August 2017

The website is search engine why hair was plucked the profound reflection of website

later update process, because this is a part-time job, sometimes work home in a bad mood, it directly without an update, a website is updated 2 times per week, and the update of the article is to copy, try.

because this is the first site, I also saw a lot of do open shop websites on the Internet, he also established a domain name from, perhaps we can see that novice to open a Taobao shop, because not familiar with the situation, I chose a multi column program, I will not write a collection so when the rules, the line on the website I find several shop manual station, uploaded dozens of articles in, in the end I have to upload after love Shanghai, GL, soso, Youdao, sougou and so on search engine submission own site, submit here there are still some effect, the third day most search engines are included in my website, especially love Shanghai search engine, also give my new Taobao keyword tenth stores in this good place, I was also very happy. For his first website can be successful, there is a little big with pride. read more

Understand the operating principle of search engines to promote Shanghai dragon realm of thought

2, understand the search engines work can enhance our understanding of


after the pretreatment, the search engine will give the top, general search engines will make a new ranking with a small weekly, once a month with a new high, then every minute being fine tuned, which can effectively reduce the huge data with the new work, reduce the server workload and pressure.

stage three, give the top

1, search engines can be divided into three stages

Shanghai dragon from the macro

, a spider crawling the web pages for information read more

A big impact and the actual dry cargo Shanghai Longfeng case

, the old case with no meaning, is the operation of the case and can not disclose more information, after thinking, perhaps only the most suitable (never to tell you, this is a case of leadership teach only implicitly saying).

under the first to introduce the project over background: an industrial products distributor, electric station.

2, the user in the search of what

well, do Shanghai Longfeng, you must first master the target site data, no data Shanghai, everything is empty. What the data themselves. An old saying goes, life is like XX, myself have ample food and clothing. read more

A5 analysis of Yue Huai Shanghai Longfeng Road

Yue Huai Shanghai dragon team, I believe it will bring high efficiency for many enterprises website service here, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Shanghai dragon www. Shanghai dragon -yingxiao贵族宝贝 officially launched Wyatt with congratulations to Shanghai dragon, dragon will believe Yue Huai Shanghai quality service to get unanimous praise.

through the webmaster tools, to query and set the chain normally, but this does not affect A5 Yue Huai Shanghai Longfeng influence. Yue Huai Shanghai dragon at the beginning of the line, like a star was born, a number of well-known media reports, focusing on many of the flash, let Yue Huai Shanghai dragon spread popularity quickly, at least in the webmaster circles, Yue Huai Shanghai dragon is very famous. The analysis can be found, Yue Huai Shanghai Longfeng optimization go the regular white hat Shanghai dragon road, Yue Huai Title: Shanghai Dragon: A5 Adsense nets to provide professional website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization services, key words: Yue Yue Huai Huai Shanghai Longfeng, website marketing, website optimization, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon service description: A5 Yue with the marketing team to provide professional, professional integrity and rapid diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, website optimization, website operation scheme and the network marketing consultant advisory services, is committed to the Shanghai dragon optimization technology research and sharing. Enterprise QQ:800017899. The settings are relatively simple and straightforward, and as a brand word " Yue Huai Shanghai dragon " have a good ranking. read more

Long Jun use the analysis of website search engine search instruction

, the SITE instruction and expand the webmaster.

only for love

1, a website of all relevant domains: domain:+ domain name.

only for love

two, the Domain directive and expand the webmaster. [Shanghai]

2, a website related domain in a period of time. Site is similar to the above query method here. Within 24 hours of the new query related domain is typed in the browser address bar: 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s? Wd=domain%3A (domain name) & lm=1; new query related domain within a week will be the end of digital URL to 7 can be. Similarly, query a month, a year is to change the figure on the line. Here you can also provide the query function of many webmaster tools, to the owners of the house CHIN> read more

Love is a Shanghai K station and down right half webmaster heart

Chinese network giants may be used to a certain name to safeguard their own interests, to the name of the 360 network security occupy >

, the Shanghai K station two love causes speculation and love Shanghai with the owners of the communication flow of criticism.

every grassroots webmaster and soul run their own web site, with a burning passion the road of entrepreneurship, their passion and creativity, promote the development of the entire network, fulfilling his promise. In 2012, for the grassroots webmaster, is gray, is helpless and angry. May we borrow the name of the user experience, purify the whole Internet; perhaps we are greedy nature, destroying a grassroots dream; perhaps the monopoly nature of our influence, the fair competition of the market. However, the grassroots webmaster should stick to their own way, go on a firm, constantly adjust the site operation mode, reduce the dependence on the search engine, has its own user base, is bound to fail, but more than the wind. We stand in a row to share love site is Shanghai K station and right down for half a year long aspirations and ideas. read more

