Shanghai dragon from the last laugh is the ultimate winner

said it is to love Shanghai so we rank as it is to our user ranking. Know the reason to start relatively easy optimization. But most people have to do around the love like this Shanghai search engine, you do better, but also do not pay the love of Shanghai. The chain can rely on our website to push up, but the latter is ranked hits rely on to maintain the sustained. So what are the factors affecting the website ranking? How can we diagnose our website, the legend of the following combination of their own learning experience to share experiences.

1 see

contact Shanghai dragon also has a time, feeling a lot along the way. We do not know is how to think of Shanghai dragon? Shanghai dragon mentioned most people’s point of view is probably to keywords of an industry do love Shanghai and even the first home page. In fact, the website ranking is up just the beginning of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon can bring traffic, but it is just a channel, is the real purpose of transformation. So for the Shanghai dragon in terms of its carrier is the site, most of the sites are also started on the basis of Shanghai dragon road. Today is to share experiences and insights about the site detection. I wonder if we are not careful observation. There is little the first chair of a website to take the love of Shanghai, except for some big words and brand website. For most of the enterprise stand or industry word top are basically floating. Why? Because the details of factors affecting site ranking is more than 200, it is difficult for us to do perfect. Once some aspects of our site being beyond the natural ranking will be beyond. Shanghai love is no matter who we are, how many clicks it only cares about you this website, what is PV, how much is the bounce rate and withdrawal rate.

website right down time: if we go to a web site analysis, this is one of the most basic factors. If time can not grasp the words then confused, can not find the reason. This factor must detail to which one day down to any location, but also look at the current ranking is still within the page. So you can judge for the. Do the optimization is not a dead technology but to grasp the love of Shanghai rules. Is more like doing inference, because we want to go to a lot of data analysis. So a good Shanghai dragon is to do the operation record. For example Links add and delete records. What is down right? Right down is a chain reaction. The first is the performance of keywords ranking drop, ranking dropped and then flow loss, there is a collection of decline, because the spider on your site to reduce weight, the trust will be reduced. Here is the problem of trust to you. On this issue, many of my friends have a wrong understanding, think of your site and the ranking of the great relationship. In fact, as long as you observe can be found and not so. Some web site has been in decline, but the ranking has been on the rise, even only a collection.

Grassroots Webmaster who moved my chain Practice the truth


chain is always every webmaster can pursue things, but the pursuit of different standards, the owners for quantity, while ignoring the quality, I was one of them, every day the life of the chain, everywhere, also did not see the website ranking up, people are dead. Do I often feel really tired ah. Some master, there are a lot of good outside chain resources in their hands, and the weight is very high, every day they add more than 10 chain line, easy website ranking will go up.

the best way to lose weight (www.qiantu123贵族宝贝) of original author QQ:1021360269, keep this link please reprint, please respect the original

from my analysis to the high quality of the chain is very important. Today I site outside the chain number from 5000 down to 4800, is a little heartache, but to understand a truth, I had many ideas may change. Before the hard work, now to think before acting. What is the previous methods are used once, every day is very tired, but also do not have what effect, website ranking has been no improvement, recently love Shanghai big fan, ranking is more outrageous.

some time ago a friend asked me to read a book, the title is called "who moved my cheese", this name is interesting, don’t know what’s inside in the end, I did not see it, but the title seems to remember you in my mind. A few days ago wrote a " a 1000 increase in feelings between " love Shanghai updated the chain number one night; this morning, check the chain number, found less than a mile, he wants to write a soft support, ha ha, is called "who moved my chain?". The chain is the site ranking one of the factors, but the chain should pay attention to the quality and quantity, some sites outside the chain number, but the quality is not high, how can the row over the other station.

who didn’t move my chain, is my own take, oh, with "who moved my cheese" this book is really the same truth, truth in actual application, the actual practice in truth.


, thank you for your cooperation!

Four prevent web site was hung black chain method

clever use of some of the chain, chain detection tool can not only help us to clear the existing site links, can directly detect the link to the site whether can normal visit. This is also an effective method.


hackers may get through the website of the FTP user name and password to the target web site to hang black chain. Webmaster friends need a stronger safety awareness, FTP password is too simple will allow hackers to easily break, pose a threat to the safety of the site. Of course, if you can periodically modify the FTP password, it is better for the safety and security of the website.

black chain chain, also known as the hidden dark chain, usually refers to the access links through normal means. At present, the most common method to obtain the black chain is to get the search engine weight or PR high site webshell through a variety of web application vulnerabilities, so your site

links in the target siteNo legal means the

4. select a stable and secure server

2. with the help of

behavior is taken to reap the benefits of such practices, love Shanghai very serious punishment.

