The four danger process how to deal with the site in Shanghai Dragon

, a new online assessment period


all the webmaster all know, regardless of the site optimization method or formal optimization method of cheating sites including some let the soul stirring the dangerous period, such as the new station on the line after the review period, then the operation of the two audit period for a period of time, the website ranking period, stable period, and most of the webmaster in these danger period do not know how to deal with it, a new station on the line after the evaluation period, strong ability can quickly get out of it, but there are some websites stayed in the assessment period more than a month or even longer, the reason is that the owners do not know how to deal with this situation. Today I come to some dangerous period and processing methods on the website optimization.

as for the assessment period we should how to deal with? One through a lot of original content to attract search engine trust. The second increase quality of Links. The increase of the quality of the chain. The optimization of the site navigation structure, so that the spider love on site.

The two audit period

after each new station on the line, the first thing is to let the search engine included home this is the only way which must be passed after optimization, even if your home page has not been included, then website ranking, the weight of all such cannot get focus and improve, because all the webmaster all know, mainly by the website ranking home page ranking and weight are mainly concentrated in the home above. But every webmaster all know, the new line will exist when certain long review period, and search engine through this review period to determine whether the site has included value, or analyze the index page whether release value. This phase is to deal with the back of the optimization efficiency is a very big impact. Such as the two new sites and into the review period, one after a week or so out included page, and an experience for a month before the release included page. This would make the optimal rate of the latter is not the former, while ranking weights were the former firmly down.

two, the search engine

each site will undergo a two review period, only two times the review period some sites are not too obvious, generally speaking, the main character of the two review period is the site snapshot suddenly stalled, included drop, the chain fell, the ranking fell, these are the main features of the two phase of the audit. In the search engine, the two audit is actually in order to verify the first assessment period and judge the results, see the first results if there is a discrepancy. If there is no search engine to the site to trust more strongly. Webmasters often find their site ranking or see the day before ranking, today is the rise of dozens or even on the home page, after the reason is the web site through the two audit, the search engine to your site more care, because the search engine from the first and second two judgment and comparing with the results obtained the data is not that is say the web site is a positive direction. There are of course not bear two audit so that ZhengZhan be K or >

Analysis of foreign trade enterprises how to make Shanghai Longfeng station optimization

The original

2 site, to write the original article, the contents of the article try to learn the original articles, the original content is very important for the search engines, and readability of the content for users is also very effective to increase the original content of the site, not only can increase the site collected can also increase the weight of search engine.


6 site link exchange, and other related sites to exchange links, this is the best strategy, if you are worried about the competition pressure is too large, then you can consider many aspects of the use of blog, forum to establish a link, a lot of people to increase the chain through the IBO keep standing strategy, this is not a kind of way, but not directly effect the exchange Links to more quickly.

Shanghai dragon

3 site, a lot of people doing the keywords, easy to make this mistake, pay attention to the site search keywords, relatively high in fact, these words to everyone this kind of key words is not easy to do, it is not easy to do well in the choice of key words, if it is popular keywords if you need to consider the non popular long tail keywords to do, it is easier to improve website ranking.

1, web design, website is crucial to the home, it’s not just the website front, but also related to the user experience, in the design of web page, recommend to add products in the section of the page, the introduction of the product pages, and related products section, which can greatly reduce the rate of jump out of the site that not only allows users to quickly understand your products, this is also conducive to search engine included your site.

4, website optimization, this is a lot of people ignored, the enterprise site in the picture is indispensable, which add ALT tag optimization, will increase the probability of search engines, when doing a ALT label, the contents should be as far as possible are not the same, because the content and avoid repetition created in search engine not included, pictures and text is a good model.

