How to optimize the basic web structure optimization

imagine, if your website title and your core keyword is not the same, that is to say you store signs tell others that you are selling mutton, you store is the dog, this is not hanging deceptive! So, your website title must reflect keywords to the site. Reasonable layout of

tag optimization, webmaster know, we all are in the optimization of the long tail keywords around several core keywords and expand, while the three label is like a shop sign, tell them what it is.

structure optimization and link optimization is inseparable, our main purpose is to optimize the link, the entire site is like a big spider web, between the various pages can be linked to each other, the home page and column page, column page and column page, the article page and column page, text >


but, if necessary, can put a link on the home page, so the search engine more easily, the equivalent of a two page.

here optimized mainly from several aspects:

second is to increase the user experience of the website, good internal structure, is conducive to the smooth user to find the information they want, which depends on the link structure of the anchor text timely, without thinking to allow users to click on the link, imperceptibly several

browsing page!The In fact, !Why

is the optimization of the structure and structure, try to choose a flat structure, or tree structure, layers of distribution, such as a web page column page, the page, then the root directory can be found at the site of the folder, for each column, the folder is the site of the article page structure. As simple, it is best not to have too many folders, a layer of a layer, when the article page, there will be several layers of the directory, it is difficult for the spider crawling! Deep web page is not easily indexed by search engines.

Is the first

today and we discuss the optimization of the website construction, we should know that the first step is to start from the station optimization, regardless of your station is just on the line of the railway station or is optimized to half of the station, we need to optimize the station, like a snowball, must be within the firm, external to snowball, optimization is the same, the station optimization well, standing outside the promotion can only play a multiplier effect. In the station optimization is the main label optimization, structure optimization, link optimization aspects of

said the website structure optimization is essential to optimize the structure of the Shanghai dragon? Can produce what benefits? Of course is the first to love spiders in Shanghai, we know that in addition to the external links to the page to bring the weight, site within the chain itself also has the very high ranking ability, optimize the structure is very conducive to the search engine spider crawling smoothly growth, included. Moreover, the website structure optimization is an important factor in weight distribution within the page.

How to analyze and surpass the competition site

second, the keyword research competition website.

first, how is to see the other page of the website optimization condition, whether through Shanghai Longfeng optimization.

third, included view the competition website. If a competitor’s website included quantity is very large, there are two possibilities:


has a lot of pages to see that purely designers do not understand completely, to Shanghai dragon. All the same, such as the page title in URL with a large number of dynamic parameters etc.. In view the site directory and directory structure, is very clear is the key, is Shanghai dragon treated directory hierarchy is very clear, the website structure is also very reasonable, but not treated directory is very messy. For those who have not been treated in Shanghai Longfeng competition website, as long as your site to do some simple adjustment, keywords ranking is very easily to the front row competition website.


will rival the site to do a table, and then determine the degree of difficulty of each keyword. If the competitors and optimize the same keywords, how long does it take to exceed him, see if it’s worth doing, if the keyword rival optimization particularly difficult, need to spend a year of effort can hope to pass them, such words best give up. Because a year long time, at this time of the year can be optimized to many keywords medium difficulty, medium difficulty conversion keywords these add up to far greater than the difficult words, so there is no need to waste time in this difficult key words.

fourth, see the rival site outside the chain, don’t look at the number of children the number does not have high weight, mainly to see the number of high quality links. This number determines the weight and height of the web site.

when we took over a site began to optimization, we certainly need to analyze the competitors, it is also difficult to learn about the optimization of keywords and the size of the degree of competition, then this website and I analyze how to analyze competitor and beyond other

website or age is very long, included the number is slowly accumulated; or the quality of website content is very high, most published content indexed by search engines. In the first case, as long as some of the content published every day, after a period of time, included in the amount will be more than the competitors. For the second case, obviously the competitor’s website has been highly accurate website optimization, than it is not an easy thing in the collection, so every published content must be of high quality content, so as to make the site slowly by the favour of search engine, in order to obtain high weight to some. Have the opportunity and competition competition.

fifth, see H tag in the page, page text in the layout, site column layout, the arrangement of the internal links and flow, domain name registration.


Please stick to the core competitiveness analysis of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Dragon


spiders crawl value: whatever you do what industry of Shanghai dragon, if you want to have the ideal ranking in the search engine, search engines must solve the problem, then your website code must be on the spider friendly, about web design, Shanghai launched a love love Shanghai webmaster guidelines Google launched Google webmaster guidelines. The two search engines on the website design problems have a clear explanation.

user experience value: the value of user experience is mainly reflected in the page design, website production, but the production of web content should be complete and solid product combination, need not be exaggerated, but do not need to hide, the core value of production through the website of the embodiment of the content of enterprise products is the needs of most users, such as network with the product of propaganda, why I can network with the word and multi word optimization to love Shanghai home? Is the author of the network products have sufficient understanding, from 2003 -2011 years I have been in Jiangsu – Jiangdu – Bridge Town, here is the network with products gathered, and the mesh belt the main business dealings 8 years of production, manufacturing machinery to network with catalogs from the mesh belt, is now planning practitioners to more than 20 manufacturers, is not an exaggeration to say that in the Industrial Park, the name of the network with almost all manufacturers have heard.