3. website FTP password must not be too simple

network but often there is always this phenomenon, one thing that is very troublesome to the webmaster friends. Sometimes, a website was linked to a number of night black chain, even if you optimize work done well, the website ranking will not go up. So, effectively prevent the site was linked to the black chain optimization is critical for us to do. The following are some suggestions:

Webmaster Tools website link detection

website source code

introduces four prevent web site was hung black chain method. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a long-term undertaking, one of whether the site was hung black chain is the webmaster friends will do homework often test.

regularly 1. see

site was hung black chain another possible reason is the problem of server security. If the site problem, other sites can make the best server vendor inspection a server is also appeared in a similar situation, and as soon as possible so that the server vendor solutions are given. We can choose the best suppliers in the early server better safety performance, so it can effectively avoid some unnecessary trouble later. So, how to choose the service provider should also be webmaster friends attention.

usually, web site was hung black chain the maximum likelihood, but don’t ignore the other higher weight ". We need to do is often on the page to check the source code. Especially if found strange URL, should carefully check the link form, once found abnormal immediately delete.

A university student website construction experience


server recently replaced, to go into the site now! Nothing to write my experience of the site! I hope you can give some experience just station network construction and ready to join the people! (I do see Ornament Co.,


I am a student just entered the University, this summer is the end of sophomore, freshman last semester and everyone else is playing, nothing to do for wasting a semester, when winter vacation a friend on the website, the SHOPEX is the shopping site, and was feeling quite fun, he rented a virtual space, the system will not engage in what was his 1 week to finish all the settings (stupid enough), the rest of the time I began to find sources on the Internet, I remember the first time selling things is the South Korean clothing, at the time I was not bad and find the agent, goods shelves, the price of money, do not know how tired, and finally the 200 item upload finished, then propaganda let others know, at that time did not know what is on Baidu search engine optimization, (I Also spent 60 dollars to buy a 10000 flow, that can improve the rank of Baidu did not like what I used) to sell a total of two pieces of clothes, earn 50 dollars, then is the Chinese new year, go to school, no longer do, do online stores have online, I don’t have so much time, then I must preparation of transition make other types of site

and I started the research forum, the first forum I is for the school to do the non official forum, ashamed to say again after a period of time did not stick with it, from the actual plans to get a large site, was too naive, think that they can get a perfect website, then do what all the sites of the carp, are slow, and is likely to die young, finally only to the forum website, ashamed to say this forum was very poor, others to look after don’t know what to look for, and engage in a hodgepodge, in order to attract the gas I started in the PHPWIND forum to help people to do logo and I forgot to say, I is graphic design, I also found a few people and my partner got a DIY studio, spent money on the machine high quoted. This is something I do not say! About nearly 100 LOGO in PHPWIND, are free to do, because of school, I usually do at night, they got up very late, I found that now webmasters are lack of art, I saw this starting now. LOGO net, to help owners free to produce LOGO, know a lot of good webmaster, a webmaster, has just started, a Webmaster Help me do website optimization, the effect is good, second days will be included in Baidu! And it is on the first page (I stand in Baidu "Chinese logo production network"), station 15 days maximum flow rate is pv30000 IP6000, seems to be the reason of the mom, my ads appear on various websites, now every PV fixed in more than 1000, more than 300 in IP. We do logo for webmaster, affectionate connection LOGO, >

How to quickly and accurately locate hot pot restaurant

open hot pot shop, you have two choices, you can set up an independent shop, you can join the shop. No matter what kind of form, will involve the location problem. So, how to open a hot pot shop right location? Here are a few elements from the principle to explain the problem for you.

1, hot pot shop location factors:

in the site, we must choose a convenient operation and development of the region, which is the premise of the site. In the site selection should take into account the level of economic development, cultural and educational impact, market competition, the location of the planning characteristics, the advantages of the hardware and software environment and other factors.

