April 2017

A new idea sharing

for some new entrepreneurial projects are often easy to attract people’s attention, because the market for new projects, the pressure of market competition are also small, many entrepreneurs will choose new entrepreneurial projects. What new rich ideas? These days don’t want to move is not to make a lot of money, quickly spread your imagination, also can make blind and disorderly conjectures below! Must have inspired you. Recommended 4 new fortune idea


new ideas: the rich fruit sale property read more

Ajisen Hand Pulled Noodle jiamingfei much money the whole

small business to choose Ajisen Hand-Pulled Noodle? Japanese pasta, the best choice to trust. In fact, small business has strength, has the characteristics of Hand-Pulled Noodle Ajisen to join the project, but also very wise choice is not?

Hand-Pulled Noodle Ajisen to join, join the project a super reliable, Ajisen Hand-Pulled Noodle jiamengfei million just how much money?. In addition to headquarters restaurant business, production and sales of small packaging is still Hand-Pulled Noodle, and has more than 7500 sales outlets in the country, the main city in more than and 30, and exported to Japan, Singapore, Australia and other countries. read more

Shangrao Committee Director Liu to guide the work of whole Sha town

in the 39 winter January 12th morning, Shangrao Municipal Committee Director Liu came to the town of Sha Tin to guide their work to a new round of work guidance, at the same time, the town of Sha Tin District Secretary Qi Zhongyou, District Committee Director Pan Ronghua, Sha Tin Town Party Secretary Nguyen has accompanied the bearing.

director Liu Weihua listened to the report of the work of the Secretary of the Party committee of the town of Sha Tin, sixteen, director of the village committee, director of the work of the reports on the work of Zhang Jianning. After listening to the report, director Liu Weihua y affirmed the work of the Committee of Sha Tin Town, and standardizing the work of the committee made several points stressed: one is to further improve the work of the Committee; two is to give prominence to the "big hand little hand, listen to the party, follow the Party’s activities, and as the main line and the starting point for future work the. read more

Smiling at the Boiled dumplings franchise advantages of multi

in our life, there is always a need for dumplings. Moreover, dumplings in our lives, has always been a very important food. With the characteristics of the dumplings are always very attractive to consumers’ eyes, Open Laugh dumplings? In the food and beverage market, not only has a high popularity, but also to join the Open Laugh dumplings project, or the best choice for entrepreneurship.

Open Laugh dumplings to meet the tastes of different places, while the integration of Western fast food concept, to create a healthy nutrition, easy to eat, continuous innovation, regular update of the characteristics of dumplings. Here Boiled dumplings y meet the tastes of diners in the four corners of the world, people can make all corners of the country through a bowl of fragrant aftertaste Boiled dumplings taste of home, let diners eating also want another bowl. The Yin smile Boiled dumplings dumplings recipe, unique preparation craft, high-quality selection of pigs and fish as the main raw material, and pollution-free fresh vegetables and more than 30 kinds of precious spices, Boiled dumplings when opening Luxian, cooked soup and natural closure, no overflow, entrance smooth, Boiled dumplings delicious. read more

Join the world pot spicy pot the whole to make money

food business opportunities are very good, small entrepreneurial choice of gourmet market, no doubt, is very wise, successful entrepreneurial choice! So, venture to choose to join the pot pot hot pot?

friends, you want to easily start a more rapid business? Are you still in your future, for what you do in the future to do poineering work and trouble? The pot of spicy pot, give you a good business platform, the world pot spicy hot pot, give you a good chance for you to permit my. Hot pot pot to join the world, a way to get rich, catering business to join the project, in particular, is now very popular spicy pot to start business, more easily and quickly. read more

How should join the Hot pot pier story location around the

wharf story hot pot? Has been a very hot pot culture to join the project. After the accumulation of time, the entrepreneurial choice of popular join the project, is a very wise choice. What are the requirements of the hot pot site?

wharf story pot should be how to choose?

