August 2017

The website is search engine why hair was plucked the profound reflection of website

later update process, because this is a part-time job, sometimes work home in a bad mood, it directly without an update, a website is updated 2 times per week, and the update of the article is to copy, try.

because this is the first site, I also saw a lot of do open shop websites on the Internet, he also established a domain name from, perhaps we can see that novice to open a Taobao shop, because not familiar with the situation, I chose a multi column program, I will not write a collection so when the rules, the line on the website I find several shop manual station, uploaded dozens of articles in, in the end I have to upload after love Shanghai, GL, soso, Youdao, sougou and so on search engine submission own site, submit here there are still some effect, the third day most search engines are included in my website, especially love Shanghai search engine, also give my new Taobao keyword tenth stores in this good place, I was also very happy. For his first website can be successful, there is a little big with pride.


can be seen from the figure, this website has been completely in love with the sea K, now is K3 days later, I have until today to just return to God, a devoted half effort and do stand hardworking website was K. Now think about it, the site was K reasons or because of his own negligence, does not comply with the law, in the website K before it stopped recording and snapshot update, but they do not think that, until now the site is completely K, is to be the site by analysis of K reasons that published the text in the Admin5 today, the hope can help to some other owners, after reading this article also to remind themselves of their role.


content, website keywords and titles too, because this is the first site, I do not know how to set the keywords and title, included in the key words and title later in my opinion search volume is not large, so the change in the title and key words website, this is caused by the change before the site is K is a page, then has not changed, I estimate that this change makes the search engine completely on my impression of the site is reduced, I may not change the website title and keywords website can not be K.

site was included after the lazy people will show up, there are 5 columns of my website, if you add 10 articles every day if the website is manually collected are also collected 50, so I started to slow down the workload of website daily collected 25 articles, namely each column collect 5, behind the feeling of manual collection takes time, so every day, even do not want to manual acquisition, which leads to the update site without any rules, lead content update is serious lag, finally caused the search engine friendly degree decreased gradually.

This is the

Understand the operating principle of search engines to promote Shanghai dragon realm of thought

2, understand the search engines work can enhance our understanding of


after the pretreatment, the search engine will give the top, general search engines will make a new ranking with a small weekly, once a month with a new high, then every minute being fine tuned, which can effectively reduce the huge data with the new work, reduce the server workload and pressure.

stage three, give the top

1, search engines can be divided into three stages

Shanghai dragon from the macro

, a spider crawling the web pages for information

Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun here to search engines three stage chat is very simple, in fact, interested friends can read some authoritative books or materials, such as Google webmaster guidelines, which can in principle more thorough understanding of oneself actually what is the Shanghai dragon. If the Shanghai dragon as an enemy, then in, if the Shanghai dragon as a friend, then you need to understand friends and friends to get along better.

Finally, please retain the original > Although

finally Wuhan Shanghai Longfeng Liu Jun suggest that you do know more about doing various owners need to know whether it is technology, code, or the level of literature, Shanghai dragon, or art knowledge, a good webmaster do not need to be a programmer how much or how powerful writer, but a good webmaster must be what can do, what they have done, what are doing well, with comprehensive quality is good webmaster webmaster.

spider crawling the Internet hundreds of millions of data, it is impossible to have the auction calculation immediately. Then a large amount of data to be calculated in time after the corresponding ranking, this process is the pretreatment, so many owners do not see the effect in the process of their site in Shanghai Longfeng abandoned it is a pity, remember, Shanghai dragon requires patience, because you must honestly do their own at the same time, to the search engine the pretreatment time.

is a search engine spider crawling the Internet is a huge information program, here we only need to know the spider is along the HTML link has been crawling down on it, this is also the reason why we should do well in the station anchor text link, let the spider crawling in the station outside the station from the links between pages and pages along the internal site effectively. Link crawling down.

do not study Shanghai dragon search engine algorithm, also do not have to write the calculation way of search engine so complicated, but Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun think to know a little bit about search engine working principle and calculation method can effectively enhance the Shanghai dragon realm, let us in the Shanghai dragon know why it is like this to do so, in order to fundamentally improve the level of Shanghai dragon.

stage two,

A big impact, and the actual dry cargo Shanghai Longfeng case

, the old case with no meaning, is the operation of the case and can not disclose more information, after thinking, perhaps only the most suitable (never to tell you, this is a case of leadership teach only implicitly saying).

under the first to introduce the project over background: an industrial products distributor, electric station.

2, the user in the search of what

well, do Shanghai Longfeng, you must first master the target site data, no data Shanghai, everything is empty. What the data themselves. An old saying goes, life is like XX, myself have ample food and clothing.


What is the cause of )

saw the data, believe that many children have a number in mind, page 10w+, only the 1w+ index less than 10%, the average daily 500+ visits, the order of 10W website, really low. From which we can see that the site index will certainly have a big problem, as to why the index is so low, if there are other fatal problems, these also need further analysis.


At the end of the


keyword collected summarized below: screening, become


B, active mining user needs to use a variety of tools (word: love love Shanghai, 5118 stations, etc.) collection;

you are looking forward to what? Yes, this is not the background.

1, the basic data of

"locomotive" to open up, 5k+ product category, 3k+ brand products, product group 2w+ (14w+ SKU, not released page) was greeted. (as for the "locomotive"? In acquiring and screening. Significant, if the "locomotive" do not understand the children’s shoes, please love Shanghai, I believe will bring you unexpected harvest.


page 10w+, is already a good level, if the above problems, traffic can certainly be greatly improved. But whether there are other user demand content we are not planning on the site, it can also create a greater level of user needs to enhance the flow of page, and thus greater? Well, yes, two:

well, the site index 1w+ (less than 10%), the average daily non brand word Shanghai dragon 500+ visit. This, of course is to get love from Shanghai Webmaster Platform and GA.

data analysis

A, competitive analysis: analysis of the industrial products industry is a good site (Alibaba and Marco Polo);

The amount of


A5 analysis of Yue Huai Shanghai Longfeng Road

Yue Huai Shanghai dragon team, I believe it will bring high efficiency for many enterprises website service here, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Shanghai dragon www. Shanghai dragon -yingxiao贵族宝贝 officially launched Wyatt with congratulations to Shanghai dragon, dragon will believe Yue Huai Shanghai quality service to get unanimous praise.

