On the love of Shanghai Google search engine.

well, at half an hour, the.

good morning everybody, I am Chinese electrical portal editorial a few days ago, wrote 2 original, A5 is awesome ah, all closed, these days the mood, then talk to write some original, talk about my understanding of the search engine, hope you love.

More than 90%

many webmaster friends do stand time is 1 years, Shanghai Longfeng optimization sometimes seems simple but almost inaccessible, why? Do a good website is not only out of love for Shanghai included, Google included, the number of the chain, the PR value, mainly is to earn money. Do not stand for what is it? Is the site of the flow of elements of soul. I believe that most sites 70% are brought by search engine traffic, and it is also the major search engines love Shanghai with Google play a leading role, the brothers like his palm of the hand, which hurt themselves, which are not to offend, domestic Chinese webmaster, most of the traffic is from love Shanghai. While the domestic Adsense revenue sources, mainly from the noble baby adsense.

please love Shanghai engine method there is a daily 11 update information, as well as 2 point afternoon 5 points to do outside the chain, some say Shanghai is ranked love Shanghai employee manual, at this point I don’t think that you need to get it, I believe 99% the webmaster is doing so, unless you have the ability to develop a new generation of search engines and their time.

update time love Shanghai is every Wednesday, Wednesday 1 am to 4 points this time, this time is when some understanding of these the most happy or the most boring, some owners included here soared, the chain rose, some owners are not K fate. The basic normal in Shanghai included station have been increasingly hard struggle and some achievements. Don’t think casually on the site to do something to fool the spider, actually very intelligent spider love Shanghai, many webmaster should have experience. A word of advice to webmaster, do stand to make money, want to flow, it must not be lazy, must update the article every day, and must have the original content, you like Sohu, Tencent, Sina big station, every hour of every day are edited in the code to write original, so he said ah beenincluded so high, outside the chain is also high, because someone made a collection ah, to be included if he reproduced after a chain ah, this is his way to benefit from the engine, please.

9 morning –

for Google, because I was Chinese station, so the study is relatively small, but every day will do the homework, the forum every day in the discussion how to do outside the chain of Google, my dear ah, to English or something I flash, read when English didn’t learn it well now ~ ~ ~ oh forget to leave a sentence hi. Yes, he is Google search on the website automatically, the comprehensive requirements is very high, I worked hard for half a year this update to PR4, then with some excellent large portal station communication.

360. Once on the line, love Shanghai encyclopedia editor increase the difficulty

, thank you!

before, in an article about 360 A5 webmaster see online encyclopedia on-line content, this news, I can’t wait to try, the result is very pessimistic, how do you say, for browsing users, this way is the best, but for those of us in Shanghai Longfeng station who don’t take too much time spent in the 360 encyclopedia.

from the Jilin moving company www.jlsflm贵族宝贝 carefully written, A5 first, please indicate the original



because in your mind digging, painstakingly edited a very valuable encyclopedia, just want to leave a little bit of the source address in the reference, is not, through the audit will directly delete these links, so a source of trace will not leave you, the most willing to give 360 volunteer.

as I think, it’s better to edit the love Shanghai encyclopedia, at the bottom can also leave a reference, but I never thought that love Shanghai, the editor of the Encyclopedia also increased the difficulty, is editor of the Encyclopedia of Master to reach more than 4.


this is really astounding ah, have to say, we have more of a task is to cultivate love account, Shanghai is increasingly relied on these dedicated stationmaster friends, if you like the past, to coax, chain do many, but each value is not very high time has passed, we can simply classify the chain pick out a few valuable, then do the undivided attention, whether editing or release to the user experience as a benchmark, and then search engine friendliness. There is concern about the products love Shanghai, our development path for these products concern, I want to always never wrong, love to keep up with the pace of Shanghai, Shanghai will not believe in love to have left us far away.

