July 2017

The old webmaster Guagua site experience

1. learns to hype

a qualified webmaster will not be short of topics on hand, because they will dig up the subject. Or that it is a classic case of pornographic, this event, if not we the webmaster speculation, the event may not be so serious, I also from this thing only to find a serious shortage of their own. Do Wangzhuan a friend told me that one day, can do the Firefox download, induced by pornographic! At that time, pornographic has come to an end, but still let me earn thousands of dollars. Using pornographic pictures, plus mosaics, combine the contents of the home page, and then guide them into the second page, the second page is a player interface (of course, is false). This interface will randomly appear online, and there will be loading screen, when loaded to 99%, jumped out of a dialog box: prompt: you did not install green browser -firefox, then how to induce, how to induce?. As for the traffic, I am using pornographic photos of the popular boot from the blog.

how do we usually tap into the topic? If you’re a station owner, you should read Sina’s news releases and entertainment pages every day. Because on that, you can probably know the direction of the country and the direction of the entertainment industry. Pornographic photos will never be the last scandal. Maybe you will say the direction of the country, do me p thing. So I tell you, the civil law is each must master the law can. Of course, this is not to encourage you to do something wrong, but an artistic conception.

when you think a topic can continue to develop for a period of time, not to try to stir him up, how to hype, but also related to the soft writing. The following will talk about: just some friends said, "pornographic door" is the hacker out, who made it out, close my P thing, I only know this event can bring me traffic.

2. don’t think too little money,

don’t refuse to execute because an action has less profit for you. Ma Yun said such a sentence: "you heard of selling lobster, rich, you heard of whaling fortune? Wealth is accumulated, as with knowledge, improve their execution, and your profits will be doubled.". A uusee is 1.5, 100 is 150 day, just use my method, a day at least 200. Don’t think our friends are very clever, color or other things when you are blindfolded when you jump into the toilet.

3. should be modest and communicate with the webmaster

actually, I SEO sciolistic, I do stand is interested in it, I don’t even know what to do is to be around the 1-3 keyword to run! A few days ago, a webmaster to teach me how to query the index, how to do web connection, and this opportunity is just a chance. I always put myself in the position of a beginner and listener. The stationmaster is a lone fighter! They all want us to talk to him!

Online business secrets reputation of the small network operators

who else doesn’t have the experience of shopping online? If you are, that means you’re a little out of touch with the fashion. The convenience and cost performance of online shopping has attracted countless consumers, and has created a large number of network operators.

"2007 Chinese e-businessmen Development Research Report" shows that the number of China’s network has grown to 30 million giant, however, in contrast to the large number, know how to use the network to do business and the real success of the network, accounted for 10%.

in order to stand out in many online stores, we must master the promotion of the Internet age. In order to let more successful owner in the network business, the reporter collects the successful promotion secrets, for open shop owners reference.

has a good name of a good "lot"

, for online stores that depend on the Internet address bar, the web site is like a lot. Have a long and difficult to remember long URLs, like hiding in the shop as neither Backstreet lane, selling to people, it is difficult to find the guest. Therefore, for online shop, a short, good memory, good communication domain name is very important.

in fact, many online shop owners have begun to realize this problem, with 1 yuan of almost zero cost to apply for CN domain name as their online shop entrance and signs. Combined with its own name, such as "I love mobile phone" (5is j.com.cn), Tiffany · (TFY ss.cn); Fashion version of a similar name, so easy to word-of-mouth promotion, visitors can easily find the door.

let your name everywhere

on the Internet has a lot of good, and can not wait for others to find the door. Savvy "owner" should learn to use various channels to disseminate their online address:

makes good use of signature files. For example, left his shop. In the personalized signature QQ and M SN, behind every email text of Internet store address; you can also to the entire network community around, account signature in various sites of the BBS forum posted on the shop.

multiple links. You can exchange links with other owners, the best to choose their own products without direct competition with complementary properties, such as selling infant formula and link exchange alliance sells diapers, increase the chance to be accessed online.

alternative promotion. For example, printed in the target population at the distributed name card sales, let the shop spread wider; such as radio song way in the song the postscript plus "Welcome our shop TFY ss.cn" such information is very clever.

creates a constant brand

operating software Mr. Sun in talking about their own experience, said, do shop more integrity, and establish a reputation brand, otherwise, it is difficult for long. With diamond credibility and no diamond credibility

