June 2017

Suzhou property market purchase official landing

2016 years, rising prices, so that we can be described as an eye opener, a lot of people to buy their own house, with a place to settle down. But there are a lot of investment behavior, in order to prevent this behavior, the Suzhou property market purchase official landing. On the afternoon of August 11th, the Suzhou government promulgated the opinions on Further Strengthening the management of the real estate market in Suzhou (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). "Opinions" clearly stipulates that non Suzhou residents in the application of second sets of housing loans, the need to provide a total of 2 years of tax or social security proof for the first time, the first purchase of down payment of 20%, there have been more than 1 sets and above, stop lending.

with the above restriction order landing, Suzhou became the first to restart the purchase of second tier cities. In the industry view, Suzhou will open the prelude to the second tier cities purchase, do not rule out the possibility of other second tier cities to follow suit. E-House Research Center, director of the research center, said Yan Yuejin, Suzhou, the start of the purchase, apparently opened the second tier cities in the purchase of the 2 version, for other cities is of great significance. From the point of view of regulation and control, second tier hot cities (thereafter) will basically introduce such policies."

It is worth mentioning that, Nanjing (real estate) is also on the afternoon of August 11th released the new deal in the property market, will increase the proportion of two suites down payment, and restrictions on land auction. It is worth mentioning that, previously, and Suzhou, Nanjing, the second tier property market known as the four dragons of Hefei (real estate) Xiamen (real estate) has introduced the property market credit limit policy.

The construction of the Nanjing

real estate development association secretary general Zhang Hui told the "daily economic news (blog, micro-blog)" reporter said, "with the financial side of the developers and buyers of funds are tight, and the government purchase limited credit policy, part of the hot second tier city property, the developers get to the property market turnover will appear significant cooling."

Suzhou for foreign buyers purchase

the Suzhou "opinion", was known as the "new 15", respectively, the supply of land, land auction, sale management, price management, permanent residents of non permanent residents of credit, credit and other 15 aspects of the real estate market in Suzhou made new arrangements and requirements.

among them, the biggest bright spot is undoubtedly the purchase of the policy started in Suzhou. Specifically, non city residents to purchase the first set of housing, without any restrictions. Non city residents to purchase second sets of housing, you must provide proof of tax or social security certificate.

: specific requirements for non city residence households for the purchase of second sets of housing, should be provided since before the date of the purchase of 2 years in Suzhou city to pay a total of more than 1 years and the payment of personal income tax or social insurance (social insurance) payment certificate.

How to create a successful case of poor entrepreneurs to share

many friends have the dream of entrepreneurship, but most people are stuck in the issue of funds, for ordinary people, do some small business can accumulate experience, do a good job can earn a lot of money. How to start the poor? Take a look at the following business case.

Guangdong Leizhou

42 when Laosun’s passenger business failed, the reasons for the failure, saying they are "monkey business is too small". Dedicated to business "bigger and stronger" Laosun sell motorcycles, and borrowed money from relatives and friends, and then two syndicates, managed to scrape together 40 thousand yuan to buy a very shabby Pakistan started operation.

44 when Laosun operating business failed, then the monkey has actually bankrupt, to "not a" point is the words of his monkey. The monkey cornered sell Pakistan breaking and borrow 80 thousand yuan to Guangzhou third business.

and many well managed as I interviewed a small business successfully done, these small operators due to weak capital not only never seek competition, but also try to avoid vicious competition, then can play their respective advantages in the space to survive. The monkey said: professional market is the best space to avoid vicious competition.

Laosun rented a shop in the city, goods from Guangzhou shoes wholesale market group into, at the beginning of what kind of shoes are good.

