April 2017

Billion yuan worth of Li Xiang to give up the college entrance examination of senior high school stu

everyone calls for a dream to pursue. However, when you really find a dream, you have to pursue it? In May 21st, Zhongguancun computer city. Each desk from Li Xiang company within only one person through, the people sitting in the busy.

2000 before the Spring Festival, Li Xiang persuaded to go to work in Shenzhen after graduating from college for three months Fan Zheng returned to Shijiazhuang, the site of the two people together, the establishment of bubble network. By the end of 2003, the bubble network business doubled 3 times.

Dr. America hacked parent father how to save ignorance

is the same as the new born child, but why is there such a stupid father? Recently, Shandong Yantai to marry your son for father to daughter epilepsy did not borrow money to borrow money, actually the killing, also said not to regret. Dr. America hacked parent event attracted netizens angry, cursed: crazy! Stupid bastard!

the palm meat, both sons and daughters are the parents of the heartstrings, but many family patriarchal mentality, this thought is often the child is not fair, more prone to family conflicts, but the contradictions to human life, recently, Shandong Yantai United States female doctor Zhao Qingxiang, to visit when the father for his son to marry the daughter of epilepsy, just for money, but she did not what economic sources in school, with the ax dead daughter and her husband Wei Tao.


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Long operation can get more profit – Business

no matter what kind of business we operate, if only to keep his small shop, the business is not only the common commodity, fierce competition, and because goods are too monotonous and repetitive, earnings will become a problem. So, no matter what kind of business we carry out, if you can run long, I believe is able to earn more profits.

Zhang’s shop in the vicinity of the golden shoe factory, shoes factory workers in previous years, a return to their hometown, Zhang’s business is in a trough, especially deserted. Spring Festival to see other counterparts hot business, Zhang depressed.

before the Spring Festival this year, he went to visit my cousins in a densely populated, cousin is the Spring Festival business is too busy, can not find the right people to help.

cousin’s shop in the vegetable market, surrounded by a large number of residents, workers. In addition to the usual operation of cigarettes, wine, stationery, daily necessities, snacks, condiments, daily necessities, but also do fireworks retail license sales of fireworks. Annual Spring Festival fireworks business is very prosperous, cousin store several people are busy.

saw Zhang sad, cousin suddenly flashed a thought: why not two people cooperation? The brothers hit it off. Cousin is responsible for supply, Zhang is responsible for the sale of fireworks in the cousin store. So, the brothers in the store outside the store set up fireworks sales tent.

thirty Zhang left a person at home to see the store, the rest of the people went to the cousin shop to take out fireworks, has been busy until two o’clock in the morning.

and this is a busy day, fireworks sales of up to twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan, the cost of removal, and a cousin of a few thousand people, far more than in previous years, the store’s revenue. The two brothers are particularly satisfied with the first cooperation, cousin said with a smile and look forward to the next year to continue cooperation.

if Xiao Zhang has been guarding his little shop, I am afraid that it is spent in sorrow, the same, if the cousin can not find Zhang this helper, will miss the opportunity to make money. So, the best of both worlds, long business, no doubt let both sides can make money, and this can also be a reference to the operators.

Changji Xinjiang municipal government to build entrepreneurial science and Technology Park

now, local governments are actively build some more suitable for people’s entrepreneurial business park, at the same time, the governments actively build that some business park is to let people realize an entrepreneurial goal better in such an environment of.

The first "

it is reported that Markor and Changji national hi tech Industrial Development Zone, the implementation of the "public entrepreneurship, innovation", the government set up the stage of enterprise operation, strong combination, cooperate in the implementation of business science and Technology Park, covers an area of 88 acres, the end of the year officially completed, can accommodate hundreds of large and small enterprises in science and technology after the completion of all.

