Keywords hot optimization of several key points of the

if the picture, then please add to the picture alt attribute, or the use of picture content more, named time is almost the same, you can give each image with a running serial number, in order to ensure the uniqueness of this picture.

second: Keywords page keywords and description tags (if it is English keywords, please also appear in URL); although the search engine on the two labels do not seriously, but it’s not a bad use of.


throughout the article should be at least 2-3 paragraph a keyword, in the end should be similar to the first paragraph keywords appear 2-3 stressed under the center frequency of keywords. A good real estate network coding and processing each writing an article, the Shanghai dragon consciousness into the article can cater to the good search engine of high quality original articles, keep for a long time will allow the search engine to spin continuously in your web site. If there is a large number of high quality original articles published every day, it is equal to the search engine crawlers are a lot of eat delicacy, they rely on your website again is not willing to go

fourth: the other page in the anchor text, the words. Keywords anchor text, showing the keyword in the anchor text links to other pages in the article. This is easy to understand, the search engine spiders to crawl the page according to the necessary rules of the content, in addition in the spiders to crawl the page, if other pages appear in the anchor text link to optimize the key word, the search engine will increase the weight of the key corresponding to the site, if the weight is large enough, then this keyword ranking will be very good. This is why those popular keyword ranking good website external links for many reasons.

The content of

first the optimization of the web page appears on the page title tag, one of the most important factors is the title of the page label Title Tag. The title tag should be combined with the website optimization keywords and user attractive enough.

third: the content of the page, repeated this keyword, and bold in the first time; this is a emphasis on the role of the keyword frequency content then it is best to have a ratio is generally between 5%-8%, the purpose of this article is that we not only for individuals, it is to see the search engine.

How to accurately estimate the flow rate of the keywords

, excluding the brush was suspected of

two, combined with a variety of tools: about numerical comparison of


In the

brush love Shanghai index can only deceive some data. In many tools, still can show the prototype, as long as good at using a variety of keyword query tool, also can be estimated very well.

is the first search volume of love Shanghai for the background can check keywords, this value actually than the love of Shanghai index to be accurate, but it is not very accurate, if there is a cast love Shanghai auction, bidding Shanghai with love test should be the most accurate, but the cost is too high. The second is the Google keyword tool, Google keyword tool is generally more accurate. But because Google and love flow gap between Shanghai is too large, check out the data to do a multiplication. If you have done related industry site, according to web site traffic sources between Google and Shanghai love calculation flow ratio, and then through the Google keyword data to calculate the flow of keywords love Shanghai. In addition to these tools, there are some very good tool, through which we can find not only the information, but also more abundant data as a reference. You can find a need.


Shanghai index query keywords with love. Then in Shanghai the value of the index table below, the time to pull longer before the position. So we can see the change in recent years keyword index. Not as long as the new popular keywords, normal words should not fall too exaggerated. As long as the change radically during a certain period of time, the word is the brush the suspect is very large. Generally the peak value of the estimated smooth removed, relatively close to the original index.

three, by ranking web aided estimation

website, usually to do a keyword flow estimation. Which is usually used for the reference value of the Shanghai index is love. But the webmaster webmaster will know love index index in Shanghai with the actual flow is too far. Sometimes a 10000 word index to rank first, no one thousand of the traffic. The Shanghai government has also officially explained love love does not mean that the search volume index in Shanghai. But with the emergence of various third party "love Shanghai weight", more and more people love Shanghai brush index, which caused the high false data. How to judge the key flow about


data is data, there is a gap too much. The above has been able to know about the estimation of the number of. Only through the keyword ranking before a few sites, you can probably estimate more accurate numbers. Although according to various different keyword ranking ranking click varies, but for most of the keywords, click in the first row are often accounted for over seventy percent of the number of search. >

The key to getting high priced GG clicks is the detailsWhat do designers learn from science fiction

many of my friends asked me why people GG ads a few clicks will have few knife income? Why do I even have hundreds of hits as few clicks on others? In fact, a method of improving GG click price is very simple and very old-fashioned, but many webmaster pay no attention to this problem. To solve this problem before us first, to understand the way GG advertising, we all know that shlf1314 Advertising is according to the website automatically match the relevant functions of advertising, the purpose is to make ads more targeted. There are three kinds of automatic matching GG advertising:

Three ways of

, a language. If the page is Chinese, matching Chinese advertising; if the web English, matching English advertising.

spend a long time thinking about the interface on the screen? What can we learn from it,

, in an interview with foreign media, talked about their understanding of the excellent science fiction interface, as well as the relationship between our everyday interface and the conceptual interface we saw on the screen.

