The static single page how to do on the flow of more than 2500

here is how to do a single page on IP more than 2500, although the website looks fragile, see only one home, no columns and other content, the URL is not made, or suspicion of advertising, a figure below for everyone to see, a photo card, so that everybody says I was blown out:


analysis from Shanghai love search engine, the weight of single page than multi page to high, such as the site has a history of four or five years, I believe the website weight is relatively high, this is like a child to eat birthday cake, a two children one cake, can let everybody eat very full, if let the village children to eat, so every child would have tasted a little, this is why the single page will let each keyword ranking is very good.

site was included in 3 pages, the site itself is only a home page, so there are not included, site content also unable to update, so love Shanghai snapshot is very slow, can be said to do it again from the website, not to update every day, just start from the chain. Although the chain is not much before more than 5000, but relatively speaking, these chains are relatively stable, generally do not have large fluctuations, such as love Shanghai after the update, there will be some sites outside the chain down a lot, many of today’s network station seems to have an obvious update, many friends complain the chain a lot less, the chain will lead to reduced stability keywords ranking, but the chain lost too much, maybe you can not avoid the risk of the site right down, So here, I suggest you not to do the chain number and adventure, a lot of the chain is not necessary is not easy to try, such as some illegal and unhealthy websites, some chain easy to delete website, we then released the chain should also pay attention to the skills, not an account for too much, seeking stability is the truth.

in our Shanghai dragon optimization, a lot of friends into the errors, often find some people, just look at the surface data of the website, such as the Shanghai love weight, web site, snapshot, outside the chain, but these are not absolute, such as love Shanghai weight, that is only a kind of non love Shanghai recognized the data, only individual stationmaster developed, a data reference for everyone, many people hold this thing not to put, that their love Shanghai weight higher than the others, their own websites than others newbier, actually I >

website optimization promotion sometimes elusive, but many sites look too horrible to look at, but many sites ranking optimization appears to stand head and shoulders above others, all seems to be perfectly logical and reasonable, do very well, is the latest snapshot of the site, included large chain do amazing, but the fact is that the people dare not flatter, no website ranking, website no flow, it has become a cloud.

Although the

Shanghai Longfeng optimization will not be useless

, the 1 links at

chain construction is an important part of station optimization, many people work every day except to the article, is that a few old site to send the chain. The recent LEE "on the chain" judge made a lot of people in a constant state of anxiety. In fact, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform chain analysis last year let many people see traces, the day to keep the chain of hair root at.

memory is always the most beautiful thing in life, thinking people will sort out these details to work and life planning. In those years learned Arts Physics teacher, speaking of the useless theory, can be used for our perfect understanding of related techniques of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. What is useless? Is the completion of a task without practical work, here from the link construction about those years we pursue the busywork.

The deepest

might say, we need to adhere to and patience, but it is not immutable and frozen Shanghai dragon. This is a result of the popularization of the technology industry, is too simple, who understand the true love Shanghai algorithm. Please stop doing, let Shanghai Longfeng optimization (link) more naturally. The heart like Tiger: 贵族宝贝blog.sina贵族宝贝.cn/u/3290883333, admin first, please keep the link.


2, the construction of the chain at

from the local perspective, the so-called keyword search users is not much, the so-called long tail keywords is not someone to think of the so-called search engine optimization is not for ranking but to find more customers. Some people even found that even a few key words on the home page, and only a few of the scanty traffic. Ask Shanghai dragon optimization than love Shanghai bidding difference?

we all looking for the latest network optimization techniques, in the chain resources to find high quality, ask how to restore the site to drop right, but who can face their own work. For example, the word link through our website optimization process, many people find out its connotation. A link is refers to the connection point to a target from a web page.

I don’t know how many people every day to write original, pseudo original, reproduced articles are a link or "a word" around the key link to the home page. Every day as much news, the same words, the same link address, you said not cheating, you dare to believe it in love with Hisense. Reminder: let the links as far as possible in a natural way, really considering the user’s point of view, to the relevant page, and some articles are without links.

in fact, the only standard chain of judgment on whether the love of Shanghai propaganda is the user really recommend. In other words, the chain you can not always link to the home page, the chain is not included you, always insist for a long time that several platform that many accounts do who do not love the chain. Let the chain of nature, connected to the place to go, maybe your website ranking will be better.