Do some promotional skills home textile chain business

some business entrepreneurs choose textile chain stores, this is a good choice with the prospects of development, the choice of the project, the location and the method is very important, then, we will analysis to grasp the textile chain store promotional techniques can create more wealth in this industry has made the following content.

brand textile store promotion key is how to grasp the business scale, if used properly, can enhance the store visibility and benefit, on the other hand, will make the enterprise be destroyed on one day. Textile products manufacturers often because brand textile stores discount promotion effect is obvious, so often as the emergency response to the market against rival product promotion activities, products or processing due season products, reduce inventory, accelerate the return of funds, with one of the business promotion and other emergency measures, the effect is obvious.

in order to resist competition brand product sales growth, in order to resist the rival listing of new products or new policies, timely use of discount to stimulate consumers to buy the product, reduce customer interest in competing products, and through the promotion of a large number of consumers to buy or buy in advance, to seize market share, against competitors. Home textile chain stores have a discount to have.

analyzed above, operating textile chain promotional skills, if you want to earn more money, so we should grasp the methods and skills of good, everyone in the future through the above reading, it should know the promotion skills.

Store operation should pay attention to what points

actually entrepreneurs in the store, there are a lot of points should be paid attention to, for entrepreneurs, only choose the right operation method and skill, can be lasting profit, so the store operation should pay attention to what point?

A, the location selection of

two, commodity management

three, price management

Coordinated management will

The logistics distribution system of

for the manufacturing enterprises promote the field of business, the logistics distribution system is not required to have such powerful functions, but must meet two basic objectives: first, the normal supply of monopoly business network; secondly, in coordination with the original distribution system.

five, guide management

six, promotion management

seven, store management

All the work

This paper analyzes the intermediate


How to locate the food and beverage industry

in the broad market, regardless of the type of project you like, must have accurate market positioning, clear positioning, in order to clear the direction of business, faster and more accurate to enter the market, joining the catering industry how to locate? It depends on what you are running the project as well as the needs of consumers in-depth analysis.

join the food and beverage industry to grasp the preferences of a particular customer, to provide their favorite dishes, to focus on the customer’s personalized service, in order to have a competitive edge. A restaurant franchise, do not expect to attract all customers. Everyone has his hobby people, eyes are not the same. Some people pay attention to the design, some people pay attention to the taste of the product, and some people pay attention to the price. Narrow the scope of the target customers, to seize the core of the customer, to develop the service concept of these customers as the center, the way to win, but also the most critical step in business skills.

Starbucks did not take all the people who drink coffee as a target customer, but rather willing to drink high-end coffee, a lot of self importance, picky gourmet coffee shop as a target customer base. This part of the people to find their own food and beverage franchise, no matter how far will go, and will become repeat customers.

, but also to join the catering industry should create a good atmosphere. Even the same dishes, but also because of the environment and different objects and feel different. As far as possible for customers to create a perceptual, beautiful atmosphere, so that they will because of the unforgettable and beautiful story again.

joined the product development of the catering industry, there are two key, one is to "new, extraordinary and special", is said to have its own characteristics; another is to "often changing" product development should pay attention to the series, and to the continuous innovation, "water does not rot, a door-hinge is never worm-eaten" only continue to maintain freshness, continue to stimulate the attention of consumers, consumers can always tend to you.

want to skillfully operating a restaurant franchise, entrepreneurs must seize the consumers demand, grasp the consumer psychology, and constantly improve their management skills, in order to strengthen the market competitiveness of food stores, make accurate position, to help you get more tourists, a solid foundation for their own treasure up!

How do you choose to invest when you have spare money

investors, the purpose is very clear, hope that through the investment profits, but often only on a fresh effort to entrepreneurship is difficult to be successful, as investors should be how to choose to make investment more efficient and stable? Perhaps another way of thinking to join the investment is a good choice!

This type of

entrepreneurs should be put into this business model, the most important thing is to pay attention to the quality of service, because the entrepreneur is difficult to control the quality of the goods, relatively speaking, the quality of service is particularly important. Only by upgrading other value-added services, in order to attract new customers, in order to allow customers to generate a sense of trust, loyalty.


