To help you on the five methods of analysis of the weights of the website

three: how many


check the number of the chain of YAHOO is very accurate, we can see how much the chain number on our website, the correlation of the chain, the station the link, and the link between the station, through the do a simple comparison, the specific circumstances can get a website weight, YAHOO chain more and more web site weight will be high, and vice versa! Especially the relevance of the

YAHOO the chain number

is a great influence on the direction of link love Shanghai weight, the higher the quality of links, the spider through these trans times will come to your website on your site will be more impressive, nature will give you website a higher evaluation, of course, because of the high quality website recommendation, naturally make your website a lot of extra points, so many people say that content is king, the chain for the emperor is the importance of trans


two: how many


: a high quality reverse link

included pageHow much

Alexa than Google’s famous early, when he did the search engine, but later switched to Google but do website ranking, and the reference current Alexa website ranking is more and more low, because now as long as money can effectively enhance the site’s ranking, for those who do not walk the thought of these sites have very high weight, but willing to friends of the chain with them, in fact is not high, of course, for some new.

rankingIn fact, ! !

love Shanghai included page in direct response to love Shanghai trust on your website, included your site more weight will be higher, how much the quality and content included the page has a great relationship, or how to say content is king, but when your web site is included suddenly reduced and you have to be vigilant, not to look at the front page is the first after the SITE command, if the first is, it is very likely that your site is down right, love Shanghai don’t trust on your website, you think website content mostly false original or acquisition, will naturally give up to you collected so, to the long-term operation of your site, to improve the quality of web content that is essential for

of each site and hope that their love Shanghai weight highs, this will have a higher ranking, then there will be more traffic, but the ideal is very plump, show very skinny, a lot of poor people for several years of energy to get a higher ranking, but others engage in PPC, business for many years the website ranking will fall, was in tears, and some one step caused by K is down right, it let the grassroots do to hardly wished to live., completely avoid the realization of this cruel? We had to do to enhance the mystery of love Shanghai weight, find open love Shanghai weight key, below is the author after five years out of the research methods, we hope to be able to help

four: Alexa

Search engine optimization of user experience of users come from

second, the appearance of the site (repeat)

don’t think above.

care about you is by user, when you open a web site, with the snail slow, you think users will like what? He or she may feel that the first question himself, then he choose to believe that you try to open the other sites, but the other site open speed as the Coupe just as quickly, then he would never point your website, then you will lose a customer, not to mention the user experience. So what can we do to open the site quickly? Is very simple is also a good choice of the space business, to make your website open speed no menace from the rear.

a little if solved so to solve this problem, the website may not need to engage in very fine, but the point is that when users open your site’s first impression is very important, it is shocking to the user’s eye, if can let users leave deep impression on me first, I think the user action is touch of hands right click "add to Favorites" as a webmaster we certainly don’t know what is the user’s actions, we have to use this tool is the query user "bounce rate" to determine your site with this condition? As a result of long-term accumulation it is your users, this is the first step to the user to impress the accumulation of users enables the users to become their own "repeat"

with user requirements continues to improve so that the search engine algorithm has also continued to upgrade, love Shanghai on the website of the user experience from this situation is more and more strict, the search engine is for the user’s search habits are changing, so that changes in search engine rankings, is the user experience as is the kingly way.

first, love the sea launched speed search you still race the tortoise

user experience of these four words, if you have carefully to find it everywhere about the user experience of the article, but these are all empty talk, practice is the most important, for a webmaster talk for the development of such a a website is to have a great influence, this hydrophobic rock wool board manufacturers in Shanghai dragon city has been a tangled issue like "chicken and egg" this problem, such as a web site without the user, what we talk about that experience? These said user experience is not that a groundless statement? Of course these are absurd, because the Internet is never a lack of user experience, you have to do is to attract users to experience, here I would not turn Bush said today, the key! Hydrophobic rock wool board manufacturers in the Shanghai dragon city want to tell you is that as the title, the user experience of users come from.

third, what is the theme of the site is around the theme to carry out the internal link optimization

Also brought endless topic to many webmaster

Comparative analysis of the strongest picture website

nipic industry users within 07 years to set up as everyone knows, the old brand, is also the first picture material industry. Nipic I will not say more, I know you all.

