Hu Weiwu why don’t Godson join in with foreign giantsThrough the recruitment website, daily income o

5. advertising account see below for registration tutorial



the latest announcement: announcement of the alliance.

second is our industry chain organization ability is not strong enough, Intel is the organization of the industrial chain, quanta, Foxconn is the Intel, let you sell what price, you can only sell what price. Our organization is not strong enough. In this context, the Godson will be more expensive, even if I CPU to the very cheap, but the host factory to sell that price.

advertising alliance website jobs.7766.org, and then click register. According to the actual situation to fill in the information, it is important to account receivables not incorrectly, or collect money. Note: if you want to fill in my account number, I was quite happy to drop. We have no web site name and URL, can fill in one, this is not important. Click here to register fill in.

we’re going to be looking for developers to launch a developer’s plan that will allow developers to get the Godson computers very cheaply, but it’s going to take a process.

!The first step of >

we want to promote part-time advertising advertising. On the mobile phone into the registration, when a user through you recommend successfully registered and you will get 6 yuan Commission, income is daily, as long as the income of the day to the settlement..

advertising allianceOpen the

science and engineering force: we rarely see Godson in our daily life, and the price of Godson on the Dragon dream website is more expensive. So, why Intel performance is good, the price is cheaper, Godson performance is not as good as Intel, the price is expensive,

registered after a successful login. You can see the member login backstage. I introduce the background function:

3. in the recruitment website information every day with a few user access. not too few, recruitment information released a long time, the information can give you with a few users every day. Released one hundred information every day is N users visit. We have to do is send N recruitment information, of course you don’t be silly in a recruitment website N recruitment information, each station 3-4 is enough. Find a few more stations, the recruitment website duozhaone.

is a transformation after accumulation, development of the focus shift from end to end technology market, past performance, ecological problems restrict the development of dragon core, but as technology and ecological improvement, quantitative into qualitative change, dragon core technology has been changing from end to end market.

Hu Weiwu: at present, Godson is facing two changes.

past the main market is the military godson. But now the government has started from the main market, change to more areas. We used to open the market, everyone some core computer not enough attention, no such plan. We should pay attention to opening the market in the future, at that time we think Godson computer is cheap.

now high prices, mainly because of such a number of reasons, one is relatively small output, production is less, the price will be more expensive.

1. on a computer. nonsense

2. has an IQ of Internet people. is you, if you are a pig will also.

3. recruitment websites are free job recruitment information. A lot of free drop drop. Don’t drop charges.

preparation ready, we began to

2. release information on the existence of long period, general information time is about 30-60 days. The forum is better than.


4. new registered 126 mailboxes behind said mailbox use

academician Li Guojie at the conference site

well, the preliminary work done if you can earn hundred days closer to a little.

< >

to go through the recruitment website issued recruitment Posts get directional flow to promote part-time advertising service. Why should we go to the recruitment website advertising and not to other website? Because we want to promote is to recruit part-time advertising, website advertising effect is best of course. And in the recruitment website issued recruitment information from N benefits:

25, dragon core held in 2017 in Beijing dragon product conference and partner conference. At the conference, Godson released a series of products, such as Godson 3A3000, Godson 2K and so on. Many of Godson’s partners have also released a range of machine products.

and godson, the latest 3A2000 and 3A3000 computers are relatively rare, dragon and dream, although the whole factory has sold 3A2000 and 3A3000 computers, but the price is very expensive. In response to this phenomenon, before the press conference, the Department of engineering forces interviewed the chief scientist Hu Weiwu godson.

1. member recruitment website mostly part-time job, good advertising effect.

although we occasionally heard about the Godson of news, such as the Beidou satellite equipped with godson, for example, Hisense will buy Godson GS232 IP authorized for the first 4K 120Hz high definition processing chip, Haier to buy 3 million sets of dragon core for intelligent home appliance and so on. But in the PC field, Godson computers are relatively rare, even if the Godson lovers can buy only a few years ago, Godson 2 series, and dragon core, 3A1000, 3B1500 notebook, Godson box and PC.