National hi tech Industrial Development Zone, Changji City, a /

Meike · Asia Europe business city covers an area of 2882 mu, ukwi adjacent to Changji high-speed road entrance, away from the fort Wo International Airport 12 kilometers, 20 kilometers away from Urumqi City, 5 kilometers away from downtown Changji, is designed based on the Urumqi Changji, Xinjiang, Eurasian radiation service, in the development of Xinjiang modern service industry demonstration zone   Changji City, South Metro area leading "appropriate industry livable should tour comprehensive modern city, the city of Changji city living room four functions, focusing on the development of leisure business, headquarters economy, home health, livable four core modules and many other functions in one of the new city center.

Such a business park in Xinjiang City, Changji


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Days soft – create magic cube the magic of the public space

Since the

management activities began, all colleges and universities will be helping entrepreneurs as their own development plan of construction. Tianjin Institute of software has established a day called soft · create a Rubik’s cube of the public space, to create a large entrepreneurial ecosystem, so that enterprises in the steady growth of mutual support.

in a cube, innovation and entrepreneurship is a compulsory course. The "entrepreneurial inspiration" to start the coffee and the students brainstorm; "reliable" and a group of like-minded team entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship salon, business counseling good projects have the opportunity to emerge; venture capital funds, it is easy to let a lot of business services; project docking, docking talent make a better environment for the growth of entrepreneurial projects. Such a good entrepreneurial ecology, make entrepreneurial projects in the shot, the entrepreneurial star flash, currently gathered here hit 137 projects, Zhang Lei, Lin Biaoxiang, Xu Chuanchao and other stars are starting this venture.

buried under a

seed business

"in 2013, I first had the idea of entrepreneurship in school and enterprise training project, the teacher led us production project, the first product manager I have their own development and operation of a product." June 2014 graduated from the Bo Huaxing software engineering software institute, before graduation to set up his own company – Star Internet Technology Co. Ltd., this year with others co founded the "good cattle Network design". Not only do the training Zhenti really let him have the idea of entrepreneurship, but also served as product manager in project, the chief financial officer of different roles, but also let him have a basic understanding of how to manage a business operation.

software, with Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle, iSoftStone and other famous enterprises, with new technology, new trends, new achievements for the lead, ask enterprises to participate in the curriculum; please Professor engineer with the university teaching; real teaching, let the students entering into each project group, to the employee’s role in learning in the development of real project. Such a talent training mechanism so that the school recommended

China’s private enterprises need to quickly out of confusion

China’s private enterprises have a lot of, in the era of fierce competition, many enterprises have been affected by the impact of the Internet economy, and now is in a confused period, do not know how the future development of the road.

China throughout the development of private enterprises, can be said that the recent twenty years the achievements of China private enterprises in this large group, today China has formed a state-owned enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises and private enterprises in a situation of tripartite confrontation situation. Especially in the field of competition, the status of private enterprises in the market has become very important.


I and many listed company executives and management.

Love tea Anhui fried yogurt – what are the advantages to join the

fried yogurt, has been a very delicious food. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the fried yogurt project, is a very powerful choice. Love tea Anhui fried yogurt? High quality projects, worry free venture trustworthy!

love tea Anhui fried yogurt to join what advantages?

love tea unique Korean style blue and white, let consumers eyes bright, unique decorative style is also able to attract customers to come to the consumer, let others see only love this decoration in the brain is the first emerging love tea brand. Love Anhui tea yogurt to join, is to let this style to supervise themselves and the development of more than 1 thousand stores. Love Anhui tea yogurt to join, it is worth to choose a good project fried yogurt.

China’s fried yogurt brand is a variety of different tastes of different styles of brands abound. Love tea Anhui fried yogurt franchise, authentic Korean taste great tongue yogurt taste enjoyment, of vigour, has attracted many consumers, if have the ability to shop, we must choose the potential and the strength of the brand, to join the shop natural choose love tea acid milk.

in general, as long as the food is recognized by consumers, is always a great advantage. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the love of tea of Anhui fried yogurt project, worry free business, trustworthy!

Gem wealth join entrepreneurial skills

jewelry has always been loved by the people, its sleek appearance is the biggest selling point. The investment in the jewelry industry is a good choice for entrepreneurs. As long as the headquarters in accordance with the guidance to operate, you can reap the benefits.