through the webmaster tools, to query and set the chain normally, but this does not affect A5 Yue Huai Shanghai Longfeng influence. Yue Huai Shanghai dragon at the beginning of the line, like a star was born, a number of well-known media reports, focusing on many of the flash, let Yue Huai Shanghai dragon spread popularity quickly, at least in the webmaster circles, Yue Huai Shanghai dragon is very famous. The analysis can be found, Yue Huai Shanghai Longfeng optimization go the regular white hat Shanghai dragon road, Yue Huai Title: Shanghai Dragon: A5 Adsense nets to provide professional website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization services, key words: Yue Yue Huai Huai Shanghai Longfeng, website marketing, website optimization, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon service description: A5 Yue with the marketing team to provide professional, professional integrity and rapid diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, website optimization, website operation scheme and the network marketing consultant advisory services, is committed to the Shanghai dragon optimization technology research and sharing. Enterprise QQ:800017899. The settings are relatively simple and straightforward, and as a brand word " Yue Huai Shanghai dragon " have a good ranking.

by Shanghai dragon to find some recent news, it is not difficult to find, A5 officially opened the independent domain name, yuehuai贵族宝贝, to optimize the formal independence, the website, by A5 Yue Huai Shanghai Longfeng marketing team to manage, A5 is the long forum earlier, one of the best is the webmaster forum now do, through the A5 A5 before the Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services for enterprises, the independent, the Shanghai dragon industry is a good thing, has brought new vitality to the enterprise in Shanghai Longfeng industry, I believe that with Yue Huai Shanghai dragon team gradually strong, enterprises in Shanghai dragon will be gradually attention.

look at the number included, noble baby included the number has exceeded 2400, basically all is included ah, that Yue Huai Shanghai Longfeng chain has a lot of good quality, after all, there is certainly some of the star effect. Look at the love of Shanghai included the number, just 100, for a new station on the line soon, this number has been very good, that many of the original web content. Compared to Google, the number less, that love Shanghai algorithm is more fair, because the site is not a star will have some special care, the new assessment period impartially in all of the sites are on the sea in the.

With the further growth of

Long Jun use the analysis of website search engine search instruction

, the SITE instruction and expand the webmaster.

only for love

1, a website of all relevant domains: domain:+ domain name.

only for love

two, the Domain directive and expand the webmaster. [Shanghai]

2, a website related domain in a period of time. Site is similar to the above query method here. Within 24 hours of the new query related domain is typed in the browser address bar: 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s? Wd=domain%3A (domain name) & lm=1; new query related domain within a week will be the end of digital URL to 7 can be. Similarly, query a month, a year is to change the figure on the line. Here you can also provide the query function of many webmaster tools, to the owners of the house CHIN>

3, website column page and all pages. Expand the site instruction, such as many of our website integrated forum, and the forum did not enable two domain names, such as the Shanghai dragon WHY forum. We have included this method query website forum column so as follows: site:+ domain name /bbs. This method is also applicable to inquiry into the first floor column page. [love] for Shanghai

Hello, I am the Dragon Jun. Many webmaster gave me the title of this article, I may think that these instructions are in Big deal, webmaster every day, not familiar with the familiar, is nothing more than " site:" and " domain" instruction. In fact, these advanced search instructions have more specific usage, many owners do not know, only know that most of the number of all page query their website is love Shanghai included, and the number of domain containing related all love Shanghai included in the page, only this. Today Changsha Shanghai Longfeng share to further expand these advanced directives, let Shanghai dragon Er fully grasp their own and competitors’ website, convenient to do research, more in-depth analysis.

1, a website all indexed by search engines page. This will not say, instruction: site:+ domain name. [general]

2, a website is search engine included pages in a period of time. We want to be included in the query site within 24 hours of the situation how to check? Then we can enter the following url:贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s in the browser address bar? Wd=site%3A (domain name) & lm=1. At the end of the number 1 within 1 days, then the query method 7 days only at the end of the figure to 30, one month and one year as query method. Note here is only for a day, seven days a month, a year and all the time the search query. [Shanghai]

Love is a Shanghai K station and down right half webmaster heart

Chinese network giants may be used to a certain name to safeguard their own interests, to the name of the 360 network security occupy >

, the Shanghai K station two love causes speculation and love Shanghai with the owners of the communication flow of criticism.

every grassroots webmaster and soul run their own web site, with a burning passion the road of entrepreneurship, their passion and creativity, promote the development of the entire network, fulfilling his promise. In 2012, for the grassroots webmaster, is gray, is helpless and angry. May we borrow the name of the user experience, purify the whole Internet; perhaps we are greedy nature, destroying a grassroots dream; perhaps the monopoly nature of our influence, the fair competition of the market. However, the grassroots webmaster should stick to their own way, go on a firm, constantly adjust the site operation mode, reduce the dependence on the search engine, has its own user base, is bound to fail, but more than the wind. We stand in a row to share love site is Shanghai K station and right down for half a year long aspirations and ideas.

, a website is love Shanghai K station and right down for half a year is rare, silent Speechless.

The operation of the site is


stand in a row since June 28, 2012 was in love with webmaster forum, K sea station, has not recovered but the author included, still adhere to the operation of the site, actively take QQ group promotion, in-depth communication and exchange with the user, build a forum user relationship, carry out various activities with the original user the content of lead, should not have said no user experience. In November 9th, the forum restored included, from love of Shanghai K station to recover after a collection of more than 4 months, and in the four months, the author to unremittingly promote real users and improve the contents of the forum, and actively meet the needs of users, but did not get recognized by the love of Shanghai. What is the user experience, don’t only love the interests of Shanghai, is the largest user experience. The forum included recovery, love Shanghai has been updated every day website snapshot, but absolutely no weight, from November 9th to December 28th, and basically is the past two months, the site still no signs of recovery weight. Shanghai love the face of this adjustment, it is Speechless and silent, perhaps already numb, perhaps already disappointed, may give up, no longer love Shanghai, may become the inevitable choice in the webmaster, this is the inevitable result of market monopoly, or reflect the profit of the Internet and China with evil nature. The pursuit of profit is the goal of the website of each of us, but the development of the network, no ground for blame, need the giants should assume social responsibility, to reshape the social image and the healthy development of network maintenance. In this paper, the author writing, search the site name stand in a row, still can not find the station a row of webmaster forums, waiting only. Figure:

Chief in Shanghai Longfeng optimization need to know and do

and six chat some friends will ask: "how much time do you spend every day to do keyword ranking? How long can row on the home page, how to do some of the popular word ranking?" the friend is clearly the limitation of understanding in Shanghai Longfeng do keywords ranking above six, here to highlight a sentence, the key words the ranking is not equal to the Shanghai dragon, now many people do Shanghai Longfeng not well planned, their ultimate goal is just the target keywords ranking do up. Not considered the transformation and return, in fact for professional Shanghai dragon, in addition to this step outside but also key words have a lot of work we need to improve and do today, life together and discuss how to do well in addition to some things after initial keywords ranking, we need to understand and talk about something to do.

