May 2017

Man 30 how to grasp the best gold age

30 years old, it is the best time to pursue the middle class. The cause has been gradually on the right track, the workplace being reused, well done has climbed to the middle or the management, the quality of life has stabilized, the prospect of human life gradually clear, as long as efforts continue to steady, 50 years old, 70 years after the good life now can see. This is the "middle class", the vast majority of people are going or will go on the road.

2005 in June 25th, Guangzhou City Ring Road a blue grey commercial building, 9 floor, Saturday in the office of the busy Che Guangping side to greet reporters, while full of gas on the phone said: "we want to do first, and then expand the!" He doesn’t look like a 40.

in reality as they do, willing to put down everything, middle-aged people again, in fact, more than we imagined. According to a survey by the Zhongguancun Administrative Committee of Beijing, in the Zhongguancun science and technology park is mostly middle-aged entrepreneurs, the average age of 38 years old, of which the proportion of people over the age of the largest, reaching 58.01%. It may be that society is more tolerant and more human than ever before, and everyone can choose their own living space.

is the reason for this period is one of innovative thinking is the most active, most energetic, to create the most exuberant peak. Especially in the network software, advertising, planning, consulting, securities, investment and other knowledge intensive industries, experience is not important, it is important that the spirit of innovation".


What are the skills to open clothing store renovation

opened a clothing store, also need to pay attention to the decoration link. Many shops decoration design fashion personality, suction eye full, naturally easy to attract the attention of consumers. If you want to open a clothing store, then how will you carry out renovation work? If you do not know how to learn.

in material, latex paint, wallpaper, tiles, paving slabs can be chosen. The design of the wall of the clothing store should be coordinated with the color content of the goods displayed, and adapt to the environment and image of the clothing store. Can be set up in the wall on display, for display, the installation of some simple equipment, can be placed in a part of the clothing, can also be used as a commodity or decorative showcase.

the ceiling can create a clothing store of beauty, but also with the space design, lighting it, forming a beautiful shopping environment. Appropriate ceiling decoration will play a role in the beam column, pipeline, insulation, sound insulation and so on, so it is very important for its decoration. In the ceiling design, should take into account the ceiling material, color, height, with particular attention to the ceiling color.

the ceiling to have modern feeling, can show personal charm, pay attention to the overall sense of the color collocation, elegant display. Young people, especially young professional women, like the color of a sense of cleanliness; young male workers stressed the charm of the clothing store, the use of primary colors, such as lighter color is appropriate. In general, the ceiling of the clothing store is light pink. Of course, the design of the ceiling of the wonderful variety, each can create a different decorative effect, in the decoration of the clothing store, may wish to spend some of the idea to let the ceiling in the form of a variety of forms in order to show a good effect.

floor in different patterns and his size determines the size of the clothing store is luxury or narrow, quiet or lively, pure or bright, in fact the pattern itself contains texture, his appearance also affect the overall design effect.

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Inspirational master 27 years old sitting on hundreds of millions of net worth

Anhui TV’s super orator, as red, many speakers give people the impression that full of blood, tell the story is inspirational. In real life, we have a number of people in the past, after all, has become a major cause of the ups and downs.

until the age of 21, Chen Anzhi met a mentor in life – World potential incentive master Anthony Robin?. Since then, his personal expertise, and a strong love for the real release.


every book and VCD are spontaneously in salesman in the national civil service, and in the national medium and small enterprises in collective learning, watch spread in primary and secondary school students, small children under the age of 8, to 80 years old people never feel the heart shock, and the determination to change the disadvantages stand under oath must succeed!

…… Believe that you are a treasure…… Sell products than sell yourself…… Winners find ways, losers find excuses…… Winners never give up, never give up…… Leadership is the right choice…… The best people are free…… There must be a way to success…… Success is simple

How to seize the store fit


shop should any will encounter such a situation, the shop to do business, has a very loyal customers, but also have a lot of tourists, such a special group of customers is more of a stroll, not necessarily buy. However, as any of the shops, these individuals are likely to become their loyal customers, therefore, to find the right way, so that individuals to reach a deal, will be very favorable for the development of the store.

shop business, gathered popularity is the key, no popularity, the newly opened store is very easy to fall into bad situation, not to mention no shop popularity, build up the family fortunes, development has become even more hope. Some shopkeepers like to do some promotional activities, but this approach can only solve the problem for a long time, the popularity is still not seen growth. In fact, for small shops that, through the quality of service to seize the individual, to develop their own loyal customers. This is a sensible way.

fit is usually scattered, so you can’t visit them one by one. Usually, where they go, where there is no purpose. The general will focus on the best looking fun products or presentation, see the promotion initiative will generally take the initiative to give way, not interfere with the function of the product, often pointing to different products, pay more attention to the product form or new products.

