Website optimization has a cockroach spirit

website optimization from the construction of the content and the chain of the two methods, in fact, optimization method is similar. Since Shanghai dragon in this industry, have to do is to optimize the lottery website, in the continuous adjustment of love Shanghai algorithm, my website is dead and live, not long to live and die. How to open up a new way of optimizing the lottery website, I have been in the research problem. Shanghai launched a new algorithm of love, what is the intention of the webmaster is clear, to improve the user experience, and constantly improve their own algorithms, reduce Internet spam there.


algorithm is mainly for the content of this adjustment, so, we should start from this content. Obviously he every day to update the original article, lovely Shanghai just not included my article. This is what I do in the lottery website frequently encountered problems, but I have a cockroach spirit, I encountered a problem not to escape it, but yuecuoyueyong. I am in the lottery website content after careful analysis, in a related content in the thinking of writing original articles and attract problems. In the original my advice is not to the original and the original, the original at the same time, to consider the content of the user experience, in my online lottery, "

1. web page structure optimization

web page structure optimization problem is the problem of the optimization method is more a commonplace talk of an old scholar, is emerge in an endless stream. I do in the optimization of the page structure of the lottery website, I think the problem is not how to improve the skills, but how to optimize the method under the same conditions, adhere to. The low quality of the page will not be optimistic about the search engine optimization, on the page I do lottery website 贵族宝贝, I optimize the road is planned. Keywords can be routed to the Shanghai home of love, is not a short duration of time things, only to do optimization is the optimization of the spirit of the Shanghai dragon.

2. web content with original

so, from my lottery website optimization method to analysis in optimization techniques under the similar conditions, how to make your own website talent shows itself from the following points, the main analysis:

with the rapid development of the Internet, in the field of certain rules, as the saying goes, "no rules no Cheng Fangyuan". Love Shanghai in the face of market share decline, on the search engine to carry out the static environment, improve the user experience. Any of a group, if you do not have a reasonable management plan, the group will be eliminated by the society. For I Shanghai dragon in this industry, whether it is the content of construction or the construction of the chain, you are very aware of optimization method. But to do optimization is less and less. Do we take the lottery website stationmaster, the site was K, overnight no ranking is often the case, in our website optimization under the condition of strong knowledge, than who is tenacity, who can unremittingly, who has a cockroach spirit, then you have other network stations have an advantage.

Small and medium-sized enterprises should be how to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization

2, the paragraph is clear

Optimization of

simple update their website content is not enough, also need to find some famous website links and cooperation, it will be through other ways for customers to site drainage.

, the first web site

Wei Zexi with the 2016 outbreak, love Shanghai PPC has been in dire straits, this event also is another kind of network marketing mode of Shanghai Longfeng optimization pushed to another sales peak. But we know that many network marketing companies in Shanghai Longfeng optimized fee is very high, for the lack of promotion cost of many small and medium enterprises, we should how to do the optimization work of Shanghai dragon

want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng optimization work is: there must be a relatively stable website background. Then the production process on the site of our best not to choose the template website some stereotyped, best to let the network companies for their enterprises to customize a personalized professional website, this personalized web site easier to bring customers a good user experience.

Guizhou high was that in addition to network optimization rules used above, we can also use some auxiliary tools such as love Shanghai index and so on to help us better understand user search habits. Whether it is the network company to help us with this optimization work, or to do their own Shanghai Longfeng optimization work, this is a long way to go about, need to insist for a long time will produce a certain effect.

more accessible: Guizhou once network: 贵族宝贝gzgaoyidu贵族宝贝 please indicate, thank you.

