The breakdown of industry veteran of Shanghai dragon views of the future

second, with various segments of the installation of the application and popularization of the search engine has become the Internet, especially mobile Internet entrance proportion reduced, and this reduction is obvious, is irreversible;

the growth rate will slow down;

from a philosophical point of view, this is the times; from a biological point of view, this is the survival of the fittest.

Chen Hongran (director of Shanghai dragon treasures network) that Shanghai dragon must keep pace with the times, use of new media, and should be combined with other forms of promotion in the website operation:

Shanghai dragon future


Hello, I am virtual son rain. Shanghai dragon why search platform recently asked to build complete, are invited to register, which released several topics are very good, Shanghai dragon why aims to build a high quality Shanghai Longfeng Q & a real name system focuses on social, community, through the discussion on some problems of making high quality webmaster friends. I registered after the individual on a topic which is very interested in this topic is the only teacher initiated: how people think about the future of Shanghai dragon? This topic has a lot of friends have a very wonderful answer, I would take the answer out below, to share to everyone:

is Shanghai dragon Er us, not the only way to get traffic as Shanghai dragon, to improve their skills in Shanghai and other forms of dragon attention focus on the network promotion. "

according to some data, the PC market is shrinking, mobile phone terminal share continues to increase, but in the mobile phone on the use of the search engine on the PC frequency is obviously not high, search demand on the mobile phone, are achieved in the application, enter a search site in the search engine in the browser, and then find the answer, this is obviously very cumbersome.

first, with the development of the mobile terminal, the use of the Internet, the use of the search engine in the total flow rate increased;


third, mobile Internet applications, including micro-blog, WeChat, etc., to a younger generation of Internet panners creates new opportunities to create future website user groups may

is Shanghai dragon Er us, don’t limit yourself to love Shanghai, Google and other search engines, comprehend the true meaning of Shanghai dragon, applied to the new media in the future, also can achieve good results.

teacher Cardiff (Shanghai dragon why founder) initiated the topic of Shanghai dragon also talked about the future worries and opportunities

, the search engine, search engine on the entrance flow ratio, the future site number, I have so few views:

with the development of science and technology, familiar with the current search engine in the future may fade out the historical stage. However, the human search behavior will not disappear, the search optimization will always exist.

A big impact, and the actual dry cargo Shanghai Longfeng case

, the old case with no meaning, is the operation of the case and can not disclose more information, after thinking, perhaps only the most suitable (never to tell you, this is a case of leadership teach only implicitly saying).

under the first to introduce the project over background: an industrial products distributor, electric station.

2, the user in the search of what

well, do Shanghai Longfeng, you must first master the target site data, no data Shanghai, everything is empty. What the data themselves. An old saying goes, life is like XX, myself have ample food and clothing.


What is the cause of )

saw the data, believe that many children have a number in mind, page 10w+, only the 1w+ index less than 10%, the average daily 500+ visits, the order of 10W website, really low. From which we can see that the site index will certainly have a big problem, as to why the index is so low, if there are other fatal problems, these also need further analysis.


At the end of the


keyword collected summarized below: screening, become


B, active mining user needs to use a variety of tools (word: love love Shanghai, 5118 stations, etc.) collection;

you are looking forward to what? Yes, this is not the background.

1, the basic data of

"locomotive" to open up, 5k+ product category, 3k+ brand products, product group 2w+ (14w+ SKU, not released page) was greeted. (as for the "locomotive"? In acquiring and screening. Significant, if the "locomotive" do not understand the children’s shoes, please love Shanghai, I believe will bring you unexpected harvest.


page 10w+, is already a good level, if the above problems, traffic can certainly be greatly improved. But whether there are other user demand content we are not planning on the site, it can also create a greater level of user needs to enhance the flow of page, and thus greater? Well, yes, two:

well, the site index 1w+ (less than 10%), the average daily non brand word Shanghai dragon 500+ visit. This, of course is to get love from Shanghai Webmaster Platform and GA.

data analysis

A, competitive analysis: analysis of the industrial products industry is a good site (Alibaba and Marco Polo);

The amount of


A5 analysis of Yue Huai Shanghai Longfeng Road

Yue Huai Shanghai dragon team, I believe it will bring high efficiency for many enterprises website service here, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Shanghai dragon www. Shanghai dragon -yingxiao贵族宝贝 officially launched Wyatt with congratulations to Shanghai dragon, dragon will believe Yue Huai Shanghai quality service to get unanimous praise.

