July 2017

added P to my site with the ladies body

or that young lady, do you remember? There was an article before,

for the first time: http://admin5.com/plus/view.php, aid=81390,

second times: I can’t find it.

third times: http://admin5.com/plus/view.php, aid=87256,

fourth, Fifth….

, let’s not say that.

goes to business:

after years of development, I finally know her name, called Jian Fang, the name has not said. The name is not very soil. The first time I heard her name, I couldn’t stand laughing. After many exchanges, people are good people, that is,….. read more

Webmaster site construction process must be sure to remember impetuous

corn rabbit question: Grassroots webmaster, individual webmaster, in short, Chinese webmaster, you feel impetuous,


the stationmaster replies:………………

China webmaster is growing up in impetuous, perhaps, now many webmaster, especially old webmaster has gone through impetuous period, but throughout the network, highlighting is still a word: "impetuous"!


then what is "impetuous"? What is the appearance of "impetuous"?

"impetuous", the dictionary is interpreted as "frivolous, irritable."". There is a morbid psychology of impulsive, emotional, irrational intertwined, it is solid, good governance, fair competition, and hard pioneer is opposite. While these features, I dare to say that all the owners have, at least once! In that overnight, the Internet economy, many webmaster kill red eye rushed forward, no matter there is no enemy, who is the enemy, only know that dream rushed to the front to become the next king. However, the final result is often disappointing, and some have not even started, they have been lying on the starting line. This can’t help but think about it, read more

Why do web site data analysis

was a handsome, choice will battle the dignity of the occasion can be determined by the millions of soldiers lives today, a decisive confrontation business enterprise boss will influence the company’s future. Personally, with too many choices and decisions in life, good or bad, or with a failure, someone said in an idea, how many people regret in life, but success and failure is not just an idea, so is the website operation.

1, the importance of website data analysis

to evaluate the quality of a website, we are the most commonly used indicators are: 1, this site has much traffic? 2, the site every day to earn much money? So much traffic and how much money in the end is what kind of relationship? These flows are come from? What is the money Youdou users to convert? Can further enhance the traffic? Can further enhance the transformation? When you will face a series of similar problems, carried out a detailed analysis of the data on the website, can let you know the flow and money behind the real situation. This is the meaning of data analysis. read more

Talk about how to raise the PR value of the website

The website of

PR full name PageRank, is commonly known as the "level, is a part of GOOGLE search ranking, a method is used to identify the page rank and the importance of Google, Google through the PageRank to adjust the results, so that the more level and the importance of the web page to get the other website ranking in the search results to enhance thus, to improve the relevance and quality of search results. How to improve the PR value of the site? I have done 2 websites, real money chess game and Ji’nan website optimization, in these 2 websites made a summary: read more

Personal webmaster how to do classification information station

classified information in recent years has been relatively prosperous, recently engaged himself in the Yuyao forum, found that the release of information advertisement is very much, they also made a Yuyao information network, Yuyao 123, ha ha, or better remember.

for the classification of information network, he is providing for the public service, to meet the ordinary housing, to find a nanny / tutor, the sale of second-hand goods, the employment of daily needs, the authenticity of the information will be the first in line. Therefore, the need to provide false information reporting function, but even if the victim reported, the liar can immediately easily register another user name, continue to cheat. If the authenticity of the information can not be reliably guaranteed, then the classified information network can not expect to have good prospects for development. read more

Two weeks revenue 1 million GO desktop on Google Play is how to do

editor’s note: This is 3G portal & Huang Aihua GO vice president of the invitation of the PingWest desktop technology, exclusive articles, share the 3G portal is how to do the international market with the help of Google Play, he also shared the GO desktop product development and operation experience in the paper, and summarized in the overseas promotion of products in "Google play are most concerned about 10 things". The following is the text:

at the end of 2012, GO desktop (GO Launcher) Next Launcher 3D desktop team launched in Google Play, priced $15.99, on-line two weeks aboard the Google Play personalized classification "revenue highest top position, global sales exceeded 1 million yuan. The industry generally believes that App do revenue, Google Play is much more difficult than App Store, so many friends curious Next Launcher how to get this business results. read more

Rookie site promotion Raiders

after many days of hard work, their site "potato network variety http://douhaody.com" finally successfully opened. Now I put myself in the construction site to the site during the smooth opening, there have been many puzzled and confused, I believe a lot of new friends in this field the same as me, there are a variety of problems and questions. I will be following in the process of construction of some thoughts and share.

