March 2017

Xining will set up 50 agricultural parity shop

reporter learned from the municipal development and Reform Commission was informed that, according to the provincial government proposed to promote the overall requirements of agricultural and sideline products stores construction in our province this year, the construction plan of Xining city 50 agricultural stores parity, the parity will be listed in the near future store operations, this move will allow the public to more easily picked up the basket". It is understood that the city’s first parity store will be concentrated in large and medium-sized supermarket chains. read more

Xining urban drainage management approach will be issued to permit drainage of sewage

do not look at the drainage wells all day long "lying" in the humble, but a storm, floods, its role can be really small. Reporter learned from relevant departments of Xining City, to strengthen the Xining drainage facilities management, standardize city sewage, prevent water pollution from the source, Xining City formulated the "measures for the administration of Xining city drainage" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), the "measures" by the Xining City ninth executive meeting, will the formal implementation. read more

Xining was awarded the title of the national advanced city of blood donation

Recently, the national health and Family Planning Commission, China Red Cross, the PLA General Logistics Department of health in 2013? 2014 annual national blood donation in Xining city were commended, won the national blood donation advanced city honorary title. At the same time, the city’s total of 15 people have won the National Award for dedication, 87 people won the National Silver Award for dedication, 330 people won the national dedication award.

Xining science and Technology Bureau held a circular economy energy saving emission reduction projec

In order to implement the goal of enterprise energy-saving emission reduction work, do a good job in 2011 in Xining city of circular economy energy-saving emission reduction projects, promoting the construction of national innovation city of Xining City, Xining city science and Technology Bureau in October 27, 2010 organized the 2011 energy-saving emission reduction projects recycling economy forum ", the 40 City Project 26 enterprises attended the Forum

to implement the goal of enterprise energy-saving emission reduction work, do a good job in 2011 in Xining city of circular economy energy-saving emission reduction projects, promoting the construction of national innovation city of Xining City, Xining city science and Technology Bureau in October 27, 2010 organized the 2011 energy-saving emission reduction projects recycling economy forum ", the 40 City Project 26 enterprises attended the forum. read more

Strictly administering the party is reflected in solving the problem

August 14th to 16, the provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining stressed that research in Haixizhou, Party committees at all levels should in-depth analysis of local and departmental "bases construction, face the problem, the courage to play, strict requirements, pragmatic and promote the spirit of the six plenary session of the twelve session of the provincial implementation. To effectively implement the party’s main responsibility for honest government, to grasp the actual effectiveness of the specific requirements of the party strictly embodied in solving specific problems.

lock dunes, green wasteland. Golmud in the photovoltaic industry park next to the sidewalk, laying drip irrigation, planting shrubs, a power plant, a circle of green, an oasis embryonic form. Luo Huining boarded the photovoltaic power plant in the Yellow River hydropower station platform, a detailed understanding of the operation of power plants, green and so on. read more

4 college entrance examination admission notice

In July 25th, two of the province admissions college admissions, complex, prevent fraud and other voluntary enrollment for the province’s candidates at all levels, admissions, the school issued a 4 reminder.

remind two: admission candidates will receive the admission notice sent.

Three: two in this reminder to re sign the volunteer, the provincial admissions do the corresponding work arrangements, the majority of candidates should pay attention to complex time and attention.

four reminder: provincial admissions also reminded Zhaoban at all levels and schools: it is prohibited to provide candidates information to the community recruitment agencies, beware of enrollment fraud.  

read more

Landless farmers achieve a sense of security

Reporters learned from the municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau, last year, West, East, the city, the city has carried out the land expropriated farmers social endowment insurance pilot and promote work. Up to now, the city has insured 1735 people, payment of $36 million 398 thousand and 600, the government subsidy funds of 15 million 600 thousand yuan. Meet the conditions for the treatment of 1111 elderly landless farmers receive a monthly payment of $335.61 landless farmers pension treatment, the merger of the new agricultural insurance 115 yuan, a total of a total of 450.61 yuan monthly pension treatment.It is reported by the

