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  • Four points to judge the quality of the chain

    site outside the chain, we should also understand this point. The chain is certainly more healthy and better, and to vote, if it is a criminal or a fake cast the doctor vote, I think you will not admit it or believe that one vote, they might also have the opposite effect, a cheater said a good doctor, you dare to find the doctor? Of course, you don’t have to worry about their own websites will be competing for spam links, search engine to determine the >

    what conditions?The quality of the chain of Extensive

    site outside the chain, the chain is the source of our IP should be widely distributed, through the above two points, if you can think of why the chain to widely distributed? Then the above said, everyone has the right to vote, and the Internet, each page can do link. A family of four, four people have voted that the doctor is one vote, four votes. Four families, each family inside a person to throw the doctor then also vote, four votes. The same four votes, obviously, the latter is more important than the former four votes four votes more than. This is the breadth of the chain.

    The correlation between

    second, the authority of

    is engaged in or know Shanghai Longfeng people know, a web site outside of the chain, plays an important role in helping the website weight. In the cloud: content is king, the chain for the emperor. So, how are we going to let us become a site outside the chain of the emperor. A website of the emperor, it should have some


    The authority of the

    third, extensive

    , at present I summed up from four aspects to judge, the four aspects of "relevance, authoritative, comprehensive, healthy".

    site outside the chain, I think we all understand this, especially Links reflected this is particularly prominent, many webmaster exchange links will be selected and peer exchange links. On this point we can understand so, for example, we have chosen one of the best doctors. If you take a vote to choose (the chain is equivalent to the site to vote, I think many people know), if a doctor or nurse, or the patient to vote, certainly than the medical profession or not seen the disease people vote is more important, this correlation is outside chain.

    healthThe health of the First, the correlation between

    site outside the chain, to this point, then we mentioned above, choose the best doctor said, when it came to the vote in the medical industry, and as chief physician, associate chief physician, physician, nurse and so on. We can imagine out very clearly, chief physician must vote than nurses vote is more important, here also say, you imagine, if there is a mayor, do not understand the medical industry, also haven’t seen the disease, he cast a doctor a ticket, the ticket this vote may be better than his medical industry which most people have a lot of important investment. This is the chain of authority.

    Teach you how to go beyond the opponent site open speed

    two, with JS

    Now most of our website


    three, the interception and location of the CSS file


    DIV+CSS is mainly used to do it, for the CSS file, we can merge the corresponding links to reduce the number at the same time, we should put some small pictures of the site must do a picture, locate the interception in the CSS, it is very good for the optimization of CSS.

    if we buy a server, you must employ a very proficient on the server operation, setting and safety aspects of the people to manage our server, be sure to open the speed of our website.

    for the JS file, the first thing we need to do less with JS, because the JS for the site open speed is inevitable will impact, JS installed for the website more open more slowly. If we have to use JS, then we put our JS on the web site at the bottom, let us first load the body, loading JS. For our website JS files to merge and compression, which can reduce the number of network connections, the specific data to be obtained from love Shanghai statistics, and JS compression work we want to give professional programmers to do, to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong. (Figure

    site traffic is not so big, is to buy website space can be better is to buy VPS, when buying website space and VPS we must choose the bigger web space provider, such as WAN network, new network, China and so on, do not covet cheap to Taobao or other places to buy some unknown small space suppliers, especially the novice might covet cheap, a big supplier advantage not only in the room, in the service, in the ordinary space no problem when may see not too out, but once a large service chamber of Commerce has good customer service service to help you solve the problem however, small service providers basically can’t do that.


    four, enable GZIP compression and image compression


    server) file compression

    > GZIP compression


    , one must choose a good web space (

    before we have stressed that the opening speed of website, because of the fierce competition in the Internet website open speed the details may be beyond your weapon, competitors imagine if your website content, the chain or other factors and competitors are similar, but your site open fast page load soon, but his website opened slowly and even sometimes open, then your advantage immediately set up today to share a few points of how to improve the site open speed approach.

