Four points to judge the quality of the chain

site outside the chain, we should also understand this point. The chain is certainly more healthy and better, and to vote, if it is a criminal or a fake cast the doctor vote, I think you will not admit it or believe that one vote, they might also have the opposite effect, a cheater said a good doctor, you dare to find the doctor? Of course, you don’t have to worry about their own websites will be competing for spam links, search engine to determine the >

what conditions?The quality of the chain of Extensive

site outside the chain, the chain is the source of our IP should be widely distributed, through the above two points, if you can think of why the chain to widely distributed? Then the above said, everyone has the right to vote, and the Internet, each page can do link. A family of four, four people have voted that the doctor is one vote, four votes. Four families, each family inside a person to throw the doctor then also vote, four votes. The same four votes, obviously, the latter is more important than the former four votes four votes more than. This is the breadth of the chain.

The correlation between

second, the authority of

is engaged in or know Shanghai Longfeng people know, a web site outside of the chain, plays an important role in helping the website weight. In the cloud: content is king, the chain for the emperor. So, how are we going to let us become a site outside the chain of the emperor. A website of the emperor, it should have some


The authority of the

third, extensive

, at present I summed up from four aspects to judge, the four aspects of "relevance, authoritative, comprehensive, healthy".

site outside the chain, I think we all understand this, especially Links reflected this is particularly prominent, many webmaster exchange links will be selected and peer exchange links. On this point we can understand so, for example, we have chosen one of the best doctors. If you take a vote to choose (the chain is equivalent to the site to vote, I think many people know), if a doctor or nurse, or the patient to vote, certainly than the medical profession or not seen the disease people vote is more important, this correlation is outside chain.

healthThe health of the First, the correlation between

site outside the chain, to this point, then we mentioned above, choose the best doctor said, when it came to the vote in the medical industry, and as chief physician, associate chief physician, physician, nurse and so on. We can imagine out very clearly, chief physician must vote than nurses vote is more important, here also say, you imagine, if there is a mayor, do not understand the medical industry, also haven’t seen the disease, he cast a doctor a ticket, the ticket this vote may be better than his medical industry which most people have a lot of important investment. This is the chain of authority.

Explain the application of TF-IDF algorithm in the optimization of Shanghai Dragon

IDF: inverse text frequency index

so their frequency of

hypothesis: Shanghai dragon page retrieval digital 20 million, website optimization search number is 10 million, the number of retrieval techniques for 500 million

TF (=8/400=0.02

search engine index number is assumed to be 10 billion.

directly to the point, the TF-idf algorithm in the end is how to calculate the


and IDF is also very document frequency, refers to the word count of N appeared in many pages, file count is M, then IDF=lg (M/N). Assume that "site optimization" appears in the 2000 page document, the total number is 100 million, then the frequency of the IDF=lg file (100000000/2000) =4.69897, then the calculation of the final TF-IDF=0.02*4.69897=0.0939794.

In fact,

www.ruihess贵族宝贝 in Shanghai Longfeng this website page (page 70 400) appeared 8 times, website optimization appears 10 times, 16 skills.


, Shanghai dragon)

TF (=20/400=0.04

We illustrate

, TF word meaning, refers to a number of words in the page, if the total words of an article number is 200, and the "site optimization" this word appears 4 times, then the frequency is 0.02 TF=4/200.




search engine, weight calculation, according to each word segmentation to calculate, for example: the word "Shanghai dragon website optimization skills.

this is a judgment of a page of related problems, and in the Shanghai dragon website optimization, not only to determine the value of TF-IDF points, we need a high degree of recognition of the word for the page points. For example: the search engine included one trillion pages, it should be said that each page will have ",,," and so on, these high-frequency words also called noise words or stop words, search engine will remove these words, so these words plus weight is 0. Formula: TF-IDF=log (1 trillion / one trillion) =log1=0.


TF-idf algorithm is a kind of user information retrieval and data mining technology commonly used weighted, is often applied to the Shanghai dragon ER, and many people may not know, in fact, the most intuitive understanding is "the website keyword density".

