Web site chain optimization there to avoid risk of cheating

? In addition ?

anchor text links and hyperlink content associated with

error within the chain can easily result in the exposure of pomegranate algorithm, and some of the construction of the chain is also very love to increase the density of keywords, keyword description of black, but also on the keywords arbitrarily add anchor text links, or is returned directly to the home page, so random construction caused by love of spiders in Shanghai do not run out on the website inside very easily naturally, it is difficult to site high marks.

is the core link correlation, this is from pomegranate algorithm once again reiterated that there obtained the most accurate conclusions, if we ignore them, still go its own way to stack up the link anchor text, then return the natural love of Shanghai cruel punishment. How can we make sure that the link anchor text and hyperlink content between

anchor text links also need to pay attention to a problem, that is the anchor text for the link to expand the extension of reading at the end, this extension should be context, rather than once again return to the site of the column page, this is easy to give a spider that is cheating, because the column page is not a very good content that carrier only >

anchor text chain is not inside the site to do the more the better, but to follow a principle, will set the anchor text for the link that is natural and necessary, when the keyword appears in the article, according to the context meaning and then set the corresponding keyword anchor text links, so that the user by clicking on the keywords anchor text links, can get more accurate information, it has become one of the most important principles of chain optimization within the site, rather than see the keyword wait for the link anchor text and hyperlinks URL.

anchor text links to focus on the nature of the

general anchor text words are the words of the site, such as you are engaged in talent network, talent network and vertical type of site, medical talent network, then the medical personnel recruitment, medical personnel enterprise is the website’s keywords, these words made of anchor text links on one hand can make a direct and corresponding column on the other hand, let the anchor text link directly to the corresponding enterprise recruitment content page, remember that the diversity of the anchor text chain, rather than all the words are linked to a column page, look to be able to improve the weight of column page, but has the possibility of cheating to column page.

now do websites are attached great importance to the construction of the chain, when the love of Shanghai pomegranate algorithm and algorithm Scindapsus aureus on-line, many owners become traitors, because the construction of the chain of the site seems to be of little help, not only that there might be love to punish Shanghai, in this context, the construction of the website chain is is particularly important, the site within the chain is not smooth to love Shanghai spider crawling website plays a very important role, at the same time for the user experience, has a prominent role in highlighting the website keywords, so how to improve the site chain optimization

See how to do the optimization algorithm from the noble baby penguin update

penguins algorithm


I remember in 2010, I entered the Shanghai dragon industry, like most Shanghai dragon, I also start from the outside of the chain, but do English Shanghai Longfeng chain, the time that I remember, at that time our company is a trading company, and our company do stand group, a site two weeks do three words or so, is very fast, and very soon K, may we all know is the black hat tactics. K was also very calm, immediately copy a station, do a 301 redirect, then took the hair of the chain, the main is to send the chain blog every day, constantly false original article chain. I said a few colleagues arrived in Shenzhen this year and the previous company, how to talk, buddy at the trading company? He said, not to mention ah, now baby nobility is done, since last year the penguin algorithm, the method we mengfa blog soft outside the chain is not feasible, too the article are not included, rankings do not.

the United States time on Tuesday April 24, 2012, Google launched a new algorithm to update the program, codenamed "Penguin Update". Penguin, literally translated as the penguin, is to adjust the new algorithm after Google following the February 24, 2011 release of "Panda" launched again. The target that by means of improving over Shanghai dragon website, intended to drop right those who filled with ads. Subsequently, Google is expected to start in late April to punish "excessive optimization" website ranking, and encourage those who use white hat optimization technology engineer.

Penguin algorithm

goole launched last year to do a lot of English Shanghai Longfeng friends and in May this year, be at a loss what to do, and to update the noble baby penguin, then love Shanghai also launched the original Mars program, a webmaster to laugh, love of Shanghai is to follow the pace of the noble baby go. These days, heard friends say, noble baby penguin will upgrade, in May this year just 2 Penguin edition, Penguin appeared in algorithm 3 and algorithm 5 may then penguin. The owners how to deal with the search engine algorithm changing? Take Google Penguin upgrade it, first talk about penguins algorithm generation and update time.

from the company after 2012 June, I will do is to optimize the Chinese website, for the love of Shanghai, so the baby didn’t have a noble algorithm to understand. But in March of this year, our company boss said, English website to do a few, in English you optimize your site to do the Shanghai dragon. In March to make a stand, using the original method, a month, not what ranking, I realized that the method is wrong, so I re made a stand, another way to do it, you may have a friend who would.

the United States on May 22, 2013, Google launched a version of "Penguin 2 upgrade algorithm update scheme".