Two, the geographical position,

, three, key unit. The GG site is divided into three levels: the first level is higher the quality of the site, the best matching keywords, keywords, mainly high grade second; secondary site, keyword matching degree; third kinds of garbage sites, mainly in low-cost keywords based keyword matching.

Chris · nuosai’er: as consumers and designers, we will be the application of science and technology BOLD effect on the screen. We should not let these feelings pass by, on the contrary, after careful analysis, we can do more. We can design related elements found in real life: maybe we already know things, but science fiction context cue new samples for reference and discussion; it may be something new from the screen in the amazing technology abstracted, and daily work. We can get a lot of inspiration from science fiction’s future technology.

Why does

last year, the published the book "let it be a reality: Make So: Interaction Design Lessons Science Fiction It from". After the introduction of the design theme of the blog, regularly included in "the fifth element", "metropolis" and some of the classic science fiction as "Forbidden Planet", "Space Hero" in the design concept of pampolina.

The devices and controls that appear in


Chris · Noseir Chris Noessel and Nathan · Nathan Shedroff; Xie interior designers that can get realistic design inspiration from these devices in science fiction.


science fiction movies and novels often come true: from Star Trek Communicator, war game computer to terminator flight.

from GG advertising, we can see that there is no doubt that English GG advertising price relative Chinese is relatively high, therefore, have the ability to build English station friends can consider the construction of English station to launch GG English advertising, but do a little, don’t put English ads in the Chinese station, so cause to be a K chance to be improved; we do not consider the geographical location, so the key to improve the matching has become the key to improving the GG click on price, improve the quality of the content on the website, you can match the expensive keyword, the natural price is high, this is not to boast, not without reason, the general site started advertising, the default medium, therefore, even if the page is set to the most expensive price, if the site is not high quality of the site, the same is not matching To high keywords, so when your site and another site with the same subject, but your income is not high when he GG, please don’t be discouraged, you should take your stand and the people stood for comparison, so you can know your station and other sites that are different. There is not as good as others do well, the website is the soul of the traffic flow, is the soul of your site’s content, the best course is the original, if not original, then go back to the times, do false original, these for a successful site is necessary; improve the unit price of GG party.


any webmaster want to site on GG ad Click price and high, but in fact many webmaster GG ad Click price is very low, only a few clicks may show hundreds of knife income of tens of thousands, this is placed in front of all the owners, but also all the an urgent need to solve the problem.

. GG will automatically display advertising, visitors according to geographical location, because some advertisers required to limit advertising area.

‘s Minority Report by Spielberg,

· Xie interior: science fiction of culture also influence. It affects people’s expectations and aspirations. We can not ignore this effect, because this may lead to a failure of products: such as Motorola’s MicroTAC phone; may also be another successful reason: for example, Motorola’s mobile phone: StarTAC. StarTAC, the first flip phone, was actually inspired by "flip star" in "Star Trek". Science fiction is for human consumption, so many of the interface standards are the same as the standards we use. On this basis, the division >


How do you choose to invest when you have spare money

investors, the purpose is very clear, hope that through the investment profits, but often only on a fresh effort to entrepreneurship is difficult to be successful, as investors should be how to choose to make investment more efficient and stable? Perhaps another way of thinking to join the investment is a good choice!

This type of

entrepreneurs should be put into this business model, the most important thing is to pay attention to the quality of service, because the entrepreneur is difficult to control the quality of the goods, relatively speaking, the quality of service is particularly important. Only by upgrading other value-added services, in order to attract new customers, in order to allow customers to generate a sense of trust, loyalty.


