To explore the chain now there is much effect on Enterprise Station

from the above we can see that the reverse link these stations are very small, but I looked that some forums and classification information of text structure of the chain. According to previous thinking, this text links to the website cannot increase the number of weights, perhaps you would say that those are the old station, a railway station, but recently I just did, directly after the release included page, ranking, a few words is still ranked the first three pages, a people feel a bit surprised. Here I will not screenshots, why "known to wait" love Shanghai now reacted so quickly, had never encountered such a situation, of course, maybe I always feel love recently with very limited knowledge and scanty information, but Shanghai is not normal! But still think of how to optimize the station after the enterprise.

of course, this principle is quite general, what kind of link is "sincere", what kind of links belong to the "false display of affection"? My personal understanding is linked to natural, not very deliberately in order to send the link to Shanghai dragon, the first link, if the relevant products, and release the platform is also related to the trade. Second, the link should not overdo sth. on a platform, can not have too much the same anchor text or links. Third, whether the link has been clicked, a new algorithm of love Shanghai foreign chain requirements increase, more than a few examples of the common enterprise station is included, the chain less less, but the ranking is very good, said.

station?No good The

"content is king, the chain for the emperor" pattern has been broken, whether Shanghai dragon Er are already out of the chain in the ocean? Stop doing the garbage chain, understanding of foreign chain should change, after several new algorithms the baptism of love Shanghai. How to adjust the enterprise stand optimization strategy? Now we generally felt that the chain is not as awesome, but the chain has much effect, I think through the comparison and analysis of some of the data will be able to see a little traces, as shown below, this is a few enterprises in our sampling station, there are more like this the case, I cannot list. Can be said to have new sites also have old station, there are content to do good, have no what.

to manufacture large quantities of junk the chain not only, but also make your site into the K dilemma, so some enterprises stood outside chain construction in the future should be fine, don’t do too much the chain every day, do some related links, do a few pure text links, change links, this is enough the. In fact, the principle of the chain has not changed, still require a stronger correlation, yesterday I carefully read the latest interpretation of love Shanghai official about the rankings included K station of eight aspects of this article. Love Shanghai’s official spokesman Lee said any search engine, the basic criterion of super chain calculation, the link is genuine promotion website, if there is the exchange of interests, the search engine will identify the current link, the black chain is invalid, I hope you can really win the webmaster recommended.

chain effect is much worse than before, how can we do the chain construction enterprise

My sad Taobao RoadLei Jun when 40 years old, did not forget the dream of 18 years old, go to try

20 days I joined the global Internet Summit in Wuzhen, Ma Yun at the meeting, senior vice president of some Apple Corp, moderator throws a problem, said lei you say you have a goal, with 5 to 10 years to do the smart mobile phone market style global first. I was busy nodding my head, and I did say, he asked the Apple Corp executive, "what do you think?" the executive was also very powerful. He said, "Easy, to, say, hard, to, do." my English was poor, and I understood.

second: don’t be eager for instant success. Don’t think about looking for violent projects every day. There’s nothing for nothing. Even if you really find violence projects, your comprehensive ability is very poor, poor execution, you can do it? So, or go down to do things,

can we run a world-class company like Jobs,

"I own 20 years of work, I suggest to all the students, I think the first, there must be a dream; second, to set the stepbystep’s goals, to formulate the stage goal, don’t worry; third, should pay attention to the importance of the opportunity. Some very smart students feel smart and diligence invincible, actually only intelligence and hard work is not enough, how to grasp the opportunity, how in the correct direction, I think this is very important."

host said Lei Jun what do you think? The moment I was very very embarrassed, I am calm about me at that moment, Ma Yun said the Alibaba listed a word, still have a dream, if achieved it? "My speech level is far no way compared with Ma Yun, Ma Yun appeal and the speech level, I was far behind.

quit my job last April and started wanting to create a world of my own on the internet. I thought I knew everything, but then I found out that I was wrong. I didn’t adjust my attitude until the beginning of this year. Although the person’s income was still low, I believe my income would be higher and higher.

3 years ago, our product was just released, and it took only 3 years. Who?