, in order to promote the work of rural social pension insurance pilot city, land, human society, finance, land and other related departments to the district (county) township (town) research, jointly issued the relevant documents, work together to promote. The drafting of the "Xining views the implementation of land acquisition by farmers social endowment insurance (Trial)", and repeated demonstration and solicit opinions from the general office of the municipal government approved the implementation, make each link of Landless Farmers Insurance payment and other work according to the rule-based. At the same time, do a thorough investigation, the establishment of statistical accounts, to promote the work to provide reliable data security. Deep district (county), township (town), streets, villages and households for village cadres and villagers on behalf of publicity, will the landless farmers to participate in social pension insurance policy clear, thorough, clear, to help landless farmers settled economic accounts.

by methods and effective measures, the city has been steadily advancing farmers’ social endowment insurance is according to the plan, step by step and orderly, the landless farmers social endowment insurance has achieved a sense of security, coverage gradually expanded, and the loss of land by land acquisition farmers long-term livelihood were ensured. To enjoy the treatment conditions of landless farmers can enjoy the monthly pension benefits, improve the elderly quality of life and happiness index.   read more

FRST awards nominations announced

It is reported that the review eighth FIRST youth film festival main competition for half a month has recently ended, 7 days before the judges review work together to jointly select the FIRST Youth Film Festival in the year of the awards finalists, including "funeral coffin", "ballroom", "cloud like" etc. in the 32 film, from the 56 Preliminary entries in deus ex, will this month to compete in Xining in summer.The meeting to review the

at the end of the day before, the 7 judges unanimously by the review of the feature film "funeral coffin" champion, is undoubtedly the biggest winner of this review, directed by young director Xin Yukun suspense drama, no suspense swept the young film competition unit best play, best director and best feature film Artistic Contribution Award three nominations, won unanimous recognition and praise the judges review. In addition, the film "ballroom" also won the best feature film, best director and best actor three nominations, in foreign parts, review the judges taste is relatively short, feature films also have three works for the youth competition jury prize. read more

171 Turist Hotel spell skills to provide services

winter, our province’s Turist Hotel into the off-season, in order to improve the service quality of the province’s tourism hotel, establish a good image of the hotel industry in our province, 171 star hotels in their skills, job skills training set off boom.

with the tourist demand becoming more diverse, visitors to the service expectations are increasing, therefore, constantly improve the tourism service hardware facilities at the same time, make great efforts to strengthen the construction of software industry, and strive to improve the Turist Hotel management level and service quality, good shaping of Qinghai tourism image, expand tourism consumption, become the current and future periods an important issue, the province’s tourism industry to face. read more

Preparing for the tourist season to improve the transport capacity of our province

in order to ensure the smooth traffic tourist season Road, to provide free, safety, comfortable and beautiful "transportation environment for tourists, the Provincial Department of transportation will be before the arrival of the tourist season, tourism scenic spots along the road to further improve traffic facilities, effectively solve the tourist season the whole province highway traffic congestion, improve highway safety and convenient and efficient flow of service ability.

it is reported that the province will in May 31st before the completion of the G109 line Daotanghe to Qinghai Lake scenic area along the 8 parking lot construction completed in June 30th; tea card Saline Lake scenic road construction completed in May 31st before the 227 national road line; Menyuan County to Qilian county (Fort Mindanao fork) road Dabanshan to Fort Mindanao section 36 traffic signs, 5 mass tourism logo, 7 parking bays project construction; completed in June 30th 47 in the service area, parking area and bus station toilet expansion project completed in May 15th; Xining surrounding the toll system adjusted toll station demolition, road and marking the restoration work. read more

Forest fire danger reduced from five to one

In March 31st, the reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, March 29th to 30, in artificial and natural precipitation (snow) interaction under rainfall weather appeared obvious throughout Xining, the precipitation process and effectively reduce the city’s forest (grassland) fire weather level, the forest (grassland) fire meteorological grade by March 29th five dropped to current level.

