Wangzhuan Taobao guest Shanghai Longfeng single page optimization keyword selection to be precise

three: relevant and persuasive content to

zern shoes single product brand, we do optimization keyword selection can be zern: zern zern, official website, leather shoes, leather shoes zern zern leather shoes quality is good, how the price of shoes, leather shoes, zern zern zern, how much money, leather shoes shoe stores such as zern offer more accurate keywords. But this choice for when we write good writing, search the customer is also very accurate, the conversion rate is high.

Shanghai dragon! keywordFor this

says the key word choice, it’s good to write, for single page website is so, and I think a close to the authenticity of the text will be much better than a HD Mito, users read your text and the author is in the dialogue, such as I see the shoe stores have en CE such a message: "for the first time to buy expensive shoes in Taobao, I have been in Taobao never buy the expensive shoes, because too much. But when I first bought this pair of shoes, I was still considering whether to buy, after all, six hundred yuan, 1000 yuan in the Wanda Plaza can also buy a pair of very good leather. After YAGE communication with customers, see a lot of evaluation, decided to buy. Also help a friend with a pair, together and together 860 yuan, sent 40 yuan can send me a pair of shoes, but YAGE is not willing to… MM… Ha ha, can understand, what is the principle. I received the shoes yesterday, first feel good, really damn good packaging T. A look that is on the grade of shoes. Today the day wearing shoes, wearing a very comfortable, very fashionable, very suitable for the coarse ore man I. Haha thank customers for YAGE, >

have different opinions welcome messages or pay attention to my meager message: (Tencent network that) 贵族宝贝t.qq贵族宝贝/linlin123

we look at the unfavorable factors: for example, a single page out rate is high, the user experience is not good, the picture spread, optimization promotion means a single. To these points we can from the 1 to the text to convince users, 2, interspersed in the text in the advertisement picture. Now the station is a lot of big map, and then directly into the mall to another, is the type of blog. We have to talk about the type of blog.

two: select the

: a content + pictures

a Taobao 贵族宝贝bbs.admin5贵族宝贝/thread-2913808-1-1.html A5 guest contest zern shoes recently learned that in a guest QQ there are many classmates say see, some estimates are already in operation. Then because zern leather shoes is a single brand, but also to get awards in the past 2 months, have a lot of time, while the single page optimization is many webmaster choice. I would like to own Taobao guest single page website how to do web site optimization

I love the sea station was K off to try this approach can recover

first, K off the stand of the common problem.

the last few days I have been in the chain, you can query the results I see, change several times a day, I hope that these changes can quickly let love Shanghai crawl into my home, restore the rank when the chain I pay much attention to A5 and home owners like this the platform, after all their weight is very high, can let love Shanghai have a new understanding of www.06xushi.cn and design of the station, or if they grab mistake, fast recovery, and the update site, can quickly collect, then in the thorough investigation of Links, do fuck it is normal. Do not say to the indicators are very good, the normal line.

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, has recently been in love in Shanghai adjustment, how to keep the rankings, how to solve the several love love Shanghai Shanghai adjustment, did not expect today Friday my station was in love with the sea K out, now it was all said to be black Friday, the site has been K off my to all the webmaster don’t want to happen, but now, we have to think of ways to solve the problems, first is the search, after all, there are still many sites no problem, I recently also summarize some common is K website, also looking for solutions, I explain my analysis myself, I hope to help you, I also hope to help themselves.


once we had the above problems, this Friday’s adjustment has more or less influence, ranking drop I feel is not necessarily better than the K K once the recovery is good, can have a good ranking, ranking drop is probably not suitable for the adjustment of the search engine, this is my guess, this the solution, I confused, but I feel the update and have the high quality of the chain is certainly good for ranking.

: the first impact is not great in love several times before the adjustment of Shanghai, but the site is not normal, not grab the wrong keywords, is a snapshot update slow, this is one of the most important points.

fifth: I found that most Links have problems, not broken chain, is the site of the home page is not the first or K away, I suspect that the number and quality of Links have great influence on the adjustment.

second: Web site update is not very regular, sometimes also reproduced some things, some of it is updated, but the Internet is very common, is not conducive to the search engines.

third: more or less on the website of the adjustment, some of the keyword density and layout of large-scale adjustment, which affected search engines crawl, the weight is greatly reduced,

fourth: many websites sometimes open, or when the love Shanghai grab open, this has affected the stability of the rankings and keywords.

What are those things on the keywords ranking improve website traffic.

of course, here to remind the tribe, to find their own software to brush Guan Jian words, but because of a search engine is used to detect software brush keywords flow, it can easily backfire, ranking decreased. The tribe has a dielectric Taobao buy Guan Jian word ranking Shanghai dragon service experience of the article, you can see.


now has many large forum, we often do the chain to web site traffic, in fact, like A5, 28 push this, the biggest advantage is the large flow, included fast, will stimulate the chain we desire to go there. At the same time, we should also have this idea, that is to flow up will certainly stimulate the Guan Jian word ranking to improve, but the ranking does not necessarily have the corresponding but very large flow.