    Search engine optimization of user experience of users come from

    second, the appearance of the site (repeat)

    don’t think above.

    care about you is by user, when you open a web site, with the snail slow, you think users will like what? He or she may feel that the first question himself, then he choose to believe that you try to open the other sites, but the other site open speed as the Coupe just as quickly, then he would never point your website, then you will lose a customer, not to mention the user experience. So what can we do to open the site quickly? Is very simple is also a good choice of the space business, to make your website open speed no menace from the rear.

    a little if solved so to solve this problem, the website may not need to engage in very fine, but the point is that when users open your site’s first impression is very important, it is shocking to the user’s eye, if can let users leave deep impression on me first, I think the user action is touch of hands right click "add to Favorites" as a webmaster we certainly don’t know what is the user’s actions, we have to use this tool is the query user "bounce rate" to determine your site with this condition? As a result of long-term accumulation it is your users, this is the first step to the user to impress the accumulation of users enables the users to become their own "repeat"

    with user requirements continues to improve so that the search engine algorithm has also continued to upgrade, love Shanghai on the website of the user experience from this situation is more and more strict, the search engine is for the user’s search habits are changing, so that changes in search engine rankings, is the user experience as is the kingly way.

    first, love the sea launched speed search you still race the tortoise

    user experience of these four words, if you have carefully to find it everywhere about the user experience of the article, but these are all empty talk, practice is the most important, for a webmaster talk for the development of such a a website is to have a great influence, this hydrophobic rock wool board manufacturers in Shanghai dragon city has been a tangled issue like "chicken and egg" this problem, such as a web site without the user, what we talk about that experience? These said user experience is not that a groundless statement? Of course these are absurd, because the Internet is never a lack of user experience, you have to do is to attract users to experience, here I would not turn Bush said today, the key! Hydrophobic rock wool board manufacturers in the Shanghai dragon city want to tell you is that as the title, the user experience of users come from.

    third, what is the theme of the site is around the theme to carry out the internal link optimization

    Also brought endless topic to many webmaster

    Shanghai dragon from the last laugh is the ultimate winner

    said it is to love Shanghai so we rank as it is to our user ranking. Know the reason to start relatively easy optimization. But most people have to do around the love like this Shanghai search engine, you do better, but also do not pay the love of Shanghai. The chain can rely on our website to push up, but the latter is ranked hits rely on to maintain the sustained. So what are the factors affecting the website ranking? How can we diagnose our website, the legend of the following combination of their own learning experience to share experiences.

    1 see

    contact Shanghai dragon also has a time, feeling a lot along the way. We do not know is how to think of Shanghai dragon? Shanghai dragon mentioned most people’s point of view is probably to keywords of an industry do love Shanghai and even the first home page. In fact, the website ranking is up just the beginning of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon can bring traffic, but it is just a channel, is the real purpose of transformation. So for the Shanghai dragon in terms of its carrier is the site, most of the sites are also started on the basis of Shanghai dragon road. Today is to share experiences and insights about the site detection. I wonder if we are not careful observation. There is little the first chair of a website to take the love of Shanghai, except for some big words and brand website. For most of the enterprise stand or industry word top are basically floating. Why? Because the details of factors affecting site ranking is more than 200, it is difficult for us to do perfect. Once some aspects of our site being beyond the natural ranking will be beyond. Shanghai love is no matter who we are, how many clicks it only cares about you this website, what is PV, how much is the bounce rate and withdrawal rate.

    website right down time: if we go to a web site analysis, this is one of the most basic factors. If time can not grasp the words then confused, can not find the reason. This factor must detail to which one day down to any location, but also look at the current ranking is still within the page. So you can judge for the. Do the optimization is not a dead technology but to grasp the love of Shanghai rules. Is more like doing inference, because we want to go to a lot of data analysis. So a good Shanghai dragon is to do the operation record. For example Links add and delete records. What is down right? Right down is a chain reaction. The first is the performance of keywords ranking drop, ranking dropped and then flow loss, there is a collection of decline, because the spider on your site to reduce weight, the trust will be reduced. Here is the problem of trust to you. On this issue, many of my friends have a wrong understanding, think of your site and the ranking of the great relationship. In fact, as long as you observe can be found and not so. Some web site has been in decline, but the ranking has been on the rise, even only a collection.

    Small and medium-sized enterprises should be how to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization

    2, the paragraph is clear

    Optimization of

    simple update their website content is not enough, also need to find some famous website links and cooperation, it will be through other ways for customers to site drainage.