Building English station shlf1314 money making stepsMo Yan Bill Gates Jieduan Ma, the beginning is r


Mo Yan said that in the next 40 years, what changes will happen China, who can imagine, even 1/1000, will also take the lead. "Change is the opportunity, the more changes, more opportunities, I hope the students to seize the opportunity, and, not only have the lofty ambition, but also realistic, dare to be the first person to eat crabs, but also to prevent food poisoning". He encouraged graduates to be "people who think they’re nothing but people who think you’re really something."."

this keyword is not a lot that I need to test themselves do not blindly believe the network spread the so-called high keywords a lot of foreign
said we are not afraid to laugh at me now, never graduated from junior high school program written English station

grow up to be a truly amazing person,

I was in order to save the time almost all the work is completed on the server   remote download online decompression

to intend to do shlf1314 Webmaster maybe I am not qualified to say because I’m not a professional shlf1314 development specialist busy search ing ready ~~

when writer Mo Yan and entrepreneur Jack Ma "meet", what kind of spark will be wiped out?

Li Jiacheng said, self-discipline is perseverance will prevail. will work. Everyone who wants to be a great dancer

, a winner of the Nobel prize for literature, is one of the richest Chinese people. On the morning of June 27th, Mo Yan and Li Jiacheng attended the graduation ceremony of Shantou University and delivered a speech. In his speech, Mo Yan Jieduan Ma and Bill · Gates said that "the God level figures in the academic and the beginning of the beginning, is really not what the big deal. Ma Yun even had three times to three times the entrance exam." But there are paths to success. Li Jiacheng said in his speech "in the high growth opportunities in the waves, the fool saw the stone, the wise see spring", understand the "good choice" is the guarantee to build their own destiny, "the way dint, rely on to break through".

we can’t all be Ma and Bill ·, Gates, but they’re not without weaknesses. Mo Yan said, "facts have proved that Ma and Bill, ·, Gates such a success model, such a great God class character, at the beginning of their studies and entrepreneurship at the beginning, it is really nothing. But they have become great people with persistent efforts and the good fortune of the times."

is the first site location of
if you plan to put the shlf1314 Advertising you should want to know you want to know one thing is to make money to do this station
my advice is to make money from the point of view select the shlf1314 high price as a web site keywords center content standard
and then go to the extension of ZhengZhan content prerequisite is to corn is new is not submitted to search corn choice the way

How does

third program selection
this I recommend foreign CMS lot >

said at first I have free space free corn experience
and then download to do station program is CMS or other system "zip or rar package can online decompression as soon as"
and then install the program acquisition or add
template AD code
and publicity


Mo Yan also said that all of the students did not like Ma three times and three times the entrance exam of the tragic experience, Graduate cattle over Bill · Gates.

Li Jiacheng is feeling in his speech: "I am 90 years old next year, also know that life One aims for the far-off future., I was young, Youth passes as a fleeting wave.; going through difficulties and trials, I deeply know the growth of the road is not very easy; in the high growth opportunities in the waves, the fool saw the stone, the wise see spring." "Knowing" good choice "is the guarantee to build your own destiny."


in June 27th, Mo Yan delivered a speech at the graduation ceremony of Shantou University. During the period of "the great Mo Yan" around this topic speech, and Ma and Bill Gates, said the two God level figures in the academic at the beginning there are also many shortcomings, such as "Ma three times and three times the entrance exam tragic experience". And in the graduation ceremony, Li Jiacheng himself also arrived at the scene, and laughed down on the floor.