four, the network marketing and promotion. A part of the Shanghai dragon belongs to the network marketing, SEM can also have video mail promotion, promotion, marketing, promotion and so on micro-blog QQ. Let more users on the Internet can be found on us, and we can easily find, the promotion for our Shanghai Longfeng results will bring a lot of.

two, enhance the site overall weight. Here is a popular "one by one", grasp the key in the key words, a stable upgrade, make steady progress, some of the important long tail word the inside pages as home to do the chain, increase the page elements, with page speed or with sea statistics to detect, gradually for the accumulation of weight to lay a good foundation. When updating the content we have planned for early in the chain, do the chain also can evenly transfer the weight, the chain is not only the home page, send multiple page links in the overall weight, enhance the stability of the site do.


three, the layout of the long tail word more. When the main keyword can bring flow into the bottleneck, to enhance the flow of the first time we will think of the optimization of the long tail word. Six once wrote an article "details in the chain of magic, let the keywords ranking soared" long tail keywords said a web site is the site of many building blocks. What is difficult for competitors to exceed these countless long tail keywords, long tail keywords stable accumulation is the core competitiveness of our site, is also the highest conversion rate of the long tail keywords keywords.

, stability. "Dajiangshan difficult, more difficult to keep country" saying this also applies to the Shanghai dragon keywords ranking, one of the words just come, we are most worried about is the ranking is not stable. So we are in quite a long period of time or to be like the beginning at the site keywords ranking as hard to do, to send the chain. And when the keywords ranking up later we can get some data, the late maintenance said another reason is the user needs to maintain a high amount of click, click the website ranking will be getting better and better, and constantly improve the user experience of increased access to viscosity, is our long-term planning important keywords can stabilize the.


Do Shanghai dragon says what is nonsense do ranking is the hard truth

is a good start for the future work will be less trouble, so start in Shanghai Longfeng preparatory work can not relax vigilance, some friends in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is always in the beginning will not according to the rules and regulations, so in the future of the site optimization problems in work so they began to emerge in an endless stream. Work in Shanghai dragon, we should pick up the two hundred percent spirit to treat. Shanghai Longfeng first work station code, domain name registration, server stability of these three points, first said that the domain name registration in the beginning, we do Shanghai Longfeng, domain name registration must be cautious, the best registered some never registered the domain name, because modern network has a number of domain name is already being used. Finally, don’t, so for this domain we should try to avoid, because by using the domain name will be included in search engines, once included, website domain name suddenly expired or not open, a long time will affect website ranking, website and search engine will be pulled into the blacklist, so we do you should first try to avoid the optimization of website domain name is registered; the station code is website structure, search engines crawl habit, it will The ranking plays a big role after the first time station code changes, we must remember to use static language possible, it would be very helpful for optimization of course, dynamic language also can be optimized, but the effect is not a static domain is better, when we want to modify the code to Modify > cap-a-pie

Shanghai dragon one can give the webmaster webmaster to bring a stable flow, technology of customers, according to the time progress, advanced technology, Shanghai dragon optimization methods continue to change, from the beginning of the site in a large number of embedded keywords, to now consider the user’s experience of embedded keywords based on reasonable. All of this is Shanghai dragon optimization technology change, and whether it is everyone, students and young entrepreneurs, we all want to learn Shanghai Longfeng, promote sales of network help, so more and more people want to learn Shanghai dragon, and appeared in the network of Shanghai Longfeng technical articles are also more and more. It can be said about modern Shanghai dragon in tens of thousands of novices, when searching in the network learning materials, although it is easy to check To Shanghai dragon, but for the Internet to see the article is dazzling, but there are many novice in the study of Shanghai dragon saw some of the crooked ways Shanghai Dragon technology, resulting in Shanghai Longfeng novices started thinking is completely wrong, emerge in an endless stream problem in the optimization process in the future, so do Shanghai Dragon said what are nonsense, only can help you make the ranking of the article is the best, I summed up a set of Shanghai Longfeng optimization process in the optimization work for many years in the Shanghai dragon, in general do website optimization ranking is more than sufficient, so I take this set of processes to share, the three sets of processes is divided into three parts, the crap, cut to the chase:

, a Shanghai dragon started working

After the site updated love Shanghai hit the turn.

updates through this website not only see this on the one hand, there are many aspects. He is like you did something wrong, resulting in a part of the loss, when an error occurs when we want to do is that? The reason is just to complain or complain about the company? Colleagues do not complain about their work? Or is the condition is not good? If you think you will never find the cause of the error, you know do wrong is oneself. The same site do is their own website, we should from their own or their own website to find the reasons. In order to identify fault for problem solving. This is why I put this one in the first place, because of work and life deeply reflect on their own, no matter what time to be in the first place.

website updated every day is commonplace, we only update the content may not necessarily be included in search engines. How to be included? I think the answer is that we all know, update of high quality original articles, this thing is definitely a few words to say about, but do it who has done? Update original content for some industries or small companies may not be realistic. As for decoration companies, securities companies, medical industry and so on, editing staff here who really have done these things, who can truly write original content. So, I said here that the check is about equal, repeatability, did not change the title of the complex, not false original update.

also is the site of the internal links in the chain, now I according to some situation in the company I encountered, I simply.

check the content and chain

yesterday evening love Shanghai carried out an update, I want to have many webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er some cry, some laugh ah! In this update is part of the site included the chain is greatly reduced, for example, we decorate the first nets before the chain is more than 40000, and the update after the chain fell to more than 10000. There are some websites increased, such as my friend’s website, from Erwanduoyi under up to tens of thousands of the chain. In the face of such a change would you think of what? I will have the following thinking for me:

I mentioned here is to analyze whether the external web link problems. May be in order to increase the chain in our ranking time, will send the chain through some tools, sell some links, or send some related links, I think that as long as we have done in Shanghai Longfeng people should help. So, we should analyze whether our website for these problems, or our website is being hung up the black chain etc.. The periphery of a website is really too much. We may for a moment analysis without end, but we may pick up some of the important aspects of check. In order to quickly find out the reasons, hoping for the loss of the site to a minimum.

followed by the analysis of peripheral reasonThe peripheral I think first

How to accurately estimate the flow rate of the keywords

, excluding the brush was suspected of

two, combined with a variety of tools: about numerical comparison of


In the

brush love Shanghai index can only deceive some data. In many tools, still can show the prototype, as long as good at using a variety of keyword query tool, also can be estimated very well.

is the first search volume of love Shanghai for the background can check keywords, this value actually than the love of Shanghai index to be accurate, but it is not very accurate, if there is a cast love Shanghai auction, bidding Shanghai with love test should be the most accurate, but the cost is too high. The second is the Google keyword tool, Google keyword tool is generally more accurate. But because Google and love flow gap between Shanghai is too large, check out the data to do a multiplication. If you have done related industry site, according to web site traffic sources between Google and Shanghai love calculation flow ratio, and then through the Google keyword data to calculate the flow of keywords love Shanghai. In addition to these tools, there are some very good tool, through which we can find not only the information, but also more abundant data as a reference. You can find a need.


