Suning transition electricity supplier, is China’s most compelling business events. Because the electricity supplier experience from the past, there is no successful case. Why can’t the traditional enterprises have the advantage of e-commerce. Next, we will be one by one Suning Suning electricity supplier.

today to talk about Suning has the most advantage of the electrical category, what problems exist in the strategy, they missed what?

Suning Appliance is the most competitive category, not only the size of the close relationship with the manufacturers, as well as the distribution of the strength of the country’s stores, as well as home appliance professional retailers brand advantage. Comparison of rival Jingdong and easy fast network, Suning strong a few streets, that is, whether it is goods, prices, services, or reputation are stronger than competitors. Other categories do not know, at least the appliance can do electricity supplier boss this opportunity is there. Of course, this is theoretical! read more

has never been a thing like buying so that community e-commerce so deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, there is no such thing as buying so that people have such a huge controversy for the Internet business model. Since the Wang Groupon model will be introduced to the industry, controversy and imitation as the tide like waves to the influx of people that even if the waves die on the beach, or a wave after wave generation and will "die".

a thousand regiments battle – buy storm read more

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Securities Times reporter Wu Jiaming

in the U.S. stock market IPO thriving occasion, Chinese companies listed in the United States to achieve zero breakthrough. Lanting Pavilion started the foreign trade business potential shares this year in the U.S. stock market "kicks", in just 8 trading days, the cumulative price increase has reached 80%.

Lanting Pavilion

set of potential market since performance is gratifying, made a good start for the listed Chinese business trip to the United states. read more

someone saw the opportunity to micro business, someone saw the risk of micro business…… Micro business ecosystem C economy is rapidly being washed, micro business B economy is becoming the mainstream and backbone. WeChat is tightening the management of micro business circle of friends marketing, the most direct benefit is WeChat’s official shopping entrance – WeChat shopping, the entrance of the gameplay is also changing innovation.

from the Jingdong to the shopping entrance change of product and business ideas to see some clues of WeChat shopping future ecosystem, and with the Jingdong Tencent in-depth, WeChat shopping entrance product form will evolve rapidly, and guide the mode of the butterfly effect and will have the key to the whole ecological electricity supplier WeChat. read more

our circle of friends often will be purchasing advertising scraper, like being a world product exchange. South Korea’s Hera air cushion BB cream, this product does not know how many Chinese women conquered; Japan’s white lovers, girlfriends like the most; Swisse, a household health care brand in australia. Under the background of globalization, the Internet makes our homes will be able to buy the most popular in the world.

in contrast to foreign countries, in fact, foreigners also sea Amoy Chinese goods. Low labor costs in the United States, making a $100 skirt in the U.S. market, as long as the domestic $50, a huge difference directly led to Chinese exporters to sell Chinese products through the internet. Alibaba’s fast selling through Russia has become the mainstream shopping site. read more

JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhu Jianhe intern reporter Yang Yixin) from tomorrow onwards, consumers look forward to a long time online shopping regret right will be protected by law. The provisions of the new "consumer protection law" formally implemented in March 15th, except for special commodities, online shopping goods within 7 days no reason to return on the day of arrival. In addition to Tmall, Jingdong, B2C business platform, the same applies to Taobao C2C business platform. read more

Chinese entered the eleventh year, ranked the world’s top electricity supplier for many years, the market value of up to $180 billion but frustrated in the competition Chinese local electricity supplier war in the store, finally see the dawn.

sea Amoy rise, is a rare opportunity in china. Along with the cross-border electricity supplier overseas purchase platform started, Amazon finally be able to use powerful resources overseas — let users buy China Chinese to buy things.

not long ago, during the black Friday, Amazon’s official website of China on a new column – "Launchpad" (Amazon). The same is to sell products, this column in addition to the purchase of a larger area of the product image, video, it also includes the introduction of the brand and the company as well as the team, and even the product creative ideas QA. If you do not look carefully, may think that by a crowdfunding website. read more

Economic Information Daily reporters learned from multiple sources, the State Administration of taxation is intensive research, and set up a special task force to study the effective tax collection and management of e-commerce policy. At present, many enterprises in our country gradually in the north, East, southwest, Southern China and other areas of implementation of electronic invoices, and is expected to 2015 nationwide promotion, the establishment of tax collection system and supporting electronic commerce business registration. read more

Wangzhuan industry through the course of a few years, can see the day into the tens of thousands of millions of dollars a year full of news, but the sad only Wangzhuan talent to know, in the face of the financial crisis after 2010, you face and how much can grasp the opportunity, in fact, as long as you grasp 3 key points, can let you easily win in the Wangzhuan industry.

1, legal perspective.

as a novice, Wangzhuan legality is certainly the most concern, this point I’d like to introduce an objective description, we are all under the leadership of the party, the party is not allowed to let us do what we can’t do what, but there is a friend to see the legal provisions are not allowed to do Wangzhuan (if issued provisions, we also dare to pay attention to is not, even higher? Real expressly illegal MLM metamorphism and still have people do). That someone might say Wangzhuan mode like MLM, how do you explain? Feel shy, let me explain it to turn the laws of the state capital, I can only speak with the facts, the forum posts Wangzhuan Wangzhuan QQ number is innumerable, the number is not clear, do Wangzhuan do not calculate, you know can not be calculated, evidence of a pendulum in front of everyone, don’t these people are fools, are all liars, are criminals, ha ha, the conclusion judge for yourself. In fact, I just do it also very worried about these problems, was also hesitated for N days, ha ha, up to now was psychological normal, but since it has been paid close attention to this aspect also has to understand that, what do not hesitate, after all, you do not, there must be someone else to do. read more