reporter learned that the whole city in March, less precipitation, leading to forest fire weather rating continues to rise, the highest reached five. On the one hand, Tomb-sweeping Day coincides with the arrival, people go out to sweep easily lead to forest (grassland) on fire; on the other hand, because of the scarce rainfall, increased respiratory disease patients particles in the air to produce side effects on the human body caused by respiratory organs. At the same time, the city has carried out the work of spring sowing, but individual areas of land drought. read more

Huangyuan Sun Mountain scenic spot market for 4 consecutive years to achieve zero complaints

For the purification of the tourism market, tourist attractions to protect consumer safety, since 2012, Huangyuan County Industrial and commercial departments continue to intensify remediation efforts on the area of the market, has repeatedly on Riyue mountain scenic tourist market order to carry out rectification, and called for business owners to learn "management measures" of scenic spots and other laws and regulations, signed the "tourism market law-abiding business undertaking" scenic spots, advocate the integrity of law-abiding operators, during the specification of unlicensed 112 households read more

Home to play in the community singing Xining people really happy oh

spiritual and cultural food has become the people’s daily necessities. March 16th, the reporter learned that, in order to enrich the cultural life of the people, the Xining Municipal Bureau of cultural innovation thinking, carefully arranged a number of public cultural activities, has entered the deployment phase.

Public cultural activities of

in Xining in 2009 is divided into major festivals, for farmers to do practical work, and the public service level, enrich the cultural life of the people, to celebrate the 60 anniversary of a series of cultural activities, the establishment of the new Chinese Carnival and the column into the community activities and other activities. In addition to the successful conclusion of the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival cultural activities, including Tulip Festival cultural activities; 5 migrant workers condolences performances; 5 carry out grassroots counseling, painting and calligraphy painting friendship activities; 5 field troops for three performances; rural county four district projecting digital movies 10000; 2009 Xining first national reading activities; Xining the city museum is open free of charge in recent years show the Xining city folk culture and intangible cultural achievements, promotion of cultural relic protection and cultural knowledge activities; Xining dance music competition; Xining City, the first "civilization in about 1000" family theme gala concert dance scene; red classics; Xining area the first youth TV art contest Xining city; the first youth concert; revolutionary songs we sing a series of activities; square, community performances etc.. read more

Least optimal

Let Qinghai become the country’s administrative approval at least, and the highest efficiency and innovation environment optimal goal must be one of the provinces, to further promote the decentralization and the transformation of government functions, with the system of "rational" power "to curb wayward".

4 13, governor Hao Peng chaired the executive meeting of the provincial government, analysis of the economic situation in the first quarter of speeding up the cultivation and development of market, deepening decentralization and the transformation of government functions, promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment, protect and improve people’s livelihood and other matters. read more

Our province to carry out eleventh Cultural Heritage Day series of activities

6 11 is China’s eleventh cultural heritage day, this year’s theme is to let the cultural heritage into modern life". The provincial press and publication department of careful arrangements, careful arrangements, organize special performances, traditional arts show non heritage exhibition performances, forums, media literacy, intangible cultural heritage and a series of rich and colorful, full of the effectiveness of the activities, let me feel the charm of the cultural heritage of the masses. read more

Hao Peng stressed at the provincial government meeting on the implementation of a comprehensive proj

5 30, governor Hao Peng chaired a special meeting of the provincial government to promote the work of private investment. Hao Peng stressed the need to fully understand the extreme importance of private investment, the economic and social development in our province as the initiative, comprehensive measures should conscientiously implement the State Council special inspection group of private investment work request to promote our province, adhere to the "two legs" to walk, should unswervingly grasp the basic public welfare of government investment the dominant, but also to do everything possible to promote private investment, continue to release the potential of domestic demand, to provide strong support and guarantee for the stable and healthy economic growth. read more