5, website space purchase, foreign trade enterprise site, suggested the use of foreign host, it can avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble, suggestions like ixwebhosting have Chinese station 贵族宝贝cn.ixwebhosting贵族宝贝 host, they also have Chinese customer service, the customer service purchase process do not have to worry about, in addition to a foreign host HostEase also has Chinese station and Chinese customer service.

optimization is very important for the website, the website at the beginning of the construction, in addition to considering whether there is a reasonable web design structure, but less JavaScript and Flash, but also careful not to use Frame and iframe frame structure, good website structure, can let the site better, in the optimization of the website, should pay attention to these.


website >

The new site of the Shanghai how to improve the weight of love

this is easier said than done work. Many sites did not value lies in that website is not the core competitiveness, Moteshai, website content is not attractive. Here must be the first non original, outstanding. The original is not important, what is important is excellent; brains write original, good content than others, learning advanced, prominent characteristics, make further improvement and optimization, build their own core style and content. The content of the website for a little amount; "

because the website weight belongs to the status of the web site in the search engine, so the higher the weight, the higher the qualification, included is also higher, ranking the better, of course this new site no treatment, like people, the struggle for the old guys, already set up authority, laid the status of the industry, you a new website novice, how easily

here is the conventional lifting weights approach means love Shanghai, and not what is novel, insist on the implementation of. Maybe someone who doesn’t know a lot of dissatisfaction: adhere to the implementation of an important, you this is not nonsense? In fact, is not how much you insist on the implementation of comprehensive and painstaking, 37 site diagnosis of view is independent for individuals and small groups, to a point (each square below that of the surface can be permeated with a number of points, we have to do is to set a good try to improve it) to achieve the ultimate, have very good effect, of course, to promote the new site of the Shanghai love weight effect is also very effective, do not believe you can try, the ultimate in only one point

many people have said that the new website promoting love Shanghai weight is very difficult, especially now that love Shanghai for new sites increasingly stringent audit period, more and more long, included more and more difficult. Indeed, for a new website, the most is the lack of time. The shorter the time, the weight is not easy to love Shanghai, so many people do love Shanghai by means of short-term weight would promote, others are willing to listen to.

talent shows itself?

regularly do high quality web content

but we think, for a new website, the website may be more easily than the old love Shanghai lifting weight. Of course, the new site here is that the formal, non edge, health website. Both ends but often, the reason that the new site may be easier to improve weight than the old love Shanghai website, with these points illustrate: 1 search engines will give new initial weight value (here refers to the simple website weight ranking, not on the whole); promotion effect of 2 new sites generally obvious early this is, from 0 to 1; 3 old sites tend to have the ranking and traffic bottlenecks on the ceiling; authority, weight accumulation and structure of 4 qualitative old site, easy to restricted, but not easy to change and transformation; 5 new sites to locate small and beautiful, old sites are often bloated, even the same as the vertical field, the new station is also easy to attract spiders access; 6 new web site operators more diligent, more likely to go beyond the old station. Is the core to do: quantity, quality and people; so long as your life bravely, new love Shanghai enhance weight faster.


After the end of the money to go to IPO, the 72 new three Board companies to throw 2 billion 300 mil

to know, in the past three years, the 89 IPO enterprises in China have 55 cash dividends, the total amount reached 2 billion 125 million yuan, an average of 38 million 636 thousand and 300 yuan per enterprise.

many companies are not the first dividend, but this year is particularly large. Friends with food 831377.OC is a typical example. Friends of the food in December 16, 2015 by the Commission formally accepted and suspended. In 2014 and 2015 two years, there are friends food have been dividends, two years total dividend of 33 million 756 thousand and 800 yuan. And in February 21st this year announced a dividend plan, the company dividend amount reached 40 million 508 thousand and 100 yuan, far ahead of two years, and the performance of words can not grow much.

buy traffic advantage is not to advertise every day, automatic flow, but careless will lose money, too many skills inside. I am also slowly groping. I insist that every day update an original breast enhancement class articles, so that every day will come to some traffic. In addition to the site put traffic statistics, so that you can see the flow where it came from, the forum is the monthly advertising so it is not brush your advertising, is more real, if the traffic is not much, it would change the forum. Your own interests are the most important. Present


39 companies are queuing for cash dividend program has been proposed, the total dividend reached 1 billion 338 million yuan. There are 33 stages in the counseling of the enterprise, also unwilling to remain out of the limelight, Ho throw 1 billion 6 million yuan to compete "".

as of April 7, 2017, the Commission accepted 89 new three board enterprises, there have been 39 big cash dividends. Total dividends reached 1 billion 338 million yuan, an average of 34 million 307 thousand and 700 yuan per enterprise.

these companies, many in the past "in this year too stingy to pull out a hair" of the enterprise, suddenly announced a generous bonus plan; some companies although not the first time this year share dividend, but more and more. Read Jun also found that the decline in performance serious enterprises, but also in big points.

