Supports for Healthy Students

first_img Students in Nova Scotia schools will have healthier food choicesand more opportunities to be active, thanks to new supportsannounced by Premier John Hamm today, April 18. In the 2005-06 school year, there will be grants for schools, apublic health nutritionist in each District Health Authority anda sport animator in each participating school board. “This is a significant investment — it’s three programs that,together, provide the expertise and the money that schools needto help their students be healthier,” said the premier, who wasjoined today by Health Promotion Minister Rodney MacDonald,Education deputy minister Dennis Cochrane, and Member ofParliament Mike Savage at Southdale-North Woodside ElementarySchool. The government of Canada and the province of Nova Scotia haveextended their bilateral agreement on sport until 2007-08. Overthe six years of this agreement, the government of Canada willinvest more than $1.3 million and the province of Nova Scotia,more than $2.4 million. One part of that agreement is Sport Participation Opportunitiesfor Children and Youth, a program that will see a sport animatorworking in each participating school board. The animator willlink school and community sport programs so that everyone has anopportunity to get active. The sport animators’ portion of theagreement includes $486,000 from the federal government, $1.2million from the province and a contribution from school boardsthat participate. “We are pleased to continue our partnership with Nova Scotia toencourage participation in sport by all Nova Scotians,” said Mr.Savage, speaking on behalf of Stephen Owen, Minister of WesternEconomic Diversification and Minister of State (Sport).”Canadians who participate in sport at an early age incorporatephysical activity into their daily lives and experience manyhealth and social benefits. It is important for all Canadians toenjoy a lifetime of physical activity.” The $345,000 School Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Programwill provide grants to each school for the development andimplementation of a school health program. To receive a grant,the school must be addressing both healthy eating and physicalactivity, which go hand-in-hand in improving children’s health.This will ensure affordable and nutritious foods and physicalactivity opportunities are available to students. Each of the nine district health authorities will hire anadditional public health nutritionist, thanks to an investment of$360,000 this year. The nutritionists will help with theimplementation of the recently released Healthy Eating NovaScotia strategy. Since a priority of the strategy is children andyouth, part of their role is to work with schools, includinghelping them apply for and use funding from the School HealthyEating and Physical Activity Program. “Today’s announcement is an excellent example of how we’reworking together — the federal and provincial governments,school boards and health authorities — to make great changes forthe health of our children and youth,” said the premier. PREMIER’S OFFICE/HEALTH PROMOTION/EDUCATION–Supports for HealthyStudentslast_img

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