That new Shanghai dragon website content sources and planning scheme

, a new web content from where

2, we will have an Internet for a "for their own industry

a lot of people think, as long as the site to build up a new station in Shanghai Longfeng good writing simple scheme on the line, the other is not necessary to write very detailed, many people think that now the website is depending on the content and the chain, so we must consider no details of the new station in Shanghai Longfeng scheme note or just some unnecessary operation measures. Many of my friends think so, but as a new station, we must in the new Shanghai dragon plan, in addition to the website positioning, title and description, written site navigation layout is good, long tail keywords mining is good, the rest of the railway station is the event content planning this piece, we want to know, as a new station, what things are empty, how should we take this empty place to fill, we must be clear that a site should be placed in what content, what content is very friendly to users and search engines. These are reflected in the content, we need to consider these factors. A discussion about the new source of content and planning how to.

5, we have to consider, we need to update the content of the web site, we update the requirement or index

for the new station planning strategy, Nanning Shanghai dragon Xiaobian to share with you, as a new station, we can locate or planned their new website content planning strategy.

6, we have to consider, every day we are updating website content, the user and search engine is friendly match, we can use statistical tools and online customer service, from which it can get to the user for the website user experience, search engine for website friendly, we can according to the content of the website source and planning the comprehensive evaluation of their own, does not conform to the development of the industry, whether it meets the principle of search engine optimization principle, user experience.

as a new station, we know that a new station, before things are zero, start from scratch, how do we put their new content filling, this is the topic that many people tangled. Nanning Shanghai Longfeng Xiaobian to share with you, the new site content from the site where the interpretation is as follows.

2, we have to consider, our website who provide services to

1, we have to consider, our website is what industry

3, we have to consider, our website content should be how to find the site and industry, is a matching relationship with

4, we have to consider, our website content is through the collection, or through artificial processing

1, we have a user analysis

two, the new site content planning strategy

is very strong

Using the Canonical tag to let website ranking more strong

2, standard page structure, emphasizing the uniqueness of URL page, the related page ranking;

Figure two: What

of a group of identical or highly similar ", through the use of the Canonical tag can tell the search engines what page to regulate", to regulate the URL and avoid the search results appear more content with the same or similar pages, to help solve the problems included content repetition, repetition and weight to avoid the dispersion of the same content display the web page code, weight lifting, optimization rules for web page ranking. "


write the Canonical tag:

1, when the pseudo static and dynamic pages of the coexistence of the most rational use;

when using the Canonical


1, use the Canonical tag can solve the "full repetition and high similarity, in order to prevent the repeated search engine grab and included, web weight;

the following by the legend to illustrate the advantages and usage of Canonical;

2, on the site list page and the content page produced when paging is used;


love Shanghai launched a series of algorithms for upgrading the chain and content, a large number of website ranking decreased or even disappeared, the more serious ZhengZhan be K, can not recover for a long time. Circle a groaning.after, miserable, many webmaster friends completely lost, don’t know where to start to solve a series of difficult problems, some of the station to change the domain name to redo, exit some webmaster circle, but regardless of the outcome, love Shanghai love Shanghai, still is a lot of parents.

quoted by Shanghai’s official love above, we can draw the following 3 key information:

3, some of the servers cannot be set 301 steering problem, you can use the Canonical

web site column >

: a web site of pseudo static and dynamic coexistence of URL

encounter these problems, we must start from their own, this article mainly explain in detail the importance of Canonical tags and usage in a web page from the web structure, in front of the Canonical tag, the first reference to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Canonical label interpretation:

through the HTML page part of each non specification version, add a rel=" canonical" link to the specified standard.


3, can make the search engine crawls you want to emphasize the content of the URL canonical label, the search engine will be repeated as other page content, the weight distribution of these duplicate content is no longer involved in the page;

Love is a Shanghai K station and down right half webmaster heart

Chinese network giants may be used to a certain name to safeguard their own interests, to the name of the 360 network security occupy >

, the Shanghai K station two love causes speculation and love Shanghai with the owners of the communication flow of criticism.

every grassroots webmaster and soul run their own web site, with a burning passion the road of entrepreneurship, their passion and creativity, promote the development of the entire network, fulfilling his promise. In 2012, for the grassroots webmaster, is gray, is helpless and angry. May we borrow the name of the user experience, purify the whole Internet; perhaps we are greedy nature, destroying a grassroots dream; perhaps the monopoly nature of our influence, the fair competition of the market. However, the grassroots webmaster should stick to their own way, go on a firm, constantly adjust the site operation mode, reduce the dependence on the search engine, has its own user base, is bound to fail, but more than the wind. We stand in a row to share love site is Shanghai K station and right down for half a year long aspirations and ideas.