, an investment bank, gave away the mystery, "the original shareholders are reluctant to introduce new shareholders and IPO share retained profits, therefore before listing generous dividends".

is also home to 5 over the past 10 Fen not pull "of the enterprise, the compass 430011.OC, the Yangtze River 833138.OC, Yindu material shares 832772.OC, Kaixue cold chain 831463.OC and KELONG Holdings 831263.OC, this year also suddenly announced dividend.

, don’t stop me, either. The 39 IPO companies that line up will have to pay a dividend of 1 billion 300 million


, such as the Yangtze River materials, was formally accepted by the CSRC on June 24, 2016 and began to be suspended. The company achieved $609 million in revenue and net profit of $75 million 713 thousand and 200 in 2015, but >

new three board IPO enterprise bonus war is escalating.

has been looking for more than a dozen forums. Don’t be afraid of trouble. It’s important to have income. But in the election of the forum when there are skills, such as the flow of true and false, is not brush, and how much traffic BBS monthly advertising is?. These should pay attention to, if you really do not understand, go to some union to buy traffic, more assured, but it is best to buy monthly, click on the brush badly, such as Ali mother.

people can’t let urine stop. This road is blocked. We’ll try to remember him. I carefully study and consider the next, although the IP more, but because the site is too miscellaneous, what types have, it is difficult to impress, unless you flow more than, like the video station to flow. But I do not have so much traffic, the effect can be imagined, so I changed my mind. I made a CMS station, designed to do breast products, because the Commission is relatively high. I mainly buy traffic to do, find height matching forum directly monthly advertising, to bargain with the customer service forum here, he thinks you are a novice, so hard to kill you, there is a forum to charge me 2000 yuan a month, he weighs, forum is 2W traffic every day, but I just do he is a section of the advertisement. A few months as long as enough, and later hard to let me get 30 months. He is more than a few income will not

I do Taobao guest for a few months, and at the beginning did not make any money, because the site for free program, included is slow, and later included keywords, ranking is also very low, old not up. Later, IP slowly came up, but also can not retain visitors, a few days without a deal.

is now able to earn more than $200 a day, ready to make several stops, different types. Interested in Taobao customers can contact me.

annual report disclosure season, the new board IPO enterprises suddenly set off a red tide collective.

, that is to say, these companies pay nearly a year of dividends in the past three years.

really has a red eye. What’s wrong with these companies,

Since the media entrepreneurship can cock wire counter attackWangzhuan experience how I do a monthly


and when the competition between the media and media organizations, because it is a person PK dozens of people, so in the creation of the amount of content, must be a disadvantage. Since the media is highly liberal and creative, it is likely to be superior in quality to media organizations. Of course, it’s just possible.

is "single point concentration" on WeChat". In micro-blog, what is more is "multi-point width and average concentration"". Why is micro-blog more than "multi-point"?". Because the number of information on micro-blog unlimited, so there is always as much as possible to send more information to power, to seize the page header and as much as possible user time. So, a lot of media organizations have an advantage, but only one or two people from the media in the number is lost.


this period of time from the media has been widely discussed. What is the self media? Each has its own saying. Generally speaking, build a WeChat public number, attract thousands of fans, and then send a few articles, it will be from the media itself. Since the media of entry is very low, since the media circle not mere dragons and fishes jumbled together. This period of time has been widely discussed by the media. What is the self media? Each has its own saying. Generally speaking, build a WeChat public number, attract thousands of fans, and then send a few articles, it will be from the media itself. Since the media of entry is very low, since the media circle not mere dragons and fishes jumbled together. Especially some speculative people booing, smatter in which doping, a bit of a mess. See everyone so enthusiastic about this from the media, I also say.

is easier for a person without integrity, or an organization are more likely to have integrity? I don’t want to argue about this problem. Because it is not important to speak clearly at this point.