3. Alipay account or commercial bank account used to drop money.


The GG alliance, trusted, receives $100 todayGrassroots interpretation of a single page Taobao passe

for Adsense nets

can batch copy in a short time. Single page Taobao passengers once successful, one >

users have high goal accuracy and high conversion rate. Do a single page webmaster, basically will choose a high commission products as promotion object, since only promote a product, so consumer groups will be a foregone conclusion. For example, the breast weight loss drug is sold to a female friend, topology mop is sold to the housework, since we understand the consumer groups, then select the site keywords and will have more spectrum, like "what slimming products", "XX clothing how" long tail key words, search intention is good, there are a strong desire to buy, as long as the web content is not bad, "the conversion rate is very high.

first thanks webmaster network, I learned a lot from webmaster net, and also have enthusiastic friends to help me, it’s really nice to meet you,.

more purposeful. In general, a single page of Taobao guest website do a single product promotion, so owners do not need to find a wide range of products, only in their own industry to select 10 select baby or a service, the credibility of high stores can, this promotion is back have a purpose.

today I went to the post for 100 dollars, about 730 yuan, which work too is not too good, let me wait for a long time, but the money or get back to us. These small webmaster, a month has 100 dollars, enough spare money to buy food, today I want to say is the GG League really keep promise, if not cheating case, but I have had the advertisement several times, but still give me money. Really good, now a day income of $4, again this month can get more than 100 dollars, this money doesn’t make much money :79703298, very good mood. I have my map collection of Jones VIP version login friend in need to contact me free. I stop writing together is just built near Chinese network, can gain full.

narrow control surface, the effect is good. I want to spread about the website, how can we speak their mind, like what marketing, viral marketing, word-of-mouth marketing and so on, if you do a single page, then these marketing methods may be only for a product, natural good promotion effect.

is easy to manage. I think this is most grassroots webmaster choose single page Taobao passengers the main reason. Because a considerable part of the grassroots Adsense is doing business crowd, usually also have their own main job, do a single page to promote, no doubt will save yourself a lot of time. If you are a member of the group, so the single page guest may be for you.


did not know which friend around 10 grassroots webmaster said, there must be about 7 amoy. Of course, we do not have to tangle words inside data is reasonable, I just want to say that my friend is a good summary of the present development situation of Taobao customers, from 2009 to now basically every No one shows any interest in, the grassroots webmaster has a guest website, Taobao customer has been unable to describe with rapid. Although the development of Taobao passenger crackdown sh419 said of an aged person, becomes large, but it is undeniable that Taobao remains is a weapon for grassroots webmaster breakthrough, if you insist on doing, or some chance of success. This time, some friends will say about Taobao off promotion, I was doing a single page, or do the integrated? May now sh419 for some single page Taobao customer audit more stringent, but there are some side by single page promotion to earn a large commission friend, so a single page Taobao guest is not dead. The author is a grassroots webmaster, do 3 years never are minor, but also relates to Taobao customers for a long time, combined with their own understanding of say a single page of Taobao customers to promote the advantages and disadvantages.

Soft Wen title writing skills


title is advertising "eyes" and "soul", especially in the print copy, advertising can attract the audience to read the title, and plays an important role, which directly determines the advertising effect. So, how do you make a good advertising headline,


1, taking advantage of people’s attention to news and the habit of reading news

such advertising headlines are similar to newspaper headlines and introduce products or services in the form of news reports. The facts provided by these titles should be fresh, interesting and desirable to attract the attention of consumers.

2, promises to bring benefits to consumers,

, first of all, is to put forward the consumer’s most desirable and most caring interests and make a responsible commitment. In addition to meeting the material and psychological requirements of consumers, such benefits also include benefits such as affordable, time-saving, safe and convenient. Such as "the K blood care agent (a) installed, do not increase the amount of (Theme)", this let the reader feel the benefits of advertising. The greater the interest promised in such a title, the more likely it will arouse the interest of the consumer, but it should be noted that the promised interest is to be honoured.

