How to choose the investment website Shanghai dragon Links soft VS

in addition, because Links as a long-term investment products, the need to observe the long time link quality. Link business sale website quality are generally not high, largely because of the frequent replacement of outbound links, number of links caused by too much. Link local news network after I had purchased a PR7, 2 months after falling to pr3.

look at the PR7 China national geographic network, the sale of Links there were as many as 109 PR, a value of 0.2, however, each link price is 200 yuan per month. I just find a PR1 site, the PR output value can reach 0.22, can imagine such low investment rate of return.

Shanghai dragon on the site at the same time, the appropriate investment may have a multiplier effect. However, many novice webmaster too blindly, in terms of investment only considering the cost factors without considering the yield and long-term benefits, causing the site The loss outweighs the gain. investment. Today I share with you in your business Links and soft experience, made a detailed comparison.





This is the time to buy the

price list, then the PR is 7, outbound links number is 89.

1, the sale of Links

link has stopped renewals for more than 1 months, now look at this site, PR dropped to 3, 63 outbound links. Now do not know how much to sell this link, ha ha. However, if you still choose to buy links, examine export link number >

black chain is very cheap, Taobao packaged for sale, mainly in the company station, these black chain also have PR value, but a black chain site often have hundreds of links. And this site will have a number of businesses hanging in the above link, resulting in business between the delete link, can not guarantee the stability. Even if the time of the purchase commitment to fill the bag, just to give you added links to other websites.

high weight Links can bring rapid increase in ranking, no doubt. The current market is mainly divided into the chain and black chain.


the chain businesses there are brands, including the common gold chain, gold chain, strong links and so on, their links to the source is mainly concentrated in the local news website, industry website, novels and movie network, so that to ensure the relevance is very difficult. Most owners will choose the site comprehensive local news network that. In addition, look at the number of outbound links to these sites, PR4 sites, the number of outbound links are at least 70 or more, the weight of the corresponding to your site is very small.

Teach you how to go beyond the opponent site open speed

two, with JS

Now most of our website


three, the interception and location of the CSS file


DIV+CSS is mainly used to do it, for the CSS file, we can merge the corresponding links to reduce the number at the same time, we should put some small pictures of the site must do a picture, locate the interception in the CSS, it is very good for the optimization of CSS.

if we buy a server, you must employ a very proficient on the server operation, setting and safety aspects of the people to manage our server, be sure to open the speed of our website.

for the JS file, the first thing we need to do less with JS, because the JS for the site open speed is inevitable will impact, JS installed for the website more open more slowly. If we have to use JS, then we put our JS on the web site at the bottom, let us first load the body, loading JS. For our website JS files to merge and compression, which can reduce the number of network connections, the specific data to be obtained from love Shanghai statistics, and JS compression work we want to give professional programmers to do, to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong. (Figure

site traffic is not so big, is to buy website space can be better is to buy VPS, when buying website space and VPS we must choose the bigger web space provider, such as WAN network, new network, China and so on, do not covet cheap to Taobao or other places to buy some unknown small space suppliers, especially the novice might covet cheap, a big supplier advantage not only in the room, in the service, in the ordinary space no problem when may see not too out, but once a large service chamber of Commerce has good customer service service to help you solve the problem however, small service providers basically can’t do that.


four, enable GZIP compression and image compression


server) file compression

> GZIP compression


, one must choose a good web space (

before we have stressed that the opening speed of website, because of the fierce competition in the Internet website open speed the details may be beyond your weapon, competitors imagine if your website content, the chain or other factors and competitors are similar, but your site open fast page load soon, but his website opened slowly and even sometimes open, then your advantage immediately set up today to share a few points of how to improve the site open speed approach.

The three big IP that entrepreneurs must focus on domain names, trademarks, and patentsKobe official

search, APP, H5 pages, and two-dimensional codes has not allowed the domain name to depreciate, and as the domain name becomes part of LOGO, its acquisition costs are growing. Music as announced in January 22, 2016 will launch a new domain name le and new LOGO, this value of tens of millions of dollars of domain names, is considered more in line with the music as ecological strategy. In addition, the Jingdong to 30 million yuan to buy the JD domain name still in use; the domain name mi at $3 million 600 thousand millet; the Qihoo 360 of the domain name suffix replaced by 360.cn to 360 for $17 million. As can be seen, the valuation of domain name IP depends on the level of buyer’s demand.

was 32 years old, he became the youngest listed company in American history, CEO, the CEO of the listed company Web and the listed company Interland. He was also the founder and CEO of several companies, such as Applied, Cognition, Labs, WorldWide, MediaWorks, SeaVista, Development, Simpi, and so on. At the same time he was a scientist, New York Times, best-selling author, and vice president of the company its stock analysis.