, site type selection and location:

first, I’ll introduce the selection and location of the website type. If you’re making money for garbage stations, you know, I think this article doesn’t have to be looked at. It doesn’t have reference. If you want to be serious about standing, I hope you can get some inspiration from my thinking. read more

Why only four percent of webmaster success

traditional industry success rate is 20%, but the webmaster circle really successful only four percent, why is that so? I think the reason may be the following:

is not clear enough about the webmaster profession,

a lot of people entered the stationmaster industry by accident, in line to see a senior success experience, enthusiasm and then roll up sleeves on the start of the webmaster. However, senior success is paid the effort and sweat, and a lot of people in look at the time, only to see the predecessors only primary school education, feel that they are graduating from high school, better than their predecessors, who can be successful, will only see themselves more successful; predecessors spent three years later earning a bucket of gold, so think you will be earning gold after three years of fighting…… Senior’s success is to break out of their own, is to adhere to the results, the webmaster industry is more and more low threshold, more and more people into the relatively more competitive, think of their own web site has a lot of people have done, how can go beyond? What is the webmaster, you see a man in the street with dishevelled hair and a dirty face on the left hand, right hand bags of instant noodles, cigarettes, he could be a webmaster, webmaster from entering the industry, to the entry must have a process of experience and learning, and this process is very difficult, a lot of people are in the process of the fall, you ask yourself, maybe you are a college degree, but you the website can persist for three years without income, family and friends can endure misunderstanding? If you think that buy a domain name, buy a space, get some data to build a web site can make money if you don Don’t know what is the webmaster, you may be doomed not to stick to the failed because. read more

Step by step rookie online money making plan

I used to think that only those who master computer technology Wangzhuan to play things, so for a long time with no real network contact Wangzhuan shock. Later, after more than a month of Wangzhuan experience, let me realize that, do Wangzhuan doesn’t necessarily need a lot of technology, as long as you want to do! Some experience higher below I like some beginners to talk about my personal, hope can bring some inspiration.

majored in pharmaceutics, worked for many years in the wholesale of drugs, and later changed from casual to online. At the beginning, I know little about the knowledge of the Internet, even the domain name can not be resolved. But this can not stop my confidence to engage in Wangzhuan, others can learn, I can learn. So I went to the bookstore to buy a new site to do the book, I want to learn how to start the site. Read a few days, basically understand a number of domain names, space and things like that. Far away from the goal of their own station is still far away. read more

Stationmaster station is an affair of grassroots

I have been a grassroots for 2 years, from the beginning do not know what is the webmaster and grassroots, to gradually integrate into this group inside. Deeply felt lonely stationmaster people all too lonely. But the Webmaster Station or the forum has become their place all day long, and it is more timely and accurate than the date for a girlfriend. Of course, many owners do not have a girlfriend, they are Neixiu, unclubbable. Somehow, the girls were angels in their eyes, and they dared not profane it. Of course, many veterans have not, life will be attributed to the true, even if you don’t have confidence, to cheat your own life, including women. read more

Share my half year experience with you

Hello, ha ha! To Admin5 more than half a year, recall is too fast, the first half a year ago to do is because some communication and tells Admin5 webmaster, let me in a hurry, hastily put the rate of the first stand up, at that time I was so anxious too young, many things do not understand (a lot! Then feel know haha, everyone laughed), do not understand the promotion skills, do not know SEO outside the chain, do not know too many things. When the promotion is by friends constantly help in the Q group, video website, email and so on, shouting ah, good words (Saturday and Sunday), a more than 3000 IP, the effect is not good if one day even less than 1000, second days for IP 200 not to. read more

Practical experience in enterprise building and optimization process

with the development of Internet, network information and get in by every opening into our life, this is our life also brings convenience, let us in real life but also to experience the virtual life direction, thanks to the market, appeared not poor site, as early as a few years ago, only to understand the general network person would have to do a website, and now is no longer the case, now there is a enterprise will do, released their products on the website, they released the announcement on everything. read more

Talk about how to use good advertising to maximize revenue webmaster

also wrote a few essays to discuss the advertising revenue of the website. The webmaster friends to communicate with me and asked me, how to allocate advertising, in order to obtain the maximum benefit with the flow of resources, advertising on the most valuable advertising advertising which position, which position not essential. Today I would like to briefly discuss some of my views.

one, make good use of the total station banner

almost every site will have a 468*60 banner ad bit. In almost all of the sites, this location is the most important, the purchase of the location of the advertising price is also the highest, naturally there is its reason. The webmaster should give the ad enough weight to put the most valuable or the most valuable advertising resources in it. read more