The value of

link: link value includes the value chain and the chain of the site itself, product and brand chain is equivalent to the flagship enterprise, core competitive value products, brand enterprises to launch, from their own web site links, competitive products, brand value chain should be given more support for example, the enterprise brand, product key. The value of the chain is equivalent to the user of the corporate brand, product.


I do not know whether you see the ZAC blog, also do not know whether you are familiar with the ZAC’s "Shanghai dragon combat password" even if you are familiar with the "Shanghai dragon combat password if you understand the ZAC writing purpose, whether to grasp the essence, whether the real Shanghai dragon. Today to share what is the core competitiveness of Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai Longfeng development today, may not only make Shanghai Longfeng ER headache, but will let too many business owners have a headache, too much of the Shanghai dragon, too much pride in the Shanghai dragon ER, to the immediate trivial interests hurt business owners, more hurt myself, I do not know which kind of mentality of Shanghai would you consider ER back to Phoenix, to afford this occupation? I am a Shanghai dragon

social value: social value is mainly reflected in the site is accepted by the user, when the site is accepted by the user, the user is active collection, recommend, share your website, website user experience from the value, as long as you do the website content and the actual production line, and create maximum benefits for the user. So the site will be generated from the user’s mouth site reputation, resulting in the expansion of social value.

, a website to optimize the Shanghai Dragon

Give your web site a lock dynamic password easy to implement

With the popularization of

, network security is becoming more and more serious. And the famous CSDN technology community of more than 600 users broke the plaintext password exposed after the event, Tianya 40 million user password leak plaintext in the world, followed by renren.com, happy net, mop.com, even Jingdong like Alipay mall, dangdang.com, the electricity supplier website have burst password leak, tens of millions of user data exposed on the public network platform, let us not to worry about the network by the serious security problems.

now, many of the electricity supplier and bank sites are using dynamic password service, greatly protect the user’s information and security of funds, the main way is:

1, dynamic password card, similar to the form of scratch cards, anyway by two indices to identify the current password.

common: bank password card, etc.;

disadvantages: need to carry, and easy to copy or take notes, security is relatively high, and limited use.

2, according to the special hardware token algorithm (general time algorithm) to generate an unpredictable random combination of numbers, each code can only be used once, or similar to the U shield insertion hardware required to a class of data comparison.

common: U shield, QQ token, etc.;

disadvantages: need to carry, use more complicated, and cost a lot of hardware costs;

3, mobile phone password: one is through software to achieve dynamic password generation, and the other is relatively simple, through SMS to obtain verification code to confirm the identity;

: common QQ mobile phone token, Alipay mobile phone payment verification code;

disadvantages: you need to bind to your phone. If you change the phone number, it will be more trouble, and sometimes you will encounter delay or not receive. The website needs to deploy SMS platform, and a lot of SMS will cost a lot.

above all have their own advantages, but there is a big problem, is not suitable for small and medium-sized site deployment, all need to spend a lot of time and capital costs, and increased to the user a lot of burden; then have a more convenient and no security password based solutions.


the author through years of network construction experience, summed up and invented a simple parallel effective password implementation program, and for all types of language written web site, small and medium-sized websites can be quickly deployed.

small website user login common way: "username + password" or "username + password + code"; even with the MD5 encryption, but also can not guarantee the customer password is not compromised, because the password input process is likely to be the next person to see, or computer after Taiwan Trojan records, if you want to solve this the problem, that there is only one way, let people see the wood or monitor password >

Jewelry store business notes

jewelry stores in the increasing number of, want to open this kind of shop, in the investment process also need to pay attention to a series of problems. Many novice do not know where to start, the idea is not very clear, small series finishing the relevant steps of the analysis, hoping to provide some reference for you, I hope you can do a good job in investment business.

1, choose a good brand

Select a

already on the market and occupy a certain market share of the brand to join, in general, this brand of product variety, to meet the different levels and different occupation, different age, different ethnic groups of consumers, and brand jewelry will have their own style, exquisite products, exquisite workmanship, reasonable price, to a certain extent than ordinary jewelry replacement fast, it can stimulate consumer desire.

2, choose a good location

location for shops in the business plays a major role, according to the experience of brand shop, it is best to choose in the downtown traffic, traffic convenient, if taking into account the rent and other factors, many colleges and universities around the target groups living in the area is also a good choice.