Media Editor Lei Jun said, "standing in the Taiwan air outlet, pigs are flying."." If you want to succeed, there are three key points: first, you must have a dream; secondly, you should be down-to-earth; finally, you should seize the opportunity. Following is the full text of the speech Lei Jun 21 at the Peking University, via titanium Media Editor:

third: execution must not

because I am a computer technician, I will buy some computer newspapers to have a look. There is a title of the day attracted me, thousand secrets on the internet. Later the look, that is by Taobao customers monthly income of over 10000, that time should be about 10 years, then called Ali mother alliance. I began to find some methods on the network, including Sina blog promotion, we say that Taobao links were blocked by sina. I went directly to other methods and later located on the site. So, on the way to study and do the station, read a lot of tutorials, what CSS, HTML, PHP, ASP and so on a series of tutorials, and finally found that the head is big, because some eager for instant success. So I only know the approximate method. Not fully learned, and time wasted. I found I should get a training to try. Participated in several network training, and then here does not nominate, at that time was precisely the single page trend, therefore started to use the false original to update the article. Send out the chain every day. This time, almost all of the novice will encounter the problem, that is, the chain can not find the address. That’s a little bit like giving up. Later also made some stations, some people were black out. Heart is also a sad ah.


well, I’d like to make a summary of myself, and I hope some novice friends don’t try my problems again.

Ma finished saying this, I added a few words, I said 4 years ago, millet just venture in Zhongguancun, a dozen people, seven or eight guns to do mobile phone, who believe that we can win? The mobile phone industry is the most dangerous places, ahead of Samsung, apple, after Lenovo we see Motorola, HUAWEI, NOKIA die, die, die blackberry, HTC die, recently SONY has to die, the market is extremely competitive. When a normal person thinks of smart phones, he feels that the market is very competitive.

especially I heard that Ma also said that people like him can succeed, 80% Chinese can succeed, we hear everyone excited, he said a few times I failed the college entrance examination, finally on the Hangzhou Normal University, also can not find a job. Ma Yun today qualified to speak this, speak also particularly shock, every one, especially every cock silk are eager to counter attack like Ma Yun.

first: do not put too much energy on the construction of the site, in fact, there are many free procedures can be used, such as WordPress, dedecms, and so on. Templates will not be less. But build a website, this kind of most basic must be meeting. Believe that as long as you have your hands and feet, you can’t fall over them.

the so-called "tall buildings, flat ground", to have a solid foundation will be solid. To know when the first is Wangzhuan, click Wangzhuan, spent $200 to buy a software, that is a day to earn 50, was still very tempted. After that, you can earn 50 yuan a day, but if you want to withdraw money, you have to pull out of the assembly line. That is, let other people spend 200 oceans to show you. Later found fooled, just contact Wangzhuan me, where know how to pull off the assembly line? So it is also the site of lost faith.

The voice of stationmaster do not let us become the witness of network end

because the Shanghai room closed, resulting in many personal Adsense website can not be opened, can not access the situation has lasted for two days, the webmaster heart disconsolate, but wait to find a better way. If the site can not access the situation for several days, it undoubtedly means destruction. Have established websites will be on fire, millions of owners will face unemployment


is currently the Internet webmaster jittery, such as a badly frightened person. Since December, there have been heavy events in the network, one after another. Thorough investigation of WAP website, leading mobile business closed; network pornography, resulting in the engine room is closed; check the domain name, domain name registration control source; check the Google Baidu search alliance, control and illegal information; now CCTV exposure Sina Tencent, NetEase and other portals, pointing to the internet…… I do not know in the near future, the Internet will be presented in front of everyone in the face of a big, network monitoring, personal Adsense may really want to withdraw from the stage of history, become people’s memory.