    , the first web site

    Wei Zexi with the 2016 outbreak, love Shanghai PPC has been in dire straits, this event also is another kind of network marketing mode of Shanghai Longfeng optimization pushed to another sales peak. But we know that many network marketing companies in Shanghai Longfeng optimized fee is very high, for the lack of promotion cost of many small and medium enterprises, we should how to do the optimization work of Shanghai dragon

    want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng optimization work is: there must be a relatively stable website background. Then the production process on the site of our best not to choose the template website some stereotyped, best to let the network companies for their enterprises to customize a personalized professional website, this personalized web site easier to bring customers a good user experience.

    Guizhou high was that in addition to network optimization rules used above, we can also use some auxiliary tools such as love Shanghai index and so on to help us better understand user search habits. Whether it is the network company to help us with this optimization work, or to do their own Shanghai Longfeng optimization work, this is a long way to go about, need to insist for a long time will produce a certain effect.

    more accessible: Guizhou once network: 贵族宝贝gzgaoyidu贵族宝贝 please indicate, thank you.

    1, keywords optimization to moderate

    in an article describing the best paragraph can clear the logical thinking clearly, so that customers will also be more convenient to read.

    in the title will be very good keywords in detail, at the same time in the article will be uneven distribution of keywords for each section, a general article three to five key words should be.

    need to pay attention to the following points:

    We can


    third, for inside and outside the chain of cooperation

    second, the content of the websiteIn the optimization process of website content

    ?The design of

    The chain of the long way to create exclusive 2013 links



    1: the web site outside the chain where the text is very important to highlight the importance of correlation

    , a web site link, simply explain this truth, in the URL signature text in general, are closely related to this website, but also love Shanghai will be mistaken for a transitive dependency links, the judgment for our webmaster provided a good chance, why say so, because now in many forums, it is difficult to do outside the chain, especially the position of the signature anchor text, however, in this case, you can easily use the text form to mention the anchor text, this comprehensive effect is worth to advocate.

    remember to love Shanghai also said that the chain is suitable let their website appear, let the love of spiders in Shanghai can be seen to be more widely spread, which is the transfer of meaning, if you feel good, then to share out, now the chain transfer and correlation is not simply talking about it, but you need fine play work, in accordance with the appropriate rules, the chain will do.

    love Shanghai link tools show, it is the breadth of the chain is very important, a lot of friends of the chain distribution of some heavy websites, the chain arrangement of these sites is very extensive, and the number of the chain are not too concentrated in one or two sites in general, are scattered and come; this is our future need to pay attention to the chain in place, it is a chain not too concentrated in one place (looks like old), back to the chain, the chain in Shanghai love platform, many text links have been slowly convex remember to show the importance of love Shanghai also said, Shanghai is also a text link love can grab, this is without a doubt, this is a way to guide us. That is part of the chain anchor text and text, in general, the correlation between transfer anchor text lies in what is and what is in front of the text, text links is the site of the text, the meaning of.

    second: buy the chain way quietly fade buy links need stable desirable

    after Shanghai love again and again the algorithm updated 2012, believe that every webmaster in this year and mature a little after love Shanghai so intensive adjustment, the experience also experienced, also apply the old saying "no love and struggle. Shanghai is not a good webmaster webmaster" that growth is always in every site change, love Shanghai last year of adjustment, a renewal of the link algorithm, the link analysis, love Shanghai platform and so on, I believe that the outside of the road is long, we also need to step out, in 2013, the exclusive link build your own web site is the most beautiful.


    As shown in figure

    Shanghai dragon is not weakened but enters the Shanghai Dragon 3 times

    many webmaster think Shanghai dragon is ignored, no need to do the Shanghai dragon, even think that personal website has no way out, in fact. "Shanghai Dragon 3" this concept has become a reality. Shanghai Dragon 3 focusing on the user experience, in turn is no longer the search engine optimization, but to optimize the search experience.

    is not difficult to find, Shanghai dragon 2 is based on the improvement of Shanghai dragon 1 on the 3 or so, Shanghai dragon an exploration of the Shanghai dragon pattern, if the full implementation of this mode, will the introduction of social function, so I believe that Shanghai will improve the 4 Dragon Dragon Phoenix 3 development when certain get.

