August 2017

The key to getting high priced GG clicks is the detailsWhat do designers learn from science fiction

many of my friends asked me why people GG ads a few clicks will have few knife income? Why do I even have hundreds of hits as few clicks on others? In fact, a method of improving GG click price is very simple and very old-fashioned, but many webmaster pay no attention to this problem. To solve this problem before us first, to understand the way GG advertising, we all know that shlf1314 Advertising is according to the website automatically match the relevant functions of advertising, the purpose is to make ads more targeted. There are three kinds of automatic matching GG advertising: read more

Profit gate nternet user value analysisAD4ALL Windows optimization master product price hike

distinguished League members, Hello,

now, netizens demand is no longer a single e-mail and browsing information, but to more diversified applications, autonomy and more interactive, such as personalized news, online forums, personal space, instant messaging, online games and other Internet products and services. These growth figures and emerging business are unmistakably to convey a message: the growing number of Internet users and Internet users increasingly mature consumer groups, forming a huge consumer market, have a strong consumer force and active market trading, brings tremendous value and growth space for the entire row industry. Because of this, users in-depth analysis of the composition and consumption habits, the trend has become the real value of understanding of Internet users and Internet users as consumers double identity, but also the platform of enterprise Internet marketing was an important research object of innovative ideas and basis. read more

The three big P that entrepreneurs must focus on domain names trademarks and patentsKobe official

search, APP, H5 pages, and two-dimensional codes has not allowed the domain name to depreciate, and as the domain name becomes part of LOGO, its acquisition costs are growing. Music as announced in January 22, 2016 will launch a new domain name le and new LOGO, this value of tens of millions of dollars of domain names, is considered more in line with the music as ecological strategy. In addition, the Jingdong to 30 million yuan to buy the JD domain name still in use; the domain name mi at $3 million 600 thousand millet; the Qihoo 360 of the domain name suffix replaced by to 360 for $17 million. As can be seen, the valuation of domain name IP depends on the level of buyer’s demand. read more

Online trading who is the gatekeeperthe inventory count pit investors suffocated the new three boar

Wu Dongming said, only through online complaints platform, this year he has received nearly 100 online shopping recharge card complaints, online shopping complaints are every day. Due to lack of transaction credentials, most of them are hard to protect their rights.

industry self-regulation is far from enough

this brings a problem, but the new three board but there is no mandatory tender offer terms, therefore, in many mergers and acquisitions, small shareholders are often abandoned by major shareholders. It was a bit of the captain’s parachute jump, but the plane was meant to remain on the plane. read more

The GG alliance trusted receives 100 todayGrassroots interpretation of a single page Taobao passe

for Adsense nets

can batch copy in a short time. Single page Taobao passengers once successful, one >

users have high goal accuracy and high conversion rate. Do a single page webmaster, basically will choose a high commission products as promotion object, since only promote a product, so consumer groups will be a foregone conclusion. For example, the breast weight loss drug is sold to a female friend, topology mop is sold to the housework, since we understand the consumer groups, then select the site keywords and will have more spectrum, like "what slimming products", "XX clothing how" long tail key words, search intention is good, there are a strong desire to buy, as long as the web content is not bad, "the conversion rate is very high. read more

From the life pain to find business opportunities in tinsou group teach you threeAmbition free is th


2010, Liu Nan from the top 500 in the world after pregnancy leave, return to family became stay-at-home mom, she wanted to give the child to pick the best baby products in the world, but in the selection, doubt and anxiety about the quality and safety of products.

from the life pain to find business opportunities in tinsou group teach you three

in Wangzhuan industry, the power of free power is often quite frightening, I believe a lot of people are "free" ate a lot of losses. So today, ambition is so-called "free lunch to talk about the higher in". read more

Chinese grassroots Entrepreneurs use coffee station registration company to wear shoes to workEntrep

in his view, 2014 is China’s "first year of entrepreneurship", all industries and fields of talent, all investment funds are felt unprecedented entrepreneurial heat wave, entrepreneurs have come to the front desk.