through the webmaster tools, to query and set the chain normally, but this does not affect A5 Yue Huai Shanghai Longfeng influence. Yue Huai Shanghai dragon at the beginning of the line, like a star was born, a number of well-known media reports, focusing on many of the flash, let Yue Huai Shanghai dragon spread popularity quickly, at least in the webmaster circles, Yue Huai Shanghai dragon is very famous. The analysis can be found, Yue Huai Shanghai Longfeng optimization go the regular white hat Shanghai dragon road, Yue Huai Title: Shanghai Dragon: A5 Adsense nets to provide professional website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization services, key words: Yue Yue Huai Huai Shanghai Longfeng, website marketing, website optimization, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon service description: A5 Yue with the marketing team to provide professional, professional integrity and rapid diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, website optimization, website operation scheme and the network marketing consultant advisory services, is committed to the Shanghai dragon optimization technology research and sharing. Enterprise QQ:800017899. The settings are relatively simple and straightforward, and as a brand word " Yue Huai Shanghai dragon " have a good ranking.

by Shanghai dragon to find some recent news, it is not difficult to find, A5 officially opened the independent domain name, yuehuai贵族宝贝, to optimize the formal independence, the website, by A5 Yue Huai Shanghai Longfeng marketing team to manage, A5 is the long forum earlier, one of the best is the webmaster forum now do, through the A5 A5 before the Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services for enterprises, the independent, the Shanghai dragon industry is a good thing, has brought new vitality to the enterprise in Shanghai Longfeng industry, I believe that with Yue Huai Shanghai dragon team gradually strong, enterprises in Shanghai dragon will be gradually attention.

look at the number included, noble baby included the number has exceeded 2400, basically all is included ah, that Yue Huai Shanghai Longfeng chain has a lot of good quality, after all, there is certainly some of the star effect. Look at the love of Shanghai included the number, just 100, for a new station on the line soon, this number has been very good, that many of the original web content. Compared to Google, the number less, that love Shanghai algorithm is more fair, because the site is not a star will have some special care, the new assessment period impartially in all of the sites are on the sea in the.

With the further growth of

Analysis of the cause of the sudden fall of site traffic

like many webmaster, I also pay close attention to the change of traffic to the site, because the traditional profit model and the single site is too important. But today that a sudden collapse of site traffic. Only about 1/10 of the original quite. See the traffic statistics, it really made me panic. Then think about recent site situations: the server will hang up a few days before isolation, on-line to accelerate the music service, love Shanghai recent adjustment algorithm and so on, analysis of the causes of sudden drop then entered the site traffic state. The direction of thinking mainly include the following:

is the problem of traffic statistics tools (such as upgrading);

search engine punishment: This is not impossible, in the Chinese mainland as the author of this type of information from the website, search engine traffic is accounted for a large proportion, especially the flow of love Shanghai. If you fall in love with the sea and a algorithm to adjust the site to the K, then traffic plummeted also be not at all surprising. Taking into account the love Shanghai official recently released to upgrade pomegranate algorithm notice, the author to the site suffered punishment (manslaughter pomegranate algorithm). But when I analyze the statistical data again, I found love from Shanghai traffic in the proportion of all search engines and no major changes, is still about 70% of the share. Obviously, this doesn’t make sense, because if you love Shanghai to punish the site, then the ratio is definitely a great change. The possibility of all search engines at the same time adjustment algorithm is almost impossible, so the possibility of punishment has been excluded from the Shanghai love.

to find out the real reason

is not a sudden decrease in traffic from search engines (such as relevant? And love the recent Shanghai pomegranate algorithm);

will not be other reasons, such as accelerating

server: This is my prime suspect, because recently do not know whether there is malicious attack website, some of the problems often occur and cannot access. And the website server problems, flow naturally began to fall. Wait, but I do not want to understand, before the site is completely no problem, traffic, this time the situation is: site traffic, and I tried to be using a mobile phone can access. So initially ruled a server crash suspected of causing the site to flow, but the press did find that there is a problem with the server, but before the access, traffic and daily hours also far ah, how to explain this?

flow? music?

is a server problem caused the sudden collapse of

traffic statistics tool fault: so I started to suspect that is not their own use of the statistics of this love Shanghai traffic statistics tool features appear what problem? I love Shanghai then went to the official website to see when the statistics update announcement, the results did not find what. But there is not enough convincing evidence of statistical tools is no problem, because it is not any time any adjustment will, or.