    for Shanghai Dragon 3, the original article is no longer a certain index, but the original content is still unabated. Simply, we are very love if you reprint the article, and get a lot of comments, so this article if we add some ideas like, it is not a high quality articles? Shanghai Dragon 3 should also pay more attention to this aspect of readability, practical functions.

    many people will ask, then Shanghai Longfeng 2 there is reference value? There is certain, but there does not mean importance. May reduce the chain effect ratio to a minimum, even is only as a reference. Many people asked me 3 Shanghai dragon chain said? Shanghai Dragon 3 should be chain invisible, because each user of the chain is you, and the high quality of the chain. To make an analogy, if the users think your site is a very good website, do not recommend to a friend? A friend recommended web of trust is higher. But the chain of tangible user to share only itself real talent is regarded as the high quality chain.

    has said Shanghai Dragon 3 is a pseudo concept, because the black and gray two kinds of optimization methods are constantly interfering with the development of Shanghai dragon circles, such as keyword stuffing although Shanghai has increased the intensity of love, but still exists this phenomenon. But we can know that Shanghai is already on the "love inspirational world" by means of cheating to obtain high weight website gradually. Not so perfect thing, but after all, Shanghai is working hard to love. Now is the Shanghai dragon 2 transition to Shanghai Dragon 3 times, natural Shanghai Dragon 3 is no longer a false concept.


    pay attention to user experience, love of spiders in Shanghai can grab the text, pictures and links can not crawl JS, it is a blessing or a new round of controversy for the Flash website? A while ago broke the love Shanghai assessment on-line, to determine whether a site is the quality of the website, perhaps this is the Shanghai Dragon 3 ready. So, the flash site in Shanghai is not at the expense of the Dragon 3. Let the algorithm not complete manual to complete, interface, content, this is in fact the warning we should pay attention to the advertisement of website.

    The current search engine under the situation of students engaged in website optimization need to av

    , now a lot of students engaged in the site optimization is with a strong forward, to invest a lot of money, regardless of their economic capacity, and the students do not have their own income, so to put too much money is very bad behavior. The site for most students, students should be positioned to investment, rather than business. Don’t daydream, you don’t mix 35 years in this industry, do not talk about entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is very difficult, but the investment is relatively easy to point. Therefore, students should not spend too much money into the website optimization of them, this is not realistic for students, it is not desirable.

    do not put too much energy in the

    don’t think of how to make a fortune, gold dream

    With the continuous development of the

    students engaged in website optimization is not to be able to in the industry in a few years or for a long time, students should do their job, don’t forget, learning is the bounden duty of the students, not the duty of the students lost to the website optimization. So, the best students every day the time control in two hours, if you have the patience, perseverance, best can do their own new sites, reselling site is not king ah. Don’t expect it will keep getting better and better, is a good site in 1000+. Therefore, students in website optimization don’t spend too much energy in this industry, which is not very good.

    don’t spend too much money to do

    students in website optimization Oh is very trusting, that others are really help themselves, can bring the opportunity to make a fortune for themselves, but we want to know such a sentence, one for himself hindmost. Every man for himself and not to consider, without any cause or reason you consider, for your benefit. In this society, cheat myself too much, it can be said that everywhere. So before the transaction, Shanghai dragon company hopes to students as much as possible to check the information transaction cost Niang, check fraud behavior. Don’t believe the world will fall, make a profit for this dangerous line, students engaged in the site optimization is very important, need to be careful of the 12 students remained cautious.


    website, has attracted a lot of students are put into the website optimization among this industry, but due to the current search engine industry currently changes frequently, especially the love of Shanghai this search engine, when students engaged in the site optimization need to pay attention to the problems are many, and here I am we share the current situation of students engaged in the site optimization area what.


    therefore, when students engaged in website optimization needs to avoid the attention of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, so as to let the students in the website optimization to obtain greater success and find more fun, enrich the lives of students, make students better network station and >

    The breakdown of industry veteran of Shanghai dragon views of the future

    second, with various segments of the installation of the application and popularization of the search engine has become the Internet, especially mobile Internet entrance proportion reduced, and this reduction is obvious, is irreversible;

    the growth rate will slow down;

    from a philosophical point of view, this is the times; from a biological point of view, this is the survival of the fittest.