when I started creating SOOMLA, I didn’t feel it was difficult to raise money. Because in 2008, when I created the first company with others, I was still green in this field. And now I have more experience, and cohesion of a strong team, our business model has been recognized, network resources are not bad. So, I think this round of financing is certainly easy to get. read more

Building English station shlf1314 money making stepsMo Yan Bill Gates Jieduan Ma the beginning is r


Mo Yan said that in the next 40 years, what changes will happen China, who can imagine, even 1/1000, will also take the lead. "Change is the opportunity, the more changes, more opportunities, I hope the students to seize the opportunity, and, not only have the lofty ambition, but also realistic, dare to be the first person to eat crabs, but also to prevent food poisoning". He encouraged graduates to be "people who think they’re nothing but people who think you’re really something."." read more

After the end of the money to go to PO the 72 new three Board companies to throw 2 billion 300 mil

to know, in the past three years, the 89 IPO enterprises in China have 55 cash dividends, the total amount reached 2 billion 125 million yuan, an average of 38 million 636 thousand and 300 yuan per enterprise.

many companies are not the first dividend, but this year is particularly large. Friends with food 831377.OC is a typical example. Friends of the food in December 16, 2015 by the Commission formally accepted and suspended. In 2014 and 2015 two years, there are friends food have been dividends, two years total dividend of 33 million 756 thousand and 800 yuan. And in February 21st this year announced a dividend plan, the company dividend amount reached 40 million 508 thousand and 100 yuan, far ahead of two years, and the performance of words can not grow much. read more

nbox Pause let your inbox pause to receive new messagesBlogs can also make money Sina blog adverti

after open to suspend receiving mail function, a style like yellow banner tips Gmail design will appear on the top of the inbox, which said: "your inbox is currently paused to receive new mail. Please click "UNPAUSE" button to view the blue, the next step."


too many emails, stand it? Never mind, a named Inbox Pause Gmail/Chrome plugin can help you solve this problem.

Inbox Pause: http://inboxpause/

new email will be saved in a folder that you cannot see the secret, wait until you have time and mood, you can cancel this function, to deal with the new mail. read more

Since the media entrepreneurship can cock wire counter attackWangzhuan experience how do a monthly


and when the competition between the media and media organizations, because it is a person PK dozens of people, so in the creation of the amount of content, must be a disadvantage. Since the media is highly liberal and creative, it is likely to be superior in quality to media organizations. Of course, it’s just possible.

is "single point concentration" on WeChat". In micro-blog, what is more is "multi-point width and average concentration"". Why is micro-blog more than "multi-point"?". Because the number of information on micro-blog unlimited, so there is always as much as possible to send more information to power, to seize the page header and as much as possible user time. So, a lot of media organizations have an advantage, but only one or two people from the media in the number is lost. read more

My sad Taobao RoadLei Jun when 40 years old did not forget the dream of 18 years old go to try

20 days I joined the global Internet Summit in Wuzhen, Ma Yun at the meeting, senior vice president of some Apple Corp, moderator throws a problem, said lei you say you have a goal, with 5 to 10 years to do the smart mobile phone market style global first. I was busy nodding my head, and I did say, he asked the Apple Corp executive, "what do you think?" the executive was also very powerful. He said, "Easy, to, say, hard, to, do." my English was poor, and I understood.

second: don’t be eager for instant success. Don’t think about looking for violent projects every day. There’s nothing for nothing. Even if you really find violence projects, your comprehensive ability is very poor, poor execution, you can do it? So, or go down to do things, read more

BranchOut business focus from user acquisition to improved productThe stationmaster came in to suck

was yesterday that we had a conversation with Marini, talked about the BranchOut user, where investors of the number has dropped, and the views on the future of the company means what problems.

another way is to send your own ads, ha ha, I have done so now, that is what I said before, put AdSens>

ha ha, don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about cheating or Hack or anything like that, but I’m using shlf1314 to build a shlf1314 based website.

the number of monthly active users Tencent technology plan read more

Standard Chartered Bank online loan applications CPA online advertisingTips for choosing the best ke

welcome stationmaster to be put in actively.

more League information goes on: top.admin5/u

1, consider

2, expand the keyword into a series of phrases

advertising requirements: only for Shanghai or Shenzhen work and life of customer groups.