2. if the site to increase the volume of traffic from search engines, from the keyword search, it will promote the keywords ranking promotion. The reason: the keyword search, enter your web traffic, simply shows that your site user experience is good, the visitor’s Pro gaze, which reflects the website user experience is good, from which the user can find the required information.

1. if the site to increase traffic from outside the chain, or a large part of the flow are derived, then it is possible to promote all keywords website ranking promotion. The reason: the increase in the chain, search engines can also enhance the corresponding statistical weight, ranking also has a role in promoting.

3, if the website >

if you want to be a Guan Jian word ranking to do it, if popular, very difficult, then we can do well in the station around the main Guan Jian word to the long tail keywords ranking, so as to obtain good traffic sources.

well, here we look at the number of site traffic, visitors, visitors browsing amount of these data, and increase website traffic, will promote the keywords ranking promotion? This is to be divided into three cases to consider:

but need to attract our attention is that from the chain of garbage flow, or malicious clicks, or a program of spam sites, this kind of flow does not pass any weight, light shielding search garbage outside chain, while being punished. The tribe clearly remember, before the site has a Guan Jian word ranking good, later being malicious brush one or two days later, after an article in the Guan Jian word ranking dropped to more than 100.

is a web site traffic life, no traffic to the website, the equivalent of a pool of stagnant water. While users of your web site launched non-stop access, which is equivalent to your site into the living water, then the index, the search engine on the web in all aspects such as weight, Guan Jian word ranking will have changed. Here again fell in love with the sea tribe index to explain, that is when the site traffic to a certain extent, included in the site will achieve the effect.

The impact of the national crackdown on movie websites

recently, the national crackdown is in full swing. The crackdown came as news was initially triggered by mobile porn stations, which later spread to all movie stations, including regular movie stations without access to audiovisual licenses.

as a webmaster, I did a lot of sites, except the 520 theater, is the most successful web site, IP1000, are of high quality IP, mostly rely on Baidu search engine, put on the double advertising, there are nearly 10 yuan in advertising revenue per day. Before the website just a little bit better when, oneself have no determination to be bigger and stronger, so this time I make up my mind to want to do this station well.

, but I have been hurt by the anti vice incident. Although my movie station is not what porn movies, but taking my previous sucks, excuse my website without audio-visual license for me off, then I re changed several space, finally found a good space, also can put double advertising, is in the process for space, leading to Baidu my income K finished, only a collection of cache.

is not included, the flow should be less to? I don’t know why, but he was promoted to a flow, included only, several keywords ranking are good, can enter the first 10 pages, especially the key customers on page seventh, free movie ranked 11 in the two page. Baidu keyword index is higher, about 10 pages can also bring thousands of traffic, my address is www.139520.com.cn, you do not believe you can query these two keywords ranking.

but I also began to worry, most traffic is Baidu, if one day the Baidu cache my site also included K, so my website how continue, Baidu will re included my station? I heard crackdown movie website to continue until the end of next year, so I can hold on for a long time? In addition, I would like to take a good time to flow now, my movie station transfer station, the film flow is very valuable Oh, about 1200IP, 800 yuan cheap sale, there is the way to contact me on my website, have to eat crab? >

Site navigation for the new way out of the boutique web directory


often appear in the cafe on the front page of hao123 was acquired by Baidu, and was 265 when the bright younger generation after the acquisition of Google, "the site navigation" on the network like bamboo shoots after a spring rain is replicated before! But remember, in the beginning of Chinese Internet, because the network search is not developed, leading to the urgent need a "directory" to "planning" messy network, to a more convenient view to find their needed information. Site navigation came into being at this time, giving most Internet users a very convenient surfing service. "Time makes heroes," web navigation became famous.

when web site navigation was copied a lot, it was found that other websites were easy to stand on, but far away from success. The new generation of "web navigation" is countless, but not really successful. Because of the publicity and promotion, became the site development in the way. Because it requires a lot of financial, human and material resources,


but now, we all know, the development of the station can only rely on a "special" word, since that very popular website navigation is difficult to comprehensive development, why don’t you go mainstream route, do a more specific "navigation"? Only navigation station we are more professional, more can improve user convenience in the browse professional information, we can better reflect the "navigation" itself value, it will form a "pyramid" type automatic propaganda in the invisible, are special user preferences of a special ten, ten to one hundred