Talk about what are the categories of advanced network operations

Dongsheng information "to build the Internet automatically make money machine" friends know

learning, the course of the last part devoted to the operating system, from three aspects to help enterprises to build the whole network marketing money machine automatic operation system. If you can have a general idea of network operations before then, you’ll get twice the result with half the time in class. Here’s a look at what network operations.

in a broad sense, all human interventions around the web site are called operations. So, to some extent, the Internet products company has only 3 business units: products, technologies, and operations. The concept of product operation is only possible =, your company or product is based on products, so it is not necessary to operate as a supplement, a lot of people out to do single demolition operations, so collectively referred to as the product operation.

‘s operations are divided into several categories: market operations, user operations, content operations, community operations, and business operations.

market operations: by means of Marketing, through spending money free way, a series of publicity, exposure, marketing and other means of intervention for products. See in a certain degree of money to hit the product, but the money and the market behavior is not equivalent, both non money market behavior, but also throw money other means of operation. This is the main means of operation is often some money away from the enterprise, because only close to the money, there is a complete profit model, will continue to expand investment in the market operation.

user operations: a human centric approach to operations, commonly seen in the UGC community, in a manner that is close to the user, unites users, and guides the user as a means of operation. You will find in the website operators and users are very willing to communicate, funny, chat, gossip, sometimes you don’t know this is the user or the official staff, in the early stage of a product, is very important and active use of their intervention operation personnel.

content operations: there are two ways, one is in the UGC community, the user generated high-quality content, through editing, integration, optimization and other ways of processing, and other means of communication. With this user operations are often complementary to do, for example, you in the know to answer a question, the answer is very exciting, know the students will answer you and others to answer in order, then micro-blog, daily, weekly and other means of communication, which is based on the contents of the heart in the operation.

community operators: the early years I put the community operation and user operations together with other people, but later found that this is actually a problem, because the UGC user oriented operation, and for the general consumer community content operation is two completely different types of work. So I took it out alone. Community operation refers to the consumer oriented community intervention activities, such as the station do an activity ah, ah.. ah draw vote, reprint some good articles to the community in the discussion are considered.. This kind of work is to play to the extreme in the community to fan the flames, leading.

Webmaster should do with the industry related websites

my first stop or start 2005, the starting point is the original building materials company is doing business, wanted to make some design friends, do contact channels will be convenient for the follow-up, the initial position is the forum, because the forum will be better, it was very hard to find information. Modify the site. It has experienced more than half a year, the popularity is still mainly rely on search and banner network brings, as long as no promotion, popularity and fierce decline, after no longer want to do technical work, run out of the market. Therefore, the forum had no time to take care of it and was forced to interrupt.


always felt that e-commerce is the trend, although the mail from the initial search information, online trading cards, game equipment trading now Taobao, pat, there is ah (I in three sites are open shop), but the biggest problem is not play well with the existing combination of work combined with the characteristics of existing customers, because the work is often met in the customer asked me, you help me find what kind of lamp manufacturers too much, too little information, time, how to do? I have been looking for a method, can be resource information customers and their own hands well integration, to achieve win-win objective, the lighting industry itself the original media and websites have enough hands, not too good advantage can play, and LED lighting is a new lighting, the lighting industry with environmental protection, festival The characteristics, is consistent with the policy of the government, such as the hand is www.lightled.cn domain name, is not this day, Austria, and have had many years of experience? The site operation and application development experience, have a large number of industries in the hands of customer information. In this sunrise industry, promising.

therefore since the end of 2008 to begin debugging and record the program’s Web site, the site name is called LED lighting network, www.lightled.cn and URL does take both www.lightled.net and www.lightled.mobi, this is for the long term com treatment is not good, because foreigners do stand, positioning for the B2B website, the integration of LED lighting manufacturers, LED channel sales agents and engineering, lighting design company, this just hit the Internet regulation, so that only when all the procedures are debugging, prepare the case after the formal operation, so before officially opened before in the local debugging and data entry and website. Until March 25th through the filing, 29 upload completed.

to write the above experience, I hope to share with you, the webmaster really hard, sometimes see blurred, hand acid, still insist, I remember a webmaster said, we really need to give yourself a little time, treat yourself, do their own work and related websites, will be more easily than. Will also be engaged in the industry to add a lot of strength.