3, let the store unique

with the streets and lanes jewelry stores continue to increase, in the peer serried environment, whose shop can attract the attention of customers who can win the development. Therefore, in order to open a jewelry store will not despise storefront renovation effect. Recommended lighting effect color collocation, goods on display, lighting, background music selection, see the goods route into consideration, not to luxury for can, nor in the rough shabby cost-effective, it is important to practical, personality, taste.

4, jewelry art display

as material, light accessories, in order to achieve the best display effect, the owner in the management process should always try to adjust the position and angle of jewelry display, let the customer had amazing feeling, thus have a favorable impression on the whole store. According to the relevant research, for customers, the best visual area in the range of 80 cm, so the jewelry store jewelry display must make full use of space, unique clever collocation.

jewelry stores also need to pay attention to the operation of the method, a lot of novice investment is not very clear, if you want to do a good job in the investment business, you need to mention the preparatory work. More than a few things that can help you find some new investment inspiration, hurry up, as soon as possible to establish a successful shop.

related recommendations

Compare and see which type of stationmaster you belong to

in the network society, as a webmaster, have you ever thought of such a question: why can’t I succeed? Compared with the following types, to see how far away from success.

There are four types of webmaster on the


from the most simple points, the characteristics can be divided into: clever or stupid, lazy or lazy; then combined into four kinds: smart and diligent webmaster webmaster, clever and lazy webmaster, stupid and lazy, stupid and hard-working webmaster webmaster.

1. smart and diligent Webmaster: the webmaster more, can be ready to grasp the needs of users, continuously self innovation, and to rapidly execute in place for anything, and then his own clever through the website to reflect, plus your diligent, it would be easy to see website success;

success index: five star

2. smart and lazy webmaster Webmaster: This is not much, unless it is already have on the site of the track, you only need to grasp the specific direction, hard things to men; because there is the lazy and successful, such as hao123 Adsense a few pages as to be successful; but if you haven’t with this website, but also lazy, that you say you are clever webmaster


success index: Samsung

3. stupid and hard-working webmaster Webmaster: This is not a lot, because they often do stupid and wrong direction, a domain name today on this site, and to do the station tomorrow, no goal but very hard, finally do are very difficult to profit garbage station.

success index: one star

4. stupid and lazy Webmaster: if you are such a webmaster, I suggest you find a permanent job better, every day over 8 hours, took a fixed salary, to tell the truth this kind of webmaster is almost impossible to be successful.

success index: sporadic

such a division is not absolute, but can give us some inspiration, we webmaster in the future on the road, what kind of webmaster, or in their own efforts,


Why only four percent of webmaster success

traditional industry success rate is 20%, but the webmaster circle really successful only four percent, why is that so? I think the reason may be the following:

is not clear enough about the webmaster profession,

a lot of people entered the stationmaster industry by accident, in line to see a senior success experience, enthusiasm and then roll up sleeves on the start of the webmaster. However, senior success is paid the effort and sweat, and a lot of people in look at the time, only to see the predecessors only primary school education, feel that they are graduating from high school, better than their predecessors, who can be successful, will only see themselves more successful; predecessors spent three years later earning a bucket of gold, so think you will be earning gold after three years of fighting…… Senior’s success is to break out of their own, is to adhere to the results, the webmaster industry is more and more low threshold, more and more people into the relatively more competitive, think of their own web site has a lot of people have done, how can go beyond? What is the webmaster, you see a man in the street with dishevelled hair and a dirty face on the left hand, right hand bags of instant noodles, cigarettes, he could be a webmaster, webmaster from entering the industry, to the entry must have a process of experience and learning, and this process is very difficult, a lot of people are in the process of the fall, you ask yourself, maybe you are a college degree, but you the website can persist for three years without income, family and friends can endure misunderstanding? If you think that buy a domain name, buy a space, get some data to build a web site can make money if you don Don’t know what is the webmaster, you may be doomed not to stick to the failed because.

has no plans and doesn’t pay much attention to learning

there are some people, also know stationmaster bitterness, also in this industry at one or two years, but did not succeed, because although the owners know, although insisted, but insists there is no plan to get up in the morning, open the QQ, and Baidu SITE, and then go to the SITE website content update, a few days later find data or less, to the QQ group hysteria shouted, why my station is not included, expect to get some expert advice, scanty people may give directions, or even by the administrator to T out. Repeat the same thing every day happy and not exhausted, after the same must have the same effect, the operation of the site a bit of planning are not, but do not pay attention to learning, the problem solving for help, no one was shelved. All the webmaster is from 0 start, successful webmaster has planned for the promotion of the website, encountered problems, devote themselves to study, rather than blindly go to other people’s help. What kind of person do you belong to,


can not insist on flighty and impetuous

has already said before, not to say that a domain name, with space, install a CMS, collect data, just waiting for the money. The website can make money, but the premise is your website must be able to provide the real service for the user, many people’s website inside content stationmaster oneself all not >

