Do Shanghai dragon says what is nonsense do ranking is the hard truth

is a good start for the future work will be less trouble, so start in Shanghai Longfeng preparatory work can not relax vigilance, some friends in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is always in the beginning will not according to the rules and regulations, so in the future of the site optimization problems in work so they began to emerge in an endless stream. Work in Shanghai dragon, we should pick up the two hundred percent spirit to treat. Shanghai Longfeng first work station code, domain name registration, server stability of these three points, first said that the domain name registration in the beginning, we do Shanghai Longfeng, domain name registration must be cautious, the best registered some never registered the domain name, because modern network has a number of domain name is already being used. Finally, don’t, so for this domain we should try to avoid, because by using the domain name will be included in search engines, once included, website domain name suddenly expired or not open, a long time will affect website ranking, website and search engine will be pulled into the blacklist, so we do you should first try to avoid the optimization of website domain name is registered; the station code is website structure, search engines crawl habit, it will The ranking plays a big role after the first time station code changes, we must remember to use static language possible, it would be very helpful for optimization of course, dynamic language also can be optimized, but the effect is not a static domain is better, when we want to modify the code to Modify > cap-a-pie

Shanghai dragon one can give the webmaster webmaster to bring a stable flow, technology of customers, according to the time progress, advanced technology, Shanghai dragon optimization methods continue to change, from the beginning of the site in a large number of embedded keywords, to now consider the user’s experience of embedded keywords based on reasonable. All of this is Shanghai dragon optimization technology change, and whether it is everyone, students and young entrepreneurs, we all want to learn Shanghai Longfeng, promote sales of network help, so more and more people want to learn Shanghai dragon, and appeared in the network of Shanghai Longfeng technical articles are also more and more. It can be said about modern Shanghai dragon in tens of thousands of novices, when searching in the network learning materials, although it is easy to check To Shanghai dragon, but for the Internet to see the article is dazzling, but there are many novice in the study of Shanghai dragon saw some of the crooked ways Shanghai Dragon technology, resulting in Shanghai Longfeng novices started thinking is completely wrong, emerge in an endless stream problem in the optimization process in the future, so do Shanghai Dragon said what are nonsense, only can help you make the ranking of the article is the best, I summed up a set of Shanghai Longfeng optimization process in the optimization work for many years in the Shanghai dragon, in general do website optimization ranking is more than sufficient, so I take this set of processes to share, the three sets of processes is divided into three parts, the crap, cut to the chase:

, a Shanghai dragon started working

To dare to dare venture successful enterprise 6 crazy idea to build a businessSite navigation statio

Craigslist hasn’t changed since it was released, and people like it because it’s very simple. Of course, some people have criticized it for privacy and security issues. Craig Newmark, founder of the site, did not want to make money, but Craigslist is growing stronger. You can find it above

domestic do site navigation station more into the hairs, random number, install a browser you can find a lot of N navigation station embedded therein. Does that amount mean that the market is saturated,

does everyone need web sites? Of course not, for those new Internet users. The search engines now take the place of the site navigation station. Although old users won’t give up the use of Web sites, new traditional sites are outdated for new users.

This product is made by Gary

2., Narrative, Clip

3, site navigation station how to make money?

why can the website station enter ten thousand years, now analyze the income source of the website station?. 1. URL 2. Advertising alliance 3. The game is divided into three items. Every year can be tens of millions. Of course, we can see some form of association. Included in the web site, take a look at the 28 business opportunities network, you can directly see their collection quote, a 5 word text advertising, a month 3.8W, ha ha, a month will be able to enter more than ten million. Advertising alliance, this can flow through the exchange to do, but also can not be overlooked. The game is split up and you are also making high profits by working with highly profitable businesses.

3., Facebook

site navigation station is very profitable, this idea from a few years ago, a good 123 will have. Many people are still willing to do site navigation, but from another point of view, site navigation station. There are many problems. Do Wangzhuan not everyone can do, want to do the site navigation station, you must think out a few questions. If you want to know, you can do it.

lead: many start-ups start with exciting projects, and maybe these odd entrepreneurial ideas and stories will make you more confident.