1, keywords optimization to moderate

in an article describing the best paragraph can clear the logical thinking clearly, so that customers will also be more convenient to read.

in the title will be very good keywords in detail, at the same time in the article will be uneven distribution of keywords for each section, a general article three to five key words should be.

need to pay attention to the following points:

We can


third, for inside and outside the chain of cooperation

second, the content of the websiteIn the optimization process of website content

?The design of

Talk about their views on the content and the chain in recent years

said the others from the new package, can change the words are changed, the idea is very good, if you are confident in their writing skills, afraid of the self defeating, originally very smooth sentences to give you a change or a sequence of words, the meaning of upside down does not even know what is interesting, it is in trouble, you may think this is the original, yes, you are to love Shanghai packaged article that features the original, but you must have the user this, people’s eyes are sharp, but not for smooth sentences or sentences you can’t read continue to read it? Or here to see the information with the famous website to see all the information does not meet, you will visit this site? Cleverness may overreach itself., do not bring good results is the bounce rate rise, return rate Decreased, but these 2 aspects will affect the site a good image in the eyes of love in Shanghai


first statement, I contact Shanghai dragon is not a long time, think the level is limited, in the paper are personal learning from the experience in the process of summing up Shanghai Longfeng views and understanding, and the correctness of the reader themselves! Welcome Paizhuan! Shanghai dragon phoenix is simply for search engine optimization and to get a better ranking, and then into the nature of the role of the site traffic, needless to say. So many search engines can not judge the web standards are the same, is not to take into account each search engine, too, fell in love with the sea is enough! If you don’t have the patience, or want to cheat by means to achieve the fastest speed compared with the effect of the ranking, then congratulations, by cheating may indeed effect in a short period of time, but also regret to speed you, good times don’t last, only do the optimization of days station with skill to live peacefully.

nonsense not say, get to the point. Often heard that "content is king, the chain for the emperor". Indeed! This is someone who has some experience, but here I want to add a prerequisite, is not in the case of cheating. The first said, I think the content in the content is king should refer to the original content and pseudo original content, so that your article is the one and only, do not see the spider slobber, but always to come every day, of course, at the initial stage of the establishment may not be so to take care of you, then you can endure the lonely? If you don’t stand so still advise you diverted, this line is not suitable for you. After the early, as long as you can stick to it, you will find that this spider is very industrious. If you remove the condition in front of me said it is cheating, collecting a large number of the others, so you want to make sure your site weight is higher than others, or you over. Every day, fast and easy, the number is up, but the overall quality decline, eventually will only be love to punish Shanghai.

has developed Google translate is copied directly from foreign websites, the same reason. So the content or try to promote the original, pseudo original also should try to avoid the above mentioned problem! The definition of the chain: This refers to from other websites Guide >

How to through the website optimization website backstage data analysis to improve user experience o

as everyone knows, website optimization process, the user experience is a very important index to optimize the process of optimization, for many small and medium-sized enterprise owners, many people are still trying to send the chain, the user experience is king in this era, how to improve our website user experience to create a can really help enterprises obtain lasting search engine recognition of the website, can we keep lasting website visitors, undoubtedly user experience is a good remedy for us, the author through the following points and detailed analysis, how to improve website optimization through data analysis website user experience.

can see the red line part, this show is a traffic and visitors yesterday own a business website of the UV, said the independent IP, PV site, UV (36) /pv (53) =68%, this is the site of the bounce rate, the higher the value said the website viscosity is poor, out of the lower rate of surface site user experience better, so through the analysis of the data, the website user experience has yet to be improved, such as the quality of website content, website access speed which is the cause of the user out of, we have to make up through their own understanding and analysis of the details of the site as a whole, to reduce the site bounce rate enhance website viscosity.

first, browse the value and PV analysis of the website. General webmasters will use 51la or cnzz as the website backstage data analysis tools, web site managers as we can from these data in the background of the user experience for a lot of valuable information for ascension? We look at the first picture:

second, analysis in-depth analysis of the details of the new website viscosity and IP value of independent visitors. The new website is the first independent visitors users to access the site, and the site IP is the website user access flow, through the above data is not difficult for us to find a new website yesterday independent visitors is 35, and the total flow of IP site is 36, in a certain extent, this site traffic is completely since the search engine no, a group of loyal users, the new independent visitors /IP this value represents the site for the user viscosity, which is two times the value proportion of visitors, the larger the value of surface that is two times the site of loyal visitors visitors less loyal customers is lower, if the value of our website and IP the new independent visitors as a case, the ratio of 4/4=1 is 1 can infer the website customer loyalty is 0, after the customer is only visible to the site, in order to understand the needs, and the site does not have any To attract users to visit again for the details, we can infer that the site has a lot of problems, such as content can not meet customer needs, the customer not found after entering the next time will not be in for a visit, so the site is very low for the viscosity of the user, in this case we need from the user’s point of view to analysis and think, what the details of the impact site for visitors from viscosity, website content quality, column classification is comprehensive, the content is.