Increased experience sharing local forum quality content sources

do it now also has nearly 2 years of time, 2 years in career I have changed so much, whether it is life or career, also let me from a student to a social person, 2 years time to do a lot of website, basically is with the wind the site, there is a saying in group " my success can be replicated, " I should be a negative example of this sentence, the first is interested in, now do have from interest into my life for career goals, this year finally stabilized to steadfast to do the local site, in fact, until try to place but because there is no stick to waste, the next few years optimistic about the momentum of development of local website, currently operates a local forum in Cangzhou Bay has been for some time, summed up some operation Some personal experience and experience, in the promotion of not everything he knows, out today and everyone together to discuss, get the main talking about today is the content of local forum quality content.


is a popular website of the soul, then I think the website content is to store the soul of "treasure", only have the treasure quality when the container you can have enough energy to put enough soul is gathered popularity. Relatively speaking, the popularity of more fire more for your more high-quality content, if blindly copy and paste or the bulk of the collection will only put the "treasure" into junk-heap, may do a lot of standing friends will encounter the same problem, where the quality of local content find it so much I read? Just started when the Cangzhou forum and everyone have the same doubts, through a period of research and exploration finally found some methods and skills, you can go to the forum I see, there are more than 1000 posts, I am proud to say that the content is not a simple copy and paste the spam sites can be compared because of the high quality, the content as the basis also led to my site in the search engine’s weight is very high, if you want to know what I do, and I am pleased to .

first grasp the lifeline of live local news events, a local website facing user groups is only local users, this requires our website do not blindly pursue those big and complete content, give an example of your local accident killed a cat is also influenced by local users attention than America several people dead so, the main content of the forum is to a certain place and relevant local news or events, as for all content sources can buy a local newspaper scan is a very good original news, if your area is very small there is no traditional media like newspapers and TV, you can also go to the provincial website for local news, netizens are regional, we have to do more small delicate content to get local netizens.

second is the local forum deceitful Dafa, this method is a method I use, also should belong to a kind of technique of pseudo original, if every day only to find news in the local words one day I am afraid not.

Day retention, Zhou Liucun, month retention, how can we allow more users to stay


why write this topic? I observed that now many APP practitioners are concerned about the channel and the channel quality of the user, but few people to consider LTV, mining the lifetime value of best quality users, we do not pay attention to. I hope this article will have a slight effect on reducing anxiety.

a APP and its users after meet, friendship and love, from the four stages. There is a risk of "separation" in every intimate contact, because the user is slightly dissatisfied, it is possible to uninstall APP. Today, for example, how to get more "falling in love" users, and try to delay the separation of time,


in fact, the retention rate is the most basic indicators of a user analysis in different stages of the life cycle, we can judge the day retention rate of new users will stay, by week retention rate to determine the conversion ratio of loyal users, by month retention rate to determine the product life cycle, thus the reasonable planning products, improve the value of the products.


of course, there are more advanced models for loyal user analysis, such as the RFM three degree model, the participation model, and so on. The usage of these advanced models will slowly be shared with you.

Step 1: play basic skills, let the user fall in love with you at first sight,

a good opening is 50% success. If a new user can get a good experience when using your APP for the first time, the possibility of staying will be great, that is to say, the day will be guaranteed. Look at the details of the first impression.

(1) brand recognition

since the emergence of the commodity economy, people are willing to pay for the brand. A purchase of iPhone consumers, compared to cottage consumers, more likely to form a brand two times repurchase.

The same is true of

wireless. In China, new users who know about them should be higher than quora. Do you know that domestic brands have more influence?.

(2) appearance style

UI is APP front. Its importance speaks for itself. I have always thought that the impact of the screen’s fineness on the user’s retention is also growing.

if a APP screen is fabricated, how can the user believe that the APP can bring value for himself?

(3) newbie boot

novice boot is the first and most difficult threshold for new users to transform into older users. Just right novice boot, can effectively improve the retention rate the next day.

takes games as an example. The novice boot design is too difficult or too simple, which can lead to user churn. A good beginner’s tutorial needs to reflect the basic gameplay of the game as well as show the game

Use Lns to eliminate Arp spoofing


, Arp spoofing is a very annoying attack for servers

for the sake of illustration, let’s first assume a subnet environment:

gateway: IP = IP-1, MAC = 11:11:11:11:11:11

native: IP = IP-2, MAC = 22:22:22:22:22:22

host A:, IP = IP-A, MAC = AA:AA:AA:AA:AA:AA

host B:, IP = IP-B, MAC = BB:BB:BB:BB:BB:BB

host C:, IP = IP-C, MAC = CC:CC:CC:CC:CC:CC

Any two hosts in

subnet (gateway can also be regarded as a host) to communicate normally, they need to know each other’s network card address MAC. If one does not know the other party’s MAC, the ARP query must be made.