5, if it’s a brand enterprise, use your company name

4 uses professional vocabulary to qualify visitors

details please pay attention to the station announcement.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

at the customer’s point of view read more

My first soft Wen was ADMN5 received as the headlines experience summary

soft, a month ago to me is very strange, in April when I was in the official DISCUZ release of DIM, with a development of the list of notes, which I learn PHP, with several published works connected. Although it was a crude and wrong technical proof, the post was 15 pages high. But after 50 days of hard development, the official version after the 8 test version of the posts, because only written technical documents, not to write notes to exchange articles, at present only 2 page reply. It is obvious that a wonderful article has a considerable influence on the reader’s sense of identity. read more

Soft Wen title writing skills


title is advertising "eyes" and "soul", especially in the print copy, advertising can attract the audience to read the title, and plays an important role, which directly determines the advertising effect. So, how do you make a good advertising headline,


1, taking advantage of people’s attention to news and the habit of reading news

such advertising headlines are similar to newspaper headlines and introduce products or services in the form of news reports. The facts provided by these titles should be fresh, interesting and desirable to attract the attention of consumers. read more

A university student website construction experience


server recently replaced, to go into the site now! Nothing to write my experience of the site! I hope you can give some experience just station network construction and ready to join the people! (I do see Ornament Co.,


I am a student just entered the University, this summer is the end of sophomore, freshman last semester and everyone else is playing, nothing to do for wasting a semester, when winter vacation a friend on the website, the SHOPEX is the shopping site, and was feeling quite fun, he rented a virtual space, the system will not engage in what was his 1 week to finish all the settings (stupid enough), the rest of the time I began to find sources on the Internet, I remember the first time selling things is the South Korean clothing, at the time I was not bad and find the agent, goods shelves, the price of money, do not know how tired, and finally the 200 item upload finished, then propaganda let others know, at that time did not know what is on Baidu search engine optimization, (I Also spent 60 dollars to buy a 10000 flow, that can improve the rank of Baidu did not like what I used) to sell a total of two pieces of clothes, earn 50 dollars, then is the Chinese new year, go to school, no longer do, do online stores have online, I don’t have so much time, then I must preparation of transition make other types of site read more

Give your web site a lock dynamic password easy to implement

With the popularization of

, network security is becoming more and more serious. And the famous CSDN technology community of more than 600 users broke the plaintext password exposed after the event, Tianya 40 million user password leak plaintext in the world, followed by, happy net,, even Jingdong like Alipay mall,, the electricity supplier website have burst password leak, tens of millions of user data exposed on the public network platform, let us not to worry about the network by the serious security problems. read more

The voice of stationmaster do not let us become the witness of network end

because the Shanghai room closed, resulting in many personal Adsense website can not be opened, can not access the situation has lasted for two days, the webmaster heart disconsolate, but wait to find a better way. If the site can not access the situation for several days, it undoubtedly means destruction. Have established websites will be on fire, millions of owners will face unemployment


is currently the Internet webmaster jittery, such as a badly frightened person. Since December, there have been heavy events in the network, one after another. Thorough investigation of WAP website, leading mobile business closed; network pornography, resulting in the engine room is closed; check the domain name, domain name registration control source; check the Google Baidu search alliance, control and illegal information; now CCTV exposure Sina Tencent, NetEase and other portals, pointing to the internet…… I do not know in the near future, the Internet will be presented in front of everyone in the face of a big, network monitoring, personal Adsense may really want to withdraw from the stage of history, become people’s memory. read more