TF =10/400=0.025


Webmaster should do with the industry related websites

my first stop or start 2005, the starting point is the original building materials company is doing business, wanted to make some design friends, do contact channels will be convenient for the follow-up, the initial position is the forum, because the forum will be better, it was very hard to find information. Modify the site. It has experienced more than half a year, the popularity is still mainly rely on search and banner network brings, as long as no promotion, popularity and fierce decline, after no longer want to do technical work, run out of the market. Therefore, the forum had no time to take care of it and was forced to interrupt.


always felt that e-commerce is the trend, although the mail from the initial search information, online trading cards, game equipment trading now Taobao, pat, there is ah (I in three sites are open shop), but the biggest problem is not play well with the existing combination of work combined with the characteristics of existing customers, because the work is often met in the customer asked me, you help me find what kind of lamp manufacturers too much, too little information, time, how to do? I have been looking for a method, can be resource information customers and their own hands well integration, to achieve win-win objective, the lighting industry itself the original media and websites have enough hands, not too good advantage can play, and LED lighting is a new lighting, the lighting industry with environmental protection, festival The characteristics, is consistent with the policy of the government, such as the hand is www.lightled.cn domain name, is not this day, Austria, and have had many years of experience? The site operation and application development experience, have a large number of industries in the hands of customer information. In this sunrise industry, promising.

therefore since the end of 2008 to begin debugging and record the program’s Web site, the site name is called LED lighting network, www.lightled.cn and URL does take both www.lightled.net and www.lightled.mobi, this is for the long term com treatment is not good, because foreigners do stand, positioning for the B2B website, the integration of LED lighting manufacturers, LED channel sales agents and engineering, lighting design company, this just hit the Internet regulation, so that only when all the procedures are debugging, prepare the case after the formal operation, so before officially opened before in the local debugging and data entry and website. Until March 25th through the filing, 29 upload completed.

to write the above experience, I hope to share with you, the webmaster really hard, sometimes see blurred, hand acid, still insist, I remember a webmaster said, we really need to give yourself a little time, treat yourself, do their own work and related websites, will be more easily than. Will also be engaged in the industry to add a lot of strength.

Step by step rookie online money making plan

I used to think that only those who master computer technology Wangzhuan to play things, so for a long time with no real network contact Wangzhuan shock. Later, after more than a month of Wangzhuan experience, let me realize that, do Wangzhuan doesn’t necessarily need a lot of technology, as long as you want to do! Some experience higher below I like some beginners to talk about my personal, hope can bring some inspiration.

majored in pharmaceutics, worked for many years in the wholesale of drugs, and later changed from casual to online. At the beginning, I know little about the knowledge of the Internet, even the domain name can not be resolved. But this can not stop my confidence to engage in Wangzhuan, others can learn, I can learn. So I went to the bookstore to buy a new site to do the book, I want to learn how to start the site. Read a few days, basically understand a number of domain names, space and things like that. Far away from the goal of their own station is still far away.

later, I finished my account, like me, zero tech people, to be familiar with, do station estimation takes half a year, and then find out how to make money, I’m afraid two years.

time is over. In today’s soaring prices, time is even more precious. Can not do this, be flexible! No technology, I can please technology, not a station, I can buy ready-made stand, well, can not be so waste time. Other people with technology can start from scratch. I don’t have the technology to invest.

after a few days of exploration, I set my goal, must be divided into three steps: the first step is to engage in a near future can earn the money the station (several thousand dollars a month.), solve the problem of existence of himself; the second step is to engage in a promising station, can make their own live moisture (several million per month it); the third step is to expand the business, success (hundreds of thousands per month.)


so, I spent six thousand yuan to buy two movie stations and advertising, anyway, think it is worth buying, and this money relative to traditional industries, it is not money. (interested friends can refer to help me) through advertising in some movie search on the site, the traffic guide to my website, and then hang up ads on my website, through advertising to make money online. Now two stations, advertising revenue per day can reach more than two hundred yuan, a month has been back to ben. Later, I learned that "garbage station", "Baidu included" and the like, Khan, fortunately, although not much, but I make money, at least live. The teacher once told me, "first to be alive, and then to think about how to live better." I think it makes sense.

