Air purifier store in the decoration of the time there is stress

do business basically is to open the store, one of the important factors, store decoration, sometimes also affect business in fact, shop decoration is very luxurious, good decoration, can bring more customers, more attractive, if there is deviation, may affect the profit. Today to talk about the air purifier store renovation of those who pay attention to.

two, open air purifier shop note: store decoration taboo


taboo 1: counter should not be placed at the exit

some of the shops for promotional merchandise, often at the exit of the escalator in the counter, the purpose of course is to make the customer to sell a foot on the floor can see goods, to increase the possibility of selling goods, but it often makes some customers will deliberately bypass the counter, and to the next to the counter. It will stop at the counter next to the stairs to 2 meters away, to see the effect, I believe will feel "curtilage reading" effect. Air purifier counters will be placed in the depths of the shop.

taboo 2: don’t let the deafening music

air purifier shop should not play loud music, in fact, this is very good, the music itself can create an atmosphere, but to see how to create the atmosphere of elegant, gentle music, can make the customer linger, increase the time of a customer in the store stay, thereby increasing the likelihood of customer consumption the loud music; while in Feng Shui is called "stop", a demon, which is to buy air purifiers people naturally have irritable mood, the stores can only play a negative effect. Because the intention to buy air purifier products are mostly from people over the age of 30.

taboo 3: store color can not be arbitrarily set

store decoration in addition to the color of the image with the air purifier manufacturers go outside. According to demand and add some color, now there are many air purifiers store pays great attention to the color of the internal stores, some businesses through psychological tests, such as red and bright colors, it is relatively in a state of excitement, arouse people’s desire to buy. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the color of the internal stores, and to the owner of the birthday, to store and sell goods five property combination will consider the attributes of goods into the wood, fire, soil, gold, water in five categories, and then according to the owner of the store house and hexagrams hexagrams, determine the specific shop interior decoration color, extremely complicated, it is necessary to the professional home home.

hope that the above points can help you, in the decoration of the product must be based on the operation of a little more attention, want to recommend

Entrepreneurial experience] wonton shop how to save costs are suitable for snack bar

today, Xiao Bian has the honor to the legendary entrepreneur, shop for four years, the successful operation of three. I resigned in 2011 in Suzhou opened wonton shop, has now increased to three, are very profitable. Which is very important to save costs, after all, is a small business, save a penny is to earn a penny."


staff wages

"runs is the premise, to entrust to others or simply ask the waiter to take care of is taboo. Because this is a relatively hard work, not only rely on consciousness. Especially in the absence of a sound performance mechanism, it is necessary to personally manage." Mr. Wang said.


"water cost is very high. Just opened the shop that time, I saw a waiter wash the dishes when the water flow is particularly large, the water burst everywhere, I said why do not you open it?. She said her family in the countryside, the dishes are to take water pumps, water without money. After the education of staff habits, coupled with a little other water-saving tips, a month can really save a lot of money."

material costs

so, saving is not endless? Wang said, wonton shop to have a degree of economy, otherwise customers do not buy it. You see, our spicy oil is more unique, very fragrant and not particularly spicy. For a long time with a very spicy oil fee, and a lot of people eat spicy oil, the rest of the end will be very dry. Later, I thought of a way to mix the oil, not only to solve the problem of hot oil, but also reduce the amount of hot oil."

"after a month I found wonton shop turnover fell. I realized that a lot of customers just like spicy oil, you reduce the quality of spicy oil, of course, he will not come. Through this I am deeply aware of

Chinese home care and Prevention Manual of Guangzhou cold start

cold in the eyes of many people is very mild illness, and will not cause hit attention, but now with the decline in quality of the environment, a large number of breeding variety, a serious threat to people’s health, even if just a little cold may cause very heavy damage to body.

The first

China family cold prevention and Care Handbook "China family cold prevention and Care Handbook" 19, released in Guangzhou, this by the number of academician Zhong Nanshan and other well-known experts participated in the writing, Zhong Nanshan in the conference call, people should treat a cold this seemingly large "minor" seriously, to treatment professional. To reduce the harm to society’s cold.

this book is devoted to science knowledge manual for family cold prevention, covering the whole population — oriented ordinary patients and special groups (the elderly and infants, pregnant and lactating women) professional guidance and treatment recommendations for the prevention of the common cold and influenza, aimed at promoting more family Chinese correctly understand and treat a cold.

, China has become the world’s largest cold country, according to a global survey". Over the past year, more than 1 billion people in the country had a cold, cold time average of up to 18.5 days. Although the majority of doctors and pharmacists suggested that patients with cold rest at home is more conducive to rehabilitation, but also can avoid the spread of the disease to others, but there are still 75% of the respondents had to go out to work during a cold or flu.

pointed out that the State Key Laboratory of respiratory disease director Zhong Nanshan, "the cognition of Chinese cold still remain in the" minor "stage, but the cold has seriously affected people’s daily life, health and life safety. In the 5 global influenza pandemic in twentieth Century, there were 2 outbreaks in China; in twenty-first Century, SARS, bird flu and H1N1 were the health risks. Whether it is a medical group or the public, must be taken seriously in the cold, with professional treatment, reduce the harm of cold to society."