: Bryant Stibel part of the investment project, source Anglelist

basketball star avocation is common. Jordan before selling shoes, after Nikyan’s expression package, NBA moment does not stop playing.

one, now want to spend a lot of money to use a good domain name, you do not God,

wants to talk about Kobe’s VC career and has to mention his investment fund, Bryant Stibel. Bryan was taken from Kobe’s surname, and Stibel came from his partner, Jeff Stibel. Speaking of the latter, his brilliant deeds were not inferior to Kobe. According to Anglelist data, Jeff Stibel itself has done a lot of private investment, the number reached more than 30, and 6 successful withdrawal, including Alibaba.




The popularity of

today is July 28, 2017, and it’s nearly 1 years since Kobe changed his career as a VC. Today, "hunting cloud gentleman" came and everybody takes stock, this once saw 4 in the morning, Losangeles’s basketball master, whether can rely on "the effort" this strength, rushes into a world in the venture capital circle.

The concept of "

introduction: 15 years ago, Cai Wensheng, a junior high school culture, needed to understand Chinese Pinyin enough to sweep the world.

diagram: left is Bryant Stibel, and right is Kobe

although the fund was officially announced in 16 years, it has actually voted in many projects. 13 years from now, a total of two people participated in the 15 investment, including the The Players Tribune website including sports media, video game developer Scopely LegalZoom, Legal Service Corporation, telemarketing software company RingDNA, Juicero company and domestic juicer.


Kobe and Jeff Stibel two were introduced through friends, then hit it off. In August 22nd, Kobe officially announced the establishment of a $100 million venture capital fund, the main investment areas including technology companies, media and data company, and the company is headquartered in Kobe’s old club Lakers located in Losangeles.

is simple and easy to remember domain name domain name agency is almost occupied, many of the company’s name is only barely enough, the entrepreneur cybersquatting "posture" is: 1 preferred company or project name Pinyin domain name, the domain name.Cn as alternative; 2 Pinyin domain name was registered, back the second, "Pinyin + digital", "+w", "Pinyin Pinyin + English words" combination of registration; 3 pay attention to domain name has been registered.

Kevin Kelly in the "inevitable" mentioned "in the Internet era dawn, when a full of lofty ideals and high aspirations of entrepreneurs, is a wonderful thing, you can get anything you want the domain name, also do not bear any cost. Such a good opportunity lasted for many years." 15 years ago, Cai Wensheng only need to understand the culture of junior high school Chinese pinyin is enough to sweep the world, such as qiyi, jiaju, Qiyi Home Furnishing potato tudou, Baofeng storm comes from his hand, he also had 80% China income bursa city domain. The domain name "king said in an interview with" the investment community "said:" some domain names don’t sell it, it’s really fabulously rich! "The author also noted that the" sense of participation "in the book said, Lei Jun had half fascinated by cybersquatting, often at night to call for take a fancy domain name.


Wu Neng, three steps >

IP" last year’s fire, a lot of people say IP, chatting to pull into a creative, good story how cash up, this is not wearing a vest from the media "? In fact, IP is the" intellectual property rights "referred to as Intellectual Property. Although the fake copycat piracy, It is quite common for large environment, talk about intellectual property is ironic, I was not a foreigner rhetoric brainwashed, but ask yourself, there is no intellectual property IP backing, entrepreneurs how to ensure the success of the struggle?

From the life pain to find business opportunities in tinsou group teach you threeAmbition free is th


2010, Liu Nan from the top 500 in the world after pregnancy leave, return to family became stay-at-home mom, she wanted to give the child to pick the best baby products in the world, but in the selection, doubt and anxiety about the quality and safety of products.

from the life pain to find business opportunities in tinsou group teach you three

in Wangzhuan industry, the power of free power is often quite frightening, I believe a lot of people are "free" ate a lot of losses. So today, ambition is so-called "free lunch to talk about the higher in".

says good start is half the battle, and "how to find entrepreneurial opportunities" is a very important problem, but many people are stuck in the same place.