2, is the market saturated? How can the site navigation station be developed?

many start-ups start with exciting projects, and some creative ideas are pretty crazy, and many of them are successful. If you have an odd idea, but you may not get the understanding of others, don’t be afraid. Because once you really give up, it can make your life or company very boring. Sometimes, you really need to come to Create Company with the strangest ideas and get loyal customers. Perhaps some of these odd entrepreneurial ideas and stories will make you more confident:

when a thing is mature, he changes. Then, the most common trend is characteristic development, market segmentation. Not all navigation stations, target customers are small, are new network. Take a look at the web sites that appear now, though many are from the hands of individual webmasters

site was originally popularized and used by newcomers who did not touch the internet. At that time, less classification, less content, there are several large URLs enough. When these people realized the convenience, the website station developed at a high speed.

if you think so, then why are there so many new sites, just for their own services? Roaming into, Tencent entered, 360 entered.


4, URL,

navigation station has become a tool to connect new users and old users. Promotion of their own tools, by users of word-of-mouth spread, forming a user group. Saturated, just for small sites, the real network businessman willing to invest, the funds as a strong backing, long-term users is fundamental.

when Zuckerberg first launched his own "exclusive virtual Almanac", some people told him it was so weird and useless. Of course, no one would think he could be one of the biggest companies in the world. Consider, then MySpace has been very popular, but people why such a "virtual Yearbook"? It is because of the one and only Facebook personality, it was a success, other companies in the end, presumably as everyone knows.

this product is a miniature camera that can be held in front of a shirt and can only take two pictures per minute. Now, you might think it sounds of no use, but many people don’t agree with you. The product was developed by a Swedish start-up, whose supporters think it’s the only way to make them relive their lives. The product, which costs $279, has raised $500 thousand on the Kickstarter.


1, who’s your website to see,

What do you need most from

1., Pet, Rock

Dahl in the last century in 70s to come out, one day in 1975, Dahl and his friends chatting in a bar, his friend had been complaining about their pets difficult to raise, casually said, the perfect pet is a stone. As a result, Dahl has really decided to launch a pet stone product. He has given his pet stone a 32 page manual that describes how to keep the stone. His pet stone each cost only $1, but Dahl has made us $15 million.

4., Craigslist

A college student in the heart of the silk dream SEO


the last few days, I make use of my spare time to go online to see a lot of the survival status of SEOER, especially the sad, because of their own is also a hobby SEO and use of spare time to learn SEO students a grass root, in the process of learning, there is bitterness and tears, but also have a happy feeling in the SEO study, since that there are still a lot of harvest: not only reflected in the growing knowledge, for SEO operation more calm. But know a lot of excellent SEO Elite and SEO predecessors, they are flying their own SEO dream every day, as a university student cock silk, there is also a SEO dream in mind.

dream one: no one knows seo:

anymoreThe first

dream in my heart that we do not know the existence of SEO this thing, this is what I see on the Internet, many people complained and expressed their sympathy, as a grass root seo. For the SEO industry, not because I learned SEO a year, I feel I have great, I think that any industry, any key words, I can take over and do it well. At present I do not have this ability, but I firmly believe that there will still be some of the top SEO master, they like to forget that one is doing SEO, and himself as an ordinary user to do SEO, do to promote a deeper level, and the effect is obvious, but the most bitter grass root webmaster, think of it if you don’t know the word SEO, the more good! Because their situation is very worrying, from dawn to dusk every day do SEO, but in the end found a month down the money, go out to eat and drink, plus accommodation, in addition to buy some decent clothes. There is not much money left. How can I talk about my ideals, ambitions and dreams, and in the end, my youth has been given to SEO by ruthless dedication.

dream two: no resources, not SEO:

now, I see there are many online students posting, complaining about social injustice, take our students: often encounter things! In our college career, employment, competition, enrollment, appreciation, scholarships, employment etc.. The formation of a new fashion, fight, fight competition of family background master teachers and fight the godfather. So my second dream is not SEO, because for me, this college grass root, you do what is to SEO and some companies, SEO professionals, connected groups to compete? So I think people do SEO, resources are very important, I heard a friend wrote a post on the Internet, it is about a peer site refuse to do it, the structure of the website is a mess, no SEO, no chain, and most of the content is false original. Why is his website traffic several times that of my website every day?. Then I heard a SEO teacher in a classroom, talked about this issue in his reply: "Baidu is your Godfather".