is currently on the network, the professional "navigation" the competition is very small, the development of better, such as http://library.mysuc.com, his position is boutique website ", is not the kind of hao123 integrated navigation is a small hao123 a manual review added, the page is simple users log on, also do not like to enter the hao123, with only Sohu as everyone knows what Sina’s Web site, because the site has played its own network brand, as an ordinary Internet users, is not required by these ways to enter the well-known website. But just as a boutique web directory on the web site or webmaster often is a platform to display the user recommendation site, more similar to the one you favorites, so also won the Baidu and other search engines like, this is also the reason why the station did not only to January time, use Baidu Search "boutique website," the "Catalogue" and other words, my excellent web site directory can list out one of the reasons. As a comprehensive directory of a manual editing of the engine, while walking or synthetic route, but it is more for a fine words, the leading role of the domain name in front plus high weight said on the two day of the domain, the IP200+ I was overwhelmed by an unexpected favour.

again, a good website program can make the site work better, although the website directory program I selected can be found in many source stations

Industrial products electricity supplier website Warring States period behind those things

in the popular products in daily life "online shopping" at the same time, industrial electricity supplier market is also quietly changing, although the industrial products (including industrial products and industrial production material procurement) because of its large volume, long cycle, making the number of participants and more limited access to resources and other factors lead to the slow development, but because industry product market of large scale and wide prospects; many traditional companies test the water industrial electricity supplier, even has always been known for "Foxconn" OEM low adjustment a "rich trade mall" industrial products direct online mall, has been quietly on the line.

management of industrial electricity supplier website not only need to invest a lot of money to build a station, goods supply and distribution system, improve the ERP warehouse management and goods shelf management process, there are particularly noteworthy things:

1. Industrial buyers are highly accurate and require strict technical parameters. If there is a trace of deviation, it will cause serious disaster. Therefore, it is necessary for professional and special online sales staff to guide.

two, immediate quotation system, due to industrial product categories, different specifications of the models and the volume is not the same, the quotation is not an easy thing, do industrial electricity supplier to provide real-time quotes online to ensure the normal operation of the site.

The logistics distribution of

three, industrial products, industrial products are due to bulk purchases, and many industrial products are in a relatively new partial area, find the transportation cost is reasonable, reliable and punctual delivery logistics business is a major test for industrial electricity supplier, as the rich trade mall relying on Foxconn big time to time up the distribution system, the country has more than 300 city can realize distribution services.

Customer service

four, many industrial products scorched by the flames, although the business platform to worry about sales, but the MRO (maintenance, maintenance and operation) of helpless, in our country, industrial goods manufacturers customer service outlets, customer service is not timely and effective treatment, especially small, repetitive problems, from the company to to the customer factory maintenance back and forth at least three or four days, consume a large amount of manpower, financial and material resources; and if there is a like Foxconn in full all cable outlets and a large team of skilled support is much easier and faster, just a phone call, a few hours can be to the customer factory in the scene to solve.

five, industrial products such as custom custom, rich trade mall some customers are too lazy to find the hardware products or can not find myself to buy sheet metal products, businesses need tailored for them, which requires the electricity supplier website behind the strong manufacturing and sourcing capabilities for support, in order to provide the best products to customers genuine goods at a fair price.

, industrial electricity supplier online competition only on the surface, the layout of multi line, convenient products, genuine goods at a fair price O2O distribution services, good reputation and service commitment is the focus of competition, the future industrial competitive electricity supplier in the Warring States period, smoke billowing, who will win, we will see.

Webmaster site construction process must be sure to remember impetuous

corn rabbit question: Grassroots webmaster, individual webmaster, in short, Chinese webmaster, you feel impetuous,


the stationmaster replies:………………

China webmaster is growing up in impetuous, perhaps, now many webmaster, especially old webmaster has gone through impetuous period, but throughout the network, highlighting is still a word: "impetuous"!


then what is "impetuous"? What is the appearance of "impetuous"?

"impetuous", the dictionary is interpreted as "frivolous, irritable."". There is a morbid psychology of impulsive, emotional, irrational intertwined, it is solid, good governance, fair competition, and hard pioneer is opposite. While these features, I dare to say that all the owners have, at least once! In that overnight, the Internet economy, many webmaster kill red eye rushed forward, no matter there is no enemy, who is the enemy, only know that dream rushed to the front to become the next king. However, the final result is often disappointing, and some have not even started, they have been lying on the starting line. This can’t help but think about it,

what is the reason causing the impetuous impetuous? How to avoid the process of site? The following several corn rabbit for everyone to do a simple analysis, said the bad don’t scold me, if you feel your pain when it comes to corn rabbit, that I say


one, do not compare success, webmaster, down to earth to do their own.

now the webmaster see a certain webmaster flourishes in the network, so webmaster daily income is 1000 yuan of such true or false articles, then his head, in their own income is low, not even money, keep up with the Joneses even hate immediately can arise spontaneously, like the kind of successful Adsense money, easy money, very dissatisfied with their the site is now the state, so the growing appetite, lead to impetuous! Wish tomorrow is today a station, the station traffic! Often can not accurately assess their considerable site condition, the failure probability is very big, the corn rabbit under the phrase to the Webmaster:

One can be austere without selfish desires!

two, do not be money worship hedonism and opportunism become dizzy with success.