ARP query process

in a normal subnet, a full ARP query requires a query broadcast and a point to point response. The query contains a query to the radio host IP, the broadcast network can quilt of each host card received card will check to check the IP and whether the IP is equal, the range is directly discarded, equal to the data packet will be submitted to the system kernel (an interrupt), kernel call card driver analysis of received packets, and then build a response packet back to the query of the host, the host receives the query response to update their ARP cache table.

corresponds to the setting of LnS. This communication process requires two rules. The MAC of the host B is taken as an example,

, 22:22:22:22:22:22, => FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF (allow local broadcast)

II 22:22:22:22:22:22 < = = BB:BB:BB:BB:BB:BB (allow host B to answer native inbound)

rules: => < said that = that was, = = said two-way.

note that when you set this LnS rule, there is a rule that always puts the source to the left, the object to the right, the direction to both directions, and the machine to the left, and the far end to the right.

as long as any step off the query process, the query process will fail. For example, someone looking for collection of your company, Secretary to the general manager to all kinds of reasons to make the debt initiative not to general manager, even if met, the general manager.

Zhengzhou taxi 56 km this time ye changed by 90 km

in our lives when we travel, many times in order to catch up with time, or for convenience, many people will choose to travel. However, many taxis are hidden tricky, so many passengers taxi fee whiz on improved a lot. Here and Xiaobian together to understand, Zhengzhou taxi, 56 km this time you change the incident of 90 km reported.

is likely to be fitted with a taxi "little tiger", by hiding the remote control, the driver will be able to control meter: according to the mileage will be more than 100 meters.

recently, one of the passengers was trapped.


often taxi in Zhengzhou

56 km this time 90 kilometers?

recently, readers Wang told the Henan Business Daily reporter complained that he suffered a black rental".

Mr. Wang to provide taxi invoice shows, his day at 6:32 in the morning on the train from Zhengzhou ocean hall, arrived at 7:11 Beijing high-speed service area of Xinzheng, show the mileage of 90.5 km, the price of 2.25 yuan, 200 yuan fare.

at first glance, the fare and mileage is not a problem, however, Mr. Wang said the next words out the key issues.

Mr. Wang said that he took this line is not a day two days, the day worried about the airport is not good to go fast, specifically to allow drivers to speed up from the field.

often taxi in Zhengzhou, a total of about 50 km away, turned into a 90.5 km." He felt very strange.

Baidu map shows, according to Mr. Wang’s starting point, the airport is less than 50 km high-speed, less than 56 km away from the field, and can run to the city of Changge, 90.5 km. Normally, the reasonable valuation of the day should be 123 yuan.

and, according to the invoice information, remove the waiting 1 minutes and 4 seconds, the brother of 37 minutes and 56 seconds to run for 90.5 kilometers, with an average speed of up to 143 km.


taxi fitted the little tiger

brother returned part of the fare

Henan Daily reporter then feedback the information to the Zhengzhou city traffic enforcement detachment seven brigade, seven brigade Deputy right Jianbo and concluded that the meter installed "recommended

Tsinghua University held a special enterprise recruitment

in order to encourage college students to innovate and entrepreneurship, Tsinghua University recently held a special job fairs, to participate in the recruitment of enterprises are entrepreneurial enterprises. The school hopes to narrow the distance between students and entrepreneurial enterprises, so that students fully experience the difference between entrepreneurship and learning.