Wang Peng said the high quality and the high quality of the chain in execution

if you need to create your own blog some related links, some blog is no related articles these, add a > in the

of course do come down if compared with great difficulty, there is a saying that good, one hundred garbage outside the chain not on top of a high quality of the chain, so a number of the chain is a long-term accumulation, so it does not have to worry about too much. Of course, the chain is not useless garbage, because everyone knows that a chain to love Shanghai spiders made entrance channel, let it come to your site.

the next spider came to your site, you need to start to engage in the optimization of the chain. You may also know keyword density, keyword density function of large, many people will direct keyword, his understanding of here simply say, density of repeat, said the first page, keywords mainly in the top and bottom of the page with the increase of the density of the subject, because this is the station the connection and each section of the title, with the relevant keywords column title under repeated density. Said the following pages, pages generally have a onion skin navigation, of course, that is the front page of the station, the onion skin all home to the most important keywords, such as: Xi’an talent network > Xi’an recruitment information; > text.

this is on the one hand, if the word is standing, some stations have related articles and recommend the article out, this is not considered, but still repeated a density problem, mainly to add to the key words in the article, for example, 218 people only network (贵族宝贝218job贵族宝贝), to the word is Xi’an talent network, it can be added: Xi’an talent network, Xi’an talent network that…… like……, Xi’an talent network view is… Like… Some nonsense words to increase density.

of course, here to talk about the chain, the chain is the more the better!? of course it is, but is based on the premise of quality, but a lot of people are talking about the high quality chain, high quality and the chain how discrimination? Here I understand the high quality of the chain is a high weight of the domain name the site, the chain and the strong correlation is high quality the chain, for example, in the A5 forum, the weight of needless to say, you say the station is on the Shanghai Phoenix website optimization website operation and so on, and say my station in Xi’an Shanghai dragon, leave your signature on a Shanghai Longfeng forum post, and on the first page of the article, also explains why so many people love to grab the sofa; or issued an original or false original article and their related articles, and add their anchor Text and love Shanghai related domain, related domain can view the domain related to love Shanghai.

everyone in the optimization of the web site, all relative all know the importance of the chain and in the chain, the chain can consult about the importance of my website optimization of the web site of the chain a paper.

Standard Chartered Bank online loan applications CPA online advertisingTips for choosing the best ke

welcome stationmaster to be put in actively.

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1, consider

2, expand the keyword into a series of phrases

advertising requirements: only for Shanghai or Shenzhen work and life of customer groups.

5, if it’s a brand enterprise, use your company name

4 uses professional vocabulary to qualify visitors

details please pay attention to the station announcement.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

at the customer’s point of view

3, multiple permutations and combinations,

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? Change the word order in the phrase to create a different word combination. Use an unusual combination. Form a question. Contains synonyms, substitutions, metaphors, and common misspelled words. Include the brand name and name of the product to be sold. Use other qualifiers to create more word combinations, three word, four word combinations.

what key words will potential customers use when searching for your product? This allows you to get feedback from a variety of sources, including your customers, suppliers, brand managers, and sales staff.

? The best keywords are those words that are not abused and are very popular.

? If you’re a famous brand, use your company name in keywords. A website like RadioShack should have such a key phrase: Radio>


? Another trick is to use a rare combination. The effective keyword index Keyword, Effectiveness, Index:KEI will tell you the number of keywords used in its database and the number of competing pages. Look for keywords that might work on your web page. The higher the KEI value, the more popular the word and less competitors. KEI to 100 points is good, more than 400 points can be described as excellent. Pay attention to using only keywords that describe your product.

?? after the selection of a series of phrases, the available network marketing software to test the keyword group, the function of the software is used to check your keywords in other pages, and in the past 24 hours all the major search engines on the number of people who use these keywords in the search.

?? for example, if your keywords are broadband, you may encounter like digital broadband, digital wireless broadband, wireless digital broadband, broadband speed, broadband, wireless broadband digital news news, digital wireless communication, and so on. If the keywords are software solutions, try the flow analysis software solutions, traffic analysis reports, traffic reporting tools, B2B software solutions, e-commerce software solutions, and so on. It’s important to note that keyword groups don’t have to make sense, although they have to be relevant when you combine them.

? Make sure your key group concepts, such as e-commerce software. Be specific and professional so that phrases are not too broad, such as e-commerce software solutions, e-commerce security solutions, B2B e-commerce software, and so on.

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address:

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

How to do business in the off-season to do business

said that although every store operation will have a peak seasons, even the off-season, there will be a season, however, due to the impact of domestic and international economic factors, the retail industry is now experiencing a mighty storm, so in the face of this strike, how should we deal with it? If you want to sit still, it can only be a dead end, with better change from passive to active, actively looking for a breakthrough, to attract customers from different angles, then let out of the supermarket.



holiday festival can attract customers, but after all, the festival is too small, but why can’t we make a holiday every day? At least you can create a kind of atmosphere ah, through the supermarket dress, you can let the supermarket a new look, so as to give customers a new feeling. For a long time, our customers have been the aesthetic fatigue of the supermarket, and when they see the new dress, they will be happy. I bought some lantern will supermarket doors and windows for a lot of decoration, a beautiful supermarket, on the other hand also made good publicity for these lights.