, a website is love Shanghai K station and right down for half a year is rare, silent Speechless.

The operation of the site is


stand in a row since June 28, 2012 was in love with webmaster forum, K sea station, has not recovered but the author included, still adhere to the operation of the site, actively take QQ group promotion, in-depth communication and exchange with the user, build a forum user relationship, carry out various activities with the original user the content of lead, should not have said no user experience. In November 9th, the forum restored included, from love of Shanghai K station to recover after a collection of more than 4 months, and in the four months, the author to unremittingly promote real users and improve the contents of the forum, and actively meet the needs of users, but did not get recognized by the love of Shanghai. What is the user experience, don’t only love the interests of Shanghai, is the largest user experience. The forum included recovery, love Shanghai has been updated every day website snapshot, but absolutely no weight, from November 9th to December 28th, and basically is the past two months, the site still no signs of recovery weight. Shanghai love the face of this adjustment, it is Speechless and silent, perhaps already numb, perhaps already disappointed, may give up, no longer love Shanghai, may become the inevitable choice in the webmaster, this is the inevitable result of market monopoly, or reflect the profit of the Internet and China with evil nature. The pursuit of profit is the goal of the website of each of us, but the development of the network, no ground for blame, need the giants should assume social responsibility, to reshape the social image and the healthy development of network maintenance. In this paper, the author writing, search the site name stand in a row, still can not find the station a row of webmaster forums, waiting only. Figure:

BranchOut business focus from user acquisition to improved productThe stationmaster came in to suck

was yesterday that we had a conversation with Marini, talked about the BranchOut user, where investors of the number has dropped, and the views on the future of the company means what problems.

another way is to send your own ads, ha ha, I have done so now, that is what I said before, put AdSens>

ha ha, don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about cheating or Hack or anything like that, but I’m using shlf1314 to build a shlf1314 based website.

the number of monthly active users Tencent technology plan


but today, two months later, BranchOut traffic has fallen sharply. Today, BranchOut’s monthly active users are only 2 million 700 thousand, down by more than half compared with April.

simply speaking, is to use shlf1314 API build a foundation, on this basis to add special services, and then put on shlf1314 AdSense create revenue model. My idea is this

users made it easy for BranchOut to raise $25 million in the C series of financing rounds. At the time, BranchOut founder Rick ·, Marini Rick Marini received calls from more than 25 investors.

: A features: Search + comments since the search is the search, you can search what, get feedback from the search service search results, right? So, why not add something up? I’m using the ideas of Web2.0, UGC, User Generate Content, users will comment on the content. A function is integrated into the search service. For example, you search " search results, " milk powder; out, you have to express their views, then you can be beside the comments box to input their own opinions, submit your comment, OK, was recorded, the next time, when someone to search for " " " " milk; milk safety problems; to " " powder; keywords led by content, your comment will appear next to search results, hehe… Feel a bit familiar? Yes, sh419, shlf1314 The search service, is not the main advertising advertising in the search results right? So, I also practice the difference is that my service is a popular free service, you search, you publish your opinion, I got the flow, has been popular.

B profit point can have two methods, one is put up, let the webmaster own ad practices as I mentioned above, the webmaster can specify a keyword, then enter your own web site, and then submit the introduction, so, when someone keywords to search is the webmaster choice keywords, so webmaster ad will appear next to search results. For example, the webmaster website theme is the mobile phone information, then he can register a keyword is " " mobile phone; and so, when someone to search " " mobile phone; when his advertisement appears. This is a webmaster can service for a fee. But I do not intend to unified fee, I am ready to subdivide this service, that is, free of charge, to advertising, fees, will get more deeper.

below is the full text of this article:

said that BranchOut was able to attract 8 million users in just five months because the company took user access as its top priority, Marini said. Under his leadership team efforts to obtain the viral Facebook in the spread of power, so that users have flocked to BranchOut; but these users do not really use this product, so that Marini realized that if he wants to retain users and build a new one to have a sustainable space for development of the company, then you need to shift its attention the weight >

The impressive growth in the number of

at some point, a start-up company that looks very good may suddenly become dangerous. In April this year, BranchOut’s monthly active users reached 8 million people, compared with 400 thousand people in December last year, a substantial increase, which attracted a lot of media and investors attention. BranchOut is a Facebook based professional social network that helps people find jobs through social contacts.