Open dessert store to pay attention to what

If you want to open a

shop, if you want to open a dessert shop, then pay attention to what? Small make up for us to do a detailed introduction, so you can better shop.

target customer. It is said that small business with big business, like to do the business of women, must be able to accomplish anything, so the prospect of opening sweet shop. What’s the point of dessert? Some people mistakenly think that women prefer sweets to men, which is a mistake. In fact, the taste preferences are different. Dessert shop should pay attention to what? Many young women to keep slim (or to lose weight), often as the sweets for dessert so great scourges, friends will not bet on young women, to do public business.

site selection. As long as more people can be. Dessert shop to pay attention to what it is best to be located in the business district, near the large market, next to the cinema, industrial quarters, office buildings, etc.. Dessert shop to pay attention to what? Passenger stations, docks and restaurants are not suitable, because of the high rent shops, and people come and go, not hungry belly, did not intend to patronize dessert shop.

store layout. The most basic should be clean and shiny, with bright windows and clean tables. Dessert shop to pay attention to the use of large sums of money to decorate the store is absolutely not necessary, customers eat dessert, rarely concerned about the appearance of luxury, they are more concerned about the taste of food, nutrition and health. Dessert shop to pay attention to what, as long as the quality of the dessert clearance, store clean and beautiful, do not worry about no business. A dessert dessert shop stores, should pay more attention to choose the elegant and refined dishes than other shops, so that customers see tableware have comfortable feeling that this shop is worth holding enough taste, again often should store furnishings can accommodate 15 people and an area of about 10 square meters.

price variety. Open a dessert shop to have perseverance, it is impossible to become a fat man". Dessert shop should pay attention to what? The best price, is adapt to the popular price, each bowl sweet price of about 2~5 yuan between, add egg cakes, cake, by the customer to decide, not to engage in matchmaker, otherwise easily lead to dissatisfaction. Open the dessert stores, varieties, not Tandaqiuquan, if you are a person, when the boss man, so seven or eight varieties is enough for your busy. If there is one person to help collect money, do chores, then more than a dozen varieties have enough. If there is a helper to three or four people, more than 20 kinds of varieties should be so.

business strategy. The price is cheap, variety is very important, but the key is still taste. What do you want to pay attention to? What is the relationship with the food industry, pay attention to the taste of customers, to attract repeat customers the best way is to have their own special flavor. Open dessert stores, and sometimes the light is about to sell a dessert again, then, the owner must first taste the original taste has been lost, if the taste recommended

Minority women’s home entrepreneurship in Xinjiang start

The issue of development in the minority areas China

has always been the concern of the nation, at the same time, in the minority areas, there are a lot of good policies and measures to protect the local entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs are also concerned in some minority areas.

it is reported that, in order to promote the development of military integration, December 26, 2014, Moyu county and 224 Group signed the Awati Xiang Ying Cun, Mudan Village Hu Moyu County javois was transferred as a whole regiment.

A livelihood projects to promote employment of this project is

in the minority areas to help some women achieve employment and entrepreneurship has now become urgent, at the same time, the fourteenth division of Xinjiang corps to promote women’s such a home-based business behavior is worthy of praise.


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Common methods and techniques of jeans store decoration

shop to do business, store goods placement problem is a skill, need to learn and master, especially clothing store. So what are the methods of the store store furnishings worth learning from the small series now to introduce!

volume is a display method of brand jeans in jeans are very common, can display the paragraph with the same or different color, different color, or regular or random, but should follow certain principles: Pyramid is piled up, the shallow depth of. Pictured above, the jeans are a still life sketch, with a little oil painting.

In order to make the

can be stacked in jeans or laminate window booth, pay attention to the pile when a sense of volume, thin fabric lining in the pants on the inside, next to a pair of collocation style similar to the high-heeled shoes. In the realm of display: let the world become romantic and beautiful window, let the display of goods such as still life painting as gorgeous, let the store in the colors of the rainbow beautiful and harmonious, create a beautiful landscape for people’s life.

now store selection not only look at the brand, also can store decoration and store display, to set up a successful jeans store, grasp the above skills is very important, so that it can attract more consumers into the store shopping.