Since the media realized you should think about the problem!

from the media will be faced with a realizable problem, a lot of people from the media wrote a long article, fans are getting a lot, but it is impossible to make money. A month of hard earned a reward and the main flow that thousands of pieces, more difficult to have not opened the main flow without reward, almost no income, if there is no other income, do not know how to go.

In fact,

fans but no income is because you haven’t found your own business model, because many media are more cherish their public, not willing to help people send some naked advertising. But there is no resources to do some other advertising, in addition, training does not want to do, electricity providers do not have the ability to do. Therefore, there will be a difficult cash flow dilemma.

I found some people from the media, super able to write. For example, some media accounts from my side I found these super master can write, almost every day a original, every day must update aimlessly anyway, have to talk about everyday. However, for more than 1 years, the amount of reading every day is hundreds of, even have not earned money, and also teach others how to do from the media every day. Many people do not understand the same thing, that is, since the media does not need to write original articles every day, but need to make their own value. If you love someone without the content, do not feel your value, you can only be as to write the log, not what their eggs, if the play, let alone what business model.

to tell the truth, I want to write a high-quality article every day, I certainly can not do, because this is the need to continue learning and precipitation, in order to write high-quality articles. If your daily thoughts are spent on writing, you will certainly reduce your time to practice or to get more knowledge. If you need to find a different topic every day or dry goods, which is easy, in fact, a self written media 2 months later, the precipitation of knowledge is basically hollowed out. And you insist on a person to write down, you can only write some trivial things. Some well-known content from the media, in fact, there is a team to do, and their editorial team is also very hard to force. Relying on individuals to create quality content every day is really not something many people can do.

actually, I’m not from the media, and I don’t see myself as a self media. I just sometimes share some experience for everyone. Last year, I have a number of months of persistence, about more than 20 thousand fans, and then busy work, and stopped for some time, and later found that the individual number can not be certified, simply re registered a certified. That number later let the company’s people maintained, in fact, half a year without maintenance, fan activity is very poor, and no how the tube. I now this is actually a new number, opened more than 2 months, but busy work intermittently, only released about 10 articles, fans are not empty. In fact, I now this "mutual God of wealth" public number is only more than 2000 fans only, but this public number this month to help me earn nearly 100 thousand. I’m >

Open dessert store to pay attention to what

If you want to open a

shop, if you want to open a dessert shop, then pay attention to what? Small make up for us to do a detailed introduction, so you can better shop.

target customer. It is said that small business with big business, like to do the business of women, must be able to accomplish anything, so the prospect of opening sweet shop. What’s the point of dessert? Some people mistakenly think that women prefer sweets to men, which is a mistake. In fact, the taste preferences are different. Dessert shop should pay attention to what? Many young women to keep slim (or to lose weight), often as the sweets for dessert so great scourges, friends will not bet on young women, to do public business.

site selection. As long as more people can be. Dessert shop to pay attention to what it is best to be located in the business district, near the large market, next to the cinema, industrial quarters, office buildings, etc.. Dessert shop to pay attention to what? Passenger stations, docks and restaurants are not suitable, because of the high rent shops, and people come and go, not hungry belly, did not intend to patronize dessert shop.

store layout. The most basic should be clean and shiny, with bright windows and clean tables. Dessert shop to pay attention to the use of large sums of money to decorate the store is absolutely not necessary, customers eat dessert, rarely concerned about the appearance of luxury, they are more concerned about the taste of food, nutrition and health. Dessert shop to pay attention to what, as long as the quality of the dessert clearance, store clean and beautiful, do not worry about no business. A dessert dessert shop stores, should pay more attention to choose the elegant and refined dishes than other shops, so that customers see tableware have comfortable feeling that this shop is worth holding enough taste, again often should store furnishings can accommodate 15 people and an area of about 10 square meters.