, for example, micro-blog is like a plain, and WeChat is like a canyon. Plain battle force equivalence, the enemy lined up, we have lined up, if we only one person, no matter how strong the people, surrounded by dozens of people to each other, and can not be taken into account, it will die. The characteristics of Canyon war is one man out. The enemy number more, can only be arranged in a column forward, we are only a person, but as long as intrepid enough to a kill, can hold the pass.

contact network to make money is a chance, the fourth class is relatively small, relatively ample time, I often play online, this money is wasteful, play more felt that not enough money, and do not want to reach out to the home for money, because there are a lot of time to soak in the Internet every day so, you want to be through the Internet to do something to make money? I would like to find some network part-time job to do, at that time very hard coding, voting and registration, click on these tasks are to meet, but also to earn some money, but with the change of time and energy to do this all day, there is no time to play, the money is well off, but lost my money was just near the graduation thesis, so there is a period of time not to do, put aside wangzhuan.

08 years after graduation in July, we left the school, that year’s employment situation is very serious, a lot of students are not looking for work, I only found a very general work, do a pharmaceutical company logistics management, a monthly salary is only 800. Fortunately, I have a special office computer, we can surf on the Internet, I think to do Wangzhuan, but if you do the part-time job time is certainly not enough, work is relatively busy may not have so much time. I was looking for good Wangzhuan, one day from a forum advertisement to see people selling day to earn 100 yuan project, every day only need to operate a few minutes, I was very excited, and then sell the project consulting, even price is 500, I hesitated, so much money for me is a lot of money, but I can earn 100 or my heart, took me a month’s living expenses are remittances to him, did not think he only gave me some junk, you ignore me. I’m about to explode, was really a bit downhearted, but thought, he can sell the information I can ah, and collected some Wangzhuan tutorial, add some Wangzhuan group, send the advertisement in the group sold tutorial.

the best battleground from the media, of course, is WeChat. Because WeChat is relatively private, and because of this, WeChat has a design different from the open micro-blog: each account can only send a message every day, so as not to disturb the user frequently. This design requires the media to send the best content. Quantity can not be changed, quality is the only determinant.

two, since the media are more likely to have

one, the best battleground from the media is micro-blog or WeChat?


one day I was in the group in advertising, there is a person with me, the group said: "you are so advertising too tired, I have a mass software, mass advertising, can exchange it for you and the Wangzhuan tutorial?" I said: "you can." He watched the process of sending his software remotely and made sure it was real and exchanged with him. Later, he got my guide said: "brother, you call this tutorial? These are a few years ago things, not to mention there is no practical value, even the value of learning is also very small, these things to others, others will call you." I said, "shame on me. I can only collect these resources. There’s nothing better."." He said: "I tell you a good place, donkey color nets, free to download a lot of valuable Wangzhuan tutorial and software." I do not believe what he said, what will this place? I said: "is not a small movie station? Haha!" he said: "really, do not deceive you, my mass software is downloaded from there, you feel all right.

for anything that is intrinsically innovative, don’t overestimate its initial strength, nor underestimate its long-term strength.

PR instantaneous summary from 0 to 4

PR instant summary from 0 to 4, my friend’s website in the last googlepr update, PR from 0 to 4, and I put his experience to share with you……

last Google PR update, so many webmaster happy for a while, must be looking at the webmaster is also secretly happy.

said the last PR update, I think my website ( from 0 to 2 has been very great, did not expect a lot of people are on the Admin5 website, just read a article from 0 to 3. But it’s nothing, and to my surprise, my friend’s Web site, StarCraft, actually changed from 0 to 4.

the day before yesterday, I talked with him, he said the most important link is the breadth, is to find as many similar sites, the beginning, your site may not have PR, then my friend, I also like this, here, we must exchange links, he did not dare PR how much, as long as normal income can.

and now my friend PR is not 4 ah, don’t underestimate people without PR or PR lower than you, my friend is doing well, he now as long as the website income plus normal link, the premise is our link to the group of people.

my new station is a novel download station, is walking my friend’s road, lifelong eBook (, I hope you support!