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Let entrepreneurs benefit from the eight principles of life

a, Peter principle

        each organization is composed of a variety of positions, levels, or classes, each of which belongs to one of them. Peter’s theory is the study of the phenomenon of the promotion of personnel in the United States, after the study of the phenomenon of the promotion of the staff in the organization, Laurence concluded that: in all kinds of organizations, employees tend to be promoted to the status of their incompetence. The Peter principle is sometimes referred to as the climbing principle. This phenomenon is ubiquitous in real life: a competent professor was promoted to the president of the University, but not competent; an excellent athlete was promoted to be in charge of sports officials, but nothing. For an organization, once quite some people were pushed to the level of their incompetence, the organization will result in low efficiency, resulting in more personnel than work available, mediocre stagnation rise head and shoulders above others. Therefore, it is necessary to change the basis of the contribution of the decision to promote the promotion of enterprise staff promotion mechanism, not because of someone in a position to do a good job, it is inferred that the person must be able to perform a higher level of duty. Will be promoted to a worker can not play a good job, not only is not my reward, but it can not play a good ability, but also to the enterprise losses.

        two, wine and sewage law

        wine and sewage law is to pour a spoonful of wine into a bucket of sewage, get a bucket of sewage; if a spoonful of sewage poured into a barrel of wine, or a bucket of sewage. In any organization, there are a few hard figures, the purpose of their existence seems to have made a mess of things. Worst of all, they are like rotten apples in the box. If they are not treated in time, it will spread quickly and the other apples in the box will be rotten. The terrible thing about rotten apples is that they are so destructive. A man of integrity into a chaotic sector may be swallowed up, and a non German will soon become a highly efficient sector lacking spirit of cooperation. Organizational system is often fragile, is based on mutual understanding, compromise and tolerance on the basis of it, it is easy to be violated, poisoned. Another important reason for the destruction of the destroyer is that it is easier to destroy than to build. The ceramics a skilled craftsmen spend time carefully crafted, a donkey, a second can destroy. If there is such a donkey in an organization, even if there are more skilled craftsmen, nor the number of decent work. If you have such a donkey in your organization, you should clean it up right away. If you can’t do it, you should tie it up.

        three, cask law

        bucket law is about how much water a bucket can hold, depending on the shortest piece of wood. This means that any organization may face a "

Household appliances ten brands list

in the current era of science and technology, people’s lives are inseparable from the existence of a variety of electrical appliances, because of this, there will be so many brands of household appliances. Here, Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of household appliances, so that we can have a better understanding of the household electrical appliance industry.

What are the

of household appliances, in our life, household appliances are everywhere, including for refrigeration storage refrigerator, air-conditioner, washing machine cleaning clothes at room temperature, heating food in microwave ovens, bring a lot of convenience for our life. And the types of household appliances and home appliances brands are many, before buying more understanding is necessary. So, the next Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of household appliances list.

ten home appliances brand ranking NO.1. Haier Haier (started in 1984, the international famous brands of white goods, Chinese enterprise 500, to start production of refrigerators household appliances enterprise group, Haier Group Company)

ten home appliances brand ranking NO.2. beauty Midea (started in 1981, a world-class white household appliance manufacturers and brands, large-scale comprehensive enterprise group, listed companies, Chinese 500, Midea Group Limited by Share Ltd)

ten home appliances brand ranking NO.3. GREE GREE (air conditioning industry iconic brand, listed companies, energy saving and environmental protection refrigeration equipment engineering technology research center, the famous G-Matrik DC inverter technology, Zhuhai GREE electric Limited by Share Ltd)

ten home appliances brand ranking NO.4.SAMSUNG Samsung (South Korea began in 1938, the world’s top 500 enterprises, the world famous enterprises, involving electronics / financial / mechanical / chemical and other fields of large multinational companies, Samsung Group)

ten home appliances brand ranking NO.5.SIEMENS SIEMENS appliances (founded in 1847 in Germany, world-renowned brands of home appliances, SIEMENS home appliances in 2015 to become the BOSCH group’s brands, BSH home appliances (Chinese) Limited)

ten home appliances brand ranking NO.6. Hisense Hisense (started in 1969, domestic large white products manufacturing enterprises, involved in the home appliance / communications / information / real estate and other areas of large electronic information industry group, Hisense group)

household appliances ten brands list NO.7.Panasonic Panasonic (in 1918, Japan, the world’s leading consumer electronics brand, the early name of " National&quo>)