a customer can’t help coming in after seeing my colorful lights. He said: "it’s happy ah, I also come in with a little festivity." And I not only make these lights to enhance the grade of the supermarket goods, but also to make the atmosphere inside the supermarket becomes festive. I found through careful observation, when the customer shopping here, on the face was full of joy, a customer comes, this is really a good way to attract customers, through this initiative, we increased the number of supermarket customers, sales have greatly improved.

do a good job of promotional customers more than

promotion has always been a topic, has always been worthy of research and implementation, because the promotion can attract more customers. The so-called promotion is just the opportunity to give some feedback to the new and old customers only, this initiative is also a good time to improve their prestige and credibility of the supermarket, so I will not miss this opportunity every year. In the time to buy cigarettes, my practice is to buy a buy one to send activities, that is, when the customer shopping, according to the number of customers to buy a small gift.

customers will be very happy to receive gifts, which will attract a lot of customers. The most surprising thing is that I launched the purchase of goods to send prizes to attract a lot of customers. For those who often smoke to buy customers, I will give him a ticket while he purchased, this may be a prize. This also allows customers to have hope, looking forward to, even if it does not win the lottery does not matter, they have nothing to lose, but if the winning, it was a big surprise.

but other supermarkets do not have this activity, so you can let my supermarket >

Seize the opportunity to build fast food chain intermediary companies are Chinese

graduated from the Xi’an Jiao Tong University Qin Hailu, founder of the Xi’an seven rainbow catering Co. Ltd., is committed to creating a "China first fast food agency", by the end of 2004, her company profits exceeded million.

2000, Xi’an Jiao Tong University Communication Graduate Qin Hai Lu smug, but half a month, she did not find a suitable job. Less than 500 yuan in her pocket, she is not willing to find parents for help, how to do? One day, tired of walking, Qin Xiang turned to a fast food restaurant to eat fast food. The boss caught sight of her resume and laughed. Before leaving, the boss handed her a business card, so that she has difficulty contact. Back to the residence, hesitated for a long time, Qin Hai Lu finally dialed number, politely asked: "your fast food shop, also need people?" "You can come to work at any time!"

Those years we have a good project to pursue online Entrepreneurship

era of big data, online venture projects can be described as everywhere, but it is really worth careful management of online venture projects to be carefully selected. Xiaobian for everyone carefully selected a number of good prospects for entrepreneurial projects, for your reference.

Second, if you are learning computer, a web design knowledge, then you can choose some Witkey task to do, there are a lot of help they need to design some Witkey website or for web design and so on, high reward is not impossible from. Do a Witkey, help others to do a good job site design, art, as long as you win the bid, you can collect money, so you have to master the best technology, otherwise it is empty talk, this approach is only suitable for some people.



Suitable for housewives to do the venture project – sugar cane planting bagged Flammulina velutipes

who says housewives can’t start a business? Who says housewives can’t do something about themselves? Now a lot of housewives at home, want to find a free time to make money in their own projects, today to introduce you, do not have to go out, you can find the opportunity to make money on their own balcony!

she is simple Subei people, standing there is not conspicuous; about the operation of the road is a few words, but to love someone how to do the market. Her name is Huang Xinmei, her dedication, studious, she pushed the ranks of entrepreneurs. Yesterday, she went on the business hall, with her – and tender, like a long umbrella like bagged mushroom, caused by the attendees sought.

but let Huang Xinmei confused, her lack of market experience. There are times, it was recommended that she went to the kindergarten door to sell, sell 20 bags, the results of the buyers do not trust and returned to the bag, which makes her very sad. She doesn’t understand why the good mushrooms don’t sell Compared with greenhouse mushrooms, she does not put any auxin, taste delicious; the price is not expensive; parents can teach their children a lot of intuitive knowledge. Yesterday, she put the emerge in its totality side edge about many questions, consult an expert. Huang Xinmei said that after planting mushrooms, her life was much more fulfilling. What do housewives do at home? She said the need for winter lily species, and Ganoderma lucidum and other high-grade mushrooms need hot days, so she can do all year round. In particular, Ganoderma lucidum, long growth cycle, beautiful appearance, >

Let social vulnerable groups get help Zhangzhou 490 million to build welfare center

in our daily life, while some of the economic situation is good, but there are still many poor people, there are a lot of the elderly, and large numbers of orphans to these vulnerable groups a warm family, Zhangzhou has taken the necessary measures. Zhangzhou Xiangcheng Stone Town Construction in social welfare center. The day before, the feasibility study report of Zhangzhou City Social Welfare Center project approved the Zhangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the project preliminary estimate of the total investment of about 490 million yuan, the construction period of 30 months to plan.