finds entrepreneurship from the point of life pain


Hello, everybody. I’m ambitious. What are the two most attractive words in the world? The answer is "free.". When you hear "free" two words, the heart will be unconsciously excited, and what is so good, actually do not have to spend money will be free to obtain, it is people will heartbeat. But often, the price we pay for "free" is always the most expensive. There is no such thing as a free lunch. That’s what it says.

because of "free" use of the weakness of human nature, so power is often the most scary, the most terrible! Is the same as in Wangzhuan industry, has just joined the ranks of Wangzhuan have 9 people, was cheated in basically 10. To get money, such as what a free chat room, free video and so on, when you give each other time to charge money and beauty video, others in the background provided money and leave you; to go astray, but there are a lot of Wangzhuan project is MLM nature, when you registered others link, have imperceptibly into the people’s assembly line, and I can talk for expedience, and continue in the same way to cheat a person, so…. the most typical often in some forum, see the most eye-catching advertising slogan "free gifts and earn XXX yuan project", the ultimate.

one. Free in front, cheat in the back

unwilling mediocre life, so many people have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, but also allow more people to move the heart, began to look into the distance.

in this regard, Zhejiang days search Polytron Technologies Inc hereinafter referred to as: days search group has something to say. This is in the field of mobile Internet investment, enterprise incubation experience believes that in the process of looking for the answer to this question, may wish to see more people here is how to do, on the basis of previous experience, find their own way.

from the life pain to find business opportunities, teach you three days search group

days search group said:

Liu Nan is a typical entrepreneur who finds entrepreneurial opportunities in his own pain points. To explore entrepreneurial opportunities when perhaps than "I create what the industry", the entrepreneur can ask yourself "of my life, what is the anxiety of any dissatisfaction," if this pain point is universal, but also has the feasibility, then it has the value of entrepreneurship.

realized that this anxiety was common in the conversation with other mothers. Therefore, she relies on her excellent English ability, began to take her mother to study the world’s major electronic business platform mother and child products, and soon become the mother circle of opinion leaders.

when it comes to Wangzhuan in "free lunch", first of all let me think of a professional terminology — all made. What is the "universal" earned? Simply, planners do a project, the project in order to achieve the desired effect, let others help themselves to do something for free, such as what publicity, then make to those responsible for the promotion of certain benefits. For example, someone called to promote their own books, what conditions obtained after what benefits and so on; and then a ten, ten hundred similar and viral marketing effect… However, I think this is actually a kind of deception, just under the banner of "free" slogan to ask someone to help you to your goal, and the so-called "free gifts" to their fundamental and publicity efforts is proportional to. But why the project planning or tested by "all earned", but there are still so many people to help them most willing to do? The answer is free. Free marketing is the use of people’s petty profit psychology, and petty gains are often human weakness, and "all the people earn" just right on this number. When you help others in this propaganda, others early in that look with his money. This is also to Wangzhuan warn people, after all see someone asked you to get free publicity something and the benefits of his people, basically, can make a detour.

two. Free tuition fees

in the eyes of many people, "Honey bud baby" founder Liu Nan covered with "North Curve Wrecker", "10 billion valuation", "the Unicorn CEO" golden label, but looking back to 7 years ago, when she was just an ordinary stay-at-home mom.


Original title:

one, honey bud baby, Liu Nan: Sweet bud, sweet responsibility,

, this is an article for people who dream of starting a business.

at the end of 2011, Liu Nan with "sweet bud" as the moral, set up "Honey bud baby" Taobao shop. Two years later, with word of mouth transmission, honey bud baby did four crown, also won Xu Xiaoping angel investment. 2014, honey bud Baby online mall on line. At present, honey bud baby’s valuation is 10 billion.

two, "aunt?" Chai can: "the girlfriend’s pain is my pain!

No search engine, maybe we go further

, a new web site is ready, and that’s what’s going on. Perhaps many people will choose to rely on search engines to promote their own websites, it does have a good effect, the key problem is that we first built the station, the search engine can timely to record it, the answer is obviously, maybe some people will learn to search engine optimization ten days or even months. Time, which is called SEO, but you have not thought to fully grasp this knowledge is how not easy, not to mention just Jianzhan novice friends, even SEO in some professional words all don’t understand, not to mention how to use the SEO tool. Maybe you want to learn to learn, and believe that success is easier, because you believe that the network is more than that of knowledge, but you thought not, although the network is more than this knowledge, but in real school, and not fooled people a few, you may be picking up this also lost the final, or standing still, a waste of time and a waste of energy. So, what I want to say is that a particular period requires a specific approach.

below describes how to build a friend how to promote, and do simple analysis. Many methods are really useful and practical a commonplace talk of an old scholar, however, to note that the promotion of all to the need to use your website, which is the target population, otherwise it will toil with no gain:

1 tell someone you know.