Shanghai index query keywords with love. Then in Shanghai the value of the index table below, the time to pull longer before the position. So we can see the change in recent years keyword index. Not as long as the new popular keywords, normal words should not fall too exaggerated. As long as the change radically during a certain period of time, the word is the brush the suspect is very large. Generally the peak value of the estimated smooth removed, relatively close to the original index.

three, by ranking web aided estimation

website, usually to do a keyword flow estimation. Which is usually used for the reference value of the Shanghai index is love. But the webmaster webmaster will know love index index in Shanghai with the actual flow is too far. Sometimes a 10000 word index to rank first, no one thousand of the traffic. The Shanghai government has also officially explained love love does not mean that the search volume index in Shanghai. But with the emergence of various third party "love Shanghai weight", more and more people love Shanghai brush index, which caused the high false data. How to judge the key flow about


data is data, there is a gap too much. The above has been able to know about the estimation of the number of. Only through the keyword ranking before a few sites, you can probably estimate more accurate numbers. Although according to various different keyword ranking ranking click varies, but for most of the keywords, click in the first row are often accounted for over seventy percent of the number of search. >

Analysis of the cause of the sudden fall of site traffic

like many webmaster, I also pay close attention to the change of traffic to the site, because the traditional profit model and the single site is too important. But today that a sudden collapse of site traffic. Only about 1/10 of the original quite. See the traffic statistics, it really made me panic. Then think about recent site situations: the server will hang up a few days before isolation, on-line to accelerate the music service, love Shanghai recent adjustment algorithm and so on, analysis of the causes of sudden drop then entered the site traffic state. The direction of thinking mainly include the following:

is the problem of traffic statistics tools (such as upgrading);

search engine punishment: This is not impossible, in the Chinese mainland as the author of this type of information from the website, search engine traffic is accounted for a large proportion, especially the flow of love Shanghai. If you fall in love with the sea and a algorithm to adjust the site to the K, then traffic plummeted also be not at all surprising. Taking into account the love Shanghai official recently released to upgrade pomegranate algorithm notice, the author to the site suffered punishment (manslaughter pomegranate algorithm). But when I analyze the statistical data again, I found love from Shanghai traffic in the proportion of all search engines and no major changes, is still about 70% of the share. Obviously, this doesn’t make sense, because if you love Shanghai to punish the site, then the ratio is definitely a great change. The possibility of all search engines at the same time adjustment algorithm is almost impossible, so the possibility of punishment has been excluded from the Shanghai love.

to find out the real reason

is not a sudden decrease in traffic from search engines (such as relevant? And love the recent Shanghai pomegranate algorithm);

will not be other reasons, such as accelerating

server: This is my prime suspect, because recently do not know whether there is malicious attack website, some of the problems often occur and cannot access. And the website server problems, flow naturally began to fall. Wait, but I do not want to understand, before the site is completely no problem, traffic, this time the situation is: site traffic, and I tried to be using a mobile phone can access. So initially ruled a server crash suspected of causing the site to flow, but the press did find that there is a problem with the server, but before the access, traffic and daily hours also far ah, how to explain this?

flow? music?

is a server problem caused the sudden collapse of

traffic statistics tool fault: so I started to suspect that is not their own use of the statistics of this love Shanghai traffic statistics tool features appear what problem? I love Shanghai then went to the official website to see when the statistics update announcement, the results did not find what. But there is not enough convincing evidence of statistical tools is no problem, because it is not any time any adjustment will, or.

23 year old guy venture idea received tens of millions of dollars of strangers investmentFire 2016 n

Prodi is CEO of Hello, and the device they manufacture is called the sensory sleep tracker". The device looks like a ball and can be placed on your bedside table. When you sleep, it monitors all the environmental factors in your bedroom. The idea of a sensory sleep tracker comes from helping you develop good sleep habits and finding out what causes you to wake up at night.

to "China Silicon Valley" financial technology then aggregation

, Prodi, said that his "sensory sleep Tracker" was inspired by a basic concept: everyone needs sleep, and most people want to know how to get better sleep. "Most people might not walk too much every day, but everyone sleeps every day," Prodi told BI in an interview…… Are you energetic during the day, and your sleep the night before is very important."

Hello’s fundraising activities on the platform Kickstarter were just over Friday, and the company has been well above its initial $100 thousand fundraising target, raising funds of up to $2 million 400 thousand. But these funds are only a fraction of what Hello has so far raised. The Wall Street journal confirmed that Prodi and his company had received $10 million 500 thousand in financing from angel investors. To this end, Prodi’s company’s total funding has reached $13 million.

BI Chinese station reported on August 23rd

less than 40 years, Shenzhen from a small village into today gathered a large number of science and technology, culture, design and other top talent "Chinese Silicon Valley", and the birth of a Tencent, HUAWEI, ZTE and many other technology giants. At present, Shenzhen has more than thirty thousand scientific and technological enterprises, among them, the state-level high-tech enterprises reached 5524, in 2015, Shenzhen high-tech enterprises to achieve output value of 1 trillion and 729 billion 690 million yuan.

from the capital of the cottage to the hardware paradise, despite the rising prices, the risk of speeding up the flow of hair industry, but Shenzhen is still competitive, from the United States

, however, over the past year and a half of the skyrocketing housing prices so that the Shenzhen city life cost, the cost of innovation is very high, there are many media reports of high-tech talents are considering evacuation in Shenzhen. In order to explore the innovation of science and technology, technical talents for the nine rich entrepreneurship competition to just ended in the Western business center of Chengdu, many entrepreneurial projects are encouraged to register also highlights Chengdu this rise in the venture capital’s impact on Shenzhen.