Chief in Shanghai Longfeng optimization need to know and do

and six chat some friends will ask: "how much time do you spend every day to do keyword ranking? How long can row on the home page, how to do some of the popular word ranking?" the friend is clearly the limitation of understanding in Shanghai Longfeng do keywords ranking above six, here to highlight a sentence, the key words the ranking is not equal to the Shanghai dragon, now many people do Shanghai Longfeng not well planned, their ultimate goal is just the target keywords ranking do up. Not considered the transformation and return, in fact for professional Shanghai dragon, in addition to this step outside but also key words have a lot of work we need to improve and do today, life together and discuss how to do well in addition to some things after initial keywords ranking, we need to understand and talk about something to do. read more

Do Shanghai dragon says what is nonsense do ranking is the hard truth

is a good start for the future work will be less trouble, so start in Shanghai Longfeng preparatory work can not relax vigilance, some friends in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is always in the beginning will not according to the rules and regulations, so in the future of the site optimization problems in work so they began to emerge in an endless stream. Work in Shanghai dragon, we should pick up the two hundred percent spirit to treat. Shanghai Longfeng first work station code, domain name registration, server stability of these three points, first said that the domain name registration in the beginning, we do Shanghai Longfeng, domain name registration must be cautious, the best registered some never registered the domain name, because modern network has a number of domain name is already being used. Finally, don’t, so for this domain we should try to avoid, because by using the domain name will be included in search engines, once included, website domain name suddenly expired or not open, a long time will affect website ranking, website and search engine will be pulled into the blacklist, so we do you should first try to avoid the optimization of website domain name is registered; the station code is website structure, search engines crawl habit, it will The ranking plays a big role after the first time station code changes, we must remember to use static language possible, it would be very helpful for optimization of course, dynamic language also can be optimized, but the effect is not a static domain is better, when we want to modify the code to Modify > cap-a-pie read more

After the site updated love Shanghai hit the turn

updates through this website not only see this on the one hand, there are many aspects. He is like you did something wrong, resulting in a part of the loss, when an error occurs when we want to do is that? The reason is just to complain or complain about the company? Colleagues do not complain about their work? Or is the condition is not good? If you think you will never find the cause of the error, you know do wrong is oneself. The same site do is their own website, we should from their own or their own website to find the reasons. In order to identify fault for problem solving. This is why I put this one in the first place, because of work and life deeply reflect on their own, no matter what time to be in the first place. read more

How to accurately estimate the flow rate of the keywords

, excluding the brush was suspected of

two, combined with a variety of tools: about numerical comparison of

In the

brush love Shanghai index can only deceive some data. In many tools, still can show the prototype, as long as good at using a variety of keyword query tool, also can be estimated very well.

is the first search volume of love Shanghai for the background can check keywords, this value actually than the love of Shanghai index to be accurate, but it is not very accurate, if there is a cast love Shanghai auction, bidding Shanghai with love test should be the most accurate, but the cost is too high. The second is the Google keyword tool, Google keyword tool is generally more accurate. But because Google and love flow gap between Shanghai is too large, check out the data to do a multiplication. If you have done related industry site, according to web site traffic sources between Google and Shanghai love calculation flow ratio, and then through the Google keyword data to calculate the flow of keywords love Shanghai. In addition to these tools, there are some very good tool, through which we can find not only the information, but also more abundant data as a reference. You can find a need. read more

Analysis of the cause of the sudden fall of site traffic

like many webmaster, I also pay close attention to the change of traffic to the site, because the traditional profit model and the single site is too important. But today that a sudden collapse of site traffic. Only about 1/10 of the original quite. See the traffic statistics, it really made me panic. Then think about recent site situations: the server will hang up a few days before isolation, on-line to accelerate the music service, love Shanghai recent adjustment algorithm and so on, analysis of the causes of sudden drop then entered the site traffic state. The direction of thinking mainly include the following: read more

23 year old guy venture idea received tens of millions of dollars of strangers investmentFire 2016 n

Prodi is CEO of Hello, and the device they manufacture is called the sensory sleep tracker". The device looks like a ball and can be placed on your bedside table. When you sleep, it monitors all the environmental factors in your bedroom. The idea of a sensory sleep tracker comes from helping you develop good sleep habits and finding out what causes you to wake up at night.

to "China Silicon Valley" financial technology then aggregation

, Prodi, said that his "sensory sleep Tracker" was inspired by a basic concept: everyone needs sleep, and most people want to know how to get better sleep. "Most people might not walk too much every day, but everyone sleeps every day," Prodi told BI in an interview…… Are you energetic during the day, and your sleep the night before is very important." read more

