The ingenious design of the landing page to improve the flow conversion rate of advertising

second: the landing page is rich in content. Advertising page of the product introduction is very rough, if you want users to find their own needs, and then under the orders, a detailed introduction to the product must be landing pages, different product categories need to be separated, and the advantages of this product compared to similar products, preferential measures at purchase products, product purchase procedures, are in the ad landing page needs to be marked, but the page design also needs to consider the user experience, combining the form to attract eyeballs, pictures should be processed, so that it looks more professional, picture of the pixel to be high, but also certain text format, so text format effect of site layout arrangement. The landing page is mainly to the user transition, so do not need to update this page too much content, no need to add a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, if the preferential information updated products, other content basically can not update.

: the first landing page to professional. The landing page is the user enters through the advertisement advertisement click on the page, the landing page is the transition page advertising, in order to improve the conversion of user traffic, the page is very important professional display. According to the page advertising products are described, at the same time, if it is official activities, needs to show that the official words in the landing page to the user, faithful and true feeling. Page of the website construction, style design, server stability etc., are all factors that influence flow conversion. The landing page like a large number of advertising pages without flowery language modification, more to the construction of the style should be clear, the atmosphere, the whole atmosphere to not lose quality, try to improve professional website, improve the conversion rate of flow.

fourth: the landing page shows customer case. Network marketing is the biggest disadvantage of users could not believe the authenticity, the Internet is now indeed liar a lot, in order to improve the user’s understanding of the product.

third: the landing page to timely contact customer service. Customer service system is indispensable in the marketing of the network, users can network marketing through customer service system, a more detailed understanding of the product, the user comes to the landing page may not all customers can be very skilled to complete the purchase, can not avoid the problems encountered in the process of the order, the customer service system is very important. Contact on the site to be clear, you can set aside the phone number, QQ, MSN, e-mail, in order to improve users’ trust in the site, you can use the phone, QQ and other 400 enterprises, which can reduce the user confidence in the site, to avoid loss of orders because they do not trust products, reduce the conversion rate of flow.

with the development of the Internet, network marketing gradually into the business of marketing, a lot of website marketing, require different industry marketing natural way is different, but the form of advertising marketing are indispensable in every industry, but users of rigid ads and interest, then you need to set the advertising landing page through the transition the landing page, improve the site’s traffic conversion rate. The author to share the design concept of landing page.

How to avoid the search engine optimization trap


one day if you do external links to solve user problems and leave a link to enhance the user’s access cost, so as to enhance the user experience, so your optimization technique is in line with the user, with the user’s behavior is bound to a search engine algorithm, unless the search engine is not for customer service.

is currently recognized as the greatest impact should be in front of the chain said, that those who have the real value of the recommended external links.

At present, most of the so-called Shanghai dragon Are you still in order to optimize the

here I do not rule out the mechanism of some so-called "smart" technology expert using some methods to bypass the search engine, it also get good rankings, but this technique cultivated sites are early death, so want to do station long to maintain a healthy mind, do not with aggressive thoughts, not to blindly to please the search engine and deliberately do external links, grasp a principle of "all things stand in the user’s perspective".


first, I would like to talk about the essence of search engine optimization, personally think that the essence of search engine optimization to enhance the user experience in the real or solve user problems at the same time by natural left link, please note that I used the word "real" is actually in the real help users solve real the problem, "by nature" refers to the way it is natural to leave the chain, leaving the chain’s address is fetched not deliberately.

ER’s work is what? Is the main issue in the external links, as long as possible links to place links, but this is already into the search engine optimization to trap. Will this work for "the most appropriate at this time, spoil things by excessive enthusiasm" search engine is outside the field of people, on the surface of this mu wheat seedling is better than high, but this is to look good while doing work, but ignore the wheat is used to collect results grain, eventually seedlings the death of Tian huang.

then again said search engine ranking mechanism, should be those of higher user experience and valuable information for users convenient present in front of the user in general.

Specific to the

search engine is how to give a "value of the

then, after the above cognition and what should we do to external links and optimize the

method to me personally I can give you the following method reference >

website and deliberately released outside the chain? Are you to please the search engine to buy software to build website and blog sprocket group? Do you really know how to search engine optimization? You know the nature of the search engine? Do you have a look at the passing in and pulled the car at the same time? As a three years engaged in the search engine optimization webmaster I want to and experience some experience in recent years to write out for your reference criticism, hoping to bring some inspiration and help to the novice webmaster, also hope you will be criticism.