What are the conditions for successful opening jewelry stores

women are born with beauty, want more beautiful, not decorative, beautiful jewelry allows them to increase the number of points, the jewelry industry has a lot of business skills, entrepreneurs to a popular business jewelry store, you must have a good entrepreneurial attitude, from success in the case of the experience is the right way, following small series to introduce jewelry will learn skills.

The importance of

1, excellent product quality product quality, do not need to say more, although the general fashion jewelry and expensive gold jewelry, to a certain extent is "fast consumer goods" fashion, not necessary to achieve "constant", but does not represent popular jewelry can become a day". A brand of jewelry, consumers wear the first day out of the drill, second days fade, repair rate of up to 40% of the phenomenon. This quality is really hard to compliment.

2, environmental protection product concept it is worth noting that the concept of "green jewelry" will be the focus of future popular, metal material is widely used in the current domestic jewelry, prone to skin allergies, the content in foreign countries has the relevant provisions to strictly limit the related elements. Currently being developed in the jewelry industry standards, has been written into this content. It can be predicted, who first hit the "green", "green" concept, who will be able to win the next step in the competition.

3, the characteristics of the product personality for women, the United States has no end, fashion never fixed standards. This decision, the jewelry industry is a very strong fashion sense, in the update time of the industry, it is about the "fast fish eats the slow" speed war. In the material, for example, when the spring of 07 years, the silk ribbon jewelry material, the Summer Pop bead material, and now began to pop wood". Although the fashion who can not overall palm, but to create a distinctive personality of the product is every jewelry companies should do.

to create a personalized products, attracting a large number of consumers, naturally led the fashion. Of course, the characteristics of the personality of the product, not the enterprise sitting at home, pat head casually think, came out. It is necessary to rely on a full range of brand building to complete. But a very important premise is that companies need to have a very keen sense of the market, the consumer has a deep analysis and understanding of the popular elements have an accurate grasp. It is necessary for enterprises to have a quick response mechanism from product development to market.

4, with the characteristics of products as the core, multi category product groups. Jewelry is a fashion industry, the so-called fashion is to be different from others, that is faster than others. Others sell jade, you sell alloy; others sell alloy, you sell wood; others sell wood, you sell jade. Say, the mobile phone industry with it, there is something in common, update faster and faster, faster and faster imitation, NOKIA to launch at least 40 new models each year recommended

Seize the opportunity to build fast food chain intermediary companies are Chinese

graduated from the Xi’an Jiao Tong University Qin Hailu, founder of the Xi’an seven rainbow catering Co. Ltd., is committed to creating a "China first fast food agency", by the end of 2004, her company profits exceeded million.

2000, Xi’an Jiao Tong University Communication Graduate Qin Hai Lu smug, but half a month, she did not find a suitable job. Less than 500 yuan in her pocket, she is not willing to find parents for help, how to do? One day, tired of walking, Qin Xiang turned to a fast food restaurant to eat fast food. The boss caught sight of her resume and laughed. Before leaving, the boss handed her a business card, so that she has difficulty contact. Back to the residence, hesitated for a long time, Qin Hai Lu finally dialed number, politely asked: "your fast food shop, also need people?" "You can come to work at any time!"