Inbox Pause let your inbox pause to receive new messagesBlogs can also make money, Sina blog adverti

after open to suspend receiving mail function, a style like yellow banner tips Gmail design will appear on the top of the inbox, which said: "your inbox is currently paused to receive new mail. Please click "UNPAUSE" button to view the blue, the next step."


too many emails, stand it? Never mind, a named Inbox Pause Gmail/Chrome plugin can help you solve this problem.

Inbox Pause: http://inboxpause/

new email will be saved in a folder that you cannot see the secret, wait until you have time and mood, you can cancel this function, to deal with the new mail.

Inbox Pause plugin currently only supports Chrome. Iyer said, sometimes, we should first temporarily away from email disturb, easy for a while."

compiled from Business Insider.


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At present, only part of

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– bloggers voluntarily join, to complete the registration process and through the audit, joining the Sina blog advertising alliance.

In the process of

1., please read the "Sina blog advertising alliance service agreement" and "Sina blog advertising alliance service policy".

2. fill in the full details of personal information. Sina will review the information you fill in to ensure that the alliance can provide you with proper service.After

3. is approved, your blog will be automatically opened.

4. gains ad revenue.

special statementDuring the

– October 1, 2007 to the end of December 2007, the alliance entered the commissioning phase, will display normal advertising revenue for you, and the distribution of advertising revenue in accordance with the appropriate "Sina blog advertising service policy".

– during the test run, in the state of technology alliance at any time to adjust, which might lead to part to join the blogger’s income can not correct statistics, will try to avoid damage to the interests of bloggers to join. Please also join the blogger understanding.

related questions, please call the customer service hotline: 95105670-2 local telephone charges according to the standard

2007, September

Inbox Pause Baydin Inc plugin by software vendors Iyer · Aye Moah mo’a development, as the name suggests, it can make you stop accepting new mail inbox. As long as the installation of the plug-in, plug-in and click on the "Pause" button, the inbox will no longer appear new mail.

You don’t


addition, upon receipt of new mail, Inbox Pause plugin to the sender to reply to an email, tell each other their information — did not receive the working mechanism and the depletion of voice mail is similar.

Chen Qing

Tell me how to write a quality article

how to write a quality article, today the colleague and asked this question, to tell the truth, in this matter, I did not do too much, just write a few articles, the effect is good.

1, seasonal factors are primary.

because we are engaged in medical treatment, so in the premise of writing, the first thing to consider is the season, although Baidu search engine is the artificial machine, but not human, it does not understand the changing seasons, it only included, rankings and input to the database. So when we write articles, we have to correspond to seasons and write articles for a season. Such as summer, it must be better hair removal, winter breast augmentation and so on.

For example,

now is the winter, you wrote a lot of hair articles, Baidu included, long tail keywords ranking is also very good, but if you pay attention you will find, through the long tail keywords (where good, Fujian Fuzhou hair removal laser hair removal and how much to) amount is less and less, and came to the business through this according to consulting the user is pitiful. Baidu algorithm is that, through effective Click To determine a long reserved keywords or long tail keywords and ranking keep long in winter this season, you wrote a lot of hair article, originally search this article users less you in asymmetric season writing, search the user less, so that the article will slowly sink, at least in the first 10 pages of Baidu will not leave traces.

2, how to judge which articles are what users need?

read a lot of web writing articles, some articles are very good, some articles are not satisfactory. The article can be divided into two kinds. Guidance and consultation. In fact, consultation and guidance, which I personally set, we do not blame ah, ha ha.

the first to talk about the article: the consulting consulting is actually very common, such as "the British neurologist completely denied the identity of the brain that everybody for a long time", "the daily food can make you eat more young, this title is very common consulting article, this article can let users understanding of everyday knowledge, can be more knowledgeable, but if you want to guide the user to the hospital to have certain difficulty, unless you are doing the title of the party, or you are a professional software writers, so I do not recommend medical net friend to write like this.

also speaking guide article: what is the guide, guide the user through this article you can can’t help click on business, to consult a doctor, and the doctor told him that he desperately wanted to let yourself the question how to deal with, and then through the counselor slowly guide, the user possibility of hospital is great. In fact, this guide is the long tail keywords optimization, occupy a certain ranking in the search engine through the long tail keywords, and then guide the user to click in, such as "how to remove facial scar", "embedding eyelid surgery is how much the price?", the title is "

