May 2017

Chinese home care and Prevention Manual of Guangzhou cold start

cold in the eyes of many people is very mild illness, and will not cause hit attention, but now with the decline in quality of the environment, a large number of breeding variety, a serious threat to people’s health, even if just a little cold may cause very heavy damage to body.

The first

China family cold prevention and Care Handbook "China family cold prevention and Care Handbook" 19, released in Guangzhou, this by the number of academician Zhong Nanshan and other well-known experts participated in the writing, Zhong Nanshan in the conference call, people should treat a cold this seemingly large "minor" seriously, to treatment professional. To reduce the harm to society’s cold. read more

Hangzhou abandoned baby girl’s mother said she had a congenital disease

some people look forward to their children, some people have children but also abandoned. Recently, Hangzhou, a baby girl was abandoned supermarket, his mother said in a baby’s message that the child has a congenital disease, kindly kindly sent to the orphanage.

said that children and parents as closely linked as flesh and blood is mom and dad’s baby. But at noon yesterday, north of the city of Hangzhou Auchan supermarket mark two shop floor of a clothing counter, a man in a public occasion, secretly will be two or three months old baby girl in the baby stroller, since the departure. read more

Anand as Anhui Province Drug ambassador to call for a ban on poison

hale and hearty image, a variety of hosting style, the spirit of optimism and gratitude…… Shenyang handsome Anand (Aixinjueluo Hu Nan) by the audience. This year, Anhui was appointed by the Anhui provincial drug administration as the ambassador of drug rehabilitation, set an example, practice, the bounden duty for endorsement.

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What are the skills of Chinese fast food franchise

entrepreneurial choice of Chinese fast food to join the project, open a shop of their own brands, want to succeed in business, we need to know what business skills? Let’s take a look at it!

cloud, Wen Road has, specialize in. Although the Chinese fast food industry is joining the wind, but it does not mean that everyone can easily succeed. Want to join a Chinese fast food stores to achieve remarkable results, we must y understand the Chinese fast food franchise business skills? The following Xiaobian take you to understand Chinese fast-food franchise business skills are what we have here. read more

Gansu equity trading center officially opened in the innovation of science and technology


of a society, want to let people have entrepreneurial ideas, you need to constantly increase the number of social enterprises to foster entrepreneurship, a good environment for the development of social enterprises, increasing business confidence.

8 19 afternoon, Gansu equity trading center officially opened in the innovation of science and technology, Department of Party members, deputy director attended the opening ceremony and the giant has a modest speech at the Provincial Department of high-tech investment company responsible comrades attended the launching ceremony. read more

Zhang Liang Malatang joined what conditions need to be met

to say in the hot chain brand what brand of fire, oh, it must be Zhang Liang hot. Zhang Liang hot and spicy has become a symbol of the brand, but also the quality of protection. Zhang Liang spicy hot on the quality of products is particularly valued, each layer of raw materials are layers of screening, to ensure that consumers can be assured at the heart of the Zhang Liang hot shop to eat. Nutrition headquarters to participate in professional master planning work will be all kinds of dishes, vegetables, meat nutrition reasonable collocation, achieve the value maximization, by the vast number of consumers unanimously sought, business scale expands rapidly, steadily improve operation efficiency, become the industry leader in malatang. read more

Do you know the skills of children’s wear shop promotion

all the parents about their children are very good, I hope the children can eat well, dress well, also made a lot of industry development soon, now more and more people start to open children’s clothing store, I believe we all can see, with the two-child policy open, more and more children, the demand for the children are on the rise. Pioneering children’s clothing store, has a lot of market support. But since it is open children’s clothing store, we must face the problem of product promotion. Entrepreneurship open children’s clothing store promotion skills, to introduce you. read more

Cooperative entrepreneurship grasp 7 principles

as the saying goes, people gather firewood flame high, entrepreneurship is also true. At the beginning of entrepreneurs because of various circumstances need to choose partners to venture partners in the beginning is nothing more than a childhood friend, classmates and relatives; because like-minded, because a common objective, because of the mutual trust; go together to run a project, when there are a lot of problems will be produced, in order to cooperate more enjoyable for a long time in order to develop long-term goals, we should pay attention to: read more

Auto beauty products store investment prospects

auto beauty products store investment prospects good? Worth investing? As long as a little understanding will know the future development of the industry is very good, and now is the golden time to join. If you are still not satisfied, and want to get some exact answer, then come and see.

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Free to try to make the supermarket business hot

a supermarket business can be hot up, which is associated with many factors. Among them, the owner of the business strategy is naturally a great relationship. Operating a supermarket for some time, but the source of my supermarket is not very good. I also try to reflect, to find their own mistakes, but still no results. Later, I changed my mind, from mistakes into innovation. I think a lot of times, and there is nothing wrong with their own place, but can not be innovative. To this end, I conducted a series of bold attempt. read more

Bald ad alternative business


head is in our daily life is a very common phenomenon, many people love to keep the head, very convenient, but now has a business like this, the head of advertising, I believe you to have not heard, let Xiaobian to introduce you.

Kaoshanchishan, the use of all available resources, Watts’s thought. He thought no one does not believe the company do not think he is not, in case their own misconduct, not detrimental to sponsor the image, this is the risk of the company, perhaps also has a famous company. No reason to.