Site construction and operation note five details enhance user stickiness

details: three small small details and provide more information for the user.

when users come to the site, the vast majority of users demand around the search for information needed to launch, so how to help the user to fast navigation through the site to find the needed information is the first step to enhance user stickiness. In the design of the site navigation, not too fancy and advocated the use of complex design, give users interference and difficulty. The best user experience from the simple but not simple, fresh and clear navigation design style, this navigation bar not only allows users to have a good visual effect, but also can help users quickly find the required content. When users use the navigation bar gradually started, can make it around the site to establish their own habits, and this habit gradually expanded to regularly visit the web surfing habits, so as to cultivate more loyal users.

whether door apartment layout site or forum type website, webmaster needs around the site theme set different columns or columns and column sections, these refinement is to enhance the website friendliness, convenient user use the only way which must be passed. In the setting of the column, need careful consideration, enough to include rich content, rich in adequacy and allows users to feel the content of the website, resulting in the website trust, enhance trust. At the same time, after the end of the columns were examined, as far as possible to reduce repetitive settings, reduce and eliminate the overlap of columns, so as to avoid too redundant columns to the user information caused by overlapping, use confusion and other negative effects.

details: two set detailed, rich and non overlapping columns.

details: site navigation design fresh and clear.

to enhance user stickiness, to start from the friendly degree increase website, through the website design and operation details of the design or improvement, and constantly improve the user experience, let users from initial access to trust and love website, and then transformed into loyal users, become a stable source of access. In addition, enhance user stickiness not only plays an important role in the unity of the old user to attract new users to join the website more typical. As a webmaster, you can start from the following five details, the user stickiness enhanced website.

cannot do without the success of the site search engine optimization, more cannot do without the most fundamental basis of user groups, how to enhance the website and trust of users, enhance the cohesive website use, not only can increase the technical indexes of the site, such as flow, Alexa ranking, more conducive to providing a source of the foundation for profiting, conducive to the user access number and quantity into income, so as to promote a virtuous cycle of the website operation, website success. So, for the user’s attention to the website is a prerequisite for success, to do this will be sure to improve the site attractive for users, to enhance user stickiness.

in order to enhance user stickiness, we must.

An example of how to make new station included faster to fly

the last point is to make our site included the rise, the station optimization is one of the basic problems that you cannot ignore. For the film site.

first said that the station, the station on the line on the page will soon be included in search engines, the snapshot is updated, but there is a problem that has been included to keep up, although a month has passed, but still not included what improvement, even if there are a few articles that search engines can’t how long will be deleted. I know this is every new will encounter the situation, because the search engine is currently reviewing your search engine, but in order to reduce the time of the audit, the author in the chain construction and content construction and website internal optimization respectively in the next work, below I will introduce a.

first, we talk about the construction of the chain, because the site is a movie site, so the construction of the chain channels are quite rich, I just began to do is to collect a lot of video entertainment forum, a registered account in the above, set the signature, every day in the above post or reply then. To tell you the truth of this method is very useful, it can from the background traffic sources can be seen. Another effective outside chain resources, which is love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia Wikipedia, is one of the recognized weight high platform. We need to make good use of, the author found some relatively unpopular films or TV series name, and then create their own entries, finally in the entry and their own site to watch the address, which not only can obtain the weight of love Shanghai encyclopedia, you can also get some traffic to our site, kill two birds with one stone. In addition to quiz platform such as search and ask know we can do it every day, do not have much weight, high quality is the key.

a new station on the line, in order to obtain good performance in the search engine, every webmaster will need to pay a lot of effort. Optimization for many grassroots webmaster want to try every kind of site. Especially for the film site, this is not the author of the recent movie another type of site on the line, after a long time of continuous efforts, the author of this movie site finally began to include. Today I checked the included has already reached 1620, as shown below. In this paper the author will share recently included in the site of efforts, hope for those trying to help the movie site.

in the content of the optimization of the site, because the site is a movie site, site content information only through data acquisition, and acquisition caused by the problem is basically and many site content information are the same, in addition to the author of some pseudo original content every day. There is a very useful method, that is to collect data on some movie video software, similar to PPS because of this kind of software on the movie review information is not indexed by search engines, we can collect a lot of information from the top critics to enrich the content of our site. So we have the original site of fresh content.