"in our country, there are a lot of risk caused by cold, acute cases every year, academician Zhong Nanshan," such as suffering from chronic respiratory diseases of the elderly people or other special groups, often do not seek medical treatment immediately after the cold treatment, but as a "minor" treat, not active or take scientific treatment. As a result of more serious illness, life-threatening health."

in addition to the adult cold, in infants and young children, the same cold due to lack of awareness, causing many serious consequences. For example, the wrong kind of medication, dose not taken, or even because of improper treatment, resulting in a lifelong impact on children.

can ease the chief scientist DavidHull introduction, cold treatment, in addition to drug treatment, psychological comfort is also essential to recommend

Hangzhou abandoned baby girl’s mother said she had a congenital disease

some people look forward to their children, some people have children but also abandoned. Recently, Hangzhou, a baby girl was abandoned supermarket, his mother said in a baby’s message that the child has a congenital disease, kindly kindly sent to the orphanage.

said that children and parents as closely linked as flesh and blood is mom and dad’s baby. But at noon yesterday, north of the city of Hangzhou Auchan supermarket mark two shop floor of a clothing counter, a man in a public occasion, secretly will be two or three months old baby girl in the baby stroller, since the departure.

adorable and beautiful

the baby’s clothes are the new clothes, and lying in a stroller, so we started that child’s parents may be to the side of the toilet. "We waited for a long time, but also did not see the child’s parents, went to the toilet asked a circle, and no one knows the baby girl, we call the police."

Will the baby stay in the supermarket

Anand as Anhui Province Drug ambassador to call for a ban on poison

hale and hearty image, a variety of hosting style, the spirit of optimism and gratitude…… Shenyang handsome Anand (Aixinjueluo Hu Nan) by the audience. This year, Anhui was appointed by the Anhui provincial drug administration as the ambassador of drug rehabilitation, set an example, practice, the bounden duty for endorsement.

1987 in June, the UN put forward the slogan — "love life held in Vienna attended by more than 3000 representatives of 138 countries, drug abuse and illicit trafficking ministerial meeting on drugs", by the end of 2014, China registered a total of 2 million 955 thousand drug addicts, estimates the actual number of more than 14 million. Anand believes that public figures should promote social justice, positive energy tree benchmark, "this is me as" Anhui Province as ambassador to the original intention of forbidden poison "."

! "



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What are the skills of Chinese fast food franchise

entrepreneurial choice of Chinese fast food to join the project, open a shop of their own brands, want to succeed in business, we need to know what business skills? Let’s take a look at it!

cloud, Wen Road has, specialize in. Although the Chinese fast food industry is joining the wind, but it does not mean that everyone can easily succeed. Want to join a Chinese fast food stores to achieve remarkable results, we must y understand the Chinese fast food franchise business skills? The following Xiaobian take you to understand Chinese fast-food franchise business skills are what we have here.

brand has become the flagship, so the store operators rely on the brand, the brand reflects on the carrier, a variety of display products is an important way for the enterprise (brand) culture transfer. How to successy open a Chinese fast food stores? The main purpose provided by the company for the franchise exhibits support franchise business to maintain brand integrity, how good the Chinese fast food stores? Some franchisees did not take the initiative to display the menu as guests give up delicacy, propaganda enterprise (brand) culture.

Chinese fast food franchisees need to master a certain store management skills, to ensure the quality of service. A lot of Chinese fast food franchisees because of a large number of holiday customers and ignore the customer service, this is not worth the candle. Chinese fast food franchisees to firmly grasp and bind customers, we must always do a good job of customer service.

because of Chinese fast food now join too much, all kinds of concessions, various projects, almost every shop has to let customers choose you this Chinese fast food restaurant franchisees, will give customers the feeling out of the ordinary, and most likely to impress customers, impress them is intimate service. Therefore, the Chinese fast food franchisee must keep in mind, do a good job of customer service is the way to make money Oh!

although, in our lives, the increasing pressure of entrepreneurial competition. In fact, entrepreneurship is not difficult, I am afraid people. It is important to choose the right project, master a certain business skills is a stepping stone for our successful business! So, are you ready?

Gansu equity trading center officially opened in the innovation of science and technology


of a society, want to let people have entrepreneurial ideas, you need to constantly increase the number of social enterprises to foster entrepreneurship, a good environment for the development of social enterprises, increasing business confidence.

8 19 afternoon, Gansu equity trading center officially opened in the innovation of science and technology, Department of Party members, deputy director attended the opening ceremony and the giant has a modest speech at the Provincial Department of high-tech investment company responsible comrades attended the launching ceremony.

the launching ceremony, the provincial department investment company for the use of the capital market and foster innovation driven lanbai fund of science and technology enterprises for the exchange statement. Province, as the provincial government authorized investment company, for SMEs to provide financing services and incubator construction of state-owned enterprises and market development in science and technology, shouldering the cultivation and support of small and medium-sized high-tech enterprises. The next step will continue to strengthen cooperation with the Gansu equity trading center, in line with the conditions listed companies actively recommend listed equity trading center in Gansu, work together to create science and technology innovation ecosystem, by means of the market, to enhance the province science and technology innovation enterprise incubation support, give full play to the innovation of science and technology in the optimal allocation of resources the function of each other and service advantages, efforts to ease the financing difficulties of high-tech enterprises, providing a full range of services for scientific and technological innovation in enterprises.