The wooden knife water recommendation two can replace Yahoo backlinks query tool

Backlink Watch this tool is also a very good backlinks query tool, this tool we can query to each website external links, link anchor text or image links can be identified, PR can also query the external links, link and the link is waiting with nofollow tag information, also to meet our requirements.


no Yahoo after the chain query we can use what? Love Shanghai? It’s not reliable! With noble baby? It is not reliable! Don’t worry today is to recommend two query outside the chain of tools, should be quite reliable, while the analysis function is more powerful. The reverse link of a tool from the MOZ produced a great reputation in Shanghai dragon query tool Open Site Explorer, a link to another is foreign query tool Backlink Watch.

although these two tools are not Yahoo habits, but their function is indeed very powerful, an understanding we can on the site through the two chain analysis tools, can also help in my opponent >

Open Site Explorer (贵族宝贝


MOZ Open Site Explorer Shanghai, if you are a Shanghai dragon Er never heard of Shanghai dragon MOZ you Out, we should always be able to see a lot of Shanghai dragon MOZ translation, are some very good article. This tool is very powerful, it will launch is to replace Yahoo! SiteExplorer, we can calculate the weight fraction of page links based on the query through this tool, and the total number of URL connected to this page and this link contains nofollow tags and do 301 redirect.

Backlink Watch (贵族宝贝backlinkwatch贵族宝贝/)

on the 22 day Yahoo stopped Yahoo according to the original plan! SiteExplorer data query service, although the results as expected but still a lot of discussion, because a good query tool that external links away from us, but also because the Yahoo chain query tool data is often more comprehensive you can go through it, analysis of competitors, and to dig the chain resources many, now there is indeed a little uncomfortable.

Chief in Shanghai Longfeng optimization need to know and do

and six chat some friends will ask: "how much time do you spend every day to do keyword ranking? How long can row on the home page, how to do some of the popular word ranking?" the friend is clearly the limitation of understanding in Shanghai Longfeng do keywords ranking above six, here to highlight a sentence, the key words the ranking is not equal to the Shanghai dragon, now many people do Shanghai Longfeng not well planned, their ultimate goal is just the target keywords ranking do up. Not considered the transformation and return, in fact for professional Shanghai dragon, in addition to this step outside but also key words have a lot of work we need to improve and do today, life together and discuss how to do well in addition to some things after initial keywords ranking, we need to understand and talk about something to do.

four, the network marketing and promotion. A part of the Shanghai dragon belongs to the network marketing, SEM can also have video mail promotion, promotion, marketing, promotion and so on micro-blog QQ. Let more users on the Internet can be found on us, and we can easily find, the promotion for our Shanghai Longfeng results will bring a lot of.

two, enhance the site overall weight. Here is a popular "one by one", grasp the key in the key words, a stable upgrade, make steady progress, some of the important long tail word the inside pages as home to do the chain, increase the page elements, with page speed or with sea statistics to detect, gradually for the accumulation of weight to lay a good foundation. When updating the content we have planned for early in the chain, do the chain also can evenly transfer the weight, the chain is not only the home page, send multiple page links in the overall weight, enhance the stability of the site do.


three, the layout of the long tail word more. When the main keyword can bring flow into the bottleneck, to enhance the flow of the first time we will think of the optimization of the long tail word. Six once wrote an article "details in the chain of magic, let the keywords ranking soared" long tail keywords said a web site is the site of many building blocks. What is difficult for competitors to exceed these countless long tail keywords, long tail keywords stable accumulation is the core competitiveness of our site, is also the highest conversion rate of the long tail keywords keywords.