Online trading, who is the gatekeeperthe inventory count pit investors suffocated the new three boar

Wu Dongming said, only through online complaints platform, this year he has received nearly 100 online shopping recharge card complaints, online shopping complaints are every day. Due to lack of transaction credentials, most of them are hard to protect their rights.

industry self-regulation is far from enough

this brings a problem, but the new three board but there is no mandatory tender offer terms, therefore, in many mergers and acquisitions, small shareholders are often abandoned by major shareholders. It was a bit of the captain’s parachute jump, but the plane was meant to remain on the plane.

Xiao Zhang’s experience made Wang Zhijun, director of the Fair Trade Bureau of the Provincial Bureau of industry and commerce, find it difficult. In real transactions, why buy fake goods to the industry and Commerce Department of 12315 complaints, and online shop not registered in the industry and commerce, two no business address, investigate and deal with difficulties.

points open Wuhan red shield information network, Wuhan Consumers Association complaints department director Wu Dongming let reporters see a complaint information.

There’s a hole in front of the Comparison of the

consumer rights difficult, consumer protection departments investigated difficult, who should be online trading "gatekeeper"?

on the gem Hornsey Pharmaceutical 300147 and 300519, Xinguang pharmaceutical companies are in the dynamic price earnings ratio of about 63 times, that is to say, if the count rate of Xintian pharmaceutical market, according to the price, its valuation will be over 3 times! If you like Xinguang pharmaceutical after listing even a 20 trading board, the more imaginative space. If the total turnover of 18 million of previously known as the cost of positions, Xintian pharmaceutical listed, the position will reach 54 million. Apart from 18 million of the cost, the stamp collection gains as much as 36 million. Therefore, it is no wonder that IPO’s new three board enterprise has become a stamp collector’s mind.

according to the Ministry of Commerce issued "guidance" on online transactions, the Chinese online trading service providers, must undertake to maintain trading order, safeguard the interests of users and consumer protection duties.

meets "fake" IPO

but we have to be responsible to the stamp party a reminder, although the market is quite like Xintian pharmaceutical this really IPO, but only IPO and IPO false claims to be also many, at least to IPO IPO’s dream is full of uncertainty. Baruch chemical 831325 is a typical case.

she has some heart, but worried about buying fake.

in the face of fake and consumer disputes emerge in an endless stream trap, shopping website, Taobao launched the first "alipay". This is a third party account, where buyers send money to

attractive discount recharge card trap

obviously deceived, but can not for themselves to seek an argument, Inner Mongolia net friend experience is not a case.

Chen has been commissioned to go to Hongkong on business friends with duty-free cosmetics, recently she saw on the Internet, a bottle of Hao Lena eye cream for only 495 yuan, lower than the price in Hongkong.

. Please be careful with investors.


company engaged in chemical solvents and chemical additives, electronic chemicals research and development, production and sales of the company in November 2014, listed on the new board, May 2015 market transactions in May 2016, three new board innovation. Whether it is basic or liquidity, can be called the top three new board students. The company in the new three board listing period, active trading, the number of shareholders increased from 21 to more than 200. Performance, in 2014, 2015 and 2016 in the first half revenue and net profit were: 2.6>

Xiao Chen’s worry is not unnecessary. As early as 4 years ago, the world’s well-known luxury brand Tiffany Tiffany has sued a domestic website. Because, Tiffany found 19 thousand fake their own brand jewelry on the site.

from Inner Mongolia Chifeng friends said, claiming to be "Wuhan Oriental communications technology company" published in the online discount Mobile Recharge Card sales information, he remittance 8000 yuan to buy 1000 cards, prepaid card cannot be opened. According to the communication company request, he once again remittance 5000 yuan, opening fee still can not open. A few days later, the company actually asked for 8000 yuan management fees.

this also means that the site will play the dual role of platform providers and regulators.

feels that net friend who has bought fake perfume has complained to the website and asked for return. The website told her that the buyer would provide proof that the goods had quality problems, or they could not return the goods. "I have to pay a sum of money to the authority to produce a quality report before returning it."." Helpless Xiao Zhang can only think bad luck.