Material Corporation

recommends: 贵族宝贝tooopen贵族宝贝/

2, beautiful wallpaper

According to the picture picture material

love with more and more attention Shanghai pictures, pictures of websites is becoming more and more important. Small M as half a bucket of water designers, energy-saving for me is a big help, small M also love this kind of website to look for inspiration under the material very much! The small M would recommend several pictures I think the strongest domestic websites for your reference.

Material Corporation is a professional picture material download network in recent years the rise in the past, this site has spent nearly 4 years in the stage of learning, has a new look to show in front of the user, but also through the observation and use for nearly two years, the commune material networks have been recognized and supported most of the users the.



concluded that the above two picture material website development direction, and all the images uploaded by users to not have such images copyright. Picture material industry leader worthy of that figure, but the small M from the user’s perspective, the figure is the layout design defects in appearance, easy visual fatigue; user experience is not good, the search material to spend a lot of time, more tired; there are problems not found in customer service, very sad. Personal feel or experience the best material commune network, layout design is clean and clear, color with green, make people feel comfortable, it is important also to protect eyes can be green; to find material at a glance, to save time in the experience; the problem for customer service is very enthusiastic, very patient. That figure may also aware of his own shortcomings, some time ago also pay attention to modify the layout, but the new version of the map is best not close! From the user experience speaking I strongly recommend network material corporation.

ZOL desktop wallpaper for Zhongguancun’s products, Zhongguancun is why we should all know that IT is very good, wallpaper ranking, traffic is also very good, integrated enterprise.


recommendation two: nipic www.nipic贵族宝贝

recommendation two: Cool table wallpaper www.zhuoku贵族宝贝

recommends: ZOL desktop wallpaper desk.zol贵族宝贝.cn



website development direction can be divided into three categories: energy-saving, beautiful wallpaper network and photo sharing network (these are small M used).

Shanghai dragon 20 minutes break Taobao home page puzzle

now this method for the love of Shanghai, has been basically a failure.

before discussing this issue, we look at the operation mechanism of search engine:

then we return to the topic of Taobao Shanghai dragon top.


Shanghai dragon, the original word refers to the search engine optimization, mainly used in the popular search engines, such as love and Shanghai; due to the gradual expansion of the Taobao store, so a Taobao Shanghai dragon is a Taobao people need to think about.

Shanghai dragon, divided into white hat and black hat 2 technology. It is undeniable that the 2 techniques can obtain ranking, but the black hat is a Banded short-sighted behavior. Here you go to Amoy ocean to talk about love Shanghai or noble baby search engine cheat mode.


search engine is to help users quickly and efficiently find the information he needs, enhance the user experience. This way the user only has to stay, something irrelevant that search engine, nature is no way to attract users. So, the major search engines are very valued 2 data: website traffic, online browsing time and depth.

the first question, what is the mechanism of vulnerability.

here, you should understand. As long as the artificial control of this thing, the natural ranking will rise.

we all know, Taobao is actually a search engine, but contains all the shop, or Taobao baby. Is the search engine, it must have its ranking mechanism. A ranking mechanism, it must mean that there are loopholes

site traffic is large enough, to a certain extent that the website Authority received welcome, this website deserved search engine trust; to stay for a long time, browse the site enough depth, indicating excellent content, in the search engine rankings have a great advantage.

is the biggest loophole, Taobao search engine is just a robot, he can only objective analysis of the data, but not subjective to judge the quality of shops.

"Taobao Shanghai dragon first cattle B, 20 minutes on the home page, no matter how competitive keyword!" listen to this propaganda, you are not very fond of him, is not that the original Taobao Shanghai dragon can be easily fun but you are wrong?. This will be for you to solve the puzzle of blue ocean Amoy

so, is such a loophole, cause its existence very big may be deceived.

the fastest 24 hours of love Shanghai ranked first, is the use of such a principle to achieve. Of course, 2012 during a keyword ranking brush up is usually very stable, so there are a large number of people to lose weight and so on health care products through this mode, profit is very great.