in the past year and a half, because prices from more than 20000 flat rose to nearly 50000 level, Shenzhen has attracted national and the world’s attention recently, even once heard giants such as HUAWEI and plans to leave Shenzhen because of high housing prices. Shenzhen as early Chinese city of science and technology, brings together a large number of high-tech elite, but now also faced the brain drain embarrassing situation, so the future of Shenzhen in the field of science and technology innovation development and transformation, by the parties concerned. In June 17th, the Chengdu Railway Station just bid farewell to the nine rich "fire" of Sino US financial science and technology entrepreneurship competition will come to this, although known as the "Chinese Silicon Valley" but some embarrassment to the innovation of the city – Shenzhen, explore the Fintech innovation of enterprises in the future China potential here, and through the support of many aspects, so that innovators can take root Shenzhen, as a member of the future "Chinese Silicon Valley".

in fact, compared to Yu Zheng in innovation, entrepreneurship, "puberty" in Chengdu, Shenzhen is more like a career transformation of young people". Chengdu should take the innovative road, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Shenzhen can learn from; as a pioneer of domestic innovation and entrepreneurship development to "eat crab", it seems that only the other side of the ocean "Silicon Valley" can be used as references, meet the transformation of those can hardly be avoided.

data shows that Shenzhen is worthy of China as a capital of science and technology. As the first special economic zone, Shenzhen has various advantages in terms of policy, capital, talents and markets. When the traditional environment, patent, labor costs and other problems become more and more China hinder the economic development of the "stumbling block", as a pioneer of reform and opening up China Shenzhen walk in the forefront of China innovation and entrepreneurship.

Prodi’s investors include technology tycoon, such as network tools before PayPal CEO David · David Marcus payment; Marcus Facebook, vice president of partners Dan · Ross Dan Rose, shlf1314 micro-blog Android vice president of product management, he is now the vice president of global millet Hugo Hugo Barra and · etc..

Prodi was eager for invention when he was very young. Forbes magazine reported that when Prodi was 9 years old, he saw the book "your own web site" in a bookstore, and then he taught himself about HTML. By the age of 12, Prodi had set up other professional websites.

technology innovation faces high house price threat,

for the 23 year old young people, most people may have just graduated from University, in a tangle of jobs or something, and James · Proud James Proud has raised its startups to millions of dollars of funds. Prodi’s company makes a device that helps people sleep better and deeper.

Prodi said he was always eager to go to college, but when he graduated from high school, he changed his mind. In 2011 he chose to join the PayPal co-founder, the legendary Silicon Valley investor Peter ·, T> Peter


An example of how to make new station included faster to fly

the last point is to make our site included the rise, the station optimization is one of the basic problems that you cannot ignore. For the film site.

first said that the station, the station on the line on the page will soon be included in search engines, the snapshot is updated, but there is a problem that has been included to keep up, although a month has passed, but still not included what improvement, even if there are a few articles that search engines can’t how long will be deleted. I know this is every new will encounter the situation, because the search engine is currently reviewing your search engine, but in order to reduce the time of the audit, the author in the chain construction and content construction and website internal optimization respectively in the next work, below I will introduce a.

first, we talk about the construction of the chain, because the site is a movie site, so the construction of the chain channels are quite rich, I just began to do is to collect a lot of video entertainment forum, a registered account in the above, set the signature, every day in the above post or reply then. To tell you the truth of this method is very useful, it can from the background traffic sources can be seen. Another effective outside chain resources, which is love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia Wikipedia, is one of the recognized weight high platform. We need to make good use of, the author found some relatively unpopular films or TV series name, and then create their own entries, finally in the entry and their own site to watch the address, which not only can obtain the weight of love Shanghai encyclopedia, you can also get some traffic to our site, kill two birds with one stone. In addition to quiz platform such as search and ask know we can do it every day, do not have much weight, high quality is the key.

a new station on the line, in order to obtain good performance in the search engine, every webmaster will need to pay a lot of effort. Optimization for many grassroots webmaster want to try every kind of site. Especially for the film site, this is not the author of the recent movie another type of site on the line, after a long time of continuous efforts, the author of this movie site finally began to include. Today I checked the included has already reached 1620, as shown below. In this paper the author will share recently included in the site of efforts, hope for those trying to help the movie site.

in the content of the optimization of the site, because the site is a movie site, site content information only through data acquisition, and acquisition caused by the problem is basically and many site content information are the same, in addition to the author of some pseudo original content every day. There is a very useful method, that is to collect data on some movie video software, similar to PPS because of this kind of software on the movie review information is not indexed by search engines, we can collect a lot of information from the top critics to enrich the content of our site. So we have the original site of fresh content.

360. Once on the line, love Shanghai encyclopedia editor increase the difficulty

, thank you!

before, in an article about 360 A5 webmaster see online encyclopedia on-line content, this news, I can’t wait to try, the result is very pessimistic, how do you say, for browsing users, this way is the best, but for those of us in Shanghai Longfeng station who don’t take too much time spent in the 360 encyclopedia.

from the Jilin moving company www.jlsflm贵族宝贝 carefully written, A5 first, please indicate the original



because in your mind digging, painstakingly edited a very valuable encyclopedia, just want to leave a little bit of the source address in the reference, is not, through the audit will directly delete these links, so a source of trace will not leave you, the most willing to give 360 volunteer.

as I think, it’s better to edit the love Shanghai encyclopedia, at the bottom can also leave a reference, but I never thought that love Shanghai, the editor of the Encyclopedia also increased the difficulty, is editor of the Encyclopedia of Master to reach more than 4.


this is really astounding ah, have to say, we have more of a task is to cultivate love account, Shanghai is increasingly relied on these dedicated stationmaster friends, if you like the past, to coax, chain do many, but each value is not very high time has passed, we can simply classify the chain pick out a few valuable, then do the undivided attention, whether editing or release to the user experience as a benchmark, and then search engine friendliness. There is concern about the products love Shanghai, our development path for these products concern, I want to always never wrong, love to keep up with the pace of Shanghai, Shanghai will not believe in love to have left us far away.

Four prevent web site was hung black chain method

clever use of some of the chain, chain detection tool can not only help us to clear the existing site links, can directly detect the link to the site whether can normal visit. This is also an effective method.


hackers may get through the website of the FTP user name and password to the target web site to hang black chain. Webmaster friends need a stronger safety awareness, FTP password is too simple will allow hackers to easily break, pose a threat to the safety of the site. Of course, if you can periodically modify the FTP password, it is better for the safety and security of the website.

black chain chain, also known as the hidden dark chain, usually refers to the access links through normal means. At present, the most common method to obtain the black chain is to get the search engine weight or PR high site webshell through a variety of web application vulnerabilities, so your site

links in the target siteNo legal means the

4. select a stable and secure server

2. with the help of

behavior is taken to reap the benefits of such practices, love Shanghai very serious punishment.