2 do a good job on your website. Good content is the best way to promote.

3 send out leaflets. Offline publicity. To the newspaper classified information inside propaganda, the effect is more lasting.

4 links.

5 creates mailing lists. Foreign websites usually use this method. Again and again to remind Internet users, "you should come here to see."".

6 write out your own experience and write your website and send it to the internet. Your experience will always be useful to some people.

7 is submitted to the web site where you can submit the url. Don’t worry about success. Do the preliminary work well before you know the real answer.

8 links to other websites. Don’t skimp on your favorite web site.

9 leave your contact information. Maybe Internet users need to ask you directly.

10 clearly tell netizens your web site.

11 creates interest groups. Interacting with visitors on the web site.

12 makes things that only your web site has. Let Internet users in the dissemination of your station when a vanity, "this site only I know."!".

13 emphasizes Internet users’ messages. Except for mass messages.

14 lets netizens participate in the operation of the website come. Let Internet users produce a sense of achievement.


My view on the operation of everyone for all and all for me

In the operation of

website, the most important thing is the thought of "everyone for me".

"I’m everybody" is going to have to consider the social needs of the site in the early stages of the site planning. In other words, what’s the website for?. The significance of the general web site is to speed up the dissemination of information and make it easier for Internet users to obtain information. As I do now "Shenyang Sanland." in life often encountered in the students and faculty for students looking for a teacher, so I set up this website is mainly to build a bridge for students and faculty.

, "for everybody", we need to ensure the effectiveness and convenience of information. Because we allow users to facilitate access to information, so our information must be true and effective. This requires us to edit the real information, and carefully review the information sent by netizens. For example, I run a local second-hand website, belonging to me to check the authenticity of the information of website is to check the publisher’s mobile phone number, if the number is not local, I will delete his information. No matter how tempting his information is, it can be a lie, at least not for my target audience. I delete it without wasting the time of my web site user.

"everybody for me" is also designed to be user-friendly. Web site design includes: further improvement of function, repair of vulnerabilities, adjustment of location, detailed documentation and so on. There is no perfect product, your product is no exception, the work of our webmaster is constantly, so that he can more convenient service users. For example, I run the home network, increase the teacher evaluation system I for it, do a set of teacher scoring algorithm, make excellent teachers can get high scores, the teacher will be ranked, so we will find the station will increase the probability of excellent teachers.

"I for everybody" should also pay attention to user feedback and increase communication with users. Analyze what information users need and what information users often see so that they can communicate with users more smoothly.

from the site at the beginning of design planning, site design, information input, user communication is the spirit of "all for one", to provide services for users as their purpose, the use will bring help as their own happiness, it will have the power station the station to do. Such a station may be loved by users. That’s why everyone is for me".

"everybody for me", your station has been welcomed by the masses, only then paid attention, only then can have the benefit. If you find that "I am everybody" does not mean "everyone is for me", it can only be said that you did not do enough, someone did it earlier and better than you did.

original article, the author operates Shenyang tutor network, http://www.jiajiao150.com/ reprint, please keep.

Analysis of default data design for app

many product managers and operators in peacetime attention are often concentrated on how to better display the data and information in the interface terminal, and software engineers or programmers can interface in the app data showed that in some special circumstances, or in extreme cases, there is the extreme case originally app page is full the content, but when the user does not have relevant data at the same time, the corresponding page on the app should display is blank, in this case, the blank or missing data of app is presented to the user often lack of visual effects and have a negative impact on the user experience. Therefore, not only software engineers, product managers and operators should pay attention to all kinds of data display on app, including empty data, mainly in the following three aspects.

first, the default when users first use App. The first impression of each app to the user in the first loading or running is very important, especially when those without any use of a app product users, in their mind on this app is like a piece of paper, without any feeling, but if this is the first time the user curiosity download your app the app store, after registration and login, also do not know how to use this app, especially some special app, such as the social class of the app software for certain types of applications, just after successful registration login is without any user can chat with friends, if in this empty data. Not to the user guide, the user might leave immediately, and unload. So, in this case app, Mr. default data can be blank pages, through some emotional elements into the visual design to guide users to use app, which can make users more actively to use app, as shown below.