The website is search engine why hair was plucked the profound reflection of website

later update process, because this is a part-time job, sometimes work home in a bad mood, it directly without an update, a website is updated 2 times per week, and the update of the article is to copy, try.

because this is the first site, I also saw a lot of do open shop websites on the Internet, he also established a domain name from, perhaps we can see that novice to open a Taobao shop, because not familiar with the situation, I chose a multi column program, I will not write a collection so when the rules, the line on the website I find several shop manual station, uploaded dozens of articles in, in the end I have to upload after love Shanghai, GL, soso, Youdao, sougou and so on search engine submission own site, submit here there are still some effect, the third day most search engines are included in my website, especially love Shanghai search engine, also give my new Taobao keyword tenth stores in this good place, I was also very happy. For his first website can be successful, there is a little big with pride.


can be seen from the figure, this website has been completely in love with the sea K, now is K3 days later, I have until today to just return to God, a devoted half effort and do stand hardworking website was K. Now think about it, the site was K reasons or because of his own negligence, does not comply with the law, in the website K before it stopped recording and snapshot update, but they do not think that, until now the site is completely K, is to be the site by analysis of K reasons that published the text in the Admin5 today, the hope can help to some other owners, after reading this article also to remind themselves of their role.


content, website keywords and titles too, because this is the first site, I do not know how to set the keywords and title, included in the key words and title later in my opinion search volume is not large, so the change in the title and key words website, this is caused by the change before the site is K is a page, then has not changed, I estimate that this change makes the search engine completely on my impression of the site is reduced, I may not change the website title and keywords website can not be K.

site was included after the lazy people will show up, there are 5 columns of my website, if you add 10 articles every day if the website is manually collected are also collected 50, so I started to slow down the workload of website daily collected 25 articles, namely each column collect 5, behind the feeling of manual collection takes time, so every day, even do not want to manual acquisition, which leads to the update site without any rules, lead content update is serious lag, finally caused the search engine friendly degree decreased gradually.

This is the

Understand the operating principle of search engines to promote Shanghai dragon realm of thought

2, understand the search engines work can enhance our understanding of


after the pretreatment, the search engine will give the top, general search engines will make a new ranking with a small weekly, once a month with a new high, then every minute being fine tuned, which can effectively reduce the huge data with the new work, reduce the server workload and pressure.

stage three, give the top

1, search engines can be divided into three stages

Shanghai dragon from the macro

, a spider crawling the web pages for information

Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun here to search engines three stage chat is very simple, in fact, interested friends can read some authoritative books or materials, such as Google webmaster guidelines, which can in principle more thorough understanding of oneself actually what is the Shanghai dragon. If the Shanghai dragon as an enemy, then in, if the Shanghai dragon as a friend, then you need to understand friends and friends to get along better.

Finally, please retain the original > Although

finally Wuhan Shanghai Longfeng Liu Jun suggest that you do know more about doing various owners need to know whether it is technology, code, or the level of literature, Shanghai dragon, or art knowledge, a good webmaster do not need to be a programmer how much or how powerful writer, but a good webmaster must be what can do, what they have done, what are doing well, with comprehensive quality is good webmaster webmaster.

spider crawling the Internet hundreds of millions of data, it is impossible to have the auction calculation immediately. Then a large amount of data to be calculated in time after the corresponding ranking, this process is the pretreatment, so many owners do not see the effect in the process of their site in Shanghai Longfeng abandoned it is a pity, remember, Shanghai dragon requires patience, because you must honestly do their own at the same time, to the search engine the pretreatment time.

is a search engine spider crawling the Internet is a huge information program, here we only need to know the spider is along the HTML link has been crawling down on it, this is also the reason why we should do well in the station anchor text link, let the spider crawling in the station outside the station from the links between pages and pages along the internal site effectively. Link crawling down.

do not study Shanghai dragon search engine algorithm, also do not have to write the calculation way of search engine so complicated, but Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun think to know a little bit about search engine working principle and calculation method can effectively enhance the Shanghai dragon realm, let us in the Shanghai dragon know why it is like this to do so, in order to fundamentally improve the level of Shanghai dragon.

stage two,

Europe has become a new hotbed of technology start-ups, has hatched a number of Unicorn companiesAna

: the current radio website problems from 1995

and fier cable Nielsen, many young people of European science and technology industry is the European continent as a new hope.

is 113000. At present, the domestic


uses radio station as a keyword to search for 159 related sites. If you use shlf1314’s search engine, the number will be

·; the concept behind the establishment of
The need to Advertise yourself in the

ten years ago, the Danish born Portuguese engineer Russ · Nielsen Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen – fier cable to become a technology entrepreneur, he bought a one-way ticket to Silicon Valley.

