September 2017

Web site chain optimization there to avoid risk of cheating

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anchor text links and hyperlink content associated with

error within the chain can easily result in the exposure of pomegranate algorithm, and some of the construction of the chain is also very love to increase the density of keywords, keyword description of black, but also on the keywords arbitrarily add anchor text links, or is returned directly to the home page, so random construction caused by love of spiders in Shanghai do not run out on the website inside very easily naturally, it is difficult to site high marks. read more

Website ranking drop after Countermeasures

page had to sayIn fact, this

4: is the same industry beyond

first check the site within the URL path design structure is reasonable, generally URL path to design brief, which is beneficial to the search engine spiders crawling and crawling content. If the design is not reasonable, no rules included in the site will be relatively poor, included low naturally affect the ranking. And the dead links every day or week to check the website, see if there are a lot of dead link and invalid connections, these connections will affect the user experience and the engine spiders. This phenomenon slowly let the search engine spiders antipathy, will affect the site included, the worst case website will be right down, check the dead links to webmaster tools can query, if the term does not check the website ULR dead links lead to death too much, and you happened to have to do 404 page (the author suggest that you must do 404 pages, this is the search engine, it suggested) your site’s ranking can not read more

Wangzhuan Taobao guest Shanghai Longfeng single page optimization keyword selection to be precise

three: relevant and persuasive content to

zern shoes single product brand, we do optimization keyword selection can be zern: zern zern, official website, leather shoes, leather shoes zern zern leather shoes quality is good, how the price of shoes, leather shoes, zern zern zern, how much money, leather shoes shoe stores such as zern offer more accurate keywords. But this choice for when we write good writing, search the customer is also very accurate, the conversion rate is high.

Shanghai dragon! keywordFor this read more

Website optimization has a cockroach spirit

website optimization from the construction of the content and the chain of the two methods, in fact, optimization method is similar. Since Shanghai dragon in this industry, have to do is to optimize the lottery website, in the continuous adjustment of love Shanghai algorithm, my website is dead and live, not long to live and die. How to open up a new way of optimizing the lottery website, I have been in the research problem. Shanghai launched a new algorithm of love, what is the intention of the webmaster is clear, to improve the user experience, and constantly improve their own algorithms, reduce Internet spam there. read more

The static single page how to do on the flow of more than 2500

here is how to do a single page on IP more than 2500, although the website looks fragile, see only one home, no columns and other content, the URL is not made, or suspicion of advertising, a figure below for everyone to see, a photo card, so that everybody says I was blown out:

analysis from Shanghai love search engine, the weight of single page than multi page to high, such as the site has a history of four or five years, I believe the website weight is relatively high, this is like a child to eat birthday cake, a two children one cake, can let everybody eat very full, if let the village children to eat, so every child would have tasted a little, this is why the single page will let each keyword ranking is very good. read more

To help you on the five methods of analysis of the weights of the website

three: how many


check the number of the chain of YAHOO is very accurate, we can see how much the chain number on our website, the correlation of the chain, the station the link, and the link between the station, through the do a simple comparison, the specific circumstances can get a website weight, YAHOO chain more and more web site weight will be high, and vice versa! Especially the relevance of the

YAHOO the chain number

is a great influence on the direction of link love Shanghai weight, the higher the quality of links, the spider through these trans times will come to your website on your site will be more impressive, nature will give you website a higher evaluation, of course, because of the high quality website recommendation, naturally make your website a lot of extra points, so many people say that content is king, the chain for the emperor is the importance of trans read more

Keywords hot optimization of several key points of the

if the picture, then please add to the picture alt attribute, or the use of picture content more, named time is almost the same, you can give each image with a running serial number, in order to ensure the uniqueness of this picture.

second: Keywords page keywords and description tags (if it is English keywords, please also appear in URL); although the search engine on the two labels do not seriously, but it’s not a bad use of.