An example of how to make new station included faster to fly

the last point is to make our site included the rise, the station optimization is one of the basic problems that you cannot ignore. For the film site.

first said that the station, the station on the line on the page will soon be included in search engines, the snapshot is updated, but there is a problem that has been included to keep up, although a month has passed, but still not included what improvement, even if there are a few articles that search engines can’t how long will be deleted. I know this is every new will encounter the situation, because the search engine is currently reviewing your search engine, but in order to reduce the time of the audit, the author in the chain construction and content construction and website internal optimization respectively in the next work, below I will introduce a. read more

360 Once on the line love Shanghai encyclopedia editor increase the difficulty

, thank you!

before, in an article about 360 A5 webmaster see online encyclopedia on-line content, this news, I can’t wait to try, the result is very pessimistic, how do you say, for browsing users, this way is the best, but for those of us in Shanghai Longfeng station who don’t take too much time spent in the 360 encyclopedia.

from the Jilin moving company www.jlsflm贵族宝贝 carefully written, A5 first, please indicate the original

because in your mind digging, painstakingly edited a very valuable encyclopedia, just want to leave a little bit of the source address in the reference, is not, through the audit will directly delete these links, so a source of trace will not leave you, the most willing to give 360 volunteer. read more

Four prevent web site was hung black chain method

clever use of some of the chain, chain detection tool can not only help us to clear the existing site links, can directly detect the link to the site whether can normal visit. This is also an effective method.


hackers may get through the website of the FTP user name and password to the target web site to hang black chain. Webmaster friends need a stronger safety awareness, FTP password is too simple will allow hackers to easily break, pose a threat to the safety of the site. Of course, if you can periodically modify the FTP password, it is better for the safety and security of the website. read more

Explain the application of TF DF algorithm in the optimization of Shanghai Dragon

IDF: inverse text frequency index

so their frequency of

hypothesis: Shanghai dragon page retrieval digital 20 million, website optimization search number is 10 million, the number of retrieval techniques for 500 million

TF (=8/400=0.02

search engine index number is assumed to be 10 billion.

directly to the point, the TF-idf algorithm in the end is how to calculate the


and IDF is also very document frequency, refers to the word count of N appeared in many pages, file count is M, then IDF=lg (M/N). Assume that "site optimization" appears in the 2000 page document, the total number is 100 million, then the frequency of the IDF=lg file (100000000/2000) =4.69897, then the calculation of the final TF-IDF=0.02*4.69897=0.0939794. read more

Hu Weiwu why don’t Godson join in with foreign giantsThrough the recruitment website daily income o

5. advertising account see below for registration tutorial



the latest announcement: announcement of the alliance.

second is our industry chain organization ability is not strong enough, Intel is the organization of the industrial chain, quanta, Foxconn is the Intel, let you sell what price, you can only sell what price. Our organization is not strong enough. In this context, the Godson will be more expensive, even if I CPU to the very cheap, but the host factory to sell that price. read more

Winter Shuabing North meichuang circle spring where investors voteHow should find more referrals i

"traveler" entrepreneurs, namely with the trend of the public to join the venture entrepreneurs, many of them may not create a great enterprise, but to a good situation to do a large. Not much said here.

has not ended in the first quarter of 2016, and the venture capital circle in America has been flooded with more negative market signals:

"passer by" investors are emerging investors in the past few years as the economy grows. These investors are individuals with high net worth. Because they saw the potential of early investments with high returns, they began to invest in angels, even though they had limited technology and business models for their companies. They have joined either the Crowdfunding platform or the Angel Club, but the common thing is that they invest a lot of money in start-ups. On top of that, the Fed has kept interest rates constant read more

Ji Yuan capital Tong how to copy the millet model abroadFor the daily excellent fresh cold chain hom

to this day, the lyrics and the scene are still alive in his mind. At that time, laugh at the world arena, a longitudinal Chu a generation of taiwanese. It was only Tong Shihao who had never thought of himself after three years, and now he was on the road of wandering alone in a foreign land. 14 years in Taiwan, 16 years in the United States, 4 years in Hongkong and Singapore, 8 years in the mainland – the tortuous journey that began in Asia and ended in Asia, has accomplished him today. read more

To dare to dare venture successful enterprise 6 crazy idea to build a businessSite navigation statio

Craigslist hasn’t changed since it was released, and people like it because it’s very simple. Of course, some people have criticized it for privacy and security issues. Craig Newmark, founder of the site, did not want to make money, but Craigslist is growing stronger. You can find it above

domestic do site navigation station more into the hairs, random number, install a browser you can find a lot of N navigation station embedded therein. Does that amount mean that the market is saturated, read more