price variety. Open a dessert shop to have perseverance, it is impossible to become a fat man". Dessert shop should pay attention to what? The best price, is adapt to the popular price, each bowl sweet price of about 2~5 yuan between, add egg cakes, cake, by the customer to decide, not to engage in matchmaker, otherwise easily lead to dissatisfaction. Open the dessert stores, varieties, not Tandaqiuquan, if you are a person, when the boss man, so seven or eight varieties is enough for your busy. If there is one person to help collect money, do chores, then more than a dozen varieties have enough. If there is a helper to three or four people, more than 20 kinds of varieties should be so.

business strategy. The price is cheap, variety is very important, but the key is still taste. What do you want to pay attention to? What is the relationship with the food industry, pay attention to the taste of customers, to attract repeat customers the best way is to have their own special flavor. Open dessert stores, and sometimes the light is about to sell a dessert again, then, the owner must first taste the original taste has been lost, if the taste recommended

How to promote sales after joining the dry cleaners

dry cleaners is very hot in the development will be in the second half, so many people have chosen to join the clothing store, but the next step we have to face a problem, that is the promotion of the problem, only to their own people will break out the brand consumption of your products.

1: the outside promotion clerk to distribute leaflets, promotional single; the establishment of promotion platform, dry cleaning franchise in the early opening to hire Miss promotions on the site promotion, or the establishment of the customer advisory Taiwan promotions for interpretation, etc..

2 try washing activities: This is a basic way of brand marketing, especially in the early opening or opening of the laundry, dry cleaning can join the rapid establishment of brand image. Specific methods include ex gratia, try to wash, free, and so on, such as the first day of the store to customers free of charge.

3 since advertising: the type of advertising investment is small, quick, contact the target can be a higher probability of households. A widely used marketing model for the service industry. Specific operations: the production of pop billboards or light boxes, signs, etc., dry cleaning shop in front of the store. This allows guests to see back and forth, good results.

4. gifts: gift giving is targeted, not unconditional offer. Otherwise the gift will lose value, for the pursuit of a sensational effect is not worth it. Dry cleaning gifts not only to create a brand awareness, but also to consider the promotion of brand reputation, with their own brand image closely linked.

5. group services: targeted for individual groups outside the promotion, dry cleaning join this can expand the scope of business, improve visibility. At the same time, sales can also be turned into interactive sales, expand the scope of business, increase turnover.


Feng Shui taboo what

whether we believe it or not, the location of the shop will naturally involve a variety of Feng Shui problems. After all, this has been the attention of Chinese businessmen. So, if the shop location, for some Feng Shui taboos naturally need to pay attention to. So, what Feng Shui taboo shop?

, in the face of the cul de sac.

if the door in the face of death alley, the airflow will be blocked, not smooth, will accumulate oil and gas, will have adverse effects on the aspects of fortune, wealth is easily blocked, there is no way out.

two, the day beheaded

, on the very day cut Home Furnishing office, shops, is the Feng Shui taboo. The so-called day cut evil, refers to the residential or commercial building is two head gap in the middle, the wind blowing gap is formed by day cut evil, evil spirits such as the invisible wind means the knife cut, the LORD your God repeatedly.

three, anti bow road

shops in front of the anti bow Road, is a kind of wealth to the pattern, although the income is rich, but also greatly exceed the budget expenditure, the formation of "money and money left" situation.

four, Lu Chong

if the shop door facing the road, or shops are located in the T-shaped road intersection, make way, easy gas instability, people move, is not suitable for many industries.

five, scissors road

fork that is to go out to see the two fork in the road, Feng Shui, said the scissors Road, the intersection of the gas field will affect the decision-making and management of shop managers, the normal situation should be faced across the road.

if you shop location encountered such five problems, naturally also need to stay. Many of the traditional things, we would rather believe that it can not be a little more attention to the development of the cause will be helpful. In short, if you set up shop business, such five feng shui taboos naturally need to pay attention to.