Online lending alternative case Online luxury pawn shop Borro refinancing $19 million 500 thousand

Abstract: Borro is an online pawn shop specializing in luxury pawn services designed to provide medium scale loans to individuals and businesses. In general, Borro provides customers with mortgages ranging from $20 thousand to $5 thousand.

PEHUB reported, specializing in luxury goods online pawn pawn business Borro in February 10th announced a new $19 million 500 thousand round of financing, by the Israeli public equity raised platform OurCrowd and the German Internet investment firm Rocket Internet lead investor. In the current round of financing, OurCrowd injected more than $6 million, and Rocket Internet raised its stake in Borro to 10%. Borro’s old shareholders, Canaan, Partners, Eden, Ventures and Augmentum Capital, are also involved in the current round of financing.

rapid development of the Internet financial industry, Borro is an alternative case of the field of Internet lending.


about Borro

Borro is an online pawn shop specializing in luxury pawn operations designed to provide medium scale loans to individuals and businesses. In general, Borro provides customers with mortgages ranging from $20 thousand to $5 thousand. Users who are in urgent need of money apply for pawn applications through the Borro website, and then submit their collections of artwork, jewelry, watches, precious metals, luxury cars, wines and so on to Borro as collateral under the internet.

Borro was founded in England in 2009, and later established a company in New York and Losangeles. CEO is Paul Aitken.

Borro’s early investors included Canaan, Partners, Eden, Ventures, and Augmentum Capital.

last March, Borro received Victory Park Capital $112 million investment, used to raise the amount of loanable capital, the total capital of more than 200 million U.S. dollars. Capital One co-founder Nigel Morris as chairman of the board of directors of the company.

$19 million 500 thousand this round of financing is to support the company’s expansion of the core business of the UK and the United States, and strive to open up new markets, in the next few years will gradually increase the amount of loanable capital.

OurCrowd founder and CEO Jon Medved and Rocket Internet CEO Oliver Samw>

Baidu map these ten years, how to step by step to kill the tough opponent


a few days ago I asked a friend in the use of electronic navigation: in the absence of electronic map, people travel by car is how to recognize the road? Friend said: about ten years ago the city road is not so complex, or carry a paper map? This dark age is not far away, ten years ago before the network map spread, people travel very dependent on the paper map, get out of the train station first appeared always sell paper map aunt, people to see a map, print the road before the trip, some kiosks and even provide service charges for directions……

now, the network map has become the mobile Internet infrastructure, people can easily use all sorts of devices, whether it is pre trip planning, or car navigation, or find nearby homes delicacy, enjoy the scenery in the distance, businesses with location map…… Paper maps have been almost forgotten. Over the past ten years, the network map has evolved, gradually becoming more functional, not just meeting paper electronically, but helping users interact with the physical world better.

time back to 2005, this year can be called the first year of the Internet map. The Google map on the line, Baidu maps become Baidu after the listing of the first blockbuster products, the Sohu to buy graphic world renamed Sogou map, and after Gould, soso, Bing game player incoming Internet map of the market. Over the past ten years, web maps tirelessly collect data from the physical world of space, constantly optimizing algorithms to introduce new versions that help people better recognize, explore, and experience the world. The map makers Zhuluzhongyuan, Chinese market winners are Baidu map.

this week, Baidu maps grandly hosted the ten year old Party in Beijing. As Baidu’s "Darling" in the O2O era, it is seizing every opportunity to show its strength to the outside world and attract more partners to join us in a big event. Data show that Baidu maps occupy more than 70% of the market share, ranking first in the market, has more than 300 million monthly active users, of which the owners of users reached 100 million. What have Baidu maps done to help people better explore the world in the past ten years,



has gone through three stages in ten years,

is available at the beginning of 2005, Baidu map supports only ten city, can only query route and other basic functions, people before travel or travel, visit the Baidu open IE browser, access to the station, hospital, hotel, unit and other practical information and record, may also need to use the "function" ranging from use up high professional requirements, is not simple, ordinary users are terrified.