3. website FTP password must not be too simple

network but often there is always this phenomenon, one thing that is very troublesome to the webmaster friends. Sometimes, a website was linked to a number of night black chain, even if you optimize work done well, the website ranking will not go up. So, effectively prevent the site was linked to the black chain optimization is critical for us to do. The following are some suggestions:

Webmaster Tools website link detection

website source code

introduces four prevent web site was hung black chain method. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a long-term undertaking, one of whether the site was hung black chain is the webmaster friends will do homework often test.

regularly 1. see

site was hung black chain another possible reason is the problem of server security. If the site problem, other sites can make the best server vendor inspection a server is also appeared in a similar situation, and as soon as possible so that the server vendor solutions are given. We can choose the best suppliers in the early server better safety performance, so it can effectively avoid some unnecessary trouble later. So, how to choose the service provider should also be webmaster friends attention.

usually, web site was hung black chain the maximum likelihood, but don’t ignore the other higher weight ". We need to do is often on the page to check the source code. Especially if found strange URL, should carefully check the link form, once found abnormal immediately delete.

Explain the application of TF-IDF algorithm in the optimization of Shanghai Dragon

IDF: inverse text frequency index

so their frequency of

hypothesis: Shanghai dragon page retrieval digital 20 million, website optimization search number is 10 million, the number of retrieval techniques for 500 million

TF (=8/400=0.02

search engine index number is assumed to be 10 billion.

directly to the point, the TF-idf algorithm in the end is how to calculate the


and IDF is also very document frequency, refers to the word count of N appeared in many pages, file count is M, then IDF=lg (M/N). Assume that "site optimization" appears in the 2000 page document, the total number is 100 million, then the frequency of the IDF=lg file (100000000/2000) =4.69897, then the calculation of the final TF-IDF=0.02*4.69897=0.0939794.

In fact,

www.ruihess贵族宝贝 in Shanghai Longfeng this website page (page 70 400) appeared 8 times, website optimization appears 10 times, 16 skills.


, Shanghai dragon)

TF (=20/400=0.04

We illustrate

, TF word meaning, refers to a number of words in the page, if the total words of an article number is 200, and the "site optimization" this word appears 4 times, then the frequency is 0.02 TF=4/200.




search engine, weight calculation, according to each word segmentation to calculate, for example: the word "Shanghai dragon website optimization skills.

this is a judgment of a page of related problems, and in the Shanghai dragon website optimization, not only to determine the value of TF-IDF points, we need a high degree of recognition of the word for the page points. For example: the search engine included one trillion pages, it should be said that each page will have ",,," and so on, these high-frequency words also called noise words or stop words, search engine will remove these words, so these words plus weight is 0. Formula: TF-IDF=log (1 trillion / one trillion) =log1=0.


TF-idf algorithm is a kind of user information retrieval and data mining technology commonly used weighted, is often applied to the Shanghai dragon ER, and many people may not know, in fact, the most intuitive understanding is "the website keyword density".

TF =10/400=0.025


Hu Weiwu why don’t Godson join in with foreign giantsThrough the recruitment website, daily income o

5. advertising account see below for registration tutorial



the latest announcement: announcement of the alliance.

second is our industry chain organization ability is not strong enough, Intel is the organization of the industrial chain, quanta, Foxconn is the Intel, let you sell what price, you can only sell what price. Our organization is not strong enough. In this context, the Godson will be more expensive, even if I CPU to the very cheap, but the host factory to sell that price.

advertising alliance website, and then click register. According to the actual situation to fill in the information, it is important to account receivables not incorrectly, or collect money. Note: if you want to fill in my account number, I was quite happy to drop. We have no web site name and URL, can fill in one, this is not important. Click here to register fill in.

we’re going to be looking for developers to launch a developer’s plan that will allow developers to get the Godson computers very cheaply, but it’s going to take a process.

!The first step of >

we want to promote part-time advertising advertising. On the mobile phone into the registration, when a user through you recommend successfully registered and you will get 6 yuan Commission, income is daily, as long as the income of the day to the settlement..

advertising allianceOpen the

science and engineering force: we rarely see Godson in our daily life, and the price of Godson on the Dragon dream website is more expensive. So, why Intel performance is good, the price is cheaper, Godson performance is not as good as Intel, the price is expensive,

registered after a successful login. You can see the member login backstage. I introduce the background function:

3. in the recruitment website information every day with a few user access. not too few, recruitment information released a long time, the information can give you with a few users every day. Released one hundred information every day is N users visit. We have to do is send N recruitment information, of course you don’t be silly in a recruitment website N recruitment information, each station 3-4 is enough. Find a few more stations, the recruitment website duozhaone.

is a transformation after accumulation, development of the focus shift from end to end technology market, past performance, ecological problems restrict the development of dragon core, but as technology and ecological improvement, quantitative into qualitative change, dragon core technology has been changing from end to end market.

Hu Weiwu: at present, Godson is facing two changes.

past the main market is the military godson. But now the government has started from the main market, change to more areas. We used to open the market, everyone some core computer not enough attention, no such plan. We should pay attention to opening the market in the future, at that time we think Godson computer is cheap.

now high prices, mainly because of such a number of reasons, one is relatively small output, production is less, the price will be more expensive.

1. on a computer. nonsense

2. has an IQ of Internet people. is you, if you are a pig will also.

3. recruitment websites are free job recruitment information. A lot of free drop drop. Don’t drop charges.

preparation ready, we began to

2. release information on the existence of long period, general information time is about 30-60 days. The forum is better than.


4. new registered 126 mailboxes behind said mailbox use

academician Li Guojie at the conference site

well, the preliminary work done if you can earn hundred days closer to a little.

< >

to go through the recruitment website issued recruitment Posts get directional flow to promote part-time advertising service. Why should we go to the recruitment website advertising and not to other website? Because we want to promote is to recruit part-time advertising, website advertising effect is best of course. And in the recruitment website issued recruitment information from N benefits:

25, dragon core held in 2017 in Beijing dragon product conference and partner conference. At the conference, Godson released a series of products, such as Godson 3A3000, Godson 2K and so on. Many of Godson’s partners have also released a range of machine products.

and godson, the latest 3A2000 and 3A3000 computers are relatively rare, dragon and dream, although the whole factory has sold 3A2000 and 3A3000 computers, but the price is very expensive. In response to this phenomenon, before the press conference, the Department of engineering forces interviewed the chief scientist Hu Weiwu godson.