How to join the fat

what is the risk of food on the market there is a saying that "a person’s hot pot", in fact, is a person can still eat hot pot, not many people just a few good. Thousands of people like hot pot, cooking food is able to tap the potential consumers of snacks. Open a shop of their own food, venture to join the election what project?

fat needs to join

is a set of best fat take food delicious, healthy, fashionable and convenient integration, maximize the realization of the characteristics of modern fast food, consumers can choose their own bottom material, seasoning, can package can be a single point, fresh free collocation,

Hot pot!

stores all is best at the fat man design bar with the high chair, sitting comfortably in the top, or with a companion or chat alone is delicious, let a person feel very comfortable. Desktop fashion dining atmosphere and dining system benefits not expensive, every meal time, store patrons full sometimes need Paihao, the extent of its popular visible

food expert analysis, the need for fat food is not accidental, there is a profound background and social roots, and the following characteristics help brothers and rivers to become the new favorite of Chinese fast food:

fatty food is a kind of suitable for a variety of consumption levels of food and beverage forms, there are enough consumer groups. Eat Hot pot to spend less money can eat well, eat the rich is not Diaojia Hot pot.

fat needs to meet the needs of modern food consumption diversification trend, in line with modern needs. Eat Hot pot is semi self-help in nature, which can satisfy the modern people to love the fun of himself, and each one takes what he needs. Eat Hot pot, but people can enjoy Shabu Shabu, dieters can rinse vegetables, hungry anxious people who eat noodles can rinse.

join process

address: site selection in the District, commercial street, the major cities of economic prosperity, schools, restaurants, etc..

investment analysis: the company generally recommended area of 30 to 80 square, the amount of investment in accordance with the specific circumstances of the region may be

store decoration: the company is to send professionals to guide the investigation of the franchisee decoration, the designer is responsible for the guidance of the store decoration, store decoration all costs borne by the franchisee.

signed a contract with the franchisee: by unanimous negotiation, (to ensure that each store our taste, we are Unifi Inc ingredients) the contract period of three years, three years after the expiration of free.

Open hot pot shop operating points to share

open hot pot restaurants need to pay attention to what investment matters? Many novice investors are very concerned about this issue. Today Xiaobian compiled the relevant experience can help you successfully opened. If you want to learn more, let’s take a look.

points location: it should choose the resident population is more open, Hot pot shop where the hotel!

To fully understand the surrounding the consumption level before

three points, decoration is very learned, if you drive a pasta, snack shop, especially at the station, wharf opened this kind of store decoration can not be too good, middle class best. In short, fresh on the line! If it is open hot pot shop, ventilation is very important. There is a lamp selection, pasta shop should choose white light, and should choose warm Hot pot dishes, this is very important, don’t ask why? For a long time you will know!

four points, on the scale, we must first look around how popular, but try bigger funds permitting. In particular, the size of the same type of shop in the same area to be large! If it is lack of funds, it is recommended that you give up! Don’t ask me why, this is something that involves too Dora, later and slowly pull!

five points, on the main materials and auxiliary materials, ingredients do not use too good, but also not too bad. Don’t ask why.

six points, on the pre publicity, especially the large open stores, or stores the Hot pot propaganda is very important! 15-20 days ahead of the start of the publicity, it is best to start their own staff to promote it can pull, there is no need to report the child or TV pull! The ways of advertising: customized cheap paper towels issued, no more than 2 cents a pack, please add to the surrounding community elderly yangko dance or drum team, along with the publicity around a few days!

seven points, a: This is to give you the boss and quasi bosses suggest, insist the suspect not, employers do not suspect the principle.

eight points, to fully grasp the surrounding consumption, such as take Hot pot in suburban areas should highlight is to highlight the taste of food component, spicy fresh, in the urban areas than the downtown area should be color, style, taste delicious dishes to highlight the sweet taste, and its distinctive taste. He! What do you need to pay attention to? Through the above introduction you must have understood, then act quickly, through the hot pot business to add luster to their lives!


You make money to join the integration of ecological wall Heng-Jie IKEA good


venture choose to join the ecological integrated wall? Both environmentally friendly and healthy, it is the first choice to join the venture. Successful venture to choose to join the IKEA? Healthy home life, you deserve! So, what are you hesitating about? Hurry up!

integrated ecological wall join money? Heng-Jie IKEA profit no dead. At present, our country is becoming a larger wall products market. China’s urban construction 500 million square meters per year, rural construction of up to 600 million square meters, public buildings up to 700 million square meters. According to the calculation of the walls and ceiling together accounted for the proportion of 30%, with 500 million square meters of wall decoration market in China every year. Honsjet IKEA ecological integrated wall quality and no one can, the industry leader, has been imitated, never surpassed.