A5 forum has been forced to shut down the forum for more than 40 hours without breaking any laws and regulations. During this time, there is no better way except to wait for the announcement. Graph king worry, forum and cannot access, transaction and forum webmaster exchange can proceed; owners worry that even A5 forums are not open, other website? More A5 forum like can not access the website owners are more anxious if things go on like this website, must shut down, even if the re opened, the loss of a large number of users, the site will also end in failure.

now face the network crackdown, the webmaster can not do anything, this is just the beginning of a nightmare or a cruel end? If only the beginning, the owners really powerless, the future of the Internet will be a lifeless; if this is the end, from the hard to stand up is not easy, but after all, still have a chance. From the current network monitoring means, the webmaster can not judge what will happen tomorrow, personal Adsense as the most grass-roots level of the network, has been in N many websites rectification and blow, black and blue. If the site still can not access, the fallen will be China’s millions of grassroots webmaster. The site is closed and millions of webmasters face unemployment.

before I wrote an article "the very period of network times you are to continue to adhere to or the decision to give up, now the site was forced to close, even no reason to insist the webmaster, no website, also take what to keep? The Internet environment is too bad, the national system of the inevitable derived from the corresponding laws and regulations but now, the relevant regulatory authorities means too hard and arbitrary, the majority of users of the sad expense, do not know if this is social progress or retrogression, netizens

lucky or sad?

exists that is reasonable, the existence of the vast number of webmaster is due to the needs of the Internet needs, users demand, the progress of the times there is a demand, but only a small number of individuals there is illegal behavior

Rookie site promotion Raiders

after many days of hard work, their site "potato network variety" finally successfully opened. Now I put myself in the construction site to the site during the smooth opening, there have been many puzzled and confused, I believe a lot of new friends in this field the same as me, there are a variety of problems and questions. I will be following in the process of construction of some thoughts and share.

, site type selection and location:

first, I’ll introduce the selection and location of the website type. If you’re making money for garbage stations, you know, I think this article doesn’t have to be looked at. It doesn’t have reference. If you want to be serious about standing, I hope you can get some inspiration from my thinking.

site type selection:

most of my friends are having a headache when they are standing. I’m afraid I don’t know what I should do. The Internet has many types described how the choice of site, but most of them are too general and rough, I basically don’t know what to do before the station also does not know what to do, I hope you read this article at least able to find their own direction.

first: find the meaning of what you stand for, and you can easily find your way. The user receives the harvest through the information which your website provides, regardless of is in the knowledge or the psychology, this is what I understand, does stands the significance – – helps the netizen to obtain the message which conveniently can obtain quickly.

second: combine your professional knowledge or your own interests to determine the type of website. As a personal webmaster, we do not have much energy and manpower to write our own articles. Then, the source of information must be the content that exists on the internet. Perhaps you have a strong foundation and a strong interest in a particular field or profession, then you may be able to build this type of website. If you know something about it and don’t get to the bottom of it, you can choose a field with your own experience to explore, so that it’s easier to find the direction to do it. Here, I set up this station is also purely out of their own interests, I think I can also through this website, Tudou know more friends like variety show. He is not only a website, but also a platform for communicating with friends who have the same hobby.

two, site functionality and Implementation:

chose the type of site, so we need to consider what functionality the site needs and implement it through technical means. Considering the convenience of information collection, my program is currently popular Marx film program, this program you are using is also very good, we can meet the general requirements on it I feel no need to be too harsh, because we do the main station with the program function of how powerful.

three, site reputation promotion,

through previous work, web site >

Common methods and techniques of jeans store decoration

shop to do business, store goods placement problem is a skill, need to learn and master, especially clothing store. So what are the methods of the store store furnishings worth learning from the small series now to introduce!

volume is a display method of brand jeans in jeans are very common, can display the paragraph with the same or different color, different color, or regular or random, but should follow certain principles: Pyramid is piled up, the shallow depth of. Pictured above, the jeans are a still life sketch, with a little oil painting.