loss of 13 thousand yuan, Inner Mongolia netizens regret. Wu Dongming suggested that the net friend to the public security organs report, but no invoice, two no transaction credentials, how to file

in April 28th three new board ID:xsbzhiku for public number push "zero transaction not every listed companies are" zombie ", Amy, Rio star listed" in an article, we mentioned the transfer of successful extension during Starr, Jiangsu flag, Samsung new material and Amy Seiko in the new board the listing is "zero transaction", but they are different, but there are 41 Xintian pharmaceutical transaction records daily. Xintian pharmaceutical suspended the day before, that is, in June 17, 2015 the disk display, the transfer of the agreement to close at 24 yuan the day, turnover of 90 thousand and 500 yuan, the market value of 1 billion 240 million yuan, earnings 21.7 times. In contrast, the current Shenzhen gem, the average price earnings ratio of about 36 times, so Xintian pharmaceutical price earnings ratio is not high. After the listing, Xintian pharmaceutical’s share price will happen "earth shaking" changes, indeed worthy of attention.

Two weeks revenue 1 million, GO desktop on Google Play is how to do

editor’s note: This is 3G portal & Huang Aihua GO vice president of the invitation of the PingWest desktop technology, exclusive articles, share the 3G portal is how to do the international market with the help of Google Play, he also shared the GO desktop product development and operation experience in the paper, and summarized in the overseas promotion of products in "Google play are most concerned about 10 things". The following is the text:


at the end of 2012, GO desktop (GO Launcher) Next Launcher 3D desktop team launched in Google Play, priced $15.99, on-line two weeks aboard the Google Play personalized classification "revenue highest top position, global sales exceeded 1 million yuan. The industry generally believes that App do revenue, Google Play is much more difficult than App Store, so many friends curious Next Launcher how to get this business results.

years ago, a friend in Guangzhou for a developer salon on "Next Launcher 3D" project with you to do a share, which relates to how to do the international market with the help of Google Play, the 10 thing to do Android platform fees and Google Play are most concerned about. After coming back, combined with Sharon shorthand, plus the past few years to develop and operate GO desktop some experience, written in this article, hoping to give the developers a lot of help.

how to obtain international market for one user and one user

The commercial breakthrough of the

Next Launcher 3D desktop will depend on the huge user scale of the GO desktop series. Because the domestic Android application market situation is more complex, here only to share with you GO desktop is how a user, a user to obtain overseas markets.

The proliferation of users of

mobile applications also follows the famous "diffusion of innovation" model of American sociologist Everett · and Rodgers (E.M.Rogers). For different stages and different characteristics of user needs, our product design or promotion strategy must also be different. In the early days of the product development, the users are the innovators who take risks, try to change, and are willing to spread. Once they choose your product, they will act as "opinion leaders"". Therefore, in the early stages of the product to identify these users, first to meet their functional needs and user experience, and in this user area promotion, the effect is the best.


2010, when the first version of the GO desktop was on the line, we specifically selected > > > except for Google Play

Suzhou property market purchase official landing

2016 years, rising prices, so that we can be described as an eye opener, a lot of people to buy their own house, with a place to settle down. But there are a lot of investment behavior, in order to prevent this behavior, the Suzhou property market purchase official landing. On the afternoon of August 11th, the Suzhou government promulgated the opinions on Further Strengthening the management of the real estate market in Suzhou (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). "Opinions" clearly stipulates that non Suzhou residents in the application of second sets of housing loans, the need to provide a total of 2 years of tax or social security proof for the first time, the first purchase of down payment of 20%, there have been more than 1 sets and above, stop lending.

with the above restriction order landing, Suzhou became the first to restart the purchase of second tier cities. In the industry view, Suzhou will open the prelude to the second tier cities purchase, do not rule out the possibility of other second tier cities to follow suit. E-House Research Center, director of the research center, said Yan Yuejin, Suzhou, the start of the purchase, apparently opened the second tier cities in the purchase of the 2 version, for other cities is of great significance. From the point of view of regulation and control, second tier hot cities (thereafter) will basically introduce such policies."

It is worth mentioning that, Nanjing (real estate) is also on the afternoon of August 11th released the new deal in the property market, will increase the proportion of two suites down payment, and restrictions on land auction. It is worth mentioning that, previously, and Suzhou, Nanjing, the second tier property market known as the four dragons of Hefei (real estate) Xiamen (real estate) has introduced the property market credit limit policy.

The construction of the Nanjing

real estate development association secretary general Zhang Hui told the "daily economic news (blog, micro-blog)" reporter said, "with the financial side of the developers and buyers of funds are tight, and the government purchase limited credit policy, part of the hot second tier city property, the developers get to the property market turnover will appear significant cooling."