welfare center is located 7 km away from Zhangzhou City, the total land area of the project is 76 thousand square meters, the actual land area of 62193.41 square meters. The main building includes the relief station, child welfare, elderly care homes, relief materials reserve center, health care center, power distribution room and local roads, outdoor activities Plaza, landscaping and walls, basement, underground parking lot, and related electrical, plumbing, HVAC, fire and other ancillary works.

the rescue center construction according to the national standard of quasi two level assistance management institutions, construction area of 3000 square meters, 100 beds; children’s welfare institute construction according to the two standards, the development of the architectural area of 12250 square meters, with 300 beds; protection of minors rescue center to be with the children’s welfare combined with the construction, according to two kinds of standard equipment, minors station registration, life, education, entertainment, medical room and other functions with real function and the welfare of children with real overall; the elderly in nursing homes will refer to standard and according to the actual situation, the establishment of 600 beds, glorious hospital beds 200.

Zhangzhou city social welfare center to provide welfare services will be built mainly for the urban elderly, focus groups, orphans and disabled children.


Longwen District start home care services

yesterday morning, Longwen District home care service project launch ceremony held in Zhangzhou City, wo Kang wisdom pension service center.

to help vulnerable groups of society, Zhangzhou 490 million to build welfare centers, will allow more people to get help, so that they have a good living environment. This year, the Zhangzhou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau in the pilot construction of Longwen District home pension service center, to take the government to buy services, living in the Longwen area of more than 60 years of age and poor support staff (including rural "Five" city, "three noes"), 60 years old and above (including urban and rural residents object participatory poverty population), more than 60 years of age and focus groups, more than 60 years of age and family planning special family members (the staff), more than 60 years of age and severe disabilities, 80 years old and above high recommendation

Anqing district to carry out ex situ conservation actions of the finless porpoise

Since twenty-first Century,

has been paying more and more attention to the protection of wild animals in China, whether it is land animals or animals in the water. Recently, Anhui Province Department of agriculture and the provincial government in joint porpoise ex situ conservation action, this action marks the Anqing section of the Yangtze finless porpoise protection into a new stage.

at present, the number of the population has less than a thousand head of the Yangtze finless porpoise, in recent years the number of Yangtze finless porpoise populations the average annual decline rate of 13.7%. At present, the ecological status of the Yangtze River Basin, making the establishment of local nature reserves is far from enough. The Ministry of agriculture in 2015 for the first time the implementation of ex situ conservation of the Yangtze finless porpoise. In April this year, Anqing province by the Ministry of agriculture as the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze finless porpoise ex situ conservation bases. In November 10th, the Ministry of agriculture and the provincial government in joint porpoise ex situ conservation action marks the porpoise protection a total length of 158 kilometers of the Yangtze River in Anqing within the scope of a historic step.

status: precarious

is the only freshwater Yangtze finless porpoise subspecies in finless porpoise populations only distributed in the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River, river and Dongting Lake and Poyang Lake, and it is in the baiji aquatic ecosystem is an important indication of the top of the Pyramid and the Yangtze River ecosystem health of the species. With the 2007 Baiji was declared functionally extinct, the Yangtze finless porpoise became the only animal habitat of cetaceans in the Yangtze river.

in May this year, the summer survey in Anqing section of the Yangtze finless porpoise, were found throughout the first 125 finless porpoise. Among them, Anqing ferry to Hukou, there are about 90 times. The survey found that many porpoises gathering in different Zhoutou, each Zhou tou about 5 to 15 porpoises, up to reach 20. And in 2015 the Anqing section of the Yangtze finless porpoise winter survey, the Anqing section of the Yangtze River about 150 head of the finless porpoise.

in April 8th this year, Poyang Lake Songmen landscape domain within a day of continuous found 6 dead porpoises. Experts pointed out that the Yangtze finless porpoise has entered a rapid period of extinction. The Yangtze finless porpoise survival further deterioration of the environment, and in a short time is difficult to effectively curb the Yangtze finless porpoise population continued to decline, the trend is difficult to change, survival in jeopardy, has reached a critical stage for the conservation.

measures: ex situ conservation

protect the Yangtze finless porpoise, not only to protect the ecological environment of the Yangtze finless porpoise species itself, or to protect the habitat of the Yangtze finless porpoise. However, the ecological status and trend of economic development in the Yangtze River Basin at present, so that only by establishing local nature reserve is not enough, and vigorously promote the rapid expansion of ex situ conservation and ex situ conservation scale, as much as possible to establish a "conservation" population imperative.

11 10 July, the Ministry of agriculture and the provincial government in the city of Yangtze River Xijiang jointly carry out ex situ the finless porpoise