3, sincere advice for consumers, suggestions,

such titles actively persuade or strongly suggest that readers do or think about certain things. Such as "lmzgp" suggestions for parents: "don’t let the children lose at the starting line Oh"; "Tang": "to drink hot juice in winter". Suggested titles should be gentle, courteous and respectful in order to urge people to take action. In general, the word "please" and "welcome" are used more often than to use exclamation marks.

4, a clever comparison with similar goods or services

demonstrates its superiority by comparing it with similar goods or services, and enables consumers to have a deep understanding of its unique service. As a product of the K A Well-Known Trademark in China blood agent newspaper ads, the title is very clever: "often imitated, never surpassed". It suggests to readers that similar products often imitate its quality, technology, effectiveness, service, etc., but none of them can surpass it. However, this kind of Title cannot name names, to use the pan than is appropriate, remember: avoid hurting other similar goods.

5, using bragging words to praise the achievements of an enterprise or the advantages of a commodity

generally speaking, this kind of title is mainly used in the consumer trust famous brand products. It has a solid and feasible factual basis, and can enhance the confidence and honor of purchase. If so, the ad for the drug is titled "30 year old, 60 year old heart, 60 year old 30 year old heart", which means the drug is used to treat heart failure and restore it to a strong heart.

6, using vivid metaphor to enhance the image of

uses appropriate and vivid metaphors for expression, and the title will be lively and playful

Huang Yalong Google, the left side of the competition is increasingly fierce, the right advertising

a few days after the observation of recent search on Google: "fake gucci bags" or "replica lV keywords handbag" containing "fake, replica, imitation+ brand name, you will find the right Google advertising auction has Not the least trace was found".

Google bidding ads banned imitation brand


previously, many copy brand merchants use search engine advertising have achieved good results, but due to the extraordinary factors of imitation brand exist, more and more Internet advertising service providers have to copy brand goods a stringent inspection. The most typical is the Google bidding advertising, refused to imitate brand advertising events. Search engine blocked key word for advertising, so do the promotion brings a big blow to the imitation brand foreign trade website promotion, many businesses chose Google SEO in the search engine when cornered! Website blocked key word advertisement, indeed for the imitation brand trade network station lost a marketing channel, so fake brand merchants to integrate all the marketing resources, to explore a more suitable imitation brand publicity channels, such as SEO website optimization promotion, one of them is the preferred way of publicity.

Google search engine optimization of foreign trade licensing website benefits:

1. low cost

through SEO technology to optimize the foreign trade website, also can send the imitation brand commodity information to optimize Google website, and in the home show, no matter how many times your visitors click on, do not need to pay any fees, relative Google advertising, the cost gap between the two is obviously.

2. publicity accurate

SEO can optimize the search engine page in the form of specific keywords. When a customer searches for keywords, most of them are your target customers or potential customers. Invisible increase in the licensing of foreign trade website information exposure, publicity effect can be comparable with the competitive advertising.

3. promotion time is long,

high quality SEO optimization technology, can promote your foreign trade website information in the search engine home position display, as long as 2~3 years. Compared with the duration of other advertising, SEO will promote your overseas promotion through high frequency publicity.

4. user experience is strong,

because SEO can be optimized in the form of specific keywords to search engine sites. Customers who use search engines also search for keywords in the form of keywords. The search information is more accurate, and is not the promotion of information on the client’s eye. So, from the psychological point of view of the client’s acceptance of advertising, use

Choose the correct positioning of stock network construction experience (1)

has done a lot of grassroots webmaster or plan stock website, indeed, in the current web site type, stock class website GOOGLE price is high, but there are some other advertising revenue, so now the new type of stock such as all out like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, here I want to discourage these stationmaster cool down: the stock website is good, but also to find the right way.

as a new type of stock site, to find their own positioning is very important, and now most of the stock website has the following types:

1, stock news station.

