May 2017

Man 30 how to grasp the best gold age

30 years old, it is the best time to pursue the middle class. The cause has been gradually on the right track, the workplace being reused, well done has climbed to the middle or the management, the quality of life has stabilized, the prospect of human life gradually clear, as long as efforts continue to steady, 50 years old, 70 years after the good life now can see. This is the "middle class", the vast majority of people are going or will go on the road.

2005 in June 25th, Guangzhou City Ring Road a blue grey commercial building, 9 floor, Saturday in the office of the busy Che Guangping side to greet reporters, while full of gas on the phone said: "we want to do first, and then expand the!" He doesn’t look like a 40. read more

What are the skills to open clothing store renovation

opened a clothing store, also need to pay attention to the decoration link. Many shops decoration design fashion personality, suction eye full, naturally easy to attract the attention of consumers. If you want to open a clothing store, then how will you carry out renovation work? If you do not know how to learn.

in material, latex paint, wallpaper, tiles, paving slabs can be chosen. The design of the wall of the clothing store should be coordinated with the color content of the goods displayed, and adapt to the environment and image of the clothing store. Can be set up in the wall on display, for display, the installation of some simple equipment, can be placed in a part of the clothing, can also be used as a commodity or decorative showcase. read more

How to seize the store fit


shop should any will encounter such a situation, the shop to do business, has a very loyal customers, but also have a lot of tourists, such a special group of customers is more of a stroll, not necessarily buy. However, as any of the shops, these individuals are likely to become their loyal customers, therefore, to find the right way, so that individuals to reach a deal, will be very favorable for the development of the store.

shop business, gathered popularity is the key, no popularity, the newly opened store is very easy to fall into bad situation, not to mention no shop popularity, build up the family fortunes, development has become even more hope. Some shopkeepers like to do some promotional activities, but this approach can only solve the problem for a long time, the popularity is still not seen growth. In fact, for small shops that, through the quality of service to seize the individual, to develop their own loyal customers. This is a sensible way. read more

How to join the grain and oil stores profit

grain and oil store profit? The spirit of promoting these years, many entrepreneurs are very interested in how to make a good grain store, now for the grain store, but also a good place to shop, the residential area, as a result, liangyoudian open people choose more and more now, this is to look at the specific situation to open grain oil store


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Squid catering to join advantage

is one of the necessary food in the west after dinner dessert, give you a warm dining environment dotted with the last hint of sweetness. With the growing popularity of Western food in china. Dessert has become one of the necessary food in people’s lives. Squid food from Hongkong, it inherits the exclusive production process, and according to the demand of the market, in product and management mode, the continuous innovation, and gradually formed a unique style, has a good reputation among consumers. read more

How to manage Chinese food store to make money

for many people, still like Chinese food, some Chinese restaurants, has a large market. Venture to open Chinese food stores, the market and the prospects are very good, is a good business choice. For how to operate the Chinese restaurant to make money this problem, the following with a detailed understanding of what.

catering industry investment space, study details, conduct an in-depth diagnostic for the brand positioning, the joining fee is not reasonable, the first to see the franchise company’s visibility and management system is not perfect, but also with the participation in the company supply conditions, including hardware and software support etc. and the most important is to look at the investment return rate, referring to other stores returns, if this system stores the return rate from the demand, then join the cost is basically reasonable. read more

There are several types of decoration

women’s stores in the decoration of a wide range of styles, from the shops on the market, shop decoration style can be divided into several categories? If you are not very clear, you can learn about, Xiao Bian provides several styles of reference, I hope to help you. You can make a reference, not to say that we have to follow this style, specific or to combine their own products and other realistic factors.

pastoral style


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How can we find a good entry

find a satisfactory join the project, I believe is a lot of entrepreneurs who have the most headaches. Only from the size of the investment, the number of stores, such as the number of the surface is difficult to judge a project. In fact, entrepreneurs should be from the two aspects of the project’s profit model and franchise system to investigate.

first, with the intention to join the project, the best first secretly visits. The project to the store to the consumer, to the identity of the customer and the owner or the clerk to chat, and estimate the daily turnover, analysis of customer groups, time consumption and so on; investigation after a period of time, to see whether the results of investigation and the headquarter introduced the contents of the match, in order to determine the attitude of honesty of parties. Not to cooperate with leader integrity. read more

Spicy squid shrimp pot market competition advantage

how to highlight the characteristics of the catering industry? Take the dry pot, the common dry pot around us is nothing more than a side dish with all kinds of meat, immutable, can not highlight its new ideas, there is no competitive advantage. But it’s not the same.

spicy squid shrimp pot is famous for its authentic spicy flavor. With its high quality raw materials, reasonable price, authentic taste, squid and shrimp are increasingly recognized by the vast number of consumers. And the food market is very hot. Join spicy spicy squid shrimp pot you may be the next restaurant legend. read more

Sharing with you from scratch

many people will complain: I want to start a business, but not enough funds to do? How to start a business? Many people ask this question, but the answer is very little. No cost of entrepreneurship, business can not be the lack of funds, if there is nothing, how do you do.

if there is no cost of business, you will first think of the method is what? No cost of entrepreneurship, the following we start from scratch, to tell you exactly how to do?

by "successive tactics" to bang out a multimillionaire read more

Open hot pot shop operating points to share

open hot pot restaurants need to pay attention to what investment matters? Many novice investors are very concerned about this issue. Today Xiaobian compiled the relevant experience can help you successfully opened. If you want to learn more, let’s take a look.

points location: it should choose the resident population is more open, Hot pot shop where the hotel!

