China’s private enterprises need to quickly out of confusion

China’s private enterprises have a lot of, in the era of fierce competition, many enterprises have been affected by the impact of the Internet economy, and now is in a confused period, do not know how the future development of the road.

China throughout the development of private enterprises, can be said that the recent twenty years the achievements of China private enterprises in this large group, today China has formed a state-owned enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises and private enterprises in a situation of tripartite confrontation situation. Especially in the field of competition, the status of private enterprises in the market has become very important.


I and many listed company executives and management.

Love tea Anhui fried yogurt – what are the advantages to join the

fried yogurt, has been a very delicious food. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the fried yogurt project, is a very powerful choice. Love tea Anhui fried yogurt? High quality projects, worry free venture trustworthy!

love tea Anhui fried yogurt to join what advantages?

love tea unique Korean style blue and white, let consumers eyes bright, unique decorative style is also able to attract customers to come to the consumer, let others see only love this decoration in the brain is the first emerging love tea brand. Love Anhui tea yogurt to join, is to let this style to supervise themselves and the development of more than 1 thousand stores. Love Anhui tea yogurt to join, it is worth to choose a good project fried yogurt.

China’s fried yogurt brand is a variety of different tastes of different styles of brands abound. Love tea Anhui fried yogurt franchise, authentic Korean taste great tongue yogurt taste enjoyment, of vigour, has attracted many consumers, if have the ability to shop, we must choose the potential and the strength of the brand, to join the shop natural choose love tea acid milk.

in general, as long as the food is recognized by consumers, is always a great advantage. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the love of tea of Anhui fried yogurt project, worry free business, trustworthy!

Gem wealth join entrepreneurial skills

jewelry has always been loved by the people, its sleek appearance is the biggest selling point. The investment in the jewelry industry is a good choice for entrepreneurs. As long as the headquarters in accordance with the guidance to operate, you can reap the benefits.

The most basic

to join partners, owners need not have certain skills and experience, can be directly applied to the headquarters of the successful experience and management technology, long-term guidance and services to support from headquarters, is quite important to join partners can use the successful franchise system, "borrow a ladder, board their own development the building to create a career, thus eliminating the need to explore the time.

entrepreneurs to open chain stores before investment, should do first is to find good jewelry to join the brand, choose a good brand is very important for entrepreneurs, it relates to the consumer acceptance of the brand, high degree of approval can be better run. This requires entrepreneurs to pay attention to.


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2016 college entrance examination room price was berserk

2016 years of college entrance examination has been officially opened, the end of an examination of the candidates need a quiet environment to rest, so the hot point near the hotel, not only crazy prices, more importantly, despite the price a lot, but have achieved full.

today into the first day of college entrance examination in 2016, the parents are expecting a child can play perfectly in the exam, in order to children during the test rest, not in the examination room between home and travel, many parents booked entrance room". According to the reporter, the huge demand for parents to promote the country to emerge a wide range of high price college entrance examination room".

according to the reporter, some of the hotel prices 15% fairly polite, even rose nearly 6 times, a hotel room rose to nearly 3000 yuan / day, dozens of thousands of rooms only need half a day will be parents second light, obviously want to set the noon hour room were also forced to set all day long. In addition, a variety of tricks, the number of rooms with auspicious number 6, out of the champion of the champion room, Feng Shui excellent Feng Shui room, etc., it is becoming popular, must be set before the payment can be.

Beijing: easy price of more than a thousand yuan 2508 yuan / day is also sought after

Beijing this year, there will be more than 6 candidates into the 96 college entrance examination, half a month ago, after the test center to determine the small room for parents to set the room, most of the good conditions of the room as early as a few weeks before the exam was booked. A number of hotels in the room is pulled tight, part of the housing, only support for the full room. Beijing several well-known secondary schools in the vicinity of the hotel, the economy has basically been sold out of the room. Hotel staff told reporters that two days later, the value of $899, $1299 luxury room may also become a room hard to find.

, according to the Beijing Morning Post reporter reported that Beijing in the fourth part of the hotel, college entrance examination room than the highest price on the day of thousands of dollars. A hotel hall erected "live off Taiwan advertising, particularly the introduction of" Jinbang entrance room, which marked the standard for 968 yuan a day, suite for 2508 yuan a day. Ctrip, in June 2nd the price of the hotel room is 1500 yuan, the same day the college entrance examination became a day of $2508 college entrance room, up more than 1000 yuan. RDFZ test center near the hotel, the special price of 2551 yuan "Gaokao", more than two months ago it was the entrance room reservation, because "the real champion" to Geely, the room is good, many people choose to book the. June 2nd, the same room price of the hotel is only 1385 yuan, the day of college entrance examination rose more than 1100 yuan.

