The future of destination management organizations and companies rests on marketing and digitization

first_imgThe fifth national DMK forum dedicated to destination management companies (DMK) and destination management organizations (DMO) organized by the Croatian National Tourist Board brought together representatives of tourist boards and destination management companies.During the one-day program, through a series of lectures by domestic and foreign experts had the opportunity to learn more about the future of companies and organizations of destination management, opportunities and trends in digital marketing, examples of good practice in destination management and business of domestic and foreign destination management companies. “Croatian tourism is recording excellent results this year, and great credit, especially in the period before and after the season, we attribute to destination management companies that have created a variety of quality offers for our visitors. Therefore, in the coming year, the Croatian National Tourist Board will be their partner and support the growth and development of DMK through the allocation of grants to finance tourism programs and offers of these companies, for which in 2018 we have provided a significantly higher amount of five million kuna”, said the director of the CNTB Head Office Kristjan Staničić.The importance of DMK was also emphasized in the Tourism Development Strategy until 2020, according to which the number of thirty currently registered specialized DMK agencies should increase to 150, which in cooperation with local tourist communities, private entrepreneurs throughout Croatia would offer various tourist programs, tours and specialized experiences. mostly for pre and postseason. “The Ministry of Tourism supports a strong synergy of destination management companies and organizations that guarantee the development of complex products, but also the development of tourist regions, and therefore we are working on amending the package of tourism laws that will strengthen their growth and work and provide opportunities to develop new offers thus attracting new visitors to Croatia.” said State Secretary Tonči Glavina.In the continuation of the program, the increasingly sought-after travel services made to measure / tailor made travels. Igor Auferber from the Croatian DMK agency specializing in gastronomic and cultural tours Tureta Travel emphasized that individual travel and tailor made programs require a very systematic approach to each individual guest and that is the biggest challenge.The average world tourist today belongs to the so-called millennial generation and is characterized by social tolerance, environmental awareness, peacefulness and technological brilliance. That is why DMK and DMO must know how to communicate in marketing with this demanding group, which consumes digital content on a monthly basis for 127 hours. The emphasis should be on speed, timely exchange of information with a creative approach confirmed David Meany from the leading European travel company Contiki. The importance of the internet, especially Google advertising has been highlighted Miroslav Varga from the Escape agency, who emphasized that advertising should strive to be indigenous and original in order to stand out as much as possible in a market full of common advertisements, banners and advertisements.<br />
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