Suzhou for foreign buyers purchase

the Suzhou "opinion", was known as the "new 15", respectively, the supply of land, land auction, sale management, price management, permanent residents of non permanent residents of credit, credit and other 15 aspects of the real estate market in Suzhou made new arrangements and requirements.

among them, the biggest bright spot is undoubtedly the purchase of the policy started in Suzhou. Specifically, non city residents to purchase the first set of housing, without any restrictions. Non city residents to purchase second sets of housing, you must provide proof of tax or social security certificate.

: specific requirements for non city residence households for the purchase of second sets of housing, should be provided since before the date of the purchase of 2 years in Suzhou city to pay a total of more than 1 years and the payment of personal income tax or social insurance (social insurance) payment certificate.

Guangdong Entrepreneurial Innovation story contest enterprise special share held in Guangdong buildi

Chinese is a group with the spirit of innovation, with the management of open activity, all over the emergence of a number of outstanding entrepreneurs, from their stories of innovation and entrepreneurship, we can comprehend the entrepreneurial spirit and attitude really need what kind of.

2014 in the summer of Davos forum, Premier Li Keqiang first proposed the "public entrepreneurship, innovation", stressed the need to borrow the reform and innovation of "Dongfeng", in China a "public business", "entrepreneur" of the tide, to form a highly innovative and everyone innovation in the new situation. Through the extensive Entrepreneurial Innovation story contest in the whole society, mining and ordinary people show innovative one vivid story, with the power of example to encourage more aspiring entrepreneurs to join the innovation practice, further promote public entrepreneurship, innovation "concept more deeply, continue to consolidate the mass base implementation of innovation driven development strategy Guangdong province.

at the scene, the staff of Guangdong power grid science "electromagnetic radiation" common sense, with hair dryer, mobile phone testing instrument of "radiation", proved that the substation is not a "radiation carcinogen" great scourges.

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HeineKen shoe business

when we buy shoes, we can often see some special shoes, and then the number is particularly large, often in which. However, we have encountered a lot of feet because they can not choose to fit their shoes, in this kind of big business opportunities, HeineKen shoes come out smoothly.


How much

Give up her monthly salary to go home Entrepreneurship

everyone has their own way of life, some people live full, but some people live very empty, whether you choose what kind of lifestyle is your attitude to life is what kind of, there is a girl who is a white-collar workers a month’s salary on the yuan, but she wants to break through you can change you, so she chose to start their own business, now her annual income of nearly 400 thousand.

Jilin University

to Shenzhen into the world’s top 500 companies

2004, Zheng Yuan graduated from the Department of foreign languages, Jilin University. And many college graduates, she looked for a job, resume, kept going through the written examination, interview, and finally entered the world’s top 500 enterprises in Shenzhen. Received a letter of employment, she took his luggage, from Changchun to Shenzhen, began a nine to five daily life.

"I wanted to find a job to earn more money when I graduated." Zheng Yuan smiled and said, in fact, fairly smoothly, to enter the top 500 enterprises, she began to contact the real estate industry, and wages are relatively to meet her request, the average monthly salary of 8000 yuan -10000 yuan.

wages actually a lot, but then did not save the money down, because every week can not control the idea of buying things in Hongkong." She said. In this way, Zheng Yuan stay in Shenzhen for three years, but as a child grew up in Changchun, in different places, Zheng Yuan has not found a sense of belonging, she was very homesick.

and master of University of Cambridge friends together venture

annual revenue of 1 million 400 thousand

had the idea of home, Zheng Yuan began planning to return home to have a career of their own. "When I was in my vacation, I went back to Changchun, when a few good friends came back from abroad, and at the time of the party there was a suggestion that we should do something together when we were young." Zheng Yuan is very excited about it.

"my friends have been talking all the time, the last chat on the car seat." She said, everyone thinks that driving for a long time will have tired, wanted to study a massage machine, so we hit it off and start preparing for do business.

, "I just quit my job in Shenzhen." Zheng Yuan said, two young people together and their own are also 80, one of which is the master of University of Cambridge, is a master of Cambridge and Harvard University, and they all learned about and some electronic technology professional, so agreed on the development direction of the company, we raised 3 million yuan together in August 2010, the company opened.

"in entrepreneurship, recommend