pairs of individual marketing is the most difficult to do, but also the most critical level of test salesperson. These fit is generally very relaxed, not picky products. Will not be very sensitive to price tips, occasionally marvel at high priced products, but do not focus on a particular product. Although they are wandering, but occasionally there will be a desire to consume, so sales staff still want to maintain the enthusiasm of the distance, in an appropriate way to attract them to their stores, access to the opportunity to consume.

is actually an operator should know any individual, although many, but the market is not well developed, if you want to make them fit into all their customers, natural also need to master more skills. In short, in the process of contact with the individual, the role of the salesperson is very limited, but also need to maintain a relative distance, it is possible to make a successful transaction.

How to join the grain and oil stores profit

grain and oil store profit? The spirit of promoting these years, many entrepreneurs are very interested in how to make a good grain store, now for the grain store, but also a good place to shop, the residential area, as a result, liangyoudian open people choose more and more now, this is to look at the specific situation to open grain oil store


place to study. Project management is determined, in addition to the authenticity of the investigation business project, be sure to open their own grain shops operating places, shops in grain and oil field, should understand the flow of people and environment, but also to collect regional competitors in the same industry, in order to develop their own business mode and strategy.

to prepare funds. A grain shop needs renovation, purchase the necessary equipment, purchase, processing, so they need a lot of money, if you are ready to open shop 30 thousand yuan of grain and oil, it must have 10 thousand yuan of funds to do backup, in order to prevent decoration, buy equipment, and purchase formalities urgently.

grain store profits? Through the above content, do you have a better understanding of the content? Believe in your vision, quick action, more money waiting for you.

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Squid catering to join advantage

is one of the necessary food in the west after dinner dessert, give you a warm dining environment dotted with the last hint of sweetness. With the growing popularity of Western food in china. Dessert has become one of the necessary food in people’s lives. Squid food from Hongkong, it inherits the exclusive production process, and according to the demand of the market, in product and management mode, the continuous innovation, and gradually formed a unique style, has a good reputation among consumers.

squid based on maintaining the original characteristics of catering products on the continuous innovation in the production. After years of market practice to explore a new "creative Hong Kong Style dessert" to determine the brand’s unique business model and market positioning. Squid with healthy diet culture creative desserts Chinese and Western, quickly set off a whirlwind of high-end fashion dessert in the market.

squid catering to join advantage:

unprecedented strength: diversified industry group’s parent company has a strong capital strength and talent strength, is the industry’s most single catering management company unparalleled.

original idea: the only one in the field of Hong Kong Style dessert with a unique business philosophy and technology output brand.

product research and development: Creative Hong Kong dessert has the most powerful R & D team in the field and the central kitchen R & D center.

brand packaging: the company has the most perfect brand service system: from the store style, furniture design, plate devices and even plate pad, permeates the squid international brand image.

strongest advantage: one. Squid has the industry’s creative Hong Kong Style desserts the latest production technology, excellent taste, creative unique, creative way ahead. Making technology squid exclusive dessert Western meals and snacks creative, guarantee no idle all day long. The key raw materials and the deployment of squid provide recipe is the guarantee to produce key top taste creative Hong Kong style desserts.

read more than for squid catering to join advantage, are you fond of it? Then leave a message on our website.

How to manage Chinese food store to make money

for many people, still like Chinese food, some Chinese restaurants, has a large market. Venture to open Chinese food stores, the market and the prospects are very good, is a good business choice. For how to operate the Chinese restaurant to make money this problem, the following with a detailed understanding of what.

catering industry investment space, study details, conduct an in-depth diagnostic for the brand positioning, the joining fee is not reasonable, the first to see the franchise company’s visibility and management system is not perfect, but also with the participation in the company supply conditions, including hardware and software support etc. and the most important is to look at the investment return rate, referring to other stores returns, if this system stores the return rate from the demand, then join the cost is basically reasonable.

joined the Chinese fast food change to join what kind of development system, one can not supply very specific join planning, pre training and on-the-job training, and perfect management system and backup mechanism, specific standard operating manual, standard transaction safe supply system and so on to guarantee project, these are not worth choice. To investigate the


if you want to put into the Chinese fast food stores to be in direct contact with the company, or contact the local distributor, not after the third signing any document, or do not guarantee the due power and treatment expenses and pay unreasonable.

venture project development opportunities of Chinese fast food industry is still a lot, but more is one of the basic conditions of Chinese fast food stores for investment projects, through the method we introduce the Chinese fast food franchise brand a lot of investigation, can find a better entrepreneurial path for yourself.

want to successfully run a Chinese restaurant, there are a lot of problems need to be understood, I hope we introduce the content, we can provide some help. Venture shop is risky, but also hope that we can avoid the risk of an early success in business.