Long Jun use the analysis of website search engine search instruction

, the SITE instruction and expand the webmaster.

only for love

1, a website of all relevant domains: domain:+ domain name.

only for love

two, the Domain directive and expand the webmaster. [Shanghai]

2, a website related domain in a period of time. Site is similar to the above query method here. Within 24 hours of the new query related domain is typed in the browser address bar: 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s? Wd=domain%3A (domain name) & lm=1; new query related domain within a week will be the end of digital URL to 7 can be. Similarly, query a month, a year is to change the figure on the line. Here you can also provide the query function of many webmaster tools, to the owners of the house CHIN>

3, website column page and all pages. Expand the site instruction, such as many of our website integrated forum, and the forum did not enable two domain names, such as the Shanghai dragon WHY forum. We have included this method query website forum column so as follows: site:+ domain name /bbs. This method is also applicable to inquiry into the first floor column page. [love] for Shanghai

Hello, I am the Dragon Jun. Many webmaster gave me the title of this article, I may think that these instructions are in Big deal, webmaster every day, not familiar with the familiar, is nothing more than " site:" and " domain" instruction. In fact, these advanced search instructions have more specific usage, many owners do not know, only know that most of the number of all page query their website is love Shanghai included, and the number of domain containing related all love Shanghai included in the page, only this. Today Changsha Shanghai Longfeng share to further expand these advanced directives, let Shanghai dragon Er fully grasp their own and competitors’ website, convenient to do research, more in-depth analysis.

1, a website all indexed by search engines page. This will not say, instruction: site:+ domain name. [general]

2, a website is search engine included pages in a period of time. We want to be included in the query site within 24 hours of the situation how to check? Then we can enter the following url:贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s in the browser address bar? Wd=site%3A (domain name) & lm=1. At the end of the number 1 within 1 days, then the query method 7 days only at the end of the figure to 30, one month and one year as query method. Note here is only for a day, seven days a month, a year and all the time the search query. [Shanghai]

Entrepreneurship is not only to create profits, but more importantly, to accumulate

in 1998, when I was just reading the third grade, the computer is only listening to its not seen, and the Internet is even more strange, because of family conditions in general, every day staring, or just 17 inches of black-and-white television. One day when I was watching TV, there was a story touched me, a young man in the United States, because of their looks extremely confident, character is introverted, friends also poor, with the Internet curiosity, do a web page on the Internet, is home one of his tennis photos, there are some simple functions, but it is extremely simple website but let him become the focus of the public, many people know him through his personal website. Third term school added technical class, in fact it is not some students in addition to a class, I choose the computer class, behind somewhat disappointed me, the whole semester, learn five dozen pen, on less than five times, let me happy is "the king Pangqing head and 51…" I would recite, one class is typing speed, but also has been extended to the school.


read the secondary school, because of lax supervision, not only in class can be noisy, sleep, and later because of the rise of the Internet, sleeping in the class is more frequent, every night is over the Internet cafes overnight, even if no money, but also in the Internet bar, with the boss is slowly cooked up. Do something to help, make a free Internet, until met some college fellow, they learned through web based design (the school to fourth schools to open web design courses, 00 years) the school took one thousand to block the entry fee to the school in advance, restless with me every day more than a dozen pieces of floppy disks in the net bar, the tuition is bubble inside, back home again with the tuition and registration, I still can not adhere to finish school, did not take long to drop out to go home, back to the town. Internet cafe to work.

04 years since the release of the source works, is a company engaged in Fuzhou, ending more than three years of work in the Internet, the company also spent nearly three years, from the bottom to the technical director, from the programmer to promotion planning, or the future, in May 07 chose to resign, with dream, hope to start the first job experience, for a number of resumes, but mostly due to academic reasons, often to end without hearing a word about. That is the end of June a large domestic home appliance enterprises notice of my interview, through the human manager, regional manager, video interview, the company recognized me, exceptional hired, because of my personality, good times don’t last long, and is not satisfied with the corpse walk work, and chose to resign in October.

