of dollars. Using pornographic pictures, plus mosaics, combine the contents of the home page, and then guide them into the second page, the second page is a player interface (of course, is false). This interface will randomly appear online, and there will be loading screen, when loaded to 99%, jumped out of a dialog box: prompt: you did not install green browser -firefox, then how to induce, how to induce?. As for the traffic, I am using pornographic photos of the popular boot from the blog.

how do we usually tap into the topic? If you’re a station owner, you should read Sina’s news releases and entertainment pages every day. Because on that, you can probably know the direction of the country and the direction of the entertainment industry. Pornographic photos will never be the last scandal. Maybe you will say the direction of the country, do me p thing. So I tell you, the civil law is each must master the law can. Of course, this is not to encourage you to do something wrong, but an artistic conception.

when you think a topic can continue to develop for a period of time, not to try to stir him up, how to hype, but also related to the soft writing. The following will talk about: just some friends said, "pornographic door" is the hacker out, who made it out, close my P thing, I only know this event can bring me traffic.

2. don’t think too little money,

don’t refuse to execute because an action has less profit for you. Ma Yun said such a sentence: "you heard of selling lobster, rich, you heard of whaling fortune? Wealth is accumulated, as with knowledge, improve their execution, and your profits will be doubled.". A uusee is 1.5, 100 is 150 day, just use my method, a day at least 200. Don’t think our friends are very clever, color or other things when you are blindfolded when you jump into the toilet.

3. should be modest and communicate with the webmaster

actually, I SEO sciolistic, I do stand is interested in it, I don’t even know what to do is to be around the 1-3 keyword to run! A few days ago, a webmaster to teach me how to query the index, how to do web connection, and this opportunity is just a chance. I always put myself in the position of a beginner and listener. The stationmaster is a lone fighter! They all want us to talk to him!

Practical experience in enterprise building and optimization process

with the development of Internet, network information and get in by every opening into our life, this is our life also brings convenience, let us in real life but also to experience the virtual life direction, thanks to the market, appeared not poor site, as early as a few years ago, only to understand the general network person would have to do a website, and now is no longer the case, now there is a enterprise will do, released their products on the website, they released the announcement on everything.

The rapid development of

network, a lot of people perhaps information is on the Internet, the network transmission speed is amazing, you can become famous overnight, so many companies will grasp this opportunity, but many enterprises at present on the network is also understood to remain in one site level, I have contact many companies want to do, I ask them "what you do to them," most of the answers are "other companies have websites, I also get a website". Such thinking has a lot of enterprises are like that at present, there are some enterprises realize that the network can make money, and a lot of orders, to see how you do, right, absolutely right, ready to do a lot of orders, than you in the real market to distribute leaflets, to advertise the effect is much better. Therefore, for those who are planning to site entrepreneurs, you must make the site to make money things, not just a display, nothing in the name of things put there, both waste of money, but also a waste of resources.

I often receive a station to do business list, of course I am not responsible for the site procedures, I do SEO, just some small modification to the program, set the title, keywords, and to describe these aspects in this process has accumulated some experience, many enterprises make up the station I was for example, Fullerton network, it is Mianyang area a life information website, you can go to Baidu search rankings. In fact, do rankings, especially enterprise rankings, for colleagues should be the most simple, the reason is simple, because with regional nature, very simple reason, for example, you do wedding word. The scope of the wedding is great, but if you are doing regional food, because the enterprise is generally useful for local information. The wedding of such companies is not possible to go outside, because of this, when to do so in the area for the title, such as the Mianyang wedding, Beijing wedding and so on these words, with the nature of the word area should be very good to do, at least not so intense competition, if you do not agree with this point. If so, maybe my level is relatively low, but I was in such a way to make up some big words.

in fact, enterprises in the process of building the station, the most important thing is to pinpoint the positioning, the process of positioning is not correct, you do a long time optimization is also can not do. If your business is a domestic company, do you think SEO is too slow?. You can do the promotion, after all, you are a big business