How to choose the location of the

wharf story hot pot site selection skills:

shopping mall or supermarket in this: strong spending power, consumer quality is high, and most of them in the business center, more suitable for open shop " ", can save the rent and decoration of many investment not only, and can form a joint promotion and business, expand product sales, retail investors is preferred. read more

Steamed buns to join the world free business Business

in our life, do not look down on our side of every kind of food. Maybe not careful, it becomes a good choice to become rich? Steamed buns? Excellent quality, the best choice for small business. Steamed steamed buns, it is worth joining!

steamed buns how to do, the specific practice, after you join the project will be taught to you. It does not need to join a lot of money, the headquarters will be based on some of your local situation, as far as possible to save costs for each investor, so that investors have a greater profit margins. It covers a wide range of consumer groups, so the profit is even more lucrative. read more

The rainbow underwear brand how can health improved smart underwear

With the continuous improvement of our living standard, the demand for healthy underwear has been increasing in

. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the rainbow brand underwear business, is a very wise choice!


science and technology, environmental protection, adhering to rainbow brand health, fashion, the concept of people-oriented, independent research and development of series products of carbon fiber far infrared, and dressed in a smart and healthy road clothing to explore, innovation, has more than ten practical patented technology. read more

A good choice to join dotey Chuanchuan Xiang

in the catering market, want better business, a better foothold in such a strong market competitiveness, and to choose to join dotey Chuanchuan Xiang? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a simple way to join, worthy of trust, it is worth choosing!

delicious string, very popular with the market, we all love this rich food, delicious snacks, which is a good thing to make money in the four seasons. Dotey Chuanchuan Xiang, brand strength, very competitive in the market, popular consumption has also attracted the attention of investors. Many investors want to join, then, what is the condition to dotey Chuanchuan Xiang? Can join read more

How to investigate the food and beverage franchise brand

restaurant franchise brands, how can we choose to fit their own projects? Many novice investors are a headache, if you want to learn more skills can choose a lot of learning skills, as soon as possible to find the right project, a look at it.

to analysis from a professional point of view, the choice of food franchise brand should be considered from the following three aspects:

read more

North to private kitchens and small table for the record

June, the provincial capital of the north of the city of health and food and drug administration to start the first private kitchens and small table thoroughly and standardized management, as of now, has been implemented by filing system.

book corner, drawing room, lounge…… Into the north of the standardization of small table, clean dining and rest environment, so that parents are assured.

in Qilian is on the north side of the Bridge Road Primary School, community wutuo class. Into the more than and 100 square meters of the room, animated characters and flower stickers make people feel very warm. In the corner of the library, all kinds of children’s books and novels are put in order. "At noon, after dinner, the lower grade children take a nap, the older children can look at the book here, or to the drawing room painting, writing assignments." Wearing white overalls, said the staff. read more

Datong strengthen local products market supervision

to prevent qiangmaiqiangmai, consumer fraud behavior such as illegal business, ensure the tourist consumption safety, the day before, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Industrial and Commercial Bureau on distribution of Cordyceps sinensis, Rhodiola rosea, deer products and other native products business carried out special inspection.

in the inspection of law enforcement personnel to achieve the "five check five", check the qualification of the operators, the license is complete, whether within the validity period, the wall hanging, whether through the annual inspection according to the license, and the scope of business operations and the actual situation is consistent, whether does not comply with the laws, regulations and rules check the distribution of goods; two, the relevant legal qualification at source and supplier of Cordyceps sinensis, Rhodiola rosea, deer products and other native products that are the same, whether the operator or impurities, shoddy, substandard products as qualified products, whether in accordance with the label storage conditions; three check marks, see items of Cordyceps sinensis, Rhodiola rosea, deer products of native products such as labeling compliance with the law; four trademark advertisement and decoration, to see whether the trademark infringement and The use of illegal behavior, the place of business advertising is false and illegal content, whether counterfeit or fake decoration similar situation; five check the self-discipline of operators, the operators in the purchase or fulfill the obligations of inspection, whether the inspection records. read more

Huangyuan new coal fume control food

In order to further strengthen the food and beverage industry environmental protection efforts, and effectively solve the food and beverage industry, coal smoke pollution nuisance problems. Recently, Huangyuan county to ban the coal area as the focus of remediation, adhere to the mandatory transformation and the combination of the award on behalf of the way, focused on the catering industry soot pollution remediation work. Up to now, the county food and oil fumes special rectification action has investigated the size of the catering service units 230, issued a notice of kerosene smoke deadline rectification 171.It is reported that the action of