Beijing on July 3rd news, the U.S. technology blog BusinessInsider writer Alison · Shortl Alyson Shontell recently published article said that the number of users of the social network BranchOut occupation Facebook decreased significantly in the past two months on April from 8 million people reduced to 2 million 700 thousand people. The article pointed out that, according to BranchOut founder Rick · Marini said that this change is because the company has changed its business focus, get re design an important product turn from the user, the product will be released in a few months.

Sharing Directory station operators should pay more attention to users and participants

doesn’t know how many of the friends who see this article are in the operating directory station. From before the crazy copy HAO123 to now become calm, the development of industry directory site is striking one snag after another. Development to the present, the development of grassroots Adsense space seems to be getting smaller and smaller, in fact, put forward higher requirements for everyone. How to do directory station, rather than simply pure list site information, I believe that thinking about this problem, everyone’s directory site will rise a grade.

currently my site weight 4, daily traffic is fairly stable. See yourself in the circle, there are many friends, ask the site operation experience, I think I need to share my own experience. In fact, I am not a great God. I rely on the efforts of a ministry, so there are no shortcuts, only some honest running skills. If you believe me, please read on.

think about who the directory station is for.

Now the development of

directory station is indeed experiencing a bottleneck, it is relying on resources flow Poeticus products can often cut and keep a large part of our traffic. This means that some search requirements will not flow from the search port, the premise of our development is gone. In the face of this situation, whenever there is a responsible webmaster, have to think about change. But for the poor and blank grass-roots webmaster, without the resources to support us how to make our users really remember? This time you have to say about our little title on the content, now we have to pay attention to a user experience, your site again good, failed to impress the user is useless. As we said before, we need to let users remember us, so keep in mind that the end user of the directory is the user and create real value for the user. Therefore, for the usual review of the site, we should play twelve points, pay attention to, and effectively good quality. You can see this, everyone will laugh at me. The user will make an unnecessary move, don’t thank me, good website resources will be seriously affected. But I want to say, everyone in the fine now, the number of what is the use, can not really help users find the appropriate site, even tens of thousands of application site and can bring what? In addition to exhausted thoughts in the site quality, the value distribution of the overall site I is quite laborious. If you look at the site you will find the site in addition to the detailed division of the website, but also set up a Search Ranking, in order to make the search hotspot website users aware of the moment to get the equivalent of a content. On the interface, I will push some related articles for different columns, and try to make every user who comes to the website get the relevant content. Because I understand that the site can be different, but the user’s support is the foundation of our development, others will choose you, because you are more special than others, more valuable than others. When we complain about the low popularity of the website, can you ask yourself, "if you are a visitor, how do you expect this site to classify you and what kind of classification will be used, such as?"

From the recent Taobao A5 customer promotion competition to see the domestic Taobao customers develo


off in 2009 that would have been born, then learned the relevant information, but not to do, until today also has no direct contact to the customer about Taobao aspects, but for the Taobao customer discussion is a non-stop watching, recently again see A5 zern forum "the world famous shoes Taobao guest" promotion competition – second season, followed by the first quarter of the game again in the two round of upsurge debut award.

the related information about the "world famous Taobao shoes zern guest" promotion competition, found that Taobao is off with a fresh mode of development, for example in the contest of "Mr Spitzer" weekly reviews and recommendations, is the experience and the actual node Taobao off the hitherto unknown operation, making the game record constantly at the same time to be refreshed, but also affect the development of the domestic Taobao customers a valuable activity.