Qangel life hangs the line of grassroots webmaster how to survive

Internet pornography campaigns have been upgraded to all domestic websites, including my love from the net yesterday got the news that the domestic domain name registration must record can resolve the storm continues to see the network regulation. Before writing this blog, I chatted with some of my IDC friends for a while and asked about their recent situation. They told me that I was not going to open the server recently, mainly to maintain and investigate the illegal information. They like our webmaster, busy with the backup and moving the site, very tired, very busy.

is included in the grassroots webmaster can’t find great plan and noble ambition of college students, graduates, there are many because of low wages do one or two sites for the existence of on-the-job personnel, can be said that the network gives us a lot of hope and longing, also bring a dream, whether it is 80, or 90, successful personal webmaster is our idol, and we adore, this effort, because we also have a dream of being a successful grassroots webmaster. Let our website can be widely known in a certain area.

we grassroots webmaster every morning to do is open whether your site can be opened, site website is K, look at the key words is not still, if yes, on this day we are very happy, if not, we toss and turn slowly, how our grassroots survival in the current situation, this should be our a lot of people to discuss, but also a lot of people confused. We saw a small site was closed, the owners have been implicated in the "missing", a lot of grassroots webmaster complaining, but we have not seen a little, some formal, large webmaster in practice, but not so impetuous. This is the difference between big webmaster and small grass roots. How do we get out of the grass roots, Qangel says, because doing the following:

first, mentality. The difference between a big station and a small station lies in the mentality, and any policy of the country should be supported, because the environment is so, we can not change, we only change only ourselves. Internet needs remediation, there are many black industry chain, or bad websites, affecting our lives and environment, we need remediation. It’s no wonder that websites that affect our webmaster need to face up to us. We should cooperate with the action, do a good job site filing and backup, you need to be legitimate and reasonable. Look, did the stationmaster complain?.

second, stick to your website. Websites need to adhere to the short-term profits, the edge is not long. We need to do regular web site, do a good job site. Any illegal websites are short term for themselves, and their lives will be suspended.

third, hold on, it’s sunshine. We need to see hope in the process, and we have to take this opportunity. The grassroots is flexible, with many companies do not have the advantage, many sites have been closed, many sites are affected, this is an opportunity for us, we can see what we need to do, what to do, what not to do.

My view on the operation of everyone for all and all for me

In the operation of

website, the most important thing is the thought of "everyone for me".

"I’m everybody" is going to have to consider the social needs of the site in the early stages of the site planning. In other words, what’s the website for?. The significance of the general web site is to speed up the dissemination of information and make it easier for Internet users to obtain information. As I do now "Shenyang Sanland." in life often encountered in the students and faculty for students looking for a teacher, so I set up this website is mainly to build a bridge for students and faculty.

, "for everybody", we need to ensure the effectiveness and convenience of information. Because we allow users to facilitate access to information, so our information must be true and effective. This requires us to edit the real information, and carefully review the information sent by netizens. For example, I run a local second-hand website, belonging to me to check the authenticity of the information of website is to check the publisher’s mobile phone number, if the number is not local, I will delete his information. No matter how tempting his information is, it can be a lie, at least not for my target audience. I delete it without wasting the time of my web site user.

"everybody for me" is also designed to be user-friendly. Web site design includes: further improvement of function, repair of vulnerabilities, adjustment of location, detailed documentation and so on. There is no perfect product, your product is no exception, the work of our webmaster is constantly, so that he can more convenient service users. For example, I run the home network, increase the teacher evaluation system I for it, do a set of teacher scoring algorithm, make excellent teachers can get high scores, the teacher will be ranked, so we will find the station will increase the probability of excellent teachers.

"I for everybody" should also pay attention to user feedback and increase communication with users. Analyze what information users need and what information users often see so that they can communicate with users more smoothly.

from the site at the beginning of design planning, site design, information input, user communication is the spirit of "all for one", to provide services for users as their purpose, the use will bring help as their own happiness, it will have the power station the station to do. Such a station may be loved by users. That’s why everyone is for me".

"everybody for me", your station has been welcomed by the masses, only then paid attention, only then can have the benefit. If you find that "I am everybody" does not mean "everyone is for me", it can only be said that you did not do enough, someone did it earlier and better than you did.

original article, the author operates Shenyang tutor network, http://www.jiajiao150.com/ reprint, please keep.