The most basic

to join partners, owners need not have certain skills and experience, can be directly applied to the headquarters of the successful experience and management technology, long-term guidance and services to support from headquarters, is quite important to join partners can use the successful franchise system, "borrow a ladder, board their own development the building to create a career, thus eliminating the need to explore the time.

entrepreneurs to open chain stores before investment, should do first is to find good jewelry to join the brand, choose a good brand is very important for entrepreneurs, it relates to the consumer acceptance of the brand, high degree of approval can be better run. This requires entrepreneurs to pay attention to.


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2016 college entrance examination room price was berserk

2016 years of college entrance examination has been officially opened, the end of an examination of the candidates need a quiet environment to rest, so the hot point near the hotel, not only crazy prices, more importantly, despite the price a lot, but have achieved full.

today into the first day of college entrance examination in 2016, the parents are expecting a child can play perfectly in the exam, in order to children during the test rest, not in the examination room between home and travel, many parents booked entrance room". According to the reporter, the huge demand for parents to promote the country to emerge a wide range of high price college entrance examination room".

according to the reporter, some of the hotel prices 15% fairly polite, even rose nearly 6 times, a hotel room rose to nearly 3000 yuan / day, dozens of thousands of rooms only need half a day will be parents second light, obviously want to set the noon hour room were also forced to set all day long. In addition, a variety of tricks, the number of rooms with auspicious number 6, out of the champion of the champion room, Feng Shui excellent Feng Shui room, etc., it is becoming popular, must be set before the payment can be.

Beijing: easy price of more than a thousand yuan 2508 yuan / day is also sought after

Beijing this year, there will be more than 6 candidates into the 96 college entrance examination, half a month ago, after the test center to determine the small room for parents to set the room, most of the good conditions of the room as early as a few weeks before the exam was booked. A number of hotels in the room is pulled tight, part of the housing, only support for the full room. Beijing several well-known secondary schools in the vicinity of the hotel, the economy has basically been sold out of the room. Hotel staff told reporters that two days later, the value of $899, $1299 luxury room may also become a room hard to find.

, according to the Beijing Morning Post reporter reported that Beijing in the fourth part of the hotel, college entrance examination room than the highest price on the day of thousands of dollars. A hotel hall erected "live off Taiwan advertising, particularly the introduction of" Jinbang entrance room, which marked the standard for 968 yuan a day, suite for 2508 yuan a day. Ctrip, in June 2nd the price of the hotel room is 1500 yuan, the same day the college entrance examination became a day of $2508 college entrance room, up more than 1000 yuan. RDFZ test center near the hotel, the special price of 2551 yuan "Gaokao", more than two months ago it was the entrance room reservation, because "the real champion" to Geely, the room is good, many people choose to book the. June 2nd, the same room price of the hotel is only 1385 yuan, the day of college entrance examination rose more than 1100 yuan.

Hefei: 60 sets of thousands of college entrance room instantly grab an empty day to set the room into 8

according to Hefei TV recently reported that although the Hefei college entrance examination room recommended

Entrepreneurial skills to improve marketing performance

thinking to open a successful clothing store, we also need to go a lot of effort, how can we create a suitable for everyone to taste the life of the store, improve our marketing performance?

1, how to make customers know our store?


2, how to make customers stay in front of our store for 3 seconds?

3, how to make customers stay and ask them into our store?

Of course,

to the customer in the shop, the store salesperson image is very important. The clerk must always keep smiling, smiling is very important, if you smile let customers feel that there is affinity, this invisible closer the distance between us and our customers, so that customers feel very warm; if the store clerk is very cold, it will allow the customer to produce "shop deceptive" feeling, so good customers are not in the window, who are not willing to go to a "kill", on


4, when the customer into the store how to make him interested in the product?

when customers come into our store, let him go to choose our products, do not like "night shadows" as always with the customer to use the eye behind the polite observation of customers, when his eyes and a hand to touch a piece of merchandise, the merchandise to prove that he has the initial interest. At this time our business