According to a senior Taobao

is the guest contestant Kobayashi said: "the current Taobao customer is very competitive, after more than 2 years of development, the degree of competition is almost close to the climax, the basic operation methods have been unable to meet the current project development, to the" Mister Pulitzer "to give us suggestions are very well, we could actually solve encountered in the promotion of the problem, I think this is the future of Taobao customer promotion is a good means of promotion, data analysis and operational recommendations."

learned from the activity of the award is very rich, at the same time, the Commission is also good, the products are mainly for the domestic 28 years of successful male population, consumption ability is quite high, choose from Taobao customers to promote this start saving advertising cost and profit to to the sales staff, promote the development of Taobao customers the.

domestic Taobao customer development to a certain extent, although there are still people in the promotion of this aspect, but the techniques and methods are the old more, the second season of "world famous shoes Taobao zern guest" promotion competition has already begun, and more lucrative prizes, this is a good opportunity for the promotion of Taobao passenger dedicated to the staff, get an objective comment on the promotion, is conducive to change the original promotion strategy and plan.

and domestic Taobao customers mainly depends on and other related product promotion, although on the API, but for the individual owners or in the promotion phase, the state with respect to individual stationmaster is currently operating the website advantage directly generate revenue, is a direction of webmaster choice development, but also can get promotion comments and suggestions.

I understand the general situation in the first quarter of the game through the relevant information, there are some Taobao passenger turnover of more than 6 in a single day, one day the revenue generated by several hundred yuan, the real implementation of the Internet that day in many myths, compared with the first contest, the second season of surprises. More awards winner is currently waiting in.

hasn’t touched Taobao

Personal webmaster how to do classification information station

classified information in recent years has been relatively prosperous, recently engaged himself in the Yuyao forum, found that the release of information advertisement is very much, they also made a Yuyao information network, Yuyao 123, ha ha, or better remember.

for the classification of information network, he is providing for the public service, to meet the ordinary housing, to find a nanny / tutor, the sale of second-hand goods, the employment of daily needs, the authenticity of the information will be the first in line. Therefore, the need to provide false information reporting function, but even if the victim reported, the liar can immediately easily register another user name, continue to cheat. If the authenticity of the information can not be reliably guaranteed, then the classified information network can not expect to have good prospects for development.

did a good job, followed by propaganda, of course, do enough to do grandpa?. Publicity is divided into online and offline publicity. Of course, to the local forums, what, such as this relatively lively Yuyao forum. The following is a lot of publicity, such as:

1: work with local Internet cafes to set the browser’s default home page as your website.

2: print thousands of leaflets and send them to all districts and schools.

3: printed many, many plastic bags to the talent market, or to the supermarket door, plastic belt printed on the web site. For example, you can write like this:

web site name: Yuyao information network


website: Yuyao Information Network – Yuyao housing, Yuyao recruitment, Yuyao convenience Network – to do the best information publishing platform in Yuyao

in the position of the LOGO can print conspicuous, simple


4, a name card design has its own features of the site name card, when participating in activities or meet friends at any time, do not forget to pass name card, form a habit, accumulate slowly, when you send about 5 boxes, the effect is obvious.

more content, I am also groping, and I hope that their Yuyao information network can step by step toward maturity, the future is good, the reality is cruel, let us work together, ~~

The strength of proves that wisdom is behind the opportunity

a lot of attention to the electricity supplier industry friends all know, in the Chinese electricity supplier has two products to let everyone feel great, a, a little-known but can make money in the short term, the other is, a bunch of old men out of cosmetics sold to different level. Especially, a lot of friends in the counter attack to describe love, because in the resources and channels of the intense flame today,’s success more or less there are so few lucky ingredients, after all do the same period of the group purchase buddy now there is not much left, but still shine.

but in the fierce competition in the electricity supplier, it may be able to seize the opportunity for luck but can not grasp the long-term operating channels, since into three years give us the impression that the vitality and vitality, this is not an opportunistic businesses will be able to present to the user of the brand image, therefore, from my personal point of view, there is a lot of talk about what the local poly superior success.