, stability. "Dajiangshan difficult, more difficult to keep country" saying this also applies to the Shanghai dragon keywords ranking, one of the words just come, we are most worried about is the ranking is not stable. So we are in quite a long period of time or to be like the beginning at the site keywords ranking as hard to do, to send the chain. And when the keywords ranking up later we can get some data, the late maintenance said another reason is the user needs to maintain a high amount of click, click the website ranking will be getting better and better, and constantly improve the user experience of increased access to viscosity, is our long-term planning important keywords can stabilize the.


Have you prepared for the site’s profit since the summer vacation

wrote this article is to let you see my website, evaluation of my model, so that I continue to have the power to do such a web site.

talent network now everywhere, large and small, like the economic crisis, we work hard to find, on the popular talent network, see many webmaster here describes how to promote talent network, then how to profit, but said that after many profitable webmaster. Do not say first? How to charge, think about how you do this in website why should people in your job here? What is your characteristics, there are so many talent network in each area, you have what advantage? Talent network is an industry station, why rely on little search traffic the engine will give you the money cannot be converted to

?Object oriented

talent network is looking for a job, looking for a job most people and college students, then we focused on college students, the conversion of thinking, you can earn more, here I am the profit model:

in the market economy era, everyone think of money, don’t forget that college students are people, every holiday, every holiday, even every weekend, every night there are students in knots out of work, what is it? When the job intermediary money is bright, ha ha, here is the campus everywhere intermediary the intermediary, but a new model

first, set up a website, here is through the innovation of the talent network, we went for the part-time students, so it should be named XX web, the website program I don’t recommend using Internet everywhere on the talent network program, the flood of things are not what value, moreover also is not suitable for the part of information released.

You have seen the

campus intermediary costs, is generally about 30~50, I saw a cow tutoring agency received 200, ha ha, a word, black, if "one yuan part-time" or "two part-time" suddenly appeared in the campus, you feel attractive to everyone’s eyes, etc. attention is attracted, there will be a lot of people come to consult, then explain in detail a part-time yuan us, we spent 50 yuan registered members of our site, we will provide 50 jobs in the second half of this year for you, it is a part-time job, huh, we then repeat with ordinary intermediary difference. For example, all recruitment information release, notice of registration, we are on the Internet, we open and transparent information such as specific information, I will not say more, you can go to my website Understand the details, then you have to go out and find jobs, our school year is 20 weeks, fifty times a week on average only 2~3 part-time to a university, generally located in the big city, a part-time job is more than our school on billboards everyday people, ran one or two times a week. Enough, because we are free recruitment information for businesses or manufacturers release, without any intermediary fee, every time I go to all of them happy Pidianpidian, many businesses.

The secret do business within one year of micro numbers how to do monthly water about 2000000

today to share with you a real micro business case, in fact, I have always wanted to write an article for her, because I basically witnessed the rapid development of micro business on the whole process. From the first half of about 300000 a month before the sales growth, now more than about 2000000 monthly flow, hundreds of agents and distributors, who is she? She is how to do? What is the secret? I believe many of my friends want to know, want to know her a micro business growth story.


photograph: this hero – sister Mandy Junsao nest

in fact, before this article, she has appeared in my article many times. She is "bird’s nest sister" and also a member of our Chai family. My acquaintance with bird’s nest is interesting. I remember that day at 2 in the morning, I just wake up, habitually pick up the phone to see WeChat. The bird’s nest sister received private messages, ask me how to add firewood son, how much money and so on such a problem? I thought, this is also in the dead of night, people want to be a member, I seriously and she chatted. In the chat process, I found that bird’s nest sister is particularly smart, but also special business, first tell your story, and then draw a cake for me, and finally asked me if I can give you a little discount. Ha ha, look, is a seasoned shopping mall ace. I value it too, and I have confidence in her products. I hope she can join us.

bird’s nest sister is how to embark on the road of micro quotient

bird’s nest sister told me the name was changed after she read my article. Us sister she is a wife, is a story of a woman, she graduated from university to work in a commercial bank in Shenzhen, and later married the army officer, resigned in a small town, opened a clothing store and wedding dress shop, the business is very good. Later, with her husband’s work transferred back to the city, entered a securities company. Because in daily work, often exposed to some tyrant, which also accumulated some of her network resources, but also how to deal with the tyrant and how. In order to make good use of their own resources, as well as their own interests, began to start a bird’s nest business. According to the original idea is to prepare for the exhibition in Tmall fists, I did not expect the East is not bright, the west is bright, bird’s nest sister in the field of micro business created its own new horizons.