Xining Municipal Bureau of commerce with chuangxianzhengyou actively linking point helping activitie

Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce to carry out good activities in the first stage, several in-depth contact point to guide poor village Nian Jia Zhuang village Party branch to carry out the chuangxianzhengyou activity, bureau Party Secretary Yang Xiaomin of the village Party branch to carry out chuangxianzhengyou activity conducted a number of comments: one is to take Deng Xiaoping theory and "Three Represents" the important thoughts and Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, to further improve the quality of village Party, enhance the party’s creativity, cohesion and fighting capacity

Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce to carry out good activities in the first stage, several in-depth contact point to guide poor village Nian Jia Zhuang village Party branch to carry out the chuangxianzhengyou activity, bureau Party Secretary Yang Xiaomin of the village Party branch to carry out chuangxianzhengyou activity conducted a number of comments: one is to take the Deng Xiaoping theory, "Three Representatives and Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, to further improve the quality of village Party, enhance the party’s creativity, cohesion and fighting capacity. The two is through the "chuangxianzhengyou" activities, to encourage advanced spur backward, improve middle, pioneering and innovative, dedicated Party branch leadership team members and Party members inspire dedication, set off than the school, catch up and help the competition upsurge in the party members, Party members to give full play to the exemplary role in urgent, difficult, dangerous heavy task. The three is in the village Party members to carry out a wide range of "Communist model", "a party banner", "party competition" and other forms of chuangxianzhengyou activities, the exemplary vanguard role of Party organizations and Party members of the fighting force, the "chuangxianzhengyou" activities implemented in real form and content.

and carry out weak and disabled, in the home village poverty alleviation, warmth, love and moral practice. Take a combination of each team member, method of domestic and foreign trade offices and office of the union of a family, helping 6 poor households, 3000 yuan to raise funds distributed to households twinning double female households, help them to solve the temporary difficulties, but also provides three old computer and bag, clothing for the village committee and the difficulties of the masses.




Science and China CAE group into Qinghai

From September 9th to 12, Chinese Academy of Sciences and led with the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of education, Ministry of science and technology, Academy of engineering and China Association and other units jointly sponsored high-level science activities "science and Chinese" CAE group into Qinghai, organized by the science report on science and technology enterprises, research in Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture the construction of ecological civilization, the popularization of scientific knowledge for the Party leadership, scientific research personnel, college teachers and students, the dissemination of scientific ideas and suggestions for Qinghai’s economic development suggestions.

will, Qinghai University, Qinghai Normal University, Qinghai Huangchuan middle school, Qinghai provincial Party school held the 5 games in the Chinese Academy of Sciences Qinghai science report on Saline Lake, Liu Changming Wu Peiheng, Chinese Academy of Sciences were "Chinese water security problems and Countermeasures of" discussion "and strive to cultivate innovative talents, to achieve innovation driven unremitting thrust of the report struggle"; China Academy of Sciences Academician, researcher at the Institute of mechanics and Hu Wenrui dragon manned submersibles chief designer, trial member, deputy researcher of Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of acoustics Yang Bo were "manned" and "deep sea" of the special report; China Academy of Sciences Academician, mathematicians, signal and information processing, expert Xi’an Jiao Tong University Xu Zongben for "Mathematics and information science" on the theme, called on the majority of Shi Shenghong Raise the scientific spirit, use scientific methods to make the science close to the public, let the public understand the science, and promote the improvement of the scientific quality of the public.

How to carry out promotional activities tea chain

open tea chain is necessary to carry out some publicity, but a lot of new business is not very familiar with the propaganda work, which requires a lot of learning business knowledge. Today compiled a small series of related business knowledge, hoping to help more successful business to join the cause of wealth.

in the shop early, investors must be prepared for future planning, this shop is very important in the development of. We just opened the shop how to promote it?

A, the effective promotion of brand image. In the fierce competition of the tea chain store market, operators only take preemptive approach and attitude, to enter the market First impressions are strongest to make their products faster, appear in the eyes of consumers, highlighting the product brand, and then expand the broader consumer market. Therefore, tea franchisee must pay attention to product brand publicity, so as to better serve the development of enterprises.

To effectively carry out

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