Hefei: 60 sets of thousands of college entrance room instantly grab an empty day to set the room into 8

according to Hefei TV recently reported that although the Hefei college entrance examination room recommended

Entrepreneurial skills to improve marketing performance

thinking to open a successful clothing store, we also need to go a lot of effort, how can we create a suitable for everyone to taste the life of the store, improve our marketing performance?

1, how to make customers know our store?


2, how to make customers stay in front of our store for 3 seconds?

3, how to make customers stay and ask them into our store?

Of course,

to the customer in the shop, the store salesperson image is very important. The clerk must always keep smiling, smiling is very important, if you smile let customers feel that there is affinity, this invisible closer the distance between us and our customers, so that customers feel very warm; if the store clerk is very cold, it will allow the customer to produce "shop deceptive" feeling, so good customers are not in the window, who are not willing to go to a "kill", on


4, when the customer into the store how to make him interested in the product?

when customers come into our store, let him go to choose our products, do not like "night shadows" as always with the customer to use the eye behind the polite observation of customers, when his eyes and a hand to touch a piece of merchandise, the merchandise to prove that he has the initial interest. At this time our business

90 girls aiming at traditional folk music has been a member of the Chinese Musicians Association

general 90 girl love is what the modern dance, piano, for "little traditional folk music" to be understood, there is a girl after 90 business took aim at the "traditional folk music", the young she has become a "big man".


2013 in June, just graduated from college and was invited to serve as Pengcheng television music competition judges, of which there is a program that is on the stage of Guzheng performances, see the children carefully playing guzheng, but they are not accurate enough and professional performance techniques that sit under her deep feelings.

"as a professional guzheng practitioners, it makes me feel has the responsibility and obligation to spread Chinese traditional culture." Zhan Pengcheng said that this dream has always been wandering in her mind, so she abandoned the parents for the establishment of the cause of their career planning, initiation of the idea of establishing a guzheng training school in his hometown.

however, learn guzheng for so many years, almost exhausted all their savings at home, if we set up a professional training school, it will be a lot of investment, however enlightened parents to support her daughter’s career, launched around all the relatives and friends to raise funds.

the difficulty met policy support

"through the application, I soon received a subsidy of 5000 yuan venture, with the support of national policy, my heart bottom, so the country to support students’ entrepreneurship, with a strong policy they must work harder now." Zhan Pengcheng said, in order to find a convenient parents and children learn to send the teacher’s place, she almost traveled all the streets near the West Primary and secondary schools. Finally found a school, away from residential areas, bus stations are convenient and real.

funds and venues are determined, and then to the local business sector Pengcheng consulting for business licenses. "Two pieces of recommendation

Do you know how to do the promotion of baby supplies store

is the parent children’s favorite, in order to let the children can get better care in the choice of products when the demands of parents is very high, as long as it is good for the children’s products and supplies, parents are willing to spend money to buy baby supplies, in consumption is not stingy. Therefore, baby supplies sales, market prospects. If sufficient funds to open a shop like this is a good choice to get rich. Here is the baby items store promotion program, look at it!

promotion time: generally arranged in a particular holiday before, mainly to consider the weekend and holiday length and other factors, and according to the size of the promotion of flexible arrangement of activity cycle.

promotion location: how to do the promotion of baby supplies store? To determine the promotion location. Terminal owned terminal shop

promotional purposes: to do things always have a goal, promotion is certainly the purpose of the end of the promotional activities to achieve what kind of results, in order to enhance sales or want to curb competitors? This is the time to make plans must be emphasized.

promotion theme: the theme is to focus on the promotion of the expression and the core, can make the promotion of effective communication, the theme should be concise, can effectively attract consumers, to promote.

promotional content: This is the core part of the promotion, what is the specific content of the promotional activities, is what kind of way, must be clearly described in the program.

implementation steps: such as the display of gifts, promotional POP display methods, etc., can also make a detailed schedule, arrange gifts production cycle, in order to carry out promotional activities in a timely manner.

now we should know how to operate on the business of the industry, now, there are a lot of people embarked on a rich way through baby supplies business, if you are looking to join the project, take a look at this industry. Above is the promotion of baby items and planning, I hope to help you shop.