in 2005 -2009, Baidu mobile strategy has not yet fully started. This stage, Google maps in 2005 in the United States to support mobile phones, and publish Google Earth>

3000IP’s enterprise website has fewer than 30 orders per day

now many enterprises gradually began to pay attention to the flow line, the optimization of enterprise website and also began to blossom everywhere, and through the enterprise website optimization friends recently exchanges, found a very serious problem, the website is optimized for a long time, some of the key words began to participate in the rankings, visitors came to the site, but telephone orders and almost no, a friend of the optimization of the website every day there are about 3000 UV, but the telephone orders less than 30. So what’s the problem,


type of enterprise website are focus on website optimization, keywords ranking promotion hopes to get traffic, but traffic is coming, the transformation is not ideal, through the survey on a large number of enterprise website found some problems, hope to share with you.

1, is the site’s marketing site


in describing the marketing website, certainly a lot of friends Tucao, my website is also a lot of things ah, telephone, online orders submitted something I have done, why the transformation is still so low? Largely you didn’t do to maximize these details.

2, customer centric, build web site

to see if your website is not right, still remain in the "company introduction, product exhibition, contact us" these old routines, but users the best experience is a site of concern, from the website of the forum, tonal collocation layout, column layout and so on, to create customer a kind of trust and authority, professional first impression. Around the focus of attention and the urgent need to solve the problem, to help customers answer questions and doubts.

3, product display

recently encountered a Yuesao and cleaning class corporate website, in the home only shows that the company provide what kind of service, and not to show further details, it is easy to give customers create a bogus company feeling, and marketing enterprises will be the gold medal in the staff photos on the home page, plus the skills of employees and customers, customers will first feel the company’s employees are professional, so the service is relatively professional, then why not try it I consult.

4, the use of the site’s first screen

why I say the first screen, I believe we all know, visitors to the site, see first page is the most important, from the beginning, logo header, wonderful design companies to obtain certification authority, professional institutions and a short descriptive language can be considerably for the web site.

5, interactive design

how the visitors leave, or let customers leave a two mode of communication, this is a business website the most urgent need to solve the problem, many sites have online customer service functions, but really effective is not much, most leaving only an online QQ icon, and click on the client, you need to must have QQ after landing, "

Talk about how to raise the PR value of the website

The website of

PR full name PageRank, is commonly known as the "level, is a part of GOOGLE search ranking, a method is used to identify the page rank and the importance of Google, Google through the PageRank to adjust the results, so that the more level and the importance of the web page to get the other website ranking in the search results to enhance thus, to improve the relevance and quality of search results. How to improve the PR value of the site? I have done 2 websites, real money chess game and Ji’nan website optimization, in these 2 websites made a summary:

is the first to submit their own web site to the directory, which requires a period of time, if included, it can greatly improve the PR value of the site and the chain.

second soft Wen, write some original article, released to some PR value on the high web site, soft with its own web link.

third character signature, to some high flow or the PR value high site or forum character signature, signature with links to your web site.

fourth Links, Links to improve the PR value of the function of website, find some more than PR4 website Links can promote your website PR value of the increase, but do not suggest to get the black chain, black chain, although the effect is great, but the risk is big.

fourth goes to some jobs, posts some recruitment information online, and adds links to the content of the job to improve their exposure.

fifth by mass software, the use of software in a blog or sending messages to others in the space, adding their own website message content in this link, Baidu released the chain of thought is a kind of cheating behavior, when the mass must not overdo sth..

is an important symbol of the PR value of the weights of the website, it is very important to the website, improve website PR value is a long process, we must persevere, Baidu updated every 3 months, the PR value, so be sure to update your own website every day within 3 months, every day to do the above 5 requirements. The 3 months after the site will improve the PR value of the.

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