At present,

stock sites accounted for the largest proportion of the stock news station, the site of fierce competition, the major portal weight very high, there are several of the old station, plus this kind of website content basically to collect, repeating contents of originality and limitations that can lead to weight in the search engine is low, so the stock information on the new station are generally more difficult to survive, even in the short term included in the search engine is good, but easy to search engine drop right even by the K in the long-term development, as the current Baidu phoenix nest on the line, I have seen many included million shares pulled the information station only a few dozen pages, or even pull out, this type of stock station need a lot of effort to collect the latest information, do false original, for the team owners, individual owners if you choose this The direction is easily reduced to a garbage collection station.

2, stock entry learning station.

stock is very suitable for entry learning station personal webmaster operation, this type of site is mainly to do some stock knowledge tutorial, including text and video content, I have seen a good stock portal: red three soldiers stock network, and the content of the new owners can refer to. This site user experience is good, sticky big, the deficiency is that the webmaster needs to know some stock knowledge, if in the form of BBS construction, the effect is better. Specific practices can recommend some stocks free of charge, answer some stock issues, etc., to improve the user experience and stickiness, the effect is very good.

3, stock software and stock index formula download station

, according to incomplete statistics, as of September 26th 08, the stock accounts effectively 1 million in 1 million 900 thousand households, as long as there are investors, stock software, has the stock formula, so this type of stock website prospects are good, but now this type of stock station to do good is relatively small, the author of a friend on the construction of a type of this website, here to do a little advertising, but also do the following comments, his stock station is: stock formula, 2009-09-18 application domain, according to the filing said he spent nearly two months time, the official site is around November 14th, about two days from Baidu, now " stock; formula of network " this keyword ranked first, because the competition is relatively small, so in order to get good rankings.

4, stock data >

Why do web site data analysis

was a handsome, choice will battle the dignity of the occasion can be determined by the millions of soldiers lives today, a decisive confrontation business enterprise boss will influence the company’s future. Personally, with too many choices and decisions in life, good or bad, or with a failure, someone said in an idea, how many people regret in life, but success and failure is not just an idea, so is the website operation.

1, the importance of website data analysis

to evaluate the quality of a website, we are the most commonly used indicators are: 1, this site has much traffic? 2, the site every day to earn much money? So much traffic and how much money in the end is what kind of relationship? These flows are come from? What is the money Youdou users to convert? Can further enhance the traffic? Can further enhance the transformation? When you will face a series of similar problems, carried out a detailed analysis of the data on the website, can let you know the flow and money behind the real situation. This is the meaning of data analysis.

two, site data analysis,

network in the domestic development time is not too long, a few years ago most of the Internet for small and medium-sized personal website, the development of the site depends mainly on the decision of the webmaster or administrator personal experience and judgment. At present, with the promotion of some third party free tools for data analysis, we can get the index more website data, but now the biggest dilemma is: although it can through the log analysis or use third party statistical tools for the web site more data, but the data is very difficult to make a correct decision, the reason is not the lack of data, but the lack of depth and breadth of data analysis.

very early in a foreign country there is an occupation: Web Data Analyst, but in China, only a handful of large portal companies will set up such positions, website data analysis of real talent in China is quite rare.

three, through data analysis, we can

1, what do you know?. To take over or start a web site, you must first know which stage the site is currently developing. In a simple way, you can collect and analyze the number of clicks, the number of users and so on. These can be clearly understood through the website’s own system or third party free tools.

2, know why. The first point we have obtained the data indicators of the current site that development of the site, so we need to collect further data analysis, know why this is so, for example, the flow is come from, why the conversion rate is not high, the bounce rate is very high and so on, that we all need to know.

3, what should be done?. Understand the site situation and to analyze the reasons from various aspects, so this important information will be able to influence our decisions, so that we can know what to do, to the development and planning of the site a more clear idea of the implementation of.