my first step has been fulfilled, and then I came to understand that the stand of the novel belongs to the regular station and is very promising, just to do it. Do a website, it is important to adhere to! Then I spent six hundred yuan to buy fine novel network (I bought not to talk about the price, so you can get more technical guidance), adhere to the update every day, I plan to use 3-6 months to get the major search engines to include. >

There is a belief that perseverance works on websites

has a belief called perseverance, no matter your station was K, wherever you stand no flow, no matter how you stand, as long as adhere to their own style, do their own station, he 37 or 21, as long as we carefully, do not believe that is not successful, is the first station of its own, have confidence in yourself, after all.

himself is a failure now. One of my stations is K Baidu. K is rather baffling, I don’t cheat, not SEO, do not do the acquisition, keywords, but Baidu K out, puzzled, leaving only the Baidu credibility question? Perhaps Baidu algorithm caused by the adjustment of mistakes, I don’t have any blame, perhaps Baidu also is for people to to provide better content, but also hope Baidu K station wrong things less and less


but not because of Baidu or Google ah ah K station do not stand, as long as I believe success can be successful, broadcasting it continue to sail from the new two stations still have their own style of www.cncn6.com.cn love in the Northeast www.cncn6.com health Chinese, or to make my style, not cheating, not the original acquisition and do I have not succeeded, but I insist, has always insisted, because I always believe that success will persist after


also hope everyone, all the webmaster, wishing to issue in website, don’t give up, just do not abandon, do not give up, one day will be successful!! because there is a belief, because everyone in the wrist hand mutual support, China’s gas station brothers and sisters


In order to protect others were seriously wounded Huanggang police body bomb

is the beginning of three, Huanggang, a police officer to protect others were severely injured, he was about to explode in the soil bomb, with his body pressed forward, to avoid greater casualties.

2016 February 10th, 9 am, is led by the street patrol Wu Jun received the instructions: "please quickly rushed to the village of spring town, the village of the group of 8 support, the scene of the explosion occurred in the."

Wu Jun lead the SWAT team members rushed to the scene, I saw a triple adobe house, South police station and the room is a middle-aged man with a confrontation. Men from time to time to open the door from the outside thrown explosives, with the bang bang bang, the soil was blown splash, smoke everywhere. All of a sudden, people near to the hut.

Wu Jun seriously. Fortunately, Wu and his mother were rescued, a large number of fireworks inside the house was not ignited detonated, the surrounding villagers near no injuries.


Shangrao Committee Director Liu to guide the work of whole – Sha town

in the 39 winter January 12th morning, Shangrao Municipal Committee Director Liu came to the town of Sha Tin to guide their work to a new round of work guidance, at the same time, the town of Sha Tin District Secretary Qi Zhongyou, District Committee Director Pan Ronghua, Sha Tin Town Party Secretary Nguyen has accompanied the bearing.

director Liu Weihua listened to the report of the work of the Secretary of the Party committee of the town of Sha Tin, sixteen, director of the village committee, director of the work of the reports on the work of Zhang Jianning. After listening to the report, director Liu Weihua y affirmed the work of the Committee of Sha Tin Town, and standardizing the work of the committee made several points stressed: one is to further improve the work of the Committee; two is to give prominence to the "big hand little hand, listen to the party, follow the Party’s activities, and as the main line and the starting point for future work the.

at the same time, combined with the socialist core values to carry out activities to continue to do the "old" education work, to continue with the precise poverty, twinning, continue to mobilize the community of caring people, return to the community; three is to adhere to the school is the main position for the next Generation Committee, firm belief to go with the party; four is the strict implementation of the grassroots focus on the work of the committee is to do practical things, good things; the five is that the Sha Tin Town Party committee and government attach importance to support the work of the Committee as in the past.