IKEA 9 highlights: the integration of ecological wall 1, green environmental protection, healthy livable. 2, fashion combination, elegant taste. 3, class a fire, safety and environmental protection. 4, diamond quality, stable and reliable. 5, easy to install, namely live. 6, sound insulation and noise reduction, professional wall material, 7, moisture-proof mold, superior performance. 8, easy to wash, easy to deformation. 9, save space, 4D experience. Set off a buying spree in the market.

honsjet IKEA integrated wall products widely used ecological place and environment for families, offices, administrative buildings, hotels, bars, KTV, Leisure Center, hospital and School of the whole decoration engineering. Home outfit is installed, the technology is simple and easy to learn, low input high-yield, to ensure greater profit margins.

Heng-Jie IKEA ecological integrated wall profit without end, 1, promotional activities. 2, the development of subordinate agents. 3, and decoration design company. 4, and real estate developers to make money. 5, subsidiary business. 6, store money. 7, community direct. 8, micro channel management. 9, the portal cooperation. 10, resource marketing.

Party organization relationship transfer to achieve online management

April 10th, the Organization Department of the municipal Party committee organized the Xining party information network integrated management system, municipal training, municipal authorities, the District Department of the county Party Committee Organization Department 80 administrators participated in the study and training. The next week will be held in various districts and counties training courses to ensure stable operation of the system on-line.

The province’s first district Party committee in Xining west of Richpower pedestrian street

May 27th, Xining City West District ring Xinning Square shopping district Party committee "in Richpower pedestrian street was established, marking the" party alliance party circle + + business "officially formed, opened my province district of new development model integration type".

ring sunning Plaza is one of the most gathered the business district and catering area, existing enterprises and individual businesses more than 500, 21 Party organizations, liangmingshenfen Party member 124, the number of non-public enterprises, the business scope relates to commodity, commerce, catering, medical and other industries.

in recent years, Party members, Party members and Party members contact pocket increasing flow within the District, the party organization can not find the party members, Party members not liangmingshenfen, Party organizations in enterprises to integrate the resources of enterprises and building resources. In order to break the lack of coordination, the situation alone, the west area with the concept of "great party" thinking to create a red circle, the establishment of district Party committee of Xinning square ring, the integration of enterprise resources and building district resources, the district party advantages into development advantages, out of a new Road business district construction integrated development.

ring district Party committee will focus on the sunning Plaza services district economic development as the goal, focus on a good market boom in this game, the director of the committee, members of the unit held a meeting, joint research to solve the party construction work within the district and other major issues, to guide the business flow Party member liangmingshenfen, development district staff members, growing district party members team. Through the build dynamic mechanism, grasp the organization construction, resource sharing platform, office activities, plastic district culture, create enterprise brand, and guide the enterprises to establish the concept of values, polymerization enterprise resource advantages, formed by the district Party committee, Party building is the core of enterprise party organization based in Party construction mode, the realization of the party organization and the party’s work full coverage. On the party building work to promote the development of enterprises, to guide the party organizations and members of enterprises around the enterprise culture construction, production and operation of enterprises and the harmony and stability play a role in efforts to form interactive party take the stage for enterprises.


West District, the first batch of enterprises to enter the signing ceremony was held yesterday, 15 y

March 26th, the West District of Xining City, the first batch of incubatee signing ceremony was held in the West District Collegiate Business Incubation Center, 15 young entrepreneurs in the solemn agreement after signing with his team and dream to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship.

West District college students incubation center by the West District People’s government invested 17 million yuan, with a total area of 1170 square meters, can accommodate up to 36 start-up companies settled. Incubation center room area ranging from 9 square meters to 20 square meters, inside the incubator, business service area, management area, facilities, and is equipped with the enterprise management, expert consultation, finance, human resources service platform four. Settled, the company can enjoy the rent subsidies, subsidies, job subsidies, social security subsidies, tax relief, small loan guarantees and other financial incentives and other preferential policies. Although there are so many preferential policies, but not all enterprises can be settled. Combined with the development orientation of the West District, the incubator center will give priority to modern science and technology services, logistics, film and television production, business, design, training and education, animation, electronic technology, cultural media, such as small and micro enterprises settled. Therefore, in the initial registration of more than 280 projects, the relevant departments of the west district through layers of screening, the final determination of the tourism exhibition, courier projects, such as the 15 projects settled in non-ferrous trading center.

is helping small entrepreneurs play a good step, West District issued a "West District college business incubator work implementation measures (Trial)" and "west area of entrepreneurship incubator fund management approach (Trial)", the use of entrepreneurship students, fund application, management, incubation center responsibilities, hatching and support the policy provides detailed and clear. (author: Wu Yachun)