1. member recruitment website mostly part-time job, good advertising effect.

although we occasionally heard about the Godson of news, such as the Beidou satellite equipped with godson, for example, Hisense will buy Godson GS232 IP authorized for the first 4K 120Hz high definition processing chip, Haier to buy 3 million sets of dragon core for intelligent home appliance and so on. But in the PC field, Godson computers are relatively rare, even if the Godson lovers can buy only a few years ago, Godson 2 series, and dragon core, 3A1000, 3B1500 notebook, Godson box and PC.

3. Alipay account or commercial bank account used to drop money.


Winter Shuabing North meichuang circle spring where investors voteHow should I find more referrals i

"traveler" entrepreneurs, namely with the trend of the public to join the venture entrepreneurs, many of them may not create a great enterprise, but to a good situation to do a large. Not much said here.

has not ended in the first quarter of 2016, and the venture capital circle in America has been flooded with more negative market signals:

"passer by" investors are emerging investors in the past few years as the economy grows. These investors are individuals with high net worth. Because they saw the potential of early investments with high returns, they began to invest in angels, even though they had limited technology and business models for their companies. They have joined either the Crowdfunding platform or the Angel Club, but the common thing is that they invest a lot of money in start-ups. On top of that, the Fed has kept interest rates constant

this article aims at the current venture capital situation in North America, lists and interprets some of the possible causes of capital winter, and explores the opportunities for investors in this case.

you can also set up a blog to promote the project, better known as NetEase, sh419, Sina skyline, blog and so on, these places have gathered a lot of popularity, if you can write some soft Wen is also a good way to attract visitors.

‘s entrepreneurial boom in the past few years blew valuations of early projects, and the desire and admiration for entrepreneurship climbed to an unprecedented height. And now financing is more difficult for start-ups, O2O companies frequently face death, "capital winter" topic is full of major technology media.

traveler tourist, literal meaning is very good understanding, is in the industry brief "join in the fun" crowd. This industry "traveler" in both entrepreneurs and investors exist.

to post propaganda, or through the to find more people to become your downline, also can go to download a free e-mail software, by sending promotional materials to achieve the purpose of promotion, as long as there are more people see you, there will be more opportunities for them to become your at a lower level.

·: from the digital point of view, the valuation of start-up companies is undergoing a major adjustment: professional social networking LinkedIn market capitalization evaporated by 40%; big data company Tableau market capitalization is only half of the original;

– this article from 99 Wangzhuan network:

How to find ?

can invest some money to do advertising, the advertising forum inside the rent, usually home will have a lot of advertising, the forum now has dozens of advertising pictures, the effect is not very good, because there are too many advertisements, the members did not know that which is good, Adsense suggestions this method is not the best.

· from the start-up company point of view, after 15 years since Evernote closed down, more once Unicorn such as Dropbox, Gilt, etc. gradually decline;

pictures, data sources, Upfront, VC, attitude survey,

if you want to do your best offer on advertising to some traffic and more professional websites, such as net Wangzhuan it every day, traffic, advertising in the above effect is excellent, the station has also been done, can bring hundreds of traffic every day, still can.

How to find more money in the offline

in short, no matter what method you use, as long as you can find the line on the line, with subordinates is the most important factor in making money online, how much money you can earn depends on how many subordinates you have.

There is some

capital winter is difficult to explain with a single reason or theory. Here mainly introduces one of the reasons for the emergence of a large number of industry "passers-by" participation.

in addition, the famous investor Mark Suster interviewed 150 active investors. The survey consulted these people about the 2016 venture, with only 18% of investors optimistic about it, while 82% expressed some level of alarm and concern about the 2016 venture.

capital winter is how to produce


is offline, you become Wangzhuan subordinate registered through referral link, this part referred to as your downline, they can help me make money, so we are constantly looking for more referrals to make money together, we can see the importance level, basically every project can get commission, from the line in different proportion, and the support of the series is different from one level to the ten level of all, especially the hook project special grades.

network? Today to talk about some personal opinion quite good method, different methods have different characteristics, specific how should you choose a specific analysis of China.

line, a lot of people are asked, still have to say, first of all you can go to the relevant forum published a publicity card, put your project to make a presentation, link belt, general forum popular posts, can also exist for long time. This will have a greater chance of being seen by others, it is a practical method for offline, you can have a try.

Ji Yuan capital Tong how to copy the millet model abroadFor the daily excellent fresh cold chain hom

to this day, the lyrics and the scene are still alive in his mind. At that time, laugh at the world arena, a longitudinal Chu a generation of taiwanese. It was only Tong Shihao who had never thought of himself after three years, and now he was on the road of wandering alone in a foreign land. 14 years in Taiwan, 16 years in the United States, 4 years in Hongkong and Singapore, 8 years in the mainland – the tortuous journey that began in Asia and ended in Asia, has accomplished him today.

he has participated in the creation of the Dragon state logistics, express delivery, speed express and Dragon letter logistics and other four express logistics company. Geek fast delivery has been founded by Liu Qiang fifth courier companies, this time, his entrepreneurial direction is the city cold chain logistics.

business failure is not lost: the Internet has the opportunity to

at the same time, U.S. stocks began to fall across the board, is about to collapse, down to the bottom. The accumulation of a century of Carnival and dreams had been broken, foam instant will be required to have. "When stocks began to fall, companies that were interested in you began to lose interest, and the traditional industry had some illusions about the internet." Tong Shihao says.

in the back to the mainland, Tong Shihao served in the 7 years, Qiming, he has led the investment millet, where customers and a car rental hi star enterprise. In October 2013, children Shihao to span in both China and the U.S. GGV capital GGV partners, attention to entrepreneurial companies and domestic Silicon Valley, try to copy foreign mode of reverse Chinese.