, led by the Huangyuan County Environmental Protection Bureau, Huangyuan county industry and commerce, health, urban management and other units of staff form a joint law enforcement team, the use of radio, television and other forms of propaganda, in the catering business units and public places to post about relevant publicity materials catering fume pollution hazards of coal, and the use of batches of City catering kerosene smoke pollution nuisance of city appearance and does not meet the industry standard management requirements of the catering business units to implement a comprehensive renovation, to reach the requirements of the implementation of the rectification rectification, strict examination and approval and inspection certificate. At the same time, adhere to the mandatory transformation and the combination of the award on behalf of the way, in the specified time to complete the task of cooking oil fumes management units, giving incentives.   read more

Xining industrial and commercial crackdown on key areas of the area to conduct a comprehensive inspe

October 19th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Administration of industry and Commerce Bureau, Xining City Industrial and commercial system in the near future ", fake brand" special law enforcement actions, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau conduct a comprehensive inspection of the area of the market, shopping malls, supermarkets and other key areas, dealt with a total of 41 cases, destroyed two fake goods dens, a total value of $192 thousand and 400.

this special action, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau concentrated inspection of city community and suburban areas, all kinds of food wholesale markets, supermarkets, bazaars, trademark infringement and counterfeiting crackdown on grain, meat, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, aquatic products, beverage, wine, medicine and clothing, footwear and other daily consumption goods. During the special enforcement action, Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau inspection of all types of business entities, shopping malls, supermarkets, 1986 households (Department), seized suspected counterfeit "mutual aid" series of 259 bottles of wine, "Moutai" and "Wuliangye" series of 453 bottles of wine, "Wang Harbin wheat beer" 470 parts and all kinds of cigarettes were 35, "Amway" all kinds of nutrition 76 bottles, 33 pairs of glasses, "quantum Li" brand collar 50, "Moon Mountain" brand of 20 tons of cement, 333 bags of expired food (box), packaging, marking a total of 250 sets, 1 vehicles, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. read more

Entrepreneurship expert Professor Li Jiahua was hired as a tutor at Northeastern University

entrepreneurship is entering the zero threshold era, learn to grasp the future development trend of the industry, to understand the risks and challenges faced by the business is very important, on this point may wish to refer to the views of outstanding business mentor. Entrepreneurship expert Professor Li Jiahua at the Northeastern University Nanhu forum for teachers and students in the day before, on the entrepreneurship development under the new situation.

11 in the afternoon of 21 March 3, the famous career education and entrepreneurship expert Professor Li Jiahua at Northeastern University Lake forum, Northeastern University hired as a business mentor, and at the science museum 206 rooms for the school teachers and students entitled "excellent" the ecosystem of entrepreneurship education from the perspective of the new economic norm of the seminar. From each school school of innovation and entrepreneurship education, innovation and entrepreneurship mentor and skills elective part of teachers and students’ innovative and entrepreneurial activities of the organizers, participants listened to the lecture. Zhang Lizhi, executive vice president of innovation and entrepreneurship Institute presided over the forum. read more

Satisfaction survey tourists to Xining hit 75 69 points in the northwest of the second

recently, China Tourism Research Institute released "on the third quarter of 2012 national tourist satisfaction survey results", in the domestic 60 participated in the survey in Xining City, with 75.69 points ranked forty-second, ranking the five northwestern provinces of the capital city of second.

from the results of the survey report, the top three domestic tourism were Shanghai, Suzhou, Mount Huangshan. Shanghai satisfaction score of 86.49 points, higher than the Xining score of 10.8 points, the score is not high, indicating that the rankings are extremely competitive. Northwest city ranked the highest score for Xi’an, also failed to reach 80 points "satisfactory" value, showed higher levels of satisfaction are still mainly in the eastern city, according to the rankings, the third quarter of the higher satisfaction of the city is mainly distributed in the Yangtze River Delta city group, the group and the West Bank city of Chengdu Chongqing city agglomeration. read more

Party organization relationship transfer to achieve online management

April 10th, the Organization Department of the municipal Party committee organized the Xining party information network integrated management system, municipal training, municipal authorities, the District Department of the county Party Committee Organization Department 80 administrators participated in the study and training. The next week will be held in various districts and counties training courses to ensure stable operation of the system on-line.