"The European

technology industry has been completely changed," fiers cable Nielsen said, "now the opportunity here." He has joined a technology investment company in london.

Florian Jourda gave up executive positions at Box, a cloud service provider in the United States, and joined his homeland, an entrepreneurial accelerator in france. Niklas Zennstrom, from Sweden, was one of Skype’s founders, and in 2005 he sold Skype to American investors, then created an investment fund focused on European technology start-ups.

acceptance behavior, receiving time and specific content are very low in control. Because the audience in the extraction of information content and in the extraction time, have a high degree of

, a network communicator is still hard to make a profit despite attracting and attracting a large audience. Because this can not be sorted, not classified,

January 30th, according to foreign media reports, with the increasing investment and support of some European countries in the technology industry, many of the technological elites who started or worked in Silicon Valley have returned to their motherland.

can’t repeat the size of its audience at the unit time point. It is so far considered to be of little commercial value or is directly expressed as worthless

some European mainland Admiral Company such as Swedish streaming music company, Spotify AB, German business incubator, Rocket Internet, and Finland gaming company Supercell

however, France and other European countries, the risk of capital inflows last year reached a record level, because Europe’s local government increased the training of skilled workers and support, and for the early start-up companies to create a large incubator of science and technology industry also increased investment by government support fund.

Because of the discreteness of

has been trying to create a so-called digital single market, but its split and draconian fiscal and social and economic regulations and prevent the rapid growth of many European emerging technology companies, technology companies have mostly failed to become the leader in the industry, many companies even unprofitable.

is based on relatively independent web sites, wider sources of news, original information, a wider range of services, network interactivity, and even

conduct business activities. The former is mainly based on local stations, the majority, while the latter mainly in some provinces or central stations, the number is very limited.

people ask for it. The content provided by network propagation is not correct for the use and extraction of these contents, especially on the time axis. This makes the communicator

Europe has many well-trained engineers and programmers, and has a larger consumer group than the United states. Europe has produced many pioneer companies, but many of them have since been bought by American investors like Skype.

, who has worked at Silicon Valley for eight years, has worked as an executive at Dropbox, WhatsApp and Uber, and now he’s back in europe.

in the traditional media Although the

media, but it’s not clear what the Internet media is going to do and how it should be used. So lead to the emergence of profile websites.

and the brief introduction of the program and the brief introduction of the host will be put on the Internet, and conditional access to the Internet will be available. The integrated site will be

Europe has many well-trained engineers and programmers, and has more consumer groups than the United States, and many young people in the European technology industry are looking at the continent as a new place of hope.

How to design an end-user oriented marketing page

As the most direct form of the Internet,

web pages are attracting more and more attention. With the development of web design history and the status quo, it is now advocated the user experience (User Experience) or product experience, as a passive acceptance of information browsing, "is one of the most effective is one of the most direct media. Therefore, in the continuous promotion of Web optimization and user experience today, we should study how to convey more information to the browser on the web page.

in the design of a web page, our designers often encounter a problem: the web design in Chinese as there is only during the period of ten years a new design, most of the designers can refer to the experience of pure graphic design experience, not too much to consider the attributes and characteristics of the web page itself to design, on the other hand, understand HTML code highlights CSS+DIV’s designers more pure love to open the angle speed from the page to consider, do not pay too much attention on the beautiful. We think a good web designer must be able to take care of these two points.

generally speaking, Huang Ling believes that web pages are divided into three categories: full dynamic (Flash) pages, semi dynamic pages (large Flash, Banner plus a few columns) and informational pages. In the design of these three different forms of the page, we should fully according to the characteristics of customers to design web pages.