Things don’t always happen when you want to start a business

I am 85 years old, typical 80, was born in a small village. Say 80 is daring to dare to play a generation, after graduating from college, I can’t wait to start their own business road! I have an idea, is absolutely not work for others! So, I was in 2007 a man went to Guangzhou, I have a rich family, there is no strong background, through their own investigation after, think Guangzhou is a good place for young people to emerge, with dad borrowed 100 thousand dollars, the clothing industry, hoping to make a fortune but sometimes things! I don’t think so, because young, feel like is all right, but after a period of time, their ideas can’t adapt to the industry, only a year, I lost 50 thousand


began in 2010 I also gradually have some customers, the company also began to develop steadily, although don’t earn much money, but also satisfied, after all, I grew up, I know I should take some responsibility.




wonderful entrepreneurial projects recommended:   BELLE shoes website achievements of your wealth life

How to join the fat

what is the risk of food on the market there is a saying that "a person’s hot pot", in fact, is a person can still eat hot pot, not many people just a few good. Thousands of people like hot pot, cooking food is able to tap the potential consumers of snacks. Open a shop of their own food, venture to join the election what project?

fat needs to join

is a set of best fat take food delicious, healthy, fashionable and convenient integration, maximize the realization of the characteristics of modern fast food, consumers can choose their own bottom material, seasoning, can package can be a single point, fresh free collocation,

Hot pot!

stores all is best at the fat man design bar with the high chair, sitting comfortably in the top, or with a companion or chat alone is delicious, let a person feel very comfortable. Desktop fashion dining atmosphere and dining system benefits not expensive, every meal time, store patrons full sometimes need Paihao, the extent of its popular visible

food expert analysis, the need for fat food is not accidental, there is a profound background and social roots, and the following characteristics help brothers and rivers to become the new favorite of Chinese fast food:

fatty food is a kind of suitable for a variety of consumption levels of food and beverage forms, there are enough consumer groups. Eat Hot pot to spend less money can eat well, eat the rich is not Diaojia Hot pot.

fat needs to meet the needs of modern food consumption diversification trend, in line with modern needs. Eat Hot pot is semi self-help in nature, which can satisfy the modern people to love the fun of himself, and each one takes what he needs. Eat Hot pot, but people can enjoy Shabu Shabu, dieters can rinse vegetables, hungry anxious people who eat noodles can rinse.

join process

address: site selection in the District, commercial street, the major cities of economic prosperity, schools, restaurants, etc..

investment analysis: the company generally recommended area of 30 to 80 square, the amount of investment in accordance with the specific circumstances of the region may be

store decoration: the company is to send professionals to guide the investigation of the franchisee decoration, the designer is responsible for the guidance of the store decoration, store decoration all costs borne by the franchisee.

signed a contract with the franchisee: by unanimous negotiation, (to ensure that each store our taste, we are Unifi Inc ingredients) the contract period of three years, three years after the expiration of free.

Is it worth investing in a pot of hot pot

winter is a good time to eat hot pot, now on the market a lot of hot pot brand, want to eat delicious and full of creative ideas, where to go? Welcome to a pot of hot pot. The brand product style is bright, taste to meet the needs of the public, so that the business is more peace of mind, it is worth the attention of franchisees.

consumer identity, is the key to a restaurant can be maintained, to plug a pot of entrepreneurial projects, is one of the most popular consumer items, because the headquarters of the continuous research and innovation, a plug is more delicious, more by the majority of consumers love and recognition.

plug with China pot Muslim first brand, northwest largest halal spices enterprises – Ningxia hongshanhe halal Hot pot bottom material, with Muslim dietary essence, eat real northwest halal flavor, nutrition, and collocation, Chinese wolfberry, Chinese wolfberry Jintang tomato mushroom soup etc. with the health effects of the bottom of the pot, meat, raw material plug a selection from Ningxia Xiahua halal meat dish limited production of "Mu Hechun" brand high-quality beef and mutton, let the customer experience of Muslim food culture at the same time, but also eat healthy.