avoids the difference,

some friends often say that produces beneficial opportunities, then China electricity supplier is not a complete cosmetics group purchase business, even if the channel advantage relates to the beauty did not form a unified, but has become one of the beauty only and the main basis for development of the enterprise, and the corresponding radiation in accordance with this advantage, more important is compared with the conventional group purchase, released the information that customer is their own, self built channels, warehousing and logistics, sales of cosmetics. Strictly speaking, it is to take vertical female cosmetics B2C group purchase form, also said had all the right hand self development, this is a lot of group purchase websites need third party vendors to support the supply of great difference.

initiative to grasp their own hands, and is not arrogant enough to not put any opponent in the eye, in fact, on the qualifications, Le bee network than more strength. Before really become the climate, Lasafo has its own brand to a certain extent, and in accordance with the celebrity of Li Jing’s brand of propaganda, the superimposed effect of product and brand is very obvious, but has not been Lasafo the early advantage by knockout, find the difference again but from before the experience in the industry.

know cosmetics business friends will find, although both belong to the cosmetics industry, but attention is the integration of the social model of Master economy + Guide + owned and agent brand combination, including its own brand is a very important point, while white is a form of vertical take group purchase female cosmetics B2C agents. Moreover, Le Feng is facing high-end professional women, then from the young public women start, the two seem overlapping, but in fact face different groups, the development of resistance and internal friction is not large.

alternative and positive branding

actually makes a product so

Do some promotional skills home textile chain business

some business entrepreneurs choose textile chain stores, this is a good choice with the prospects of development, the choice of the project, the location and the method is very important, then, we will analysis to grasp the textile chain store promotional techniques can create more wealth in this industry has made the following content.

brand textile store promotion key is how to grasp the business scale, if used properly, can enhance the store visibility and benefit, on the other hand, will make the enterprise be destroyed on one day. Textile products manufacturers often because brand textile stores discount promotion effect is obvious, so often as the emergency response to the market against rival product promotion activities, products or processing due season products, reduce inventory, accelerate the return of funds, with one of the business promotion and other emergency measures, the effect is obvious.

in order to resist competition brand product sales growth, in order to resist the rival listing of new products or new policies, timely use of discount to stimulate consumers to buy the product, reduce customer interest in competing products, and through the promotion of a large number of consumers to buy or buy in advance, to seize market share, against competitors. Home textile chain stores have a discount to have.

analyzed above, operating textile chain promotional skills, if you want to earn more money, so we should grasp the methods and skills of good, everyone in the future through the above reading, it should know the promotion skills.

Is it worth investing in a pot of hot pot

winter is a good time to eat hot pot, now on the market a lot of hot pot brand, want to eat delicious and full of creative ideas, where to go? Welcome to a pot of hot pot. The brand product style is bright, taste to meet the needs of the public, so that the business is more peace of mind, it is worth the attention of franchisees.

consumer identity, is the key to a restaurant can be maintained, to plug a pot of entrepreneurial projects, is one of the most popular consumer items, because the headquarters of the continuous research and innovation, a plug is more delicious, more by the majority of consumers love and recognition.

plug with China pot Muslim first brand, northwest largest halal spices enterprises – Ningxia hongshanhe halal Hot pot bottom material, with Muslim dietary essence, eat real northwest halal flavor, nutrition, and collocation, Chinese wolfberry, Chinese wolfberry Jintang tomato mushroom soup etc. with the health effects of the bottom of the pot, meat, raw material plug a selection from Ningxia Xiahua halal meat dish limited production of "Mu Hechun" brand high-quality beef and mutton, let the customer experience of Muslim food culture at the same time, but also eat healthy.

: the unique flavor and unique style of Jiangnan atmosphere, one side is the old stove Hot pot traditional, one side is Ningxia’s unique Jiangnan atmosphere, the perfect fusion of the two diametrically opposed temperament in the plug in a pot, here are from Hot pot fresh and hot, more unique, camel, desert border and return spring.

superb: Hot pot pot is the essence, is also one of the important factors that affect Hot pot taste, a pot of the Ningxia venture plug well-known halal brand hongshanhe characteristics Hot pot bottom material pot, accurately grasp the integration of water and bottom material, making the ingredients in boiling taste change, to bring customers a taste buds the feast.

plug a pot of hot pot business prospects, the market favorite. If you want to invest in different brands of hot pot, choose the right brand, so that the cause of the business more smoothly. The above is the introduction of the brand project, I hope you can provide some reference to help you find the right investment direction.

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