My website promotion experience my summary of this period of time

first, after I finish this website after, this is second months, two months and we talk about my grades, if I do good will humbly learn from you, I do not want to give us a good reference for the current world ranking! The 1590240 engine, all included detailed information, not to say, you must know how to query, query to know www.100hx.cn!


my site Mars media, the operation of two months, but the domain name for 2 years, there has been talk of not doing now is just beginning, when the site just build a little eyebrow to when we should first of all to the search engine submission, I soon included, think there are two reasons 1, the domain name has been the major search engines but also not included, only later do, not included, this re do it naturally soon included. The 2 is that I feel, is the site of my silly not to do not do optimization cheating on old things to do their own website with good content summary is not good!! you will forgive me, after the submission of the search engine has brought some weight, then find something Links is inevitable, I don’t find a few but are found that relatively good site exchange, and do not be K connection, you do your K engine. Find friendship connection started to mobilize the surrounding friends fooled them to help you promotion website Oh, I find a lot of people in the family, colleagues, friends and so on is to help you, not to help promote the ink to make them help to promote heyhey, then there is posted on the forums, I at the 3 forum often go inside chat, not advertising, just put the individuality signature written on my website, you will see the last love, is a little card printed promotional site, only to the useful people, such as Internet cafes to avoid slow road recklessly!!! The other can’t think up, etc. up in the read more

Since the media realized you should think about the problem

from the media will be faced with a realizable problem, a lot of people from the media wrote a long article, fans are getting a lot, but it is impossible to make money. A month of hard earned a reward and the main flow that thousands of pieces, more difficult to have not opened the main flow without reward, almost no income, if there is no other income, do not know how to go.

In fact,

fans but no income is because you haven’t found your own business model, because many media are more cherish their public, not willing to help people send some naked advertising. But there is no resources to do some other advertising, in addition, training does not want to do, electricity providers do not have the ability to do. Therefore, there will be a difficult cash flow dilemma. read more

Online recruitment Adsense let me dumbfounding

has been eager to build a website these days, because after a little publicity, the site intends to meet the audience directly to find QQ,

even after a bit, it is a very funny joke

I completely do not understand the site, just want to find people, I sent two posts

there is a way to cooperate, because I see a lot of people doing nothing, when confused, there should be people willing to try cooperation.

, somebody is looking for it. The first one, the technical difference, I do not know at the beginning, and second conversations later, only to know that the first one has enthusiasm, but the operation ability is a bit lacking. Second things are very active, talked about fifth days later, they have a forum out, and put in space. read more

The secret do business within one year of micro numbers how to do monthly water about 2000000

today to share with you a real micro business case, in fact, I have always wanted to write an article for her, because I basically witnessed the rapid development of micro business on the whole process. From the first half of about 300000 a month before the sales growth, now more than about 2000000 monthly flow, hundreds of agents and distributors, who is she? She is how to do? What is the secret? I believe many of my friends want to know, want to know her a micro business growth story.

photograph: this hero – sister Mandy Junsao nest read more

The strength of jumei com proves that wisdom is behind the opportunity

a lot of attention to the electricity supplier industry friends all know, in the Chinese electricity supplier has two products to let everyone feel great, a vip.com, a little-known but can make money in the short term, the other is jumei.com, a bunch of old men out of cosmetics sold to different level. Especially jumei.com, a lot of friends in the counter attack to describe love, because in the resources and channels of the intense flame today, jumei.com’s success more or less there are so few lucky ingredients, after all do the same period of the group purchase buddy now there is not much left, but jumei.com still shine. read more

There is a belief that perseverance works on websites

has a belief called perseverance, no matter your station was K, wherever you stand no flow, no matter how you stand, as long as adhere to their own style, do their own station, he 37 or 21, as long as we carefully, do not believe that is not successful, is the first station of its own, have confidence in yourself, after all.

himself is a failure now. One of my stations is K Baidu. K is rather baffling, I don’t cheat, not SEO, do not do the acquisition, keywords, but Baidu K out, puzzled, leaving only the Baidu credibility question? Perhaps Baidu algorithm caused by the adjustment of mistakes, I don’t have any blame, perhaps Baidu also is for people to to provide better content, but also hope Baidu K station wrong things less and less read more

Too many think actually ruined the novice webmaster career

website is not an easy thing to do, believe this, we all feel the same way. But on the Internet, cock wire counter attack case or prompted more and more young people began to join the webmaster industry, looking forward to one day can realize their golden dream. Perhaps this kind of eager for quick success and instant benefit leads us to be impatient in the process of actual operation, and the grasp of things is not accurate. Some of the mentality of "thought" began to emerge, until the end of the road of the webmaster ruined many novice. read more