A small business choice

behind, although all aspects of treatment are good, but the overall feeling of lack of passion, this year at a friend’s instigation, coupled with their own ideas and accumulation of years of work, in March this year to Xiamen to start their own businesses, because the company is transferred over the previous, many things have saved all the equipment, and spent a total of more than 50000 registered company, it was expensive, but.

Along the operation that line, the novice to learn what fragmented knowledge (on)

Operation before

wrote an article called "your mind is a line, or a lot?", and you have a good understanding of the whole system is the main operation, especially the novice friends, I think is very important, not only know these, but also know why. As a person, I think for all operators of novice friends say: not to blindly actually more terrible, must not be quick to learn to walk, run up! But when we understand the whole operation ideas under the premise, you can go to expand their combat skills, will be more effective, and every effort you are valuable! Today and we talked about is the key operation of complete system, we follow the "operation of the line", which scattered knowledge points are we to learn

in the future?

before the list of learning knowledge, we still need to repeat the operation idea: positioning – retention – Drainage stimulus into perfect optimization; so we learn knowledge points to around the entire line, this system formed between each link to each other, a few words said, we started:

remarks: because of the wide range of operations involved, we can not enumerate all the knowledge, but we usually encounter, please know. This article focuses on sharing learning ideas, to provide some learning reference for novice friends, when you have a clear idea, the value of this article is reflected;

1. Learning a mind map tool;

why do we have to put mind mapping first, because this is our strategic guide to the operation?

1, what is mind mapping?

what is the mind map? The novice can often see many cattle were in demand analysis before the Internet, motionless posted a force tall on the mind map, see the novice friends is actually you can praise.

we know that the way the brain is thinking is a radioactive thinking. In a nutshell, you can think of A1, A2, A3, A4 by A…… Then, through the A1 point, you can also associate A1-1, A1-2, A1-3, A1-4…… Continuously extending downward and extending laterally, eventually forming a radial network structure;


and mind map can well reflect the complex thinking process intuitively and show us in the form of figures, and change them into concrete ones.

What does

2, mind map and operations have to do with it,


novice novice partners to ask, mind map and our operations have nothing to do with you say, the relationship is big,


location scene reproduction:

What is the first operation of

? Target user positioning?.

What are we going to do before the

is positioned?

I added IP to my site with the ladies body

or that young lady, do you remember? There was an article before,

for the first time: http://admin5.com/plus/view.php, aid=81390,

second times: I can’t find it.

third times: http://admin5.com/plus/view.php, aid=87256,

fourth, Fifth….

, let’s not say that.

goes to business:

after years of development, I finally know her name, called Jian Fang, the name has not said. The name is not very soil. The first time I heard her name, I couldn’t stand laughing. After many exchanges, people are good people, that is,…..

do you remember that Song Jiabao underwear, MM?. Once I chatted with her about it. She said, "OK, I can do image endorsements for your website.".

In fact, her name is

soil, but people really attractive. But I think she is a miss, there is a kind of can not tell the taste. But I agreed. If you want to see what my spokesperson looks like, please come to my cross stitch trade forum. Ha ha, a IP is coming again.

said endorsement, many people will think of well-known brand advertising star beauty image.

in fact, we can also achieve grassroots, which can be regarded as a method of website promotion.

what’s Song Jiabao selling? Underwear?. Why does it cause so many people to pay attention to it, why do you still have a video lecture from Alibaba?. Originality is that she uses people’s curiosity, first to promote herself, and then to promote the products she sells. And finally realized the purpose of making money.

website is also our product. We rely on websites to make money. Well, we can’t afford a star. We can use our girlfriend and wife to act as spokesmen. For example, I do is cross stitch Trading Forum, the first one I used to do real image promotion, this approach in the actual product marketing with more, but used the website promotion, especially counterparts in many forums, I only tree method is not unique, but the banner of people. More repeat customers can be used.

we do not prevent, but also use this method to promote their own station bar.

said, "if you use this method to promote trading stations, such as Taobao, independent website, will virtually increase the customer’s trust in you.".

, don’t be afraid to upload your photos and girlfriend’s photos to the internet.

by the way, although she’s in that situation, she’s just a shampoo girl. Now a career change, back home. Life is so strange, I believe she can do their own future.

this station is >

Online recruitment Adsense let me dumbfounding

has been eager to build a website these days, because after a little publicity, the site intends to meet the audience directly to find QQ,

even after a bit, it is a very funny joke

I completely do not understand the site, just want to find people, I sent two posts

there is a way to cooperate, because I see a lot of people doing nothing, when confused, there should be people willing to try cooperation.