The arrival of the director Liu,

, promoted the progress of the work of Sha Tin Town, so that people see the progress of work in a short time. Sha Tin Town conscientiously implement the municipal and District Working Committee deployed around the center, serving the overall situation, to the "big hand little hand, listen to the party, follow the party activities as the carrier, the committee was established to commemorate the 25th anniversary as an opportunity.

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A good choice to join dotey Chuanchuan Xiang

in the catering market, want better business, a better foothold in such a strong market competitiveness, and to choose to join dotey Chuanchuan Xiang? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a simple way to join, worthy of trust, it is worth choosing!

delicious string, very popular with the market, we all love this rich food, delicious snacks, which is a good thing to make money in the four seasons. Dotey Chuanchuan Xiang, brand strength, very competitive in the market, popular consumption has also attracted the attention of investors. Many investors want to join, then, what is the condition to dotey Chuanchuan Xiang? Can join


can now join dotey Chuanchuan Xiang, dotey Chuanchuan Xiang joining conditions:

1. legal person, natural person or other organization. In the case of a partnership, the partnership shall not exceed three;

2. has a good business reputation and character, has committed to the cause of food and beverage development and toughness;

3. familiar with the local market environment and consumer demand, have a certain economic base and investment strength;

4. shops around the mature, suitable for catering; in principle, not less than 120 square meters (except for special circumstances);

5. identity dotey Chuanchuan Xiang business philosophy, to the headquarters management, actively cooperate with the headquarters of the operation of the market, law-abiding, standardized operation.

dotey Chuanchuan Xiang, let you eat Hot pot eat quickly, the house is on the market of the string of fragrant and delicious food, dotey Chuanchuan Xiang, the new business model, let you store enough novel, unique enough. Now the investment dotey Chuanchuan Xiang, simple operation, easy operation, four earned

achievement wealth dream!

small business to choose dotey Chuanchuan Xiang project, open their own dotey Chuanchuan Xiang stores, business is good to have nothing to say. If you are also very excited, hurry up! Successful entry of a good project!

Eastern atmosphere in the first quarter of governance effectiveness

The first quarter of this year, East District for the area construction, demolition site, road sweeping and cleaning area, sanitation infrastructure is weak and other practical difficulties, according to local conditions, comprehensive treatment, a quarter of the area of air quality in the city’s top monthly rise, air quality improved significantly.A

is the construction and demolition site pollution staring, impose heavy: the atmospheric environmental pollution control area in accordance with the "five 100%" requirements, do not comply with environmental requirements of the construction and demolition site resolutely shutdown rectification, rectification and qualified by the district government departments acceptance, party to start. At present, the region has more than 150 buildings and demolition sites were repeated dragnet inspection, for the resumption of the review process 52, issued a notice of suspension rectification, the 45. The construction unit who does not listen to greet, repeated repeated modification, the district take withheld construction machinery, administrative penalties, media exposure and other means, heavy regulation, do not stay dead. At the same time, the self financing of more than 100 yuan to purchase the dense net, no ground and Lanxi exposed on both sides of the highway land covered nearly 200 thousand square meters, construction sites, demolition sites, bare land dust pollution to achieve a comprehensive, three-dimensional control.

Pudong Shanghai expert services to help Dr. Xining

7 8, from Shanghai’s medical, tourism planning, employment and entrepreneurship in the field of "expert services," a group of people in the city of Xining launched a period of 4 days to help the activities of the 6.

since 2000, Shanghai, Pudong New Area and Xining since the conclusion of the friendly city, according to the need to help the area of Xining, Pudong New Area perennial sent experts to help carry out activities in Xining. Up to now, there are 12 batches of experts from a wide range of areas in Xining to carry out a special topic in front of the lectures and on-site guidance.

activity, group members with expert services to inspect the specific situation of Xining City, special training for speech related industries, academic exchanges and experience in different fields, and in accordance with the expert professional direction and demand unit needs help, were arranged on both sides of contact.