China webmaster in money worship hedonism and opportunism fooled the restlessness of mentality driven, their goal is only one for the money (here is not to say that money is not good, we of course website, to clear, is to benefit, but the benefits can not be in this state of mind, but also not to belittle China webmaster, because China webmaster exists impetuous psychological state is true above). But now the webmaster and do not want to struggle and lack of perseverance and pragmatic spirit, lack of their practical ability, accurate positioning capability and future development ability, so fragile, sensitive, adventure, slightly "temptation" will follow, today found the station immediately, like a swarm of bees to keep up with tomorrow I heard the fire station.

Share my half year experience with you

Hello, ha ha! To Admin5 more than half a year, recall is too fast, the first half a year ago to do is because some communication and tells Admin5 webmaster, let me in a hurry, hastily put the rate of the first stand up, at that time I was so anxious too young, many things do not understand (a lot! Then feel know haha, everyone laughed), do not understand the promotion skills, do not know SEO outside the chain, do not know too many things. When the promotion is by friends constantly help in the Q group, video website, email and so on, shouting ah, good words (Saturday and Sunday), a more than 3000 IP, the effect is not good if one day even less than 1000, second days for IP 200 not to.

Every day,

says to himself, "persist and persist, but you are wrong.". Adhere to is right, if you insist on the direction that is not a big mistake, that sounds so simple, but doing it so difficult, concluded that only do not stop the practice, wrong, just like you want to start your archery as an arrow did not aim at the target, you slowly the arrows, then go ~ ~ your goal can be reached out, I feel alignment of this concept is the practice, summary, practice and summary. Ha ha, said so much, do not give everyone to see my first stop (is a SNS station), did not close, and first to friends to take care of.

just said a little bit of their own experience, listening to listen to, and feel bad, do not that ha ha. After the first station are summarized, and some experience, my new station next week will be on the line, do e-commerce, personal feeling, especially the student webmaster webmaster, do e-commerce station is the most cost-effective, because the traffic you may have made a business you will earn a sum of money if you do, the other station, may be hard half to flow, users look away, want to rely on advertising to make money, personal feeling of students can not afford or can not afford to consume. Forget about my new AD. China Mall http://www.hua56.com., will soon be on the line, on the promotion of the station played a frame (only about SEO, share skills.). Feeling can also, the details will test, we try to figure out.

first, the website and the forum itself details and content perfect.

two, when filling in the content of the website, keyword and article content match already achieved SEO effect (pay attention to keyword density);

three, submit sitemap. (needless to say, everyone should be.)

four, updated every day (time) to achieve the search engine friendliness;

five, the outer chain (anti connect)

1> find the website exchange friendship connection (anti connection), this look at the station’s ability and technology;

;< >

South China Sea, the first micro entrepreneurial women space project launched to provide one-stop se

entrepreneurship is a matter of the whole people, female entrepreneurs to join, so that the development of China’s entrepreneurial career more successful. Recently, the South China Sea micro entrepreneurial women’s space began to help disadvantaged groups of women entrepreneurs, through a long set up to provide entrepreneurial space for the disadvantaged women entrepreneurs.

"Online + offline training

"specifically, skills training including sales skills and financial management; training in the use of Internet tools including Taobao, micro stores, the number of public use of training; product resource access enterprise, let women can sell cheaper products in the business community and other places; in addition to personal image promotion, entrepreneurship and psychological guidance. Then the jobs introduced online and offline comprehensive training services." Liang Xuemin said.

three ways for

The Enlightenment of Mars rescue to entrepreneurs

Mars rescue recently released in the mainland of China, science fiction scholar Wu Yan said the film is suitable for China’s Internet community to observe. But there are also entrepreneurs believe that it is especially suitable for entrepreneurs to watch, it is a bowl of delicious good chicken soup.



if you are an entrepreneur, just some of narcissism, the viewing process could vaguely see the shadow of their own. May wish to compare several aspects.

in most of the time, in this piece of experimental field of watney Mars on every act and every move created, even human every twinkle and smile, "the first time", he knew that "I was doing something very special, I was on Mars every step of climbing every hill, every a mark, are billions of years of human history, the first step." (some people questioned, humans consume massive resources to save a person worth? In fact, because of a variety of "first", the value of scientific research has brought watney enormous).

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