To fully understand the surrounding the consumption level before

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Mainly look at the temperament of the current service personnel temperament should be like this

shortly before the madness of the popular WeChat such a phrase, the main look at the temperament of the current service staff temperament, we should pay attention to what? What qualities should be achieved? Let’s share it.


1. employees should be full of energetic, natural expression, smiling.

2. should be calm tone, tone cordial, not exaggerated.

3. eyes should be God, showing enthusiasm, courtesy, friendly, sincere.

4. failing to calm and generous, be neither humble nor pushy.

5. when talking with visitors, the eyes should be natural, should not look at the visitors up and down. read more

Where is the washing stores open

laundry is now a lot of people to patronize the place, dry cleaners has brought great convenience to our life, it is a lot of consumers, if you want to open a laundry store, where good? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, I hope we can provide some reference.

as a key link in the business, the impact of the address at the moment is self-evident, after the success of the investigation, the laundry where is better? Summed up a lot of investigation, less loss of this skill, and choose to look farther away, a lot will be affected by many factors, such as government initiatives, etc.. If some shops in downtown, for the time being, business is very good, but sometimes there will be unexpected things happen, such as the construction of overpass, widening the road and so on, the impact of the latter project management. read more

Join bucket rot incense tofu groom seven easily shop

now, you want to start the business, of course, to choose a business opportunity. Snacks to join the project, is very powerful, attractive choice. So, consider joining the entrepreneurial bucket rot groom seven fragrant tofu? With the strength of the choice, the success of venture worthy of trust!

secret sauce bucket rot was not only for the spicy tofu, made its acid flavor bean curd powder is unique, love to eat Hot and Sour Rice Noodles customers will love the groom bucket rot spicy sour powder. The bucket was secret rot Chili Sauce Fried rice fried rice is also a must, combined with a variety of technological innovation the fragrant tofu delicious meal, namely the use of cheap rice can make a delicious meal 80% repeat! read more

Entrepreneurial stars in the process of those ups and downs

now the electric car market can be described as business opportunities are everywhere, as early as a few years ago, the value of lithium batteries can be described as amazing, set off a sensational investment boom, but also for the benefit of countless entrepreneurs and investors.

2009, 2010, the battery industry "Crazy", as long as the concept of a little, the enterprise stock price will rise, will rise with every lithium, lithium monster out frequency described the hot market is no exaggeration…… read more

China’s top ten leisure apparel brands

different occasions, people will have a suitable dress, and each person’s dress style will not be the same, the choice of clothing style will have a great difference. In short, as a component of the Chinese clothing market, China has always had a very high popularity of casual wear. And in order to allow consumers and investors can make a better choice, Xiao Bian here to introduce China’s top ten leisure apparel brands, which can give people a better reference.

casual wear (Casual wear), is the people in their spare time in the activities of all kinds of clothing. Sportswear with a large proportion of the overlap, often interchangeable use. Cascual wear is also highly correlated with a modern lifestyle, emphasizing the quality of life, emphasizing the importance of leisure life values led to the popularity of casual wear. read more

How much money home investment kiln a of pig’s trotters

what do you like best of all kinds of cooked food? Presumably beauty of the girls will say trotters, yes, pig’s trotters contain a lot of collagen, it is suitable for girls to eat beauty. Of course, there are still a lot of love trotters. If you choose to open a pig trotters cooked food store will certainly be a good choice. So cooked food to join the election of what project is better? Xiaobian for you to recommend the kiln home trotters.

cooked food business opportunity to get rich, since it is necessary to take a good grasp of the opportunity, the home will bring you to get rich. Join the kiln home venture capital pig’s trotters not less, you know how much money to join a kiln pig’s trotters? A conservative estimate, at least 153 thousand and 300 yuan to join the kiln home pig’s trotters. How much is the home of the pig trotters to join the details are as follows, please continue to look at the following to do a comprehensive interpretation. read more

Air purifier store in the decoration of the time there is stress

do business basically is to open the store, one of the important factors, store decoration, sometimes also affect business in fact, shop decoration is very luxurious, good decoration, can bring more customers, more attractive, if there is deviation, may affect the profit. Today to talk about the air purifier store renovation of those who pay attention to.

two, open air purifier shop note: store decoration taboo


taboo 1: counter should not be placed at the exit

some of the shops for promotional merchandise, often at the exit of the escalator in the counter, the purpose of course is to make the customer to sell a foot on the floor can see goods, to increase the possibility of selling goods, but it often makes some customers will deliberately bypass the counter, and to the next to the counter. It will stop at the counter next to the stairs to 2 meters away, to see the effect, I believe will feel "curtilage reading" effect. Air purifier counters will be placed in the depths of the shop. read more