10 15, the Tsinghua University’s first venture enterprise recruitment will be opened, including hundreds of high-quality entrepreneurial enterprises Xinjiang, Sogou, knowing, destined network, pea pods, tenderness, to recruitment, providing a total of more than 3000 entrepreneurship training posts.

the recruitment for a period of two days, in addition to Tsinghua students, is also open to the surrounding university. Reporters on the scene saw the presence of entrepreneurial enterprises, both well-known higher entrepreneurial enterprises, such as know almost, Sogou, etc., but also some emerging companies, such as footprints, all loans, etc.. In addition, there are some companies founded by Tsinghua graduates back to recruiting, such as beauty scientists etc.. These companies to provide jobs in the technology, the market class, which is given a monthly salary of more than ten thousand dollars of this position engineer. However, with the recruitment of enterprises to promote the formation of a warm contrast, the number of students is not a lot of students. Many students said that although the recognition of the rise and growth of entrepreneurial enterprises, but really want to join, to be inspected. Knowledge of the network, said the person in charge of personnel, received a resume is not as expected, the students feel more students to come to consult with them, and the post is not particularly matched.

and traditional recruitment will be different, the Tsinghua venture corporate recruiting jobs, more than half of internship positions, in the recruitment of graduates, will also serve the school each grade for undergraduate and graduate students to let more students to participate in innovation and industry experience, to create an atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship in Universities and in order to build bridges between students and enterprises. The Tsinghua University through entrepreneurship training in the form of innovative entrepreneurship education to promote the development of positive exploration, but also the first organized by the University organized a large-scale recruitment for the entrepreneurial enterprises.

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Inspirational master 27 years old sitting on hundreds of millions of net worth

Anhui TV’s super orator, as red, many speakers give people the impression that full of blood, tell the story is inspirational. In real life, we have a number of people in the past, after all, has become a major cause of the ups and downs.

until the age of 21, Chen Anzhi met a mentor in life – World potential incentive master Anthony Robin?. Since then, his personal expertise, and a strong love for the real release.


every book and VCD are spontaneously in salesman in the national civil service, and in the national medium and small enterprises in collective learning, watch spread in primary and secondary school students, small children under the age of 8, to 80 years old people never feel the heart shock, and the determination to change the disadvantages stand under oath must succeed!

…… Believe that you are a treasure…… Sell products than sell yourself…… Winners find ways, losers find excuses…… Winners never give up, never give up…… Leadership is the right choice…… The best people are free…… There must be a way to success…… Success is simple

Chain stores to meet the principles of commodity display

the same commodity, do a good job of display is far more attractive than a random one, so if you want to successfully open a chain store, naturally need to pay more attention to commodity display. Effective display of goods can cause consumers to buy, and to promote the purchase of action.

but all display can not violate the characteristics of consumer’s psychological activity, so the chain stores in commodity display must follow some basic principles. Here we introduce seven basic principles: profitability, display points, attractive, effective display, merchandise mix, at a glance, cleaning and other seven aspects.

profit principle

display must really help increase store sales.

strives to use the best location for the sale of the product.

should pay attention to the record of the specific display and display that can increase the sales volume.

constantly reminds store merchandise display to help profit.

display point principle

display: facing the master flow direction wall and the sight high shelf position (and so on both sides of the radiation view as the center of the 65 degree angle of the display surface covered by the main channel), near the cashier’s booth, booth are good display point.

promotional display point: welcome to the door of the booth, the long wall of the rear area of the display, the booth between the two main channels.

bad display point: warehouse (or work room) entrance, the corner of the bad lighting, deep shop bottom dead corner, too many small intervals between the shops and so on.

attraction principle

will focus on existing products to highlight the momentum.

will display the brand style and interests fully displayed.

with the space display, make full use of advertising to attract the attention of customers.

can promote the use of irregular promotional products can be used to strengthen the special offer means.

effective display principle

customers in the natural stand, reach the scope of about 180cm from the floor to start the 60cm range, this space is the effective display range. Therefore, the display of key commodities in this space is to increase sales secret