in web design, Huang Ling view is stressed to seize the characteristics of customers to design, whether the product features or service features, designers should take the initiative to think how to design in order to impress customers, rather than merely to please customers. Only the design that touched the end consumer was the most successful design. Especially in the era of web design that lacks full industry experience and has no rules and bounds.

designer out ", most of them are directly facing the terminal consumers, customers have been changed and why designers sometimes toss about, feel very vexed, because a lot of time in the design of the designer is not thinking at the customer’s point of view to think about how to impress customers.

computer display screen plane "media – > active users, click on the instant interactive understanding the product / service > a favor / intention / transaction" this is where the web design context, its essence is to play a mediating role in communication media (in). Web design is different from ordinary graphic design, nor is it simple page collage, she is a new media (computer) on the new medium of communication. Simple static pages, FLASH DIV+CSS fast, shine, "the rich function, whether it is beautiful or ugly, is an international style or" wood louse "style, simple page or enterprise is introduced into a variety of complex system online website, everything is for the above 3 steps service, just look at your own skill to >

Stationmaster station is an affair of grassroots

I have been a grassroots for 2 years, from the beginning do not know what is the webmaster and grassroots, to gradually integrate into this group inside. Deeply felt lonely stationmaster people all too lonely. But the Webmaster Station or the forum has become their place all day long, and it is more timely and accurate than the date for a girlfriend. Of course, many owners do not have a girlfriend, they are Neixiu, unclubbable. Somehow, the girls were angels in their eyes, and they dared not profane it. Of course, many veterans have not, life will be attributed to the true, even if you don’t have confidence, to cheat your own life, including women.

, but I’m not talking about women, but I’m talking about the station owners who are married by the owners". From my start, my first exposure to the station’s laggards, where 2006 is very hot, see a lot of enlightenment, understanding and familiar with network operation, and some of the so-called wangzhuan. Of course, there are a group of grassroots friends. Many people are still connected. Always communicate with life and network, some people have achieved something. Do a good job of their own station, but also some people have been doing garbage stations, earn a little money, and then change. Take a shot and change to another place. Someone else has been away from the mix. Far away from their own "daughter-in-law""..

gradually does not like to be out of date, there is too impetuous. It doesn’t fit me. I’ve been away for a while. A few months later, when I went there, my account number was no longer available, and it was very troublesome to register. At that time, the state was relatively strict with it, so many restrictions were made. So I don’t like it any more. I’ll never go again. I know I haven’t been there 10 times.

The next

chinaz. sargaxahai also have a record registration number, only to see some valuable articles, but found that the Chinaz forum and laggards like impetuous, worthless things many valuable things have been seen, high repetition rate. It is estimated that those who do not abandon the people do not do things. They were removed from each station, and then send the same article, do the same propaganda. So, bored, now just look at Chinaz’s home page information and ranking tools.

has been walking for a long time, and none of the stations can completely contain the grass roots and see DONews’s media platform. But the speed of updates is maddening. 3 days to update a few news and articles. I know there are a lot of people in it. The articles are few and the writing is slow. But the editor will not do reprint and originality?. They have been bought, a little lazy, and do not belong to the grassroots, they are more advanced. Just look, there’s no sense of belonging. But I know that every grassroots likes to be one of them. DONEWS or look at, the article contains a high gold content. So I didn’t give up. Because they have thousands of oak backgrounds, they still have potential.

then sees some special information stations doing well, such as There is also a very cutting-edge website, w>

How to open a special snack food four seasons suction gold countless

food, always can quickly win more attention. Especially a variety of snacks, as long as the taste is awesome, enough features, must be able to attract more customers to patronize. How about opening a special snack bar? Four seasons worry free, easy harvest hot fortune.


expert advice, at present this kind of store store form has not too easy in a relatively short period of time to achieve better performance, even in some fierce competition special area has been less likely to survive, so the entrepreneur may wish to consider joining entrepreneurial way of well-known brands, but really competitive in the selection of the franchisor, must be very carefully.

also Chinese city construction in recent years gradually forming, entrepreneurs in business ideas to change the past to operate "passerby" based thinking, and to cultivate the "regular customers, repeat customers and create customer loyalty. Only more customers, the profit will go to the snack bar.


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