    Chen Hongran (director of Shanghai dragon treasures network) that Shanghai dragon must keep pace with the times, use of new media, and should be combined with other forms of promotion in the website operation:

    Shanghai dragon future


    Hello, I am virtual son rain. Shanghai dragon why search platform recently asked to build complete, are invited to register, which released several topics are very good, Shanghai dragon why aims to build a high quality Shanghai Longfeng Q & a real name system focuses on social, community, through the discussion on some problems of making high quality webmaster friends. I registered after the individual on a topic which is very interested in this topic is the only teacher initiated: how people think about the future of Shanghai dragon? This topic has a lot of friends have a very wonderful answer, I would take the answer out below, to share to everyone:

    is Shanghai dragon Er us, not the only way to get traffic as Shanghai dragon, to improve their skills in Shanghai and other forms of dragon attention focus on the network promotion. "

    according to some data, the PC market is shrinking, mobile phone terminal share continues to increase, but in the mobile phone on the use of the search engine on the PC frequency is obviously not high, search demand on the mobile phone, are achieved in the application, enter a search site in the search engine in the browser, and then find the answer, this is obviously very cumbersome.

    first, with the development of the mobile terminal, the use of the Internet, the use of the search engine in the total flow rate increased;


    third, mobile Internet applications, including micro-blog, WeChat, etc., to a younger generation of Internet panners creates new opportunities to create future website user groups may

    is Shanghai dragon Er us, don’t limit yourself to love Shanghai, Google and other search engines, comprehend the true meaning of Shanghai dragon, applied to the new media in the future, also can achieve good results.

    teacher Cardiff (Shanghai dragon why founder) initiated the topic of Shanghai dragon also talked about the future worries and opportunities

    , the search engine, search engine on the entrance flow ratio, the future site number, I have so few views:

    with the development of science and technology, familiar with the current search engine in the future may fade out the historical stage. However, the human search behavior will not disappear, the search optimization will always exist.

    Talk about their views on the content and the chain in recent years

    said the others from the new package, can change the words are changed, the idea is very good, if you are confident in their writing skills, afraid of the self defeating, originally very smooth sentences to give you a change or a sequence of words, the meaning of upside down does not even know what is interesting, it is in trouble, you may think this is the original, yes, you are to love Shanghai packaged article that features the original, but you must have the user this, people’s eyes are sharp, but not for smooth sentences or sentences you can’t read continue to read it? Or here to see the information with the famous website to see all the information does not meet, you will visit this site? Cleverness may overreach itself., do not bring good results is the bounce rate rise, return rate Decreased, but these 2 aspects will affect the site a good image in the eyes of love in Shanghai


    first statement, I contact Shanghai dragon is not a long time, think the level is limited, in the paper are personal learning from the experience in the process of summing up Shanghai Longfeng views and understanding, and the correctness of the reader themselves! Welcome Paizhuan! Shanghai dragon phoenix is simply for search engine optimization and to get a better ranking, and then into the nature of the role of the site traffic, needless to say. So many search engines can not judge the web standards are the same, is not to take into account each search engine, too, fell in love with the sea is enough! If you don’t have the patience, or want to cheat by means to achieve the fastest speed compared with the effect of the ranking, then congratulations, by cheating may indeed effect in a short period of time, but also regret to speed you, good times don’t last, only do the optimization of days station with skill to live peacefully.

    nonsense not say, get to the point. Often heard that "content is king, the chain for the emperor". Indeed! This is someone who has some experience, but here I want to add a prerequisite, is not in the case of cheating. The first said, I think the content in the content is king should refer to the original content and pseudo original content, so that your article is the one and only, do not see the spider slobber, but always to come every day, of course, at the initial stage of the establishment may not be so to take care of you, then you can endure the lonely? If you don’t stand so still advise you diverted, this line is not suitable for you. After the early, as long as you can stick to it, you will find that this spider is very industrious. If you remove the condition in front of me said it is cheating, collecting a large number of the others, so you want to make sure your site weight is higher than others, or you over. Every day, fast and easy, the number is up, but the overall quality decline, eventually will only be love to punish Shanghai.

    has developed Google translate is copied directly from foreign websites, the same reason. So the content or try to promote the original, pseudo original also should try to avoid the above mentioned problem! The definition of the chain: This refers to from other websites Guide >