My website promotion experience, my summary of this period of time

first, after I finish this website after, this is second months, two months and we talk about my grades, if I do good will humbly learn from you, I do not want to give us a good reference for the current world ranking! The 1590240 engine, all included detailed information, not to say, you must know how to query, query to know www.100hx.cn!


my site Mars media, the operation of two months, but the domain name for 2 years, there has been talk of not doing now is just beginning, when the site just build a little eyebrow to when we should first of all to the search engine submission, I soon included, think there are two reasons 1, the domain name has been the major search engines but also not included, only later do, not included, this re do it naturally soon included. The 2 is that I feel, is the site of my silly not to do not do optimization cheating on old things to do their own website with good content summary is not good!! you will forgive me, after the submission of the search engine has brought some weight, then find something Links is inevitable, I don’t find a few but are found that relatively good site exchange, and do not be K connection, you do your K engine. Find friendship connection started to mobilize the surrounding friends fooled them to help you promotion website Oh, I find a lot of people in the family, colleagues, friends and so on is to help you, not to help promote the ink to make them help to promote heyhey, then there is posted on the forums, I at the 3 forum often go inside chat, not advertising, just put the individuality signature written on my website, you will see the last love, is a little card printed promotional site, only to the useful people, such as Internet cafes to avoid slow road recklessly!!! The other can’t think up, etc. up in the

and to share with you!A little experience

above is my promotion website, you must do what do not cheat, I was determined not to cheat, the only people really love my website often, it is good. Write this, if you want to help, thank you I can support my website Mars media, if not to help you you only see a joke, here you are!


Taiwan hand cake join details

snack street what kind of cake can not be less, that is, of course, we all like to pull the hand pull the cake, a small piece of barbecue with lettuce eggs, the taste will make people think saliva. Do you know how the hand Catching cake comes from? Hand grasping cake formerly known as onion cake, originated in Taiwan, china. 2004 was discovered in Taiwan night market and in 2005 formally introduced from Taiwan to the mainland. Fresh baked after grasping cake, one hundred thousand layer stack layer, such as tissue, hands, face silk thousand even, the outer layer is golden and crisp, soft and white, a green onion and gluten fragrance Pubi come, let everyone to wait for, grab and eat. Has been swept the country, pork, egg, pork collocation can beef pie, bread, sausage and pepper chicken heart vine Bacon, ham, chicken, vegetables and other accessories, can also be fried Cumin Juice, collocation spicy sauce, tomato sauce, spicy sauce, sweet sweet sauce, salad sauce, black pepper sauce, pork sauce etc. the sauce, crispy and delicious, good for both young and old. Taiwan hand cake is now very popular brand, so how to join this brand?

Taiwan hand cake join details

join conditions:

1, the concept of approved headquarters

2, with entrepreneurial passion

3, with a certain management philosophy

4, with certain investment funds

join advantage:

1, in order to conquer the taste of your shop area consumers.

2, the investment is small, the profit is considerable, the income is stable, does not need to suspect any risk.

3, easy to get the formula of this product with a full set of equipment.

4, operability is strong: after training to master the production process Essentials (to the company can also learn by face-to-face).

5, the company management norms, guidance for students to ensure a successful one!

join mode:

(1) chain stores:

1, window takeaway

2, mobile image car

3, food plaza, hotel booth

(2) regional agency operations:


Innovation is the only effective way to stimulate the vitality of the brand

want to establish a good brand, it must be recognized by the majority of consumers. Brands need vitality. There are two potential problems with a brand that is less dynamic: first, visibility is low, consumers do not immediately think of such brands when shopping. They will be lost in the complex environment, gradually disappear in the minds of consumers. Second, the situation may be even worse, perceived quality and credibility and other important indicators of decline. In addition, the ability to differentiate from other products and maintain customer loyalty is also declining.

and those brands are not full of vitality in this wave of the wave of brand decline. Usually, they are not only durable in the brand image, but also can deliver satisfactory financial results. By Robert  of University of Washington; Jacobson and Natalie  BAV modeling research conducted by Mizik showed that the vitality of the brand, increase energy and attitude brings stock returns (based on GE IBM, which plays an important role in the enterprise product sales in brand research). In fact, the team has redefined the concept of what is now called "the distinction of vitality", because without this distinction, the influence is correspondingly small. So, what is the vitality of the brand? It should include the following:

‘s sense of participation: people involved, the brand can become a part of the activity or valuable way of life. For example, Lego, Disney, Starbucks, Google and amazon.