Qangel life hangs the line of grassroots webmaster how to survive

Internet pornography campaigns have been upgraded to all domestic websites, including my love from the net yesterday got the news that the domestic domain name registration must record can resolve the storm continues to see the network regulation. Before writing this blog, I chatted with some of my IDC friends for a while and asked about their recent situation. They told me that I was not going to open the server recently, mainly to maintain and investigate the illegal information. They like our webmaster, busy with the backup and moving the site, very tired, very busy.

is included in the grassroots webmaster can’t find great plan and noble ambition of college students, graduates, there are many because of low wages do one or two sites for the existence of on-the-job personnel, can be said that the network gives us a lot of hope and longing, also bring a dream, whether it is 80, or 90, successful personal webmaster is our idol, and we adore, this effort, because we also have a dream of being a successful grassroots webmaster. Let our website can be widely known in a certain area.

we grassroots webmaster every morning to do is open whether your site can be opened, site website is K, look at the key words is not still, if yes, on this day we are very happy, if not, we toss and turn slowly, how our grassroots survival in the current situation, this should be our a lot of people to discuss, but also a lot of people confused. We saw a small site was closed, the owners have been implicated in the "missing", a lot of grassroots webmaster complaining, but we have not seen a little, some formal, large webmaster in practice, but not so impetuous. This is the difference between big webmaster and small grass roots. How do we get out of the grass roots, Qangel says, because doing the following:

first, mentality. The difference between a big station and a small station lies in the mentality, and any policy of the country should be supported, because the environment is so, we can not change, we only change only ourselves. Internet needs remediation, there are many black industry chain, or bad websites, affecting our lives and environment, we need remediation. It’s no wonder that websites that affect our webmaster need to face up to us. We should cooperate with the action, do a good job site filing and backup, you need to be legitimate and reasonable. Look, did the stationmaster complain?.

second, stick to your website. Websites need to adhere to the short-term profits, the edge is not long. We need to do regular web site, do a good job site. Any illegal websites are short term for themselves, and their lives will be suspended.

third, hold on, it’s sunshine. We need to see hope in the process, and we have to take this opportunity. The grassroots is flexible, with many companies do not have the advantage, many sites have been closed, many sites are affected, this is an opportunity for us, we can see what we need to do, what to do, what not to do.

Too many think actually ruined the novice webmaster career

website is not an easy thing to do, believe this, we all feel the same way. But on the Internet, cock wire counter attack case or prompted more and more young people began to join the webmaster industry, looking forward to one day can realize their golden dream. Perhaps this kind of eager for quick success and instant benefit leads us to be impatient in the process of actual operation, and the grasp of things is not accurate. Some of the mentality of "thought" began to emerge, until the end of the road of the webmaster ruined many novice.

always thinks he can’t do big things. He just starts thinking about the

I personally do not agree to do everything with successful Chengren mentality, this will give you too much pressure, but I think the best is what we have to do. Although the Internet is now grappling with some serious resources, cross product chain indeed let us lose a lot of development opportunities, plus some enterprises because of their own interests to our webmaster website operation, now is not good to do well. But this means no chance? Obviously not, as grassroots we do have a lot of disappointments, but you can be sure that the grassroots still has its own wisdom, some small areas can become our ample opportunities. Most encyclopedia, electric grid and Lu Songsong which is not a root of fortune, so we need to have confidence in ourselves, if the first day lose confidence, do not feel big, so goodbye.

thought that Baidu algorithm optimization method of multi

mean what one says, taboo

for site optimization means, I think you must be more proficient than I, in my side also has a lot of love into such technology friends, "SEO notes," network marketing "webmaster optimization guide" and so on, but the study is more a part of people do not score, and I’m not just laughed at them we feel sometimes limit themselves in a too small circle, and can not look at the website optimization flexible. For example, the addition of FLASH will affect the site access speed and included, some friends will ask yourself if you want to add, and the website UI function can enhance the user experience, but it will also bring the increase of MYSQL database operation lead to confusion and even garbled, so this time not to realize UI function is to hold some uncertain attitude. I just want to say, for the official ranking algorithm has not given a clear mechanism, we are all operating methods are based on experience, that is to say as long as is not excessive, many techniques can be achieved, even the black hat can try, why? Why have said that the black hat also is not an absolute limit, as long as it does not involve the moral bottom line, some benign black hat can achieve the same.