Ji Yuan capital partner Tong Shihao

among them, logistics nodes and trunk design affect the whole logistics cost and efficiency. Send the geek distributed storage mode, the goods from the factory, the first will be sent to the warehouse after sorting, sorting by warehouse delivery to the warehouse pre distribution outlets, and finally by the end of the logistics distribution to consumers. The sorting warehouse with 0~5 and 18 degree multiple refrigeration, hotlinked temperature zone, independent of each other, with pre storage cold chain facilities.

at the time, he ran an electric company called Asia2B, and a group of aspiring young people who wanted to change the world with their ideas, but reality was a big hit. Although the company has spent a lot of money, it is trying to find a business model

, fast development of the city to send geek F2C mode: constant temperature cold chain to open up businesses end city factories or city warehouse, shipped directly from the factory or warehouse, down deep in the last kilometer of cold chain logistics, implemented by the city with factory direct users, direct series from the B end and C end consumer businesses factory.

if the Han Wang

Liu Qiang is a more than 20 year old courier veteran.



not only has a low level of development, but also faces uneven development of urban cold chain. Liu Qiang believes that the current cold chain transportation on the market is mainly based on to B business, less to C business. From the type of view, in addition to SF, Jingdong such as logistics giants began exploring the outer system establishment, cold chain logistics and other basic can be divided into two categories: one is the merchant self logistics, is a place of cold chain logistics. The merchant faced self built logistics cost is high, the cycle is long, the lack of expertise and professional talent scarcity dilemma; local cold chain logistics are often based on a single city, the network can not be formed, it is difficult to service national brand.

iResearch data show that in 2016, China’s local living O2O industry market size reached 1 trillion and 100 billion yuan. It involves cold chain transportation, such as vegetables, fresh vegetables, cakes, flowers, drinks, special medicine and so on. It is predicted that the market will exceed 150 billion.


"ocean wash my mind, and I was gone….. Qianshan not with me alone." When the sunset on the streets of Taipei, 10 year old Tong Shihao and buddy walking in the crowd, like singing loudly self-assured or supercilious, that he had a clear and free, without feeling full in my heart. They sang drunkenly, a little sun light convergence, the last hint of unbridled shine in their face.

November 2014, geeks rushed to set up in Shanghai, focusing on providing the city O2O with constant temperature transportation, warehousing and distribution, has opened the Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other four cities. The project is currently ongoing A round of financing, by Zhuo brand capital investment advisory professional under the small table runner served as the exclusive financial advisor.

terminal logistics is also an important part of cold chain distribution. Many cold chains are delivered by placing frozen mineral water in the distribution box, and then covered with a quilt or covered with foam

however, there is still a clear gap between China’s cold chain development and developed countries. Data show that China’s total number of cold chain vehicles is only 1/3 of the United States, the per capita capacity of cold storage is 1/5 of the United states.

on 70s last century, Taiwan, the era of Jiang Jingguo debt, "ten years of construction" stage, Taiwan economy began to take off. After experiencing repression and silence in 60s, Taiwanese came to the golden age of ideology and culture, and respected the spirit of freedom. Tong Shihao’s invasion which he sang, is the 79 edition of "Chu Liuxiang" theme song.

March 2000, Singapore, a late morning, Tong Shihao sitting alone at home, a lamp, a laptop and a not yet completed PPT. 70 employees bear the pressure to survive, his sleepless, lost, helpless, throw the helve after the hatchet. As soon as daylight comes, he will walk into the conference room and negotiate with Singapore Telecom, Philippines Telecom and Thailand Telecom to sell his company at a reasonable price.

Based on this

why is cold chain

To dare to dare venture successful enterprise 6 crazy idea to build a businessSite navigation statio

Craigslist hasn’t changed since it was released, and people like it because it’s very simple. Of course, some people have criticized it for privacy and security issues. Craig Newmark, founder of the site, did not want to make money, but Craigslist is growing stronger. You can find it above

domestic do site navigation station more into the hairs, random number, install a browser you can find a lot of N navigation station embedded therein. Does that amount mean that the market is saturated,

does everyone need web sites? Of course not, for those new Internet users. The search engines now take the place of the site navigation station. Although old users won’t give up the use of Web sites, new traditional sites are outdated for new users.

This product is made by Gary

2., Narrative, Clip

3, site navigation station how to make money?

why can the website station enter ten thousand years, now analyze the income source of the website station?. 1. URL 2. Advertising alliance 3. The game is divided into three items. Every year can be tens of millions. Of course, we can see some form of association. Included in the web site, take a look at the 28 business opportunities network, you can directly see their collection quote, a 5 word text advertising, a month 3.8W, ha ha, a month will be able to enter more than ten million. Advertising alliance, this can flow through the exchange to do, but also can not be overlooked. The game is split up and you are also making high profits by working with highly profitable businesses.

3., Facebook

site navigation station is very profitable, this idea from a few years ago, a good 123 will have. Many people are still willing to do site navigation, but from another point of view, site navigation station. There are many problems. Do Wangzhuan not everyone can do, want to do the site navigation station, you must think out a few questions. If you want to know, you can do it.

lead: many start-ups start with exciting projects, and maybe these odd entrepreneurial ideas and stories will make you more confident.



2, is the market saturated? How can the site navigation station be developed?

many start-ups start with exciting projects, and some creative ideas are pretty crazy, and many of them are successful. If you have an odd idea, but you may not get the understanding of others, don’t be afraid. Because once you really give up, it can make your life or company very boring. Sometimes, you really need to come to Create Company with the strangest ideas and get loyal customers. Perhaps some of these odd entrepreneurial ideas and stories will make you more confident:

when a thing is mature, he changes. Then, the most common trend is characteristic development, market segmentation. Not all navigation stations, target customers are small, are new network. Take a look at the web sites that appear now, though many are from the hands of individual webmasters

site was originally popularized and used by newcomers who did not touch the internet. At that time, less classification, less content, there are several large URLs enough. When these people realized the convenience, the website station developed at a high speed.

if you think so, then why are there so many new sites, just for their own services? Roaming into, Tencent entered, 360 entered.


4, URL,

navigation station has become a tool to connect new users and old users. Promotion of their own tools, by users of word-of-mouth spread, forming a user group. Saturated, just for small sites, the real network businessman willing to invest, the funds as a strong backing, long-term users is fundamental.

when Zuckerberg first launched his own "exclusive virtual Almanac", some people told him it was so weird and useless. Of course, no one would think he could be one of the biggest companies in the world. Consider, then MySpace has been very popular, but people why such a "virtual Yearbook"? It is because of the one and only Facebook personality, it was a success, other companies in the end, presumably as everyone knows.

this product is a miniature camera that can be held in front of a shirt and can only take two pictures per minute. Now, you might think it sounds of no use, but many people don’t agree with you. The product was developed by a Swedish start-up, whose supporters think it’s the only way to make them relive their lives. The product, which costs $279, has raised $500 thousand on the Kickstarter.


1, who’s your website to see,

What do you need most from

1., Pet, Rock

Dahl in the last century in 70s to come out, one day in 1975, Dahl and his friends chatting in a bar, his friend had been complaining about their pets difficult to raise, casually said, the perfect pet is a stone. As a result, Dahl has really decided to launch a pet stone product. He has given his pet stone a 32 page manual that describes how to keep the stone. His pet stone each cost only $1, but Dahl has made us $15 million.

4., Craigslist