2, hot pot shop location principle:

first to determine the service object. To combine the location of hot pot restaurants, to determine the appropriate facilities and equipment, and then choose their own operating grades, to determine the varieties of hot pot;

second to implement the principle of proximity. In other words, to facilitate transportation, convenient communication, easy access. Located in or near the business district, economic zone, cultural zone, development zone, the road is smooth, the customer is easy to " close to "

third to the environment in place. The external environment to form a climate, other stores catering to the Hot pot mixed operation, such as ", " food street; " ", Hot pot city; at the same time to promote their comprehensive facilities, a variety of business combination, the formation of scale;

fourth to scientific forecast profit. In the pre opening, in order to combine a variety of factors, a certain period of sales and gross margin analysis, forecasting profits and benefits.

in addition, can also determine the choice of shops with experience.

3, hot pot shop location and layout:

to determine the location of the principle, in the implementation of the following points: select the concentration of commercial outlets, population gathering, convenient places, specific location, peer gathering, special port.

layout should also consider the following ideas: diffusion, aggregation, competition, multi sectoral coordination.

hot pot shop location? First, we must take into account the location factors, look at the surrounding popularity, the environment and how traffic. Second, we must follow the principle of hot pot shop location, the conditions will be compared to find a suitable place to shop. Finally, you have to find a good layout plan to win profits.

Men’s underwear market blank business opportunities you grasp it

      at present, the concept of "underwear monopoly" is still in the lingerie store, so the market is almost blank. So, if you want to open a men’s underwear store, how to make money? The first thing to do is to guide a consumer concept, open up a new market.

, a positioning

1 how to shop?

how to choose goods?



How to join the grain and oil stores profit

grain and oil store profit? The spirit of promoting these years, many entrepreneurs are very interested in how to make a good grain store, now for the grain store, but also a good place to shop, the residential area, as a result, liangyoudian open people choose more and more now, this is to look at the specific situation to open grain oil store


place to study. Project management is determined, in addition to the authenticity of the investigation business project, be sure to open their own grain shops operating places, shops in grain and oil field, should understand the flow of people and environment, but also to collect regional competitors in the same industry, in order to develop their own business mode and strategy.

to prepare funds. A grain shop needs renovation, purchase the necessary equipment, purchase, processing, so they need a lot of money, if you are ready to open shop 30 thousand yuan of grain and oil, it must have 10 thousand yuan of funds to do backup, in order to prevent decoration, buy equipment, and purchase formalities urgently.

grain store profits? Through the above content, do you have a better understanding of the content? Believe in your vision, quick action, more money waiting for you.

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Entrepreneurial stars in the process of those ups and downs

now the electric car market can be described as business opportunities are everywhere, as early as a few years ago, the value of lithium batteries can be described as amazing, set off a sensational investment boom, but also for the benefit of countless entrepreneurs and investors.

2009, 2010, the battery industry "Crazy", as long as the concept of a little, the enterprise stock price will rise, will rise with every lithium, lithium monster out frequency described the hot market is no exaggeration……

leaf springs recalled the scene, still remember. In fact, before many private capital into the great leap forward, the 22 year old leaf spring has entered a ring battery industry chain, production of lithium battery electrolyte materials, and become a local entrepreneurial star known to every family in Shandong province in 2014, and the Ye Quan entrepreneurship competition talent shows itself, the provincial capital into the public view with his entrepreneurial story together, the sour, sweet, bitter, hot start-up.

from wage earners to boss

2008 in the second half of the leaf spring is about to graduate from the university came to Shenzhen practice, doing sales at a Taiwan lithium battery factory, the battery industry’s explosive growth, also let the leaf springs in the waterside pavilion tasted the sweetness, earned the first pot of gold.

"a few months to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars." At that time, only 21 years old leaf springs found that his company’s goods simply do not worry about selling, home ordering carts have to queue. "Not only that, there are a few years ago, only a few million assets of small businesses, all of a sudden rise to tens of millions of assets, which is what speed?"

2009 at the beginning of the year, leaf springs sit still, he returned to his hometown in Zaozhuang, looking for three partners, the establishment of the Shandong hung positive battery Mstar Technology Ltd. "The main raw material for the production of lithium battery electrolyte." Ye Quan told reporters that the reason why the choice of electrolyte, lithium battery because the technical threshold is relatively high, there was no team and their own funds, the choice of the next.