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Chengdu hi tech Zone overseas customers

hit off now has become a very popular vocabulary, and in the society, a group of guests are welcome, because in the entire business environment, is a great need for a customer to join.

in the tide of innovation and entrepreneurship, "the creation" became the competition for scarce resources, and Chengdu hi tech Zone to attract entrepreneurial talents in the new tactics constantly.

9 14, in the domestic business circles quite well-known venture Tianfu · Jing Rong Hui "across the country, held special events in the United States Sheraton Boston Hotel, this event held in Chengdu high tech Zone also held Zhaocaiyinzhi international promotion, trying to hit off trying Chinese Western business center. read more

You make money to join the integration of ecological wall Heng Jie KEA good


venture choose to join the ecological integrated wall? Both environmentally friendly and healthy, it is the first choice to join the venture. Successful venture to choose to join the IKEA? Healthy home life, you deserve! So, what are you hesitating about? Hurry up!

integrated ecological wall join money? Heng-Jie IKEA profit no dead. At present, our country is becoming a larger wall products market. China’s urban construction 500 million square meters per year, rural construction of up to 600 million square meters, public buildings up to 700 million square meters. According to the calculation of the walls and ceiling together accounted for the proportion of 30%, with 500 million square meters of wall decoration market in China every year. Honsjet IKEA ecological integrated wall quality and no one can, the industry leader, has been imitated, never surpassed. read more



环法2015个代表在世界上最大的自行车赛和将发布的Xbox,PlayStation 4和PlayStation 3的下一个月。PC用户也将获得职业自行车经理2015下个月。它会提供骑马的人通过荷兰和鹅卵石路法国北部的一个令人兴奋的挑战,对神话的爬上首脑会议和在香榭丽舍的传奇最终;ES。今年也是团队计时赛的回归。

已经随着一些截图预告片一看,让我们知道你的想法,通过下面的评论部分。 read more






好像金属齿轮固体的创造者Hideo Kojima不准备说再见到传说中的固体蛇呢,他还可能使金属齿轮固体5







来源:CVG和Eurogamer read more

西班牙的神经切碎卡米尼托del Rey的夏季门票开始发售岳得尔歌是ee oo!海蒂正在瑞士兴建一个有缆车和旅馆的新主题公园

票走西班牙南部的Caminito del Rey–人行道悬100m以上一个美丽的峡谷,一度被称为在世界上最危险的道路–已经发售今年夏天的季节。

EL卡米尼托del Rey。Getty图像

走道,它遵循的埃尔乔罗峡谷附近Á;劳拉,M Á;之后,在2015日重新开放被关闭了由于沿途死亡10年后。的卡米尼托del Rey的–意味着国王–路径已经全面升级,不再是危险的,但它仍然提供了惊人的观点,需要一个高度头峡谷。人行道只有一米宽,7.7km长。这是在1905完成对援助工作者的guadalhorce大坝施工。阿方索十三世国王穿过走道在1921开创了大坝,使路径其目前的名称。 read more




遍布全国各地,从纽约到三藩的司机都加入了自己的个人风格,为旅客提供一个独特的经验。在芝加哥,那些幸运的人可以和汤姆一起玩电子游戏。尤伯杯驱动程序黑客使用一个小电脑,称为树莓PI一起将他的触摸屏立体声系统转换成游戏控制台。乘客可以从后座控制器玩任天堂64游戏,增加一点乐趣和竞争 read more

Do not seriously and business customers

some people are easy to seriously character, while others may encounter some unhappy things, in short, in the process of the management of the store, easy and customer seriously. Here, Xiao Bian stressed, can not do business and customer seriously, or suffer always themselves, or their own profits.

remember just opened twenty years ago, when the development is lagging behind, the rural shops, it is really worthy of the name of the tobacco and sugar tea, sell something single variety, youthful and I don’t know how to do business and customer communication, is often a word is not appropriate, and some seriously the needle head in opposition to the customer. read more

Feng Shui taboo what

whether we believe it or not, the location of the shop will naturally involve a variety of Feng Shui problems. After all, this has been the attention of Chinese businessmen. So, if the shop location, for some Feng Shui taboos naturally need to pay attention to. So, what Feng Shui taboo shop?

, in the face of the cul de sac.

if the door in the face of death alley, the airflow will be blocked, not smooth, will accumulate oil and gas, will have adverse effects on the aspects of fortune, wealth is easily blocked, there is no way out. read more

Hainan Venture Park entrepreneurs dream factory

of Hainan province for entrepreneurs to build a business park, for entrepreneurs is an excellent business platform, many successful entrepreneurs set up their own business, but also better entrepreneurship to promote employment.

"have submitted the application to the Hainan Microsoft innovation center, is waiting for the audit results."   Hainan’s first professional old clothes recycling agencies ring city hero founder Xie Zaihua said happily.

in addition to providing office space, support the most attractive or Zaihua Xie Hainan Microsoft innovation center can provide the technology. "Professional technology of face recognition, speech recognition and their support for us after the establishment of online booking, Internet recovery, staff training system, can be of great help. There are entrepreneurial salon, entrepreneurial guidance, etc., which is why I want to settle down." read more