What are the conditions for successful opening jewelry stores

women are born with beauty, want more beautiful, not decorative, beautiful jewelry allows them to increase the number of points, the jewelry industry has a lot of business skills, entrepreneurs to a popular business jewelry store, you must have a good entrepreneurial attitude, from success in the case of the experience is the right way, following small series to introduce jewelry will learn skills.

The importance of

1, excellent product quality product quality, do not need to say more, although the general fashion jewelry and expensive gold jewelry, to a certain extent is "fast consumer goods" fashion, not necessary to achieve "constant", but does not represent popular jewelry can become a day". A brand of jewelry, consumers wear the first day out of the drill, second days fade, repair rate of up to 40% of the phenomenon. This quality is really hard to compliment.

2, environmental protection product concept it is worth noting that the concept of "green jewelry" will be the focus of future popular, metal material is widely used in the current domestic jewelry, prone to skin allergies, the content in foreign countries has the relevant provisions to strictly limit the related elements. Currently being developed in the jewelry industry standards, has been written into this content. It can be predicted, who first hit the "green", "green" concept, who will be able to win the next step in the competition.

3, the characteristics of the product personality for women, the United States has no end, fashion never fixed standards. This decision, the jewelry industry is a very strong fashion sense, in the update time of the industry, it is about the "fast fish eats the slow" speed war. In the material, for example, when the spring of 07 years, the silk ribbon jewelry material, the Summer Pop bead material, and now began to pop wood". Although the fashion who can not overall palm, but to create a distinctive personality of the product is every jewelry companies should do.

to create a personalized products, attracting a large number of consumers, naturally led the fashion. Of course, the characteristics of the personality of the product, not the enterprise sitting at home, pat head casually think, came out. It is necessary to rely on a full range of brand building to complete. But a very important premise is that companies need to have a very keen sense of the market, the consumer has a deep analysis and understanding of the popular elements have an accurate grasp. It is necessary for enterprises to have a quick response mechanism from product development to market.

4, with the characteristics of products as the core, multi category product groups. Jewelry is a fashion industry, the so-called fashion is to be different from others, that is faster than others. Others sell jade, you sell alloy; others sell alloy, you sell wood; others sell wood, you sell jade. Say, the mobile phone industry with it, there is something in common, update faster and faster, faster and faster imitation, NOKIA to launch at least 40 new models each year recommended

Package to the bottom – thin stuffed buns

what kind of steamed stuffed bun is a good steamed stuffed bun, Xiao Bian end of the induction of the three points, I think we will certainly see my point of view, that is: large, thin skin, filling more. Meet these three points do not want to eat steamed stuffed bun. Bag inside the steamed stuffed bun is able to meet the three points of the delicious buns.

package down to the project research and development team to rely on strong R & D capability, innovative new fermentation formulations, and no need to wait after the fermentation surface.

without early baking, baking process without other similar products 2-3 hours. Much higher than other products processing efficiency, allowing you to get beyond the imagination of super high economic returns.

is the rare Cordyceps market, with many kinds of delicious sauces, composed of a unique secret health stuffing.

eat full, eat well, but also to eat healthy, is a new concept of the current popular dining.

package down to Earth – thin big stuffed buns join advantages:

ultra low cost, high return: low investment costs, large gains, net profit of 60%, fast return to the.

no chef, easy to learn to do: the core package, super simple operation.

taste, young and old: a wide range of people, up to the elderly, down to the children, office workers, students love everyone.

location convenient, easy to operate: community, school, business, shopping, office areas are available near the operation, no place restrictions.

flexible operation, strong sales of four: join the brand of small investment, diverse patterns, without much street facade, diners can also operate.

The characteristics of

technology, secret recipe: no early baking, unique technology, and face without fermentation, direct steaming full baking ladle.