"the industry is growing, the profit is very high, the industry profit in 30%–40%, any one link in this chain will share a cup of soup. Moreover, when I returned to Zaozhuang, I found that my hometown already had a 4 home appliance factory, and there was no electrolyte factory." In the leaf springs, the opportunity to wave to him, at the same time, with the support of his family, ye Quan full of confidence to start a business trip.

failure under domestic trouble and foreign invasion

in the beginning, the leaf spring said, entrepreneurship is far from easy to imagine, even in the "air", also cannot ensure certain blow up, may be blown away.

Entrepreneurial experience] wonton shop how to save costs are suitable for snack bar

today, Xiao Bian has the honor to the legendary entrepreneur, shop for four years, the successful operation of three. I resigned in 2011 in Suzhou opened wonton shop, has now increased to three, are very profitable. Which is very important to save costs, after all, is a small business, save a penny is to earn a penny."


staff wages

"runs is the premise, to entrust to others or simply ask the waiter to take care of is taboo. Because this is a relatively hard work, not only rely on consciousness. Especially in the absence of a sound performance mechanism, it is necessary to personally manage." Mr. Wang said.


"water cost is very high. Just opened the shop that time, I saw a waiter wash the dishes when the water flow is particularly large, the water burst everywhere, I said why do not you open it?. She said her family in the countryside, the dishes are to take water pumps, water without money. After the education of staff habits, coupled with a little other water-saving tips, a month can really save a lot of money."

material costs

so, saving is not endless? Wang said, wonton shop to have a degree of economy, otherwise customers do not buy it. You see, our spicy oil is more unique, very fragrant and not particularly spicy. For a long time with a very spicy oil fee, and a lot of people eat spicy oil, the rest of the end will be very dry. Later, I thought of a way to mix the oil, not only to solve the problem of hot oil, but also reduce the amount of hot oil."

"after a month I found wonton shop turnover fell. I realized that a lot of customers just like spicy oil, you reduce the quality of spicy oil, of course, he will not come. Through this I am deeply aware of

Zhang Liang Malatang joined what conditions need to be met

to say in the hot chain brand what brand of fire, oh, it must be Zhang Liang hot. Zhang Liang hot and spicy has become a symbol of the brand, but also the quality of protection. Zhang Liang spicy hot on the quality of products is particularly valued, each layer of raw materials are layers of screening, to ensure that consumers can be assured at the heart of the Zhang Liang hot shop to eat. Nutrition headquarters to participate in professional master planning work will be all kinds of dishes, vegetables, meat nutrition reasonable collocation, achieve the value maximization, by the vast number of consumers unanimously sought, business scale expands rapidly, steadily improve operation efficiency, become the industry leader in malatang.

Zhang Liang Malatang choose a number of valuable herbs boiled into soup, sophisticated materials, Tommy weixian. In addition, a variety of vegetables, vegetables, fungi, algae and other green food with reasonable nutrition, by the healthy vegetarian pet. This product has a spicy but not dry, fresh and not greasy, long hemp flavor, aroma overflowing. of special spicy hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant perfect integration!

Zhang Liang hot and spicy is the industry leader, memorable, eat also want to eat, repeat customers and many, Zhang Liang hot investment, whether it is the consumer, or join the business, can not miss. If you are interested in the message, pay more attention to investment projects, a good life from sailing.

Zhang Liang hot spicy join conditions:

Zhang Liang hot pepper franchisee conditions must be:

a, the ability to independently bear civil liability;

two, voluntary application to join Zhang Liang hot chain system;

three, agree with the chain management concept and operation mode;

four, there are suitable for fast food sales place;

five, with the basic investment capacity (with a starting capital of 3 to 50 thousand);

six, has a good business reputation;

seven, agree with Zhang Liang catering company’s corporate culture, make sure that the brand of hot and spicy,;

eight, accept the management of the company headquarters, and can cooperate with the company to supervise the search work;

nine, love fast food industry, with entrepreneurial passion.

is a feature of Sichuan spicy delicacy, many consumers of spicy and delicious taste like, now on the market operation of Malatang brand is not a minority, but welcome them or Zhang Liang Malatang, which has a good taste and rich dishes not only capture the hearts of consumers, Zhang Liang spicy > has become hot