There are several types of decoration

women’s stores in the decoration of a wide range of styles, from the shops on the market, shop decoration style can be divided into several categories? If you are not very clear, you can learn about, Xiao Bian provides several styles of reference, I hope to help you. You can make a reference, not to say that we have to follow this style, specific or to combine their own products and other realistic factors.

pastoral style


pastoral style of decoration shop first to have a creative display name to taste. Store design can be used floor style decoration, the shop does not need to be large, so that the small shop decoration on the two floor wear style, wooden material design. In addition, the store can put some flowers at the entrance of the grass, so that more rural sense. At the same time, the store’s clothing style should also change, so that more romantic pastoral style.

cute style

this kind of store fronts mostly fancy decoration, by major children’s favorite, even middle school, high school students are also very fond of this style of decoration. So such a lovely shop to open the style of the great age limit consumption, leisure style for the age is very wide.

this cute shop decoration is most suitable for campus love people. Grasp the popularity of the campus, lovely shop renovation, you will have unexpected gains.

fresh style

if you want to shop by romantic fresh style, it should look at the following proposal. Small fresh, usually people think Korean clothing. A Korean version of the clothing store, the introduction of South Korea’s romantic color, with the arc of the design, wallpaper and the rest of the human nature of the area.

followed the fashion mainstream, give a person a kind of fashion, romantic, warm mainstream. Ceiling, flooring, shelves and store advertising coordination, while the color is not messy, giving people a sense of harmony. The use of a comfortable ventilation system, to ensure that customers when shopping, store air circulation, refreshing, to ensure that customers shopping mood pleasure.

How can we find a good entry

find a satisfactory join the project, I believe is a lot of entrepreneurs who have the most headaches. Only from the size of the investment, the number of stores, such as the number of the surface is difficult to judge a project. In fact, entrepreneurs should be from the two aspects of the project’s profit model and franchise system to investigate.

first, with the intention to join the project, the best first secretly visits. The project to the store to the consumer, to the identity of the customer and the owner or the clerk to chat, and estimate the daily turnover, analysis of customer groups, time consumption and so on; investigation after a period of time, to see whether the results of investigation and the headquarter introduced the contents of the match, in order to determine the attitude of honesty of parties. Not to cooperate with leader integrity.

if the project is not yet opened stores, or the first shop a year not to, you can’t ignore it.

this study is the best way to go to an organized training, and then prepare a lot of problems to the difficulties they see, whether they are fully prepared to join the project.

The so-called

to join the project

join is independent shop, in the purchase and have certain advantages on selected goods, and brand publicity and promotion support, let many people choose the first shop shop franchise. In fact, also need to join the demanding, franchisee selection is very important, if not a good choice, efforts will work not completed. The following directions

Spicy squid shrimp pot market competition advantage

how to highlight the characteristics of the catering industry? Take the dry pot, the common dry pot around us is nothing more than a side dish with all kinds of meat, immutable, can not highlight its new ideas, there is no competitive advantage. But it’s not the same.

spicy squid shrimp pot is famous for its authentic spicy flavor. With its high quality raw materials, reasonable price, authentic taste, squid and shrimp are increasingly recognized by the vast number of consumers. And the food market is very hot. Join spicy spicy squid shrimp pot you may be the next restaurant legend.

spicy squid shrimp pot not only focus on authentic and traditional spicy flavor, but also other flavors. Dry pot series is based on the traditional spicy squid and shrimp with Guangdong Guangdong featured, Maotai flavor, good for both young and old. This innovative approach is not easy to get angry, more nutrition and health. Chi Chuan Fu tasted all over the country, it is a spicy squid dried shrimp pot authentic flavor, eat a hundred tire! The secret sauce stir, vegetables, herbs into 48 kinds of high nutrition, secret, especially attractive. The store is bright and spacious, stylish appearance and distinctive features, regardless of party, banquet, leisure, is a good choice for


with the increasing popularity of the people’s wallets, people can choose more and more. Everyone has their favorite taste style. It is hard to please all。 But clearly, the spicy squid dried shrimp pot stores, businesses have been unable to solve the problem has been answered, it meets the needs of all people, the word is no longer difficult to adjust, in the dry pot stores, ages enjoy delicious, created a miracle. The headquarters of the spicy squid shrimp unique production process and the original ecological material package, novel, nutritious, natural and free, economical and convenient, so that guests not only taste a variety of styles dry pot, but also to enjoy the experience of fashion dining.

so in this huge potential market, seize the opportunity to seize the road to create wealth. Refueling, seize the opportunity to create the future. Do you have a heart? Heart action, join us immediately.