The establishment of

Zhang Liang Malatang joined what conditions need to be met

to say in the hot chain brand what brand of fire, oh, it must be Zhang Liang hot. Zhang Liang hot and spicy has become a symbol of the brand, but also the quality of protection. Zhang Liang spicy hot on the quality of products is particularly valued, each layer of raw materials are layers of screening, to ensure that consumers can be assured at the heart of the Zhang Liang hot shop to eat. Nutrition headquarters to participate in professional master planning work will be all kinds of dishes, vegetables, meat nutrition reasonable collocation, achieve the value maximization, by the vast number of consumers unanimously sought, business scale expands rapidly, steadily improve operation efficiency, become the industry leader in malatang.

Zhang Liang Malatang choose a number of valuable herbs boiled into soup, sophisticated materials, Tommy weixian. In addition, a variety of vegetables, vegetables, fungi, algae and other green food with reasonable nutrition, by the healthy vegetarian pet. This product has a spicy but not dry, fresh and not greasy, long hemp flavor, aroma overflowing. of special spicy hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant perfect integration!

Zhang Liang hot and spicy is the industry leader, memorable, eat also want to eat, repeat customers and many, Zhang Liang hot investment, whether it is the consumer, or join the business, can not miss. If you are interested in the message, pay more attention to investment projects, a good life from sailing.

Zhang Liang hot spicy join conditions:

Zhang Liang hot pepper franchisee conditions must be:

a, the ability to independently bear civil liability;

two, voluntary application to join Zhang Liang hot chain system;

three, agree with the chain management concept and operation mode;

four, there are suitable for fast food sales place;

five, with the basic investment capacity (with a starting capital of 3 to 50 thousand);

six, has a good business reputation;

seven, agree with Zhang Liang catering company’s corporate culture, make sure that the brand of hot and spicy,;

eight, accept the management of the company headquarters, and can cooperate with the company to supervise the search work;

nine, love fast food industry, with entrepreneurial passion.

is a feature of Sichuan spicy delicacy, many consumers of spicy and delicious taste like, now on the market operation of Malatang brand is not a minority, but welcome them or Zhang Liang Malatang, which has a good taste and rich dishes not only capture the hearts of consumers, Zhang Liang spicy > has become hot

Do you know the skills of children’s wear shop promotion

all the parents about their children are very good, I hope the children can eat well, dress well, also made a lot of industry development soon, now more and more people start to open children’s clothing store, I believe we all can see, with the two-child policy open, more and more children, the demand for the children are on the rise. Pioneering children’s clothing store, has a lot of market support. But since it is open children’s clothing store, we must face the problem of product promotion. Entrepreneurship open children’s clothing store promotion skills, to introduce you.

1: direct discount

can quickly boost sales force, quickly in the short term, increase consumer purchases, the consumer has the most impact force and the temptation to take direct discount in the promotion of the most common and most effective promotion strategy.

2: membership promotion

at present, the promotion of the promotion of the shop more and more members, through the purchase of a certain amount can reach what level of membership, different levels of membership can enjoy the discount price of the product, which is a long-term. There are other members such as promotional products or gifts for members to provide a special price, every month has a fixed time for promotion can be a special offer, members can send gifts, can also be free to send a small gift to do service, if the member can still do many special promotional membership.

3: special area

many stores have special offer area, set aside an area with floats or floor stand display products to a special offer, and the price of product differentiation so as not to affect the price of product sales, the two is to allow consumers to easily find, promotional content area to implement special offer on the float and landing gear on the corresponding.

4: new promotion

‘s new store listed promotions are now very common, they mainly want to catch the season to improve the old customers, the number of customers, mostly in the new brand shop, general product promotion is mainly through small gifts, not with the new method of direct discount.

light is a children’s clothing industry is very promising, is an industry of people worthy of choice, if interested do not miss out, read to start children’s clothing stores sales promotion skills, also hope to children’s clothing shop friend, can remember these contents in the shop when you can use these promotion skills. We hope that the introduction, to bring more friends to help.

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Cooperative entrepreneurship grasp 7 principles

as the saying goes, people gather firewood flame high, entrepreneurship is also true. At the beginning of entrepreneurs because of various circumstances need to choose partners to venture partners in the beginning is nothing more than a childhood friend, classmates and relatives; because like-minded, because a common objective, because of the mutual trust; go together to run a project, when there are a lot of problems will be produced, in order to cooperate more enjoyable for a long time in order to develop long-term goals, we should pay attention to:



3, the responsibilities of the partners

4, the process of cooperation profit distribution investment ratio of