throughout the article should be at least 2-3 paragraph a keyword, in the end should be similar to the first paragraph keywords appear 2-3 stressed under the center frequency of keywords. A good real estate network coding and processing each writing an article, the Shanghai dragon consciousness into the article can cater to the good search engine of high quality original articles, keep for a long time will allow the search engine to spin continuously in your web site. If there is a large number of high quality original articles published every day, it is equal to the search engine crawlers are a lot of eat delicacy, they rely on your website again is not willing to go read more

Love Shanghai new Shanghai dragon scores similar to the noble baby pr

this may show on your web page ranking and impact

Meta information: keywords and description lack of meta tag

static page parameters: the use of dynamic parameters in the static page, will cause the spider repeat several times and grab


of the PR value update, give it a wake up in Shanghai. Love Shanghai without a noble baby is similar to the PR value of the products, China webmaster will not forget noble baby.

frame will lead to the capture of spider love Shanghai love Shanghai is difficult, it is recommended that you avoid using read more

On the love of Shanghai Google search engine

well, at half an hour, the.

good morning everybody, I am Chinese electrical portal editorial a few days ago, wrote 2 original, A5 is awesome ah, all closed, these days the mood, then talk to write some original, talk about my understanding of the search engine, hope you love.

More than 90%

many webmaster friends do stand time is 1 years, Shanghai Longfeng optimization sometimes seems simple but almost inaccessible, why? Do a good website is not only out of love for Shanghai included, Google included, the number of the chain, the PR value, mainly is to earn money. Do not stand for what is it? Is the site of the flow of elements of soul. I believe that most sites 70% are brought by search engine traffic, and it is also the major search engines love Shanghai with Google play a leading role, the brothers like his palm of the hand, which hurt themselves, which are not to offend, domestic Chinese webmaster, most of the traffic is from love Shanghai. While the domestic Adsense revenue sources, mainly from the noble baby adsense. read more

How to choose the investment website Shanghai dragon Links soft VS

in addition, because Links as a long-term investment products, the need to observe the long time link quality. Link business sale website quality are generally not high, largely because of the frequent replacement of outbound links, number of links caused by too much. Link local news network after I had purchased a PR7, 2 months after falling to pr3.

look at the PR7 China national geographic network, the sale of Links there were as many as 109 PR, a value of 0.2, however, each link price is 200 yuan per month. I just find a PR1 site, the PR output value can reach 0.22, can imagine such low investment rate of return. read more

Four points to judge the quality of the chain

site outside the chain, we should also understand this point. The chain is certainly more healthy and better, and to vote, if it is a criminal or a fake cast the doctor vote, I think you will not admit it or believe that one vote, they might also have the opposite effect, a cheater said a good doctor, you dare to find the doctor? Of course, you don’t have to worry about their own websites will be competing for spam links, search engine to determine the >

what conditions?The quality of the chain of Extensive read more

Teach you how to go beyond the opponent site open speed

two, with JS

Now most of our website

three, the interception and location of the CSS file


DIV+CSS is mainly used to do it, for the CSS file, we can merge the corresponding links to reduce the number at the same time, we should put some small pictures of the site must do a picture, locate the interception in the CSS, it is very good for the optimization of CSS.

if we buy a server, you must employ a very proficient on the server operation, setting and safety aspects of the people to manage our server, be sure to open the speed of our website. read more

Search engine optimization of user experience of users come from

second, the appearance of the site (repeat)

don’t think above.

care about you is by user, when you open a web site, with the snail slow, you think users will like what? He or she may feel that the first question himself, then he choose to believe that you try to open the other sites, but the other site open speed as the Coupe just as quickly, then he would never point your website, then you will lose a customer, not to mention the user experience. So what can we do to open the site quickly? Is very simple is also a good choice of the space business, to make your website open speed no menace from the rear. read more

Shanghai dragon from the last laugh is the ultimate winner

said it is to love Shanghai so we rank as it is to our user ranking. Know the reason to start relatively easy optimization. But most people have to do around the love like this Shanghai search engine, you do better, but also do not pay the love of Shanghai. The chain can rely on our website to push up, but the latter is ranked hits rely on to maintain the sustained. So what are the factors affecting the website ranking? How can we diagnose our website, the legend of the following combination of their own learning experience to share experiences. read more

Small and medium sized enterprises should be how to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization

2, the paragraph is clear

Optimization of

simple update their website content is not enough, also need to find some famous website links and cooperation, it will be through other ways for customers to site drainage.