how did it begin to develop,


has just started selling tens of thousands of dollars a month on WeChat, but not a lot, because the bird’s nest price is high, so sales seem a bit high. Bird’s nest sister believes that to do good micro business, we must continue to learn. When Southern China six less in the micro business industry red up, bird’s nest sister began to pay attention to this since the media alliance. At the beginning, he added Yu Xiaohua, Yu, who was very helpful and recommended her "WeChat". Because more Xiaohua is responsible for recruiting candidates for personal marketing business, this is relatively small, so he recommended to know my sister’s nest. Bird’s nest sister, she said, spent a week constantly

Cook with sign Malatang join the fare

delicious cook signed hot and spicy to join the project, has been very hot. Want to start a successful business franchisee, hurry up!

signed a new concept of " cooked spicy hot ice", breaking the traditional Malatang industry because of the season, operating hours, the limitation of. Winter winter summer is the summer eat, eat, eat in the market should double, by many consumers, four hot constantly file! And the price of civilians, quality standardization, modernization of management and other advantages, wrote Malatang said, the theme of the Bashu culture achievement Malatang brand.

one, join the cost of how much

cook sign hot and spicy shop to join the cost of 19 thousand and 800 yuan; cook a sign of hot and spicy shop to join the standard fee of $29 thousand and 800; cook a sign to join the flagship store costs $39 thousand and 800.

two, brand margin

according to the level of the franchise fees, of hot wine shop signed a margin of 5000 yuan, standard store margin of $10 thousand, flagship store margin of $20 thousand. (after the expiration of the contract, there is no breach of the agreement to join the agreement, the deposit refund)

three, preparation start-up fee

1.2 million yuan. Operating expenses refer to the expenses of the enterprise during the period from the date of approval of the enterprise to the beginning of the period of production and operation (including trial production and trial operation).

2. includes the preparation of personnel wages, office fees, training fees, travel expenses, printing fees, registration fees and not included in the purchase and construction costs of fixed assets and intangible assets of exchange gains and losses and interest expenses.

four, license fee

2000-4000 yuan, including business license, health permits, health certificates, tax documents, etc. (fees vary according to different regions of the standard).

five, kitchen equipment costs

3 million yuan. The main is a refrigerator, microwave oven, dishwasher, lampblack machine, disinfection cabinets, stove gas stove, table [], there are small items: stainless steel bowl, cutting board, spatula etc..

six, housing rental

6000 yuan / month, according to the housing into a new level, orientation, facilities, construction quality, construction technology, housing is located, address the surrounding environment directly affect the housing value and use value of factors to determine the rent.


How to create a successful case of poor entrepreneurs to share

many friends have the dream of entrepreneurship, but most people are stuck in the issue of funds, for ordinary people, do some small business can accumulate experience, do a good job can earn a lot of money. How to start the poor? Take a look at the following business case.

Guangdong Leizhou

42 when Laosun’s passenger business failed, the reasons for the failure, saying they are "monkey business is too small". Dedicated to business "bigger and stronger" Laosun sell motorcycles, and borrowed money from relatives and friends, and then two syndicates, managed to scrape together 40 thousand yuan to buy a very shabby Pakistan started operation.

44 when Laosun operating business failed, then the monkey has actually bankrupt, to "not a" point is the words of his monkey. The monkey cornered sell Pakistan breaking and borrow 80 thousand yuan to Guangzhou third business.

and many well managed as I interviewed a small business successfully done, these small operators due to weak capital not only never seek competition, but also try to avoid vicious competition, then can play their respective advantages in the space to survive. The monkey said: professional market is the best space to avoid vicious competition.

Laosun rented a shop in the city, goods from Guangzhou shoes wholesale market group into, at the beginning of what kind of shoes are good.