Economic Information Daily reporters learned from multiple sources, the State Administration of taxation is intensive research, and set up a special task force to study the effective tax collection and management of e-commerce policy. At present, many enterprises in our country gradually in the north, East, southwest, Southern China and other areas of implementation of electronic invoices, and is expected to 2015 nationwide promotion, the establishment of tax collection system and supporting electronic commerce business registration. read more

Wangzhuan industry through the course of a few years, can see the day into the tens of thousands of millions of dollars a year full of news, but the sad only Wangzhuan talent to know, in the face of the financial crisis after 2010, you face and how much can grasp the opportunity, in fact, as long as you grasp 3 key points, can let you easily win in the Wangzhuan industry.

1, legal perspective.

as a novice, Wangzhuan legality is certainly the most concern, this point I’d like to introduce an objective description, we are all under the leadership of the party, the party is not allowed to let us do what we can’t do what, but there is a friend to see the legal provisions are not allowed to do Wangzhuan (if issued provisions, we also dare to pay attention to is not, even higher? Real expressly illegal MLM metamorphism and still have people do). That someone might say Wangzhuan mode like MLM, how do you explain? Feel shy, let me explain it to turn the laws of the state capital, I can only speak with the facts, the forum posts Wangzhuan Wangzhuan QQ number is innumerable, the number is not clear, do Wangzhuan do not calculate, you know can not be calculated, evidence of a pendulum in front of everyone, don’t these people are fools, are all liars, are criminals, ha ha, the conclusion judge for yourself. In fact, I just do it also very worried about these problems, was also hesitated for N days, ha ha, up to now was psychological normal, but since it has been paid close attention to this aspect also has to understand that, what do not hesitate, after all, you do not, there must be someone else to do. read more

see the title is not that I am in advertising? Ha ha, wrong, I would like to use my personal example to tell those hesitant C shop owners, how to choose.

I used to be a Taobao C shop owner, surrounded by a lot of friends in Taobao shop, so I also shop with them to sell things. Speak frankly, I did a Taobao shop to earn some money, but the money behind it, there are many problems and contradictions.

said the time to bring me the contradiction, I believe many shopkeepers have encountered such a problem. When I shop, certainly do not waste your time, because the business is small; in the shop after a period of time, with your business gradually increase your online time more, then a series of problems to the family. If you are single, you have no time to fall in love, this is true? I’m married people, but more problems, first of all have no time to accompany the family, even a meal out of the time you think of luxury; secondly, no time to take the wife to travel, my wife used to say I don’t wave there are a lot of things over trifles; do the housework, such as washing dishes and other things, anyway is the head that make things a lot, how a word…… read more

October 18th, Shenzhen coincides with typhoon, a cross-border electricity supplier as the theme of the product matchmaking and not because the typhoon stop, but was outside the rain and foil more popular. The docking will be sponsored by the South China e-commerce Industrial Park, supply and marketing display products involving LED lamps, DV sport accessories such as apple, Amazon and other platforms currently hot explosion models, the whole activity achieved unexpected good results, for both sides were satisfied with the harvest. read more

recently, a new model of electricity providers, wisdom in the bid was ( announced its number of online users to break through 6000 people, for less than half a year on the line of electricity supplier recruits, which can be described as a good score. From the wisdom to get data in terms of bid, and now accounts for more than 40% new users per month, the user has begun to enter the stage of rapid development.

today’s electricity business, has long been formed in the case of Ali Jingdong two big group of oligarchs, wisdom in the bid had to break out of a surprise. In this regard, the industry analysis, wisdom in the success of the bid lies in its dislocation competition strategy. read more

cross-border electricity supplier regulatory new deal from April trial

unified national version of the new atmosphere of cross-border electricity, environmental advantages of integrated business in Shanghai began to highlight.

March 15th, Shanghai cross-border e-commerce demonstration park officially launched in Waigaoqiao Free Trade zone. The park covers the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Waigaoqiao Bonded Logistics Park, Yangshan Bonded Port and Pudong airport comprehensive bonded zone 4 areas under special customs supervision. read more

from the beginning of 2010, Foshan many furniture factories began to carry out the business of the company on the website, nor in the case, some companies only through bidding to do the promotion. This cost is very high, and this way can not be sustained, once you withdraw, ranking will decline. We want to do network marketing, we need to promote through the optimization of SEO, so that the company’s website as possible relevant keywords ranking, the specific keyword exposure rate is high, sales opportunities will continue to increase. read more

More and more baby goods

of Taobao, a look, if you feel your baby goods submerged in a sea of commodity · · · · guarding the shop every day but if you have a No one shows any interest in, unable to feel


so what can let your baby in the commodity buyers eye stand, how to let people be able to see your baby and want to go in and see the goods feeling? In fact, the title is very important, a good title, a good title to let the traffic you soar


since the title is so important, so what is the title of a good title? Here you need to analyze the buyer’s heart, this is the so-called marketing heart! read more

Dangdang, today’s electricity supplier industry well-known enterprises, although the second industry group and development prospect in weak in later, but can not deny that, as an audio books Dangdang rely on the company started, the industry into the early accumulated foresight for everyone to learn the meaning of.

November 1999, Dangdang was formally established, and after more than and 10 years of efforts, Dangdang has become a more well-known large-scale comprehensive Chinese online shopping mall. Since its inception, the founder of Li Guoqing will hold the "more choice, lower price positioning service website" to better for the majority of users, it can be said that most loyal customers, because of its high price, and gradually developed ultra low commodity prices to the. And into the 2013, with the increasingly fierce domestic electricity supplier price war, Dangdang is also looking for its own electricity supplier outlet. read more