From the recent Taobao A5 customer promotion competition to see the domestic Taobao customers develo


off in 2009 that would have been born, then learned the relevant information, but not to do, until today also has no direct contact to the customer about Taobao aspects, but for the Taobao customer discussion is a non-stop watching, recently again see A5 zern forum "the world famous shoes Taobao guest" promotion competition – second season, followed by the first quarter of the game again in the two round of upsurge debut award.

the related information about the "world famous Taobao shoes zern guest" promotion competition, found that Taobao is off with a fresh mode of development, for example in the contest of "Mr Spitzer" weekly reviews and recommendations, is the experience and the actual node Taobao off the hitherto unknown operation, making the game record constantly at the same time to be refreshed, but also affect the development of the domestic Taobao customers a valuable activity.

According to a senior Taobao

is the guest contestant Kobayashi said: "the current Taobao customer is very competitive, after more than 2 years of development, the degree of competition is almost close to the climax, the basic operation methods have been unable to meet the current project development, to the" Mister Pulitzer "to give us suggestions are very well, we could actually solve encountered in the promotion of the problem, I think this is the future of Taobao customer promotion is a good means of promotion, data analysis and operational recommendations."

learned from the activity of the award is very rich, at the same time, the Commission is also good, the products are mainly for the domestic 28 years of successful male population, consumption ability is quite high, choose from Taobao customers to promote this start saving advertising cost and profit to to the sales staff, promote the development of Taobao customers the.

domestic Taobao customer development to a certain extent, although there are still people in the promotion of this aspect, but the techniques and methods are the old more, the second season of "world famous shoes Taobao zern guest" promotion competition has already begun, and more lucrative prizes, this is a good opportunity for the promotion of Taobao passenger dedicated to the staff, get an objective comment on the promotion, is conducive to change the original promotion strategy and plan.

and domestic Taobao customers mainly depends on taobao.com and other related product promotion, although on the API, but for the individual owners or in the promotion phase, the state with respect to individual stationmaster is currently operating the website advantage directly generate revenue, is a direction of webmaster choice development, but also can get promotion comments and suggestions.

I understand the general situation in the first quarter of the game through the relevant information, there are some Taobao passenger turnover of more than 6 in a single day, one day the revenue generated by several hundred yuan, the real implementation of the Internet that day in many myths, compared with the first contest, the second season of surprises. More awards winner is currently waiting in.

hasn’t touched Taobao

Entrepreneurship is not only to create profits, but more importantly, to accumulate

in 1998, when I was just reading the third grade, the computer is only listening to its not seen, and the Internet is even more strange, because of family conditions in general, every day staring, or just 17 inches of black-and-white television. One day when I was watching TV, there was a story touched me, a young man in the United States, because of their looks extremely confident, character is introverted, friends also poor, with the Internet curiosity, do a web page on the Internet, is home one of his tennis photos, there are some simple functions, but it is extremely simple website but let him become the focus of the public, many people know him through his personal website. Third term school added technical class, in fact it is not some students in addition to a class, I choose the computer class, behind somewhat disappointed me, the whole semester, learn five dozen pen, on less than five times, let me happy is "the king Pangqing head and 51…" I would recite, one class is typing speed, but also has been extended to the school.


read the secondary school, because of lax supervision, not only in class can be noisy, sleep, and later because of the rise of the Internet, sleeping in the class is more frequent, every night is over the Internet cafes overnight, even if no money, but also in the Internet bar, with the boss is slowly cooked up. Do something to help, make a free Internet, until met some college fellow, they learned through web based design (the school to fourth schools to open web design courses, 00 years) the school took one thousand to block the entry fee to the school in advance, restless with me every day more than a dozen pieces of floppy disks in the net bar, the tuition is bubble inside, back home again with the tuition and registration, I still can not adhere to finish school, did not take long to drop out to go home, back to the town. Internet cafe to work.

04 years since the release of the source works, is a company engaged in Fuzhou, ending more than three years of work in the Internet, the company also spent nearly three years, from the bottom to the technical director, from the programmer to promotion planning, or the future, in May 07 chose to resign, with dream, hope to start the first job experience, for a number of resumes, but mostly due to academic reasons, often to end without hearing a word about. That is the end of June a large domestic home appliance enterprises notice of my interview, through the human manager, regional manager, video interview, the company recognized me, exceptional hired, because of my personality, good times don’t last long, and is not satisfied with the corpse walk work, and chose to resign in October.