, somebody is looking for it. The first one, the technical difference, I do not know at the beginning, and second conversations later, only to know that the first one has enthusiasm, but the operation ability is a bit lacking. Second things are very active, talked about fifth days later, they have a forum out, and put in space.

But the

layout is not what I want, I spent a lot of time and communication, considering that everyone is a future partner. I also need to practise the way with partner communication skills. But slowly, the second one is missing. He looks good and knows at least something new.


my website structure and mode of operation more clear, so I rush to the site to do it, so I took the time to find another, which I have not given up second, because we have a good chat, and it looks like he is a go getter, this is the type I admire., but also did not expect a say do not do people. Ha ha,

third, I want to pay a little money in the past, the price is not much, 100 deposit, I went downstairs in the evening 200, because the deposit as long as 100 of the people, I feel very real, so pay a little more. He told me to show me the layout in three days. Five days later, that is, today, I want him to give me a time plan, he told me not to do, there are other cases, I waited five days after the white, it is actually such a result. "Poor," I told him. "If the website does well, I’ll double his offer.". He’s only 2000.

, I really want to curse people, think about it, call him a waste of cells, I also smiled, told him that there is time to return the deposit is good. He said he would transfer it to me when the Internet was a bit faster. I am not going to be the 200 fastest bother. It doesn’t matter whether you retire or not.

sees a lot of websites that claim to be able to make websites on the Internet, the three met unexpectedly is such:

1. technology is not through, I do not know SNS.

2. can’t accept other people’s opinions. Website operations need to be coordinated with promotional campaigns and destination groups.

3. is basically a flicker, do something to have a plan, can not rashly promise others, and then can not explain.

I still think the three are good. Just sigh, if this is the attitude and way of doing things, how to achieve their goals and ideals?.

, there’s a big crowd calling for Entrepreneurship

Sina 2015WE DreamWorks college entrepreneurial growth camp Hubei field graduation

now young college students are a generation of creative and career ambition. Many of them are not satisfied with the work to follow the prescribed order, personal ambition through entrepreneurship. Sina Hubei successfully organized the 2015WE dream workshop college students employment growth camp, attended by 30 students showed excellent employment and entrepreneurial quality.

2015 December 26th, sina Hubei dream factory venture roadshow contest and directional recruitment will be held at the Huazhong Normal University student activity center in. The 7 group of contestants wonderful entrepreneurial project was highly praised by the judges and the scene of the students repeatedly praised. But after the contest targeted recruitment intention to engage in new media related occupation to attract more students to a number of well-known enterprises, outstanding students for the 30 bit WE DreamWorks to participate in an interview with more than and 50 good jobs.

WE DreamWorks is jointly sponsored by Sina, micro-blog business school, Hubei hosted the Sina public training project, through the selection of training practice employment recommendation, for graduating college students in Wuhan and enterprises to build effective communication platform for employment and entrepreneurship. 2015 Hubei Sina WE WE DreamWorks DreamWorks is third years of landing in Hubei, from mid October this year in the 6 national city after the early start, Sina online registration, selection, training, cultivate a group interested in the Internet business or engaged in Internet related work, outstanding students have the basic skills of new media the.

site to watch all classmates with placards praise, for their love of the gas project vote. Finally, the Huazhong Normal University of Huazhong Normal University Qin Qin Dian "workshop" project, by the unanimous approval of the judges and the investment of people, the judges are given the highest virtual investment gold, was named best WE DreamWorks venture project. Was provided by Edgar eye 50 thousand yuan bonus entrepreneurship and Sina Hubei to provide 450 thousand yuan promotional resources. South-Central University For Nationalities and Wang Jianhui’s "Pao Ding" most students won the favorite, was named the most popular DreamWorks WE project.

in four recommended

What should be prepared to open a restaurant

There are many

open restaurants business, but the real success of the business investment is less than the absolute, many businesses do not follow the trend of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial clear details, if you want to invest in business, come to learn together how to get business.

1, before starting to determine whether they are interested.

2, before opening up to accumulate industry experience.

The so-called

It is difficult to

3, distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of joining the brand.

4, field trips

formally before signing the contract, we must understand the various conditions of the franchisee commitment, the proposal must inspect. See whether the franchisee is formal, legal, business license and business scope is determined.

related recommendations

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