Fire Department of the State Council inspection team feedback to the provincial government

from May 13th to 15, Song Xinchao, deputy director of the State Administration of cultural heritage, led by the State Council, the eighth assessment team to assess the province’s fire prevention work in the year 2015. 16 am, the assessment team feedback to the province, vice governor Han Jianhua attended and made a speech.

meeting, the assessment team pointed out that the Qinghai provincial government attaches great importance to the work of fire, fire safety responsibility system to further improve the risk investigation and effective measures, fire safety special rectification effect is obvious. Fire investment continued to increase, public fire infrastructure to achieve a breakthrough. Police and fire departments at all levels to give full play to the role of staff assistant, thoroughly judged area fire safety situation, can solve the outstanding problems of fire safety, conducted a special report to the Party committee and government, provides an important basis and support for scientific decision-making. Governments at all levels and departments to fulfill the responsibility of fire safety industry. At the same time, the assessment team of responsibility for the fire work, fire control work responsibility, the construction of public fire protection facilities, government departments and social unit of fire safety the main responsibility for the implementation of the current and future work advice. read more

Eastern atmosphere in the first quarter of governance effectiveness

The first quarter of this year, East District for the area construction, demolition site, road sweeping and cleaning area, sanitation infrastructure is weak and other practical difficulties, according to local conditions, comprehensive treatment, a quarter of the area of air quality in the city’s top monthly rise, air quality improved significantly.A

is the construction and demolition site pollution staring, impose heavy: the atmospheric environmental pollution control area in accordance with the "five 100%" requirements, do not comply with environmental requirements of the construction and demolition site resolutely shutdown rectification, rectification and qualified by the district government departments acceptance, party to start. At present, the region has more than 150 buildings and demolition sites were repeated dragnet inspection, for the resumption of the review process 52, issued a notice of suspension rectification, the 45. The construction unit who does not listen to greet, repeated repeated modification, the district take withheld construction machinery, administrative penalties, media exposure and other means, heavy regulation, do not stay dead. At the same time, the self financing of more than 100 yuan to purchase the dense net, no ground and Lanxi exposed on both sides of the highway land covered nearly 200 thousand square meters, construction sites, demolition sites, bare land dust pollution to achieve a comprehensive, three-dimensional control. read more

actively for 24 thousand disabled children warmth do practical things and solve problems

in May 15th this year is the twenty-sixth national day, this year’s theme is "caring for orphans and disabled children, let love down to the earth". In May 14th, the reporter learned from the provincial federations, provincial federations in recent years, to meet the special needs of disabled children in rehabilitation, education, social security as a priority among priorities for work, make great efforts to effectively solve, and achieved remarkable results.

more than 30 people with disabilities in the province, of which about 0-14 years old disabled children about 24 thousand people. Compared with the healthy children, disabled children have great obstacles in the development of physical, psychological and social adaptability, especially in the aspects of school and social life. To this end, our province has always been to protect the basic rights of children with disabilities as a bounden duty, has issued a series of security policy, targeted for orphans and disabled children’s warmth, do practical things and solve problems. "12th Five-Year" period, through the implementation of Chinese CDPF "colorful dream" plan of action for children with disabilities rescue rehabilitation and lottery rehabilitation projects and government purchase of rehabilitation services for the disabled, a total of 6146 passengers to get rehabilitation services for disabled children. Among them, the rehabilitation training 722, cochlear implant surgery and rehabilitation training for surgical treatment of limb 70 people, 204 people, 483 children with cerebral palsy rehabilitation training. The body of community family rehabilitation of children with disabilities 1291 people, 676 people with intellectual disabilities rehabilitation agencies, intelligence community family rehabilitation of children with disabilities 1706 people, 585 people received training for children with autism, 124 children with cataract, free of charge for 285 disabled children AIDS adaptation. read more