A small business choice

behind, although all aspects of treatment are good, but the overall feeling of lack of passion, this year at a friend’s instigation, coupled with their own ideas and accumulation of years of work, in March this year to Xiamen to start their own businesses, because the company is transferred over the previous, many things have saved all the equipment, and spent a total of more than 50000 registered company, it was expensive, but.

Jewelry store business notes

jewelry stores in the increasing number of, want to open this kind of shop, in the investment process also need to pay attention to a series of problems. Many novice do not know where to start, the idea is not very clear, small series finishing the relevant steps of the analysis, hoping to provide some reference for you, I hope you can do a good job in investment business.

1, choose a good brand

Select a

already on the market and occupy a certain market share of the brand to join, in general, this brand of product variety, to meet the different levels and different occupation, different age, different ethnic groups of consumers, and brand jewelry will have their own style, exquisite products, exquisite workmanship, reasonable price, to a certain extent than ordinary jewelry replacement fast, it can stimulate consumer desire.

2, choose a good location

location for shops in the business plays a major role, according to the experience of brand shop, it is best to choose in the downtown traffic, traffic convenient, if taking into account the rent and other factors, many colleges and universities around the target groups living in the area is also a good choice.

3, let the store unique

with the streets and lanes jewelry stores continue to increase, in the peer serried environment, whose shop can attract the attention of customers who can win the development. Therefore, in order to open a jewelry store will not despise storefront renovation effect. Recommended lighting effect color collocation, goods on display, lighting, background music selection, see the goods route into consideration, not to luxury for can, nor in the rough shabby cost-effective, it is important to practical, personality, taste.

4, jewelry art display

as material, light accessories, in order to achieve the best display effect, the owner in the management process should always try to adjust the position and angle of jewelry display, let the customer had amazing feeling, thus have a favorable impression on the whole store. According to the relevant research, for customers, the best visual area in the range of 80 cm, so the jewelry store jewelry display must make full use of space, unique clever collocation.

jewelry stores also need to pay attention to the operation of the method, a lot of novice investment is not very clear, if you want to do a good job in the investment business, you need to mention the preparatory work. More than a few things that can help you find some new investment inspiration, hurry up, as soon as possible to establish a successful shop.

related recommendations

Analysis of default data design for app

many product managers and operators in peacetime attention are often concentrated on how to better display the data and information in the interface terminal, and software engineers or programmers can interface in the app data showed that in some special circumstances, or in extreme cases, there is the extreme case originally app page is full the content, but when the user does not have relevant data at the same time, the corresponding page on the app should display is blank, in this case, the blank or missing data of app is presented to the user often lack of visual effects and have a negative impact on the user experience. Therefore, not only software engineers, product managers and operators should pay attention to all kinds of data display on app, including empty data, mainly in the following three aspects.

first, the default when users first use App. The first impression of each app to the user in the first loading or running is very important, especially when those without any use of a app product users, in their mind on this app is like a piece of paper, without any feeling, but if this is the first time the user curiosity download your app the app store, after registration and login, also do not know how to use this app, especially some special app, such as the social class of the app software for certain types of applications, just after successful registration login is without any user can chat with friends, if in this empty data. Not to the user guide, the user might leave immediately, and unload. So, in this case app, Mr. default data can be blank pages, through some emotional elements into the visual design to guide users to use app, which can make users more actively to use app, as shown below.


second default after the user has deleted all data. If we haven’t logged into a mailbox for a while, it’s not surprising that we often see a lot of unread messages in the inbox of the mailbox, or even pages that are unread. But people with same, will want to put these emails as read or reply as soon as possible, like a heart like little things, perhaps is the psychology of obsessive-compulsive disorder, in turn, if you app the data in the list is deleted, this time we should need to guide the user to create content, so the user will only have reason to use your app, there are a lot of foreign app in this case encourages users to create content. In contrast, personally think that the IOS design in this area is not very friendly, as shown below, IOS SMS inbox or email inbox display, if the data list is empty, shows a row of blank, this is not so friendly experience. Assuming it’s the IOS mobile phone user, I don’t know my mobile mail