3 villages and towns 16 units won the national civilization

recently, the construction of spiritual civilization and the recognition of learning from Lei Feng volunteer service conference held in Beijing, the meeting commended the national civilized city, civilized village, civilized unit fourth, 3 villages in our city, winning 16 units.
it is reported that fruitful activities to create for the show since eighteen Party’s spiritual civilization, further mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the whole society to participate in the construction of spiritual civilization, civilization of the Central Committee decided to grant 34 city (District) Fourth National Civilized City (District), the Title of the 1159 villages fourth national the title of civilized villages and towns of 2242 units, fourth national civilization unit. Datong County Bridge in the town, City North District Baoziwan Town, West District, Hu Tai Street Yin Jia Zhuang Cun won the national title of civilized villages and towns.
won the national civilized unit: West of Datong County District People’s Procuratorate, the State Administration of Taxation, the Municipal Education Bureau, Chengbei District Local Taxation Bureau, East District Local Taxation Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, City District National Taxation Bureau, the Nuclear Industry Geological Bureau of Qinghai Province, Xining Industrial Park of Dongchuan State Taxation Bureau, Xining Construction Bank the East Branch, West District, Huangyuan City Taiwan Primary School in the county power supply company, Qilian Road Primary School District north of the city, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, China Datong County power supply company, Chengzhong District, Yin Ma Street office.
  read more

Datong County the township to carry out food safety publicity and inspection work

recently, the county has to carry out the work of food safety publicity and food safety inspections.

East Gap Town in July 18th held a rural chef and food, drug information officer training courses. The village Party branch secretary, food, drug coordinators, information officer, rural doctors, a total of 64 people participated in the training of rural cooks. Training invitation County Health Authority staff explaining the "food safety law", "Food Safety Law Implementation Regulations" and other laws and regulations, the food additives, agricultural products, circulation, catering service food safety knowledge. What food and medicine can not buy, what food to buy at ease, eat at ease. To explain the rural food and drug safety information officer, CO manager duties. Strengthening the filing management of running the feast of rural declaration filing system, the program from the start dinner, the food safety requirements on rural party related health knowledge of laws and regulations, Party activities of tableware disinfection, raw material procurement, processing and other aspects, to prevent the occurrence of food poisoning. Supervision of rural cooks to the disease prevention and control institutions at the same time, health education, strengthen food safety knowledge training, consciously regulate food safety behavior during dinner activities. Training close to life, close to reality, to explain in simple terms, inspires everyone’s enthusiasm for learning, all the trainees have a more comprehensive understanding of food and drug safety work. read more

Green Anhui two provinces jointly build Snow Leopard Prince

profound themes, top bench, wire and other highly acrobatic and unique Qinghai national song and dance together, showing a man and a snow leopard, capable of evoking praises and tears of myths and legends for the audience, attracted the audience a piece of praise. In June 16th 20, joint rehearsal by Qinghai provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Anhui provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department joint planning, I state of Yushu province and Anhui Province, and the troupe’s National Art Fund Project — large vaudeville drama "Snow Leopard" Prince of the first show in Xining, Western Performing Arts Center held a gymnasium. "Snow Leopard Prince" shows the artistic innovation of an exciting for the audience, a green, patriotic gratitude. read more

Datong County to let the core values fall down small implementation

this year, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County by making payment of all kinds of promotional materials, carry out a series of cultural activities, the normalization of broadcast advertising and other forms, to make the core values into the life of the masses, in fine falls small implementation effect.


County carefully designed the concept for the content of the paper cup 30 thousand, 40 thousand boxes of paper with the socialist core value, and given to the township and county departments and units, vividly display the core values of the content. In the "38" on the eve of the county women’s Federation organized the "women build Chinese dream" speech contest. This spring is the county County Cultural Plaza launched the "Lei Feng, fostering new 000 volunteer service activities, lectures, science, theory of care action to help farmers, ecological protection and other 10 volunteer service teams to Liang Jiao Xiang Shi Zhuang Cun, Bridge Center nursing homes and other places to carry out voluntary service activities, fully carry forward the" dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress volunteerism. read more