: the unique flavor and unique style of Jiangnan atmosphere, one side is the old stove Hot pot traditional, one side is Ningxia’s unique Jiangnan atmosphere, the perfect fusion of the two diametrically opposed temperament in the plug in a pot, here are from Hot pot fresh and hot, more unique, camel, desert border and return spring.

superb: Hot pot pot is the essence, is also one of the important factors that affect Hot pot taste, a pot of the Ningxia venture plug well-known halal brand hongshanhe characteristics Hot pot bottom material pot, accurately grasp the integration of water and bottom material, making the ingredients in boiling taste change, to bring customers a taste buds the feast.

plug a pot of hot pot business prospects, the market favorite. If you want to invest in different brands of hot pot, choose the right brand, so that the cause of the business more smoothly. The above is the introduction of the brand project, I hope you can provide some reference to help you find the right investment direction.

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Bottleneck of Internet enterprise development

to establish an entrepreneurial enterprise, the need to pay attention to all aspects of a lot of talent, capital, policies are related to the development of enterprises. Correct pulse current development of the field of entrepreneurship, the young entrepreneurs grow very helpful.

"Wenzhou Internet enterprises to achieve a certain scale, enterprise employees around 100 people, mostly encounter bottleneck. Either expansion is difficult, or move headquarters." Zou Jianfeng said that part of the bottleneck is talent and financing. In terms of talents, the Alibaba has tens of thousands of workers, Netdragon technology has more than 5000 employees, 91 have more than 1000 employees in Wenzhou science and technology talent shortage. Now IT, a bit like labor-intensive enterprises, talent is more difficult to meet.

"financing, a few years ago Wenzhou enterprises still rely more on private lending. Private lending vulnerable to the impact of the overall economic situation, the pressure on the enterprise is relatively large, the Internet economy is better in the region, most of the use of direct financing to the shares for investment." Zou Jianfeng said, in the last year, Chang read technology obtained Fuchun communications A round of financing 20 million yuan.

Shaanxi Qingming Memorial Huang Di

all over the country in the Qingming worship, Shaanxi Huang Di memorial ceremony in the great scenes, to fully display the China national traditional culture, let us work together to enjoy this grand sacrifice!


Qingming occasion, bingshen (2016) years Huangdi tomb memorial ceremony was held in Huangling County in Shaanxi province Xuanyuan square, red net reporter scene to witness the ceremony. In the drizzle, thousands from home and abroad gathered all the children of the Yellow Emperor in the tomb before, see the "dragon" vacated, Huaxia jubilation, all personnel involved in offering Xiang Xuanyuan as the Yellow Emperor bowed three times, and visited the Xuanyuan temple, pay homage to the tomb.


as the Chinese civilization spiritual identity, the tomb has highlighted its irreplaceable role in the inheritance and promotion of Chinese traditional culture, Chinese people inspire patriotism and national confidence and cohesion on global chinese.

the tomb has always been the first mausoleum "reputation. The Han Dynasty had visited the mausoleum of worship, Tang and Song Dynasty and Yuan Dynasty had held the festival in the tomb of the Ming and Qing Dynasties two generations will be recorded on bridge hill held the yellow emperor worship into the national system. The tomb tomb memorial activities which is the country’s event, Qingming memorial activities highlight the sons and daughters of the flesh and blood is thicker than family, is the charm of national culture, enhancing national cohesion of the festival.

in the year of his will, Xi Ma will write Oration: Xi club, Wuzhen poly, remarkable siblings; within global interconnection." The funeral oration as follows:

"However, in April 4, 2016,


The Enlightenment of Mars rescue to entrepreneurs

Mars rescue recently released in the mainland of China, science fiction scholar Wu Yan said the film is suitable for China’s Internet community to observe. But there are also entrepreneurs believe that it is especially suitable for entrepreneurs to watch, it is a bowl of delicious good chicken soup.



if you are an entrepreneur, just some of narcissism, the viewing process could vaguely see the shadow of their own. May wish to compare several aspects.

in most of the time, in this piece of experimental field of watney Mars on every act and every move created, even human every twinkle and smile, "the first time", he knew that "I was doing something very special, I was on Mars every step of climbing every hill, every a mark, are billions of years of human history, the first step." (some people questioned, humans consume massive resources to save a person worth? In fact, because of a variety of "first", the value of scientific research has brought watney enormous).

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