These interactive methods help you improve customer turnover

the customer is in the consumer sector God, anyone who needs people to consume the industry must take the consumers as their parents, they can’t survive without you. So how to give consumers the best experience on the issue, each big business can be described as the brains of the tricks. Interaction is a common product marketing strategy.

interactive is now an important means to keep the fan activity, so that customers often to their restaurant, increase customer retention rates, so how can the customer and better interact? Here and share some of the methods.

first approach:

in social media

according to the related data of reality, people will use it every day an average of nearly an hour on WeChat, to communicate with each other in WeChat, so WeChat is now a very powerful social software, the use of micro signal and fans better interaction, and strengthen the fans feelings, is now a mainstream approach


second methods: salon


method is a kind of method is very important, everyone will have a variety of social needs, organized salon is a good way to meet the social needs of people, such activities can increase customer experience, but also the important method to increase the turnover of the restaurant. This is the thing to kill two birds with one stone, many restaurants are willing to undertake such activities.

third ways: hang up and take photos of yourself

restaurant walls will have a variety of decorative paintings, this is very beautiful, but the feeling of the guests will therefore only. There was a restaurant that hung a picture of the customer and the restaurant on the wall. It’s easy to close the distance, and the customer why? Generally speaking, people are my own photos hanging on the record at home, the customer photo hung in the dining room, all of a sudden increase in the guest’s intimacy, the restaurant as their home. Such a restaurant customers naturally have a good impression.

fourth ways: let customers see safe

people’s health consciousness constantly strengthened with the development of economy, food safety has been of great concern to everyone, if the restaurant you are confident, you should let the customer know your food is safe now, some restaurants in transparent kitchen is the truth, let the customer see the restaurant for security, trust naturally set up.

these four methods can help the restaurant and customers to establish a good interaction, with good customer service!


China’s top ten leisure apparel brands

different occasions, people will have a suitable dress, and each person’s dress style will not be the same, the choice of clothing style will have a great difference. In short, as a component of the Chinese clothing market, China has always had a very high popularity of casual wear. And in order to allow consumers and investors can make a better choice, Xiao Bian here to introduce China’s top ten leisure apparel brands, which can give people a better reference.

casual wear (Casual wear), is the people in their spare time in the activities of all kinds of clothing. Sportswear with a large proportion of the overlap, often interchangeable use. Cascual wear is also highly correlated with a modern lifestyle, emphasizing the quality of life, emphasizing the importance of leisure life values led to the popularity of casual wear.

the Chinese have no difficulty in accepting modern leisure life and leisure wear. With the implementation of the two-day weekend in the vast majority of areas, bowling, Cara OK, roller skating and other modern leisure activities are associated with the corresponding casual wear.

Chinese leisure clothing ten brands: Metersbonwe ranked 1 (local casual clothing brand leader, to young people aged 16~25 years for the target consumers, clothing chain retail listed company, Shanghai Metersbonwe garment Limited by Share Ltd)

Chinese leisure clothing ten brands ranked 2: Semir Semir (Zhejiang famous trademarks, leisure clothing ten brands, young fashion popular tide brand, Volkswagen / leisure / fast / fashion brand operators, Semir Group Co., Ltd.)

Chinese leisure clothing ten brands: YISHION YISHION (ranked 3 in 1997, the famous trademark of Guangdong Province, located in the 18 – to 30 year old group of young, domestic famous and popular fashion retail brand, Dongguan YISHION Group Limited)

Chinese leisure clothing brand ranking ten JEANSWEST 4:JEANSWEST (Australia began in 1972, the well-known best-selling brand casual apparel, cost-effective mass tide brand, large clothing retail chain stores, JEANSWEST clothing (China) Limited)

ten China leisure clothing brand ranking 5: JACK&JONES Jack& Jones (started in 1990, for 18 to 30 year old love / casual wear design, men’s fashion and fashion design style, the Nordic simple Bestseller group)

China’s top ten brands of leisure clothing 6:UNIQLO excellent clothing >