, the first web site

Wei Zexi with the 2016 outbreak, love Shanghai PPC has been in dire straits, this event also is another kind of network marketing mode of Shanghai Longfeng optimization pushed to another sales peak. But we know that many network marketing companies in Shanghai Longfeng optimized fee is very high, for the lack of promotion cost of many small and medium enterprises, we should how to do the optimization work of Shanghai dragon read more

The chain of the long way to create exclusive 2013 links


1: the web site outside the chain where the text is very important to highlight the importance of correlation

, a web site link, simply explain this truth, in the URL signature text in general, are closely related to this website, but also love Shanghai will be mistaken for a transitive dependency links, the judgment for our webmaster provided a good chance, why say so, because now in many forums, it is difficult to do outside the chain, especially the position of the signature anchor text, however, in this case, you can easily use the text form to mention the anchor text, this comprehensive effect is worth to advocate. read more

Shanghai dragon is not weakened but enters the Shanghai Dragon 3 times

many webmaster think Shanghai dragon is ignored, no need to do the Shanghai dragon, even think that personal website has no way out, in fact. "Shanghai Dragon 3" this concept has become a reality. Shanghai Dragon 3 focusing on the user experience, in turn is no longer the search engine optimization, but to optimize the search experience.

is not difficult to find, Shanghai dragon 2 is based on the improvement of Shanghai dragon 1 on the 3 or so, Shanghai dragon an exploration of the Shanghai dragon pattern, if the full implementation of this mode, will the introduction of social function, so I believe that Shanghai will improve the 4 Dragon Dragon Phoenix 3 development when certain get. read more

The current search engine under the situation of students engaged in website optimization need to av

, now a lot of students engaged in the site optimization is with a strong forward, to invest a lot of money, regardless of their economic capacity, and the students do not have their own income, so to put too much money is very bad behavior. The site for most students, students should be positioned to investment, rather than business. Don’t daydream, you don’t mix 35 years in this industry, do not talk about entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is very difficult, but the investment is relatively easy to point. Therefore, students should not spend too much money into the website optimization of them, this is not realistic for students, it is not desirable. read more

The breakdown of industry veteran of Shanghai dragon views of the future

second, with various segments of the installation of the application and popularization of the search engine has become the Internet, especially mobile Internet entrance proportion reduced, and this reduction is obvious, is irreversible;

the growth rate will slow down;

from a philosophical point of view, this is the times; from a biological point of view, this is the survival of the fittest.

Chen Hongran (director of Shanghai dragon treasures network) that Shanghai dragon must keep pace with the times, use of new media, and should be combined with other forms of promotion in the website operation: read more

Talk about their views on the content and the chain in recent years

said the others from the new package, can change the words are changed, the idea is very good, if you are confident in their writing skills, afraid of the self defeating, originally very smooth sentences to give you a change or a sequence of words, the meaning of upside down does not even know what is interesting, it is in trouble, you may think this is the original, yes, you are to love Shanghai packaged article that features the original, but you must have the user this, people’s eyes are sharp, but not for smooth sentences or sentences you can’t read continue to read it? Or here to see the information with the famous website to see all the information does not meet, you will visit this site? Cleverness may overreach itself., do not bring good results is the bounce rate rise, return rate Decreased, but these 2 aspects will affect the site a good image in the eyes of love in Shanghai read more