second default after the user has deleted all data. If we haven’t logged into a mailbox for a while, it’s not surprising that we often see a lot of unread messages in the inbox of the mailbox, or even pages that are unread. But people with same, will want to put these emails as read or reply as soon as possible, like a heart like little things, perhaps is the psychology of obsessive-compulsive disorder, in turn, if you app the data in the list is deleted, this time we should need to guide the user to create content, so the user will only have reason to use your app, there are a lot of foreign app in this case encourages users to create content. In contrast, personally think that the IOS design in this area is not very friendly, as shown below, IOS SMS inbox or email inbox display, if the data list is empty, shows a row of blank, this is not so friendly experience. Assuming it’s the IOS mobile phone user, I don’t know my mobile mail

Xinjiang actively apply for trade will affect the outbreak of stocks

stock market situation is concerned, a random move or may cause the stock market ups and downs. It is understood that, recently, Xinjiang is busy with the country’s third installment of the FTA, the industry is expected to be affected by this matter, stocks will erupt.


A stock market, may be concerned about the new Luqiao (002307), the new research shares (300159), Xinjiang urban construction (600545), the construction of the West (002302), qscc (600425), Xinjiang (002700), Xinjiang grandsoo public and (600888), Xinsaigufen (600540 days), biological (300313) etc..

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Zhuhai entrepreneurs can also receive subsidies for failure

entrepreneurs fear of failure. Although the current business environment is superior, and a variety of supporting policies, but the market situation changes, who do not know how the future development. In order to reduce the pressure on entrepreneurs, the introduction of entrepreneurial failure in Zhuhai subsidies, even if the failure can also reduce the loss of entrepreneurship.

does not limit register to apply for subsidies

9 new subsidies for the project

multiple subsidy standard

increased significantlyIn addition to

, also for a hike in venture funding, rent subsidies and other multiple subsidy standards.

Chinese home care and Prevention Manual of Guangzhou cold start

cold in the eyes of many people is very mild illness, and will not cause hit attention, but now with the decline in quality of the environment, a large number of breeding variety, a serious threat to people’s health, even if just a little cold may cause very heavy damage to body.

The first

China family cold prevention and Care Handbook "China family cold prevention and Care Handbook" 19, released in Guangzhou, this by the number of academician Zhong Nanshan and other well-known experts participated in the writing, Zhong Nanshan in the conference call, people should treat a cold this seemingly large "minor" seriously, to treatment professional. To reduce the harm to society’s cold.

this book is devoted to science knowledge manual for family cold prevention, covering the whole population — oriented ordinary patients and special groups (the elderly and infants, pregnant and lactating women) professional guidance and treatment recommendations for the prevention of the common cold and influenza, aimed at promoting more family Chinese correctly understand and treat a cold.

, China has become the world’s largest cold country, according to a global survey". Over the past year, more than 1 billion people in the country had a cold, cold time average of up to 18.5 days. Although the majority of doctors and pharmacists suggested that patients with cold rest at home is more conducive to rehabilitation, but also can avoid the spread of the disease to others, but there are still 75% of the respondents had to go out to work during a cold or flu.

pointed out that the State Key Laboratory of respiratory disease director Zhong Nanshan, "the cognition of Chinese cold still remain in the" minor "stage, but the cold has seriously affected people’s daily life, health and life safety. In the 5 global influenza pandemic in twentieth Century, there were 2 outbreaks in China; in twenty-first Century, SARS, bird flu and H1N1 were the health risks. Whether it is a medical group or the public, must be taken seriously in the cold, with professional treatment, reduce the harm of cold to society."

"in our country, there are a lot of risk caused by cold, acute cases every year, academician Zhong Nanshan," such as suffering from chronic respiratory diseases of the elderly people or other special groups, often do not seek medical treatment immediately after the cold treatment, but as a "minor" treat, not active or take scientific treatment. As a result of more serious illness, life-threatening health."

in addition to the adult cold, in infants and young children, the same cold due to lack of awareness, causing many serious consequences. For example, the wrong kind of medication, dose not taken, or even because of improper treatment, resulting in a lifelong impact on children.

can ease the chief scientist DavidHull introduction, cold treatment, in addition to drug treatment, psychological comfort is also essential to recommend