always think Baidu ranking is brand appeal, relax line to expand

pursuit of traffic and ranking is every grassroots webmaster label, you can say that this is not what misunderstanding. After all, traffic is the basis for the long-term development of the site, but simply look at the rankings

How to locate the food and beverage industry

in the broad market, regardless of the type of project you like, must have accurate market positioning, clear positioning, in order to clear the direction of business, faster and more accurate to enter the market, joining the catering industry how to locate? It depends on what you are running the project as well as the needs of consumers in-depth analysis.

join the food and beverage industry to grasp the preferences of a particular customer, to provide their favorite dishes, to focus on the customer’s personalized service, in order to have a competitive edge. A restaurant franchise, do not expect to attract all customers. Everyone has his hobby people, eyes are not the same. Some people pay attention to the design, some people pay attention to the taste of the product, and some people pay attention to the price. Narrow the scope of the target customers, to seize the core of the customer, to develop the service concept of these customers as the center, the way to win, but also the most critical step in business skills.

Starbucks did not take all the people who drink coffee as a target customer, but rather willing to drink high-end coffee, a lot of self importance, picky gourmet coffee shop as a target customer base. This part of the people to find their own food and beverage franchise, no matter how far will go, and will become repeat customers.

, but also to join the catering industry should create a good atmosphere. Even the same dishes, but also because of the environment and different objects and feel different. As far as possible for customers to create a perceptual, beautiful atmosphere, so that they will because of the unforgettable and beautiful story again.

joined the product development of the catering industry, there are two key, one is to "new, extraordinary and special", is said to have its own characteristics; another is to "often changing" product development should pay attention to the series, and to the continuous innovation, "water does not rot, a door-hinge is never worm-eaten" only continue to maintain freshness, continue to stimulate the attention of consumers, consumers can always tend to you.

want to skillfully operating a restaurant franchise, entrepreneurs must seize the consumers demand, grasp the consumer psychology, and constantly improve their management skills, in order to strengthen the market competitiveness of food stores, make accurate position, to help you get more tourists, a solid foundation for their own treasure up!

Household appliances ten brands list

in the current era of science and technology, people’s lives are inseparable from the existence of a variety of electrical appliances, because of this, there will be so many brands of household appliances. Here, Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of household appliances, so that we can have a better understanding of the household electrical appliance industry.

What are the

of household appliances, in our life, household appliances are everywhere, including for refrigeration storage refrigerator, air-conditioner, washing machine cleaning clothes at room temperature, heating food in microwave ovens, bring a lot of convenience for our life. And the types of household appliances and home appliances brands are many, before buying more understanding is necessary. So, the next Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of household appliances list.

ten home appliances brand ranking NO.1. Haier Haier (started in 1984, the international famous brands of white goods, Chinese enterprise 500, to start production of refrigerators household appliances enterprise group, Haier Group Company)

ten home appliances brand ranking NO.2. beauty Midea (started in 1981, a world-class white household appliance manufacturers and brands, large-scale comprehensive enterprise group, listed companies, Chinese 500, Midea Group Limited by Share Ltd)

ten home appliances brand ranking NO.3. GREE GREE (air conditioning industry iconic brand, listed companies, energy saving and environmental protection refrigeration equipment engineering technology research center, the famous G-Matrik DC inverter technology, Zhuhai GREE electric Limited by Share Ltd)

ten home appliances brand ranking NO.4.SAMSUNG Samsung (South Korea began in 1938, the world’s top 500 enterprises, the world famous enterprises, involving electronics / financial / mechanical / chemical and other fields of large multinational companies, Samsung Group)

ten home appliances brand ranking NO.5.SIEMENS SIEMENS appliances (founded in 1847 in Germany, world-renowned brands of home appliances, SIEMENS home appliances in 2015 to become the BOSCH group’s brands, BSH home appliances (Chinese) Limited)

ten home appliances brand ranking NO.6. Hisense Hisense (started in 1969, domestic large white products manufacturing enterprises, involved in the home appliance / communications / information / real estate and other areas of large electronic information industry group, Hisense group)

household appliances ten brands list NO.7.Panasonic Panasonic (in 1918, Japan, the world’s leading consumer electronics brand, the early name of " National&quo>)