In order to make the

can be stacked in jeans or laminate window booth, pay attention to the pile when a sense of volume, thin fabric lining in the pants on the inside, next to a pair of collocation style similar to the high-heeled shoes. In the realm of display: let the world become romantic and beautiful window, let the display of goods such as still life painting as gorgeous, let the store in the colors of the rainbow beautiful and harmonious, create a beautiful landscape for people’s life.

now store selection not only look at the brand, also can store decoration and store display, to set up a successful jeans store, grasp the above skills is very important, so that it can attract more consumers into the store shopping.


related recommendations

There are several types of decoration

women’s stores in the decoration of a wide range of styles, from the shops on the market, shop decoration style can be divided into several categories? If you are not very clear, you can learn about, Xiao Bian provides several styles of reference, I hope to help you. You can make a reference, not to say that we have to follow this style, specific or to combine their own products and other realistic factors.

pastoral style


pastoral style of decoration shop first to have a creative display name to taste. Store design can be used floor style decoration, the shop does not need to be large, so that the small shop decoration on the two floor wear style, wooden material design. In addition, the store can put some flowers at the entrance of the grass, so that more rural sense. At the same time, the store’s clothing style should also change, so that more romantic pastoral style.

cute style

this kind of store fronts mostly fancy decoration, by major children’s favorite, even middle school, high school students are also very fond of this style of decoration. So such a lovely shop to open the style of the great age limit consumption, leisure style for the age is very wide.

this cute shop decoration is most suitable for campus love people. Grasp the popularity of the campus, lovely shop renovation, you will have unexpected gains.

fresh style

if you want to shop by romantic fresh style, it should look at the following proposal. Small fresh, usually people think Korean clothing. A Korean version of the clothing store, the introduction of South Korea’s romantic color, with the arc of the design, wallpaper and the rest of the human nature of the area.

followed the fashion mainstream, give a person a kind of fashion, romantic, warm mainstream. Ceiling, flooring, shelves and store advertising coordination, while the color is not messy, giving people a sense of harmony. The use of a comfortable ventilation system, to ensure that customers when shopping, store air circulation, refreshing, to ensure that customers shopping mood pleasure.






好像金属齿轮固体的创造者Hideo Kojima不准备说再见到传说中的固体蛇呢,他还可能使金属齿轮固体5








There is no case of H7N9 avian influenza in our province

Reporters learned from the provincial CDC, at present, the province has not yet received a report of suspected and confirmed cases of H7N9 avian influenza. Experts remind the public of our province CDC, at present there is no effective vaccine against the disease, should try to keep the room clean, often ventilated; eating meat, eggs should be thoroughly cooked; pay attention to life utensils disinfection; if there is fever, cough and other flu like symptoms, should wear a mask and should be avoided and treatment as soon as possible; live poultry contact; to go to the hospital to visit the patient especially to the Department of respiration, should try to wear masks.

Xining science and Technology Bureau held a circular economy energy-saving emission reduction projec

In order to implement the goal of enterprise energy-saving emission reduction work, do a good job in 2011 in Xining city of circular economy energy-saving emission reduction projects, promoting the construction of national innovation city of Xining City, Xining city science and Technology Bureau in October 27, 2010 organized the 2011 energy-saving emission reduction projects recycling economy forum ", the 40 City Project 26 enterprises attended the Forum


to implement the goal of enterprise energy-saving emission reduction work, do a good job in 2011 in Xining city of circular economy energy-saving emission reduction projects, promoting the construction of national innovation city of Xining City, Xining city science and Technology Bureau in October 27, 2010 organized the 2011 energy-saving emission reduction projects recycling economy forum ", the 40 City Project 26 enterprises attended the forum.


meeting, the municipal development and Reform Commission and the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau introduced the "12th Five-Year" period of circular economy, energy-saving emission reduction work situation, tasks, policies and measures; the state, provinces and cities in terms of energy saving and emission reduction of circular economy projects to support the direction, focus and requirements etc.. In Western Qinghai, indium industry Asia silicon industry (Qinghai) Co. Ltd., Qinghai Qinghua Bozone Biotechnology Co. Ltd. and Qinghai Jinguang nickel chromium company in charge of the project around their enterprise energy saving, waste heat utilization, by-products recycling, wastewater treatment and experience of main practice of circular economy, energy-saving emission reduction projects recycling, the discussion and exchange. And in the future development of circular economy and energy saving and emission reduction put forward many good projects and suggestions. The enterprise has realized that the development of circular economy, the enormous economic benefits to enterprises to implement energy-saving emission reduction projects, increase energy conservation efforts, the future will gradually realize the task of energy saving and emission reduction from passive to active energy-saving emission reduction efficiency of transformation.