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Tea ice cream money – all station agent

has a new ice cream to join the project, is always very business opportunities. How do you choose to join the ice cream? High quality entrepreneurial projects, the success of entrepreneurship! If you join the ice cream tea station project, is also very exciting, hurry up action!

ice cream ice cream is also a Hot pot to eat, but this is able to attract a large number of diners eat ice cream, many investors are more concerned about the ice cream, Hot pot project to make money it, now in the investment market, only innovation can dominate the market, while the traditional ice cream is already unable to meet the current consumers.

of course many investors also spotted ice cream Hot pot market, making money in numerous projects in the brand of ice cream Hot pot project? Whether the money still have to see what the project is, take the tea ice cream station, the taste of the product can be freely collocation according to individual allocation, random choice for their own taste, business is relatively simple, where popularity can where business.

station tea ice cream can Western fast-food restaurants, entertainment venues, tourist attractions, sports stadiums, amusement center, station pier, bustling streets and other production operation, as long as there are people, are allowed to do business area, of course, is also on the small tea ice cream, ice cream Hot pot have a project to make money a better explanation, and the shop are not obstacles, easily grasp the wealth.

fresh ice cream brand to join the project choice, is the best choice for our successful business. Easy to learn fast start, successful venture worthy of trust. How to join the ice cream? Small business optimization! So, are you ready to invest in the ice cream?

Xiamen Spring Festival warmth elderly eat the dinner on New Year’s Eve

Spring Festival is a day of reunion, but a lot of people can not be reunited with their families for various reasons or because of their own economic reasons, leading to their own can not lead a good year. Steamed crab, steamed fish dishes, sea food and poultry in gentiana…… On the evening of 21, Tianzhu community was bustling, a delicious dishes are on the table, sitting around the table is over 30 orphans, the poor elderly in the community. This is Haicang District Party Committee Propaganda Department Party branch volunteers together Haicang cross-strait volunteer union public service team, the Tianzhu community union volunteer team of volunteers, for the old people to send the warmth of the dinner on New Year’s Eve, the old people all smile.

from the northeast of Li Jing three years ago with his children moved to Tianzhu community, he repeatedly praised Haicang is a humane place! It is understood that this is the dawn of public service team in third years to celebrate the event held in haicang. As in previous years, this year all the dishes by pledging volunteers. In addition, the size of the new year’s dinner by the volunteers to do all the things. After dinner, the volunteers are also sent to the elderly by the people of the community and corporate donations of edible oil, nutrition and other condolences.



people made 100 feast "cooking" LinLiQing thick

20 at noon, a community college in Haixing, fragrant 100 feast held warm in.

the same day at 11 in the morning, the residents have to bring their own specialty dishes, nearly all of the dishes of different flavors of a different way to make up a table of sumptuous reunion dinner in the 40. Both the local special snack, Haicang fried oysters, fried spiced Griddle Cake, also in Nanping Jianou, Putian Xianyou farmers satisfied at the end of the taro crab, Zhoukou Henan Braised Pork with Vermicelli, these are all essential in New Year’s Eve family reunion dinner dishes. Residents are invited to the community empty nest elderly, low share of food sharing, live enjoyable.

Xiamen Spring Festival warmth, the elderly eat incense, and the progress of the society, to help poor people more and more, this is a very positive thing. At the same time, it is understood that the new Xiamen Haixing community is composed of people, migrants and local residents in the form of new resettlement community, this is the Community College held the third 100 feast. Chen Jihong from Henan is the second time to participate in the 100 feast. She said that such activities will not only allow people from all walks of life gathered in a taste of local cuisine, but also closer to the distance between residents.

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Seven seven into old stoves to join people more comfortable and refreshing Hot pot

healthy food, the choice of a comfortable dining environment, is a very good choice. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, they should choose to have the strength of the brand to join the project. How old were seven seven into the Hot pot? Quality of the project, the success of venture worthy of trust.

seven seven into the old stove Hot pot to join, now Hot pot brand is more and more on the market, to win the long-term support of consumers, in addition to good, but also have their own characteristics. Seven seven into the old stove Hot pot Heritage Classic production process, combined with the concept of health, delicious and healthy quality won the diners, and soon in the market has formed a wide range of consumer groups, business shop business with protection, eventually obtain long-term returns.

in addition to the original process, seven seven into the old stove by Hot pot of modern technology improved, bring a new experience for people, are delicious. Seven seven in the Republic of China old old stove Hot pot Hot pot formula of traditional Chinese medicine by modern science and technology, prepared from dozens of precious Chinese medicine with modern process, drawing hundreds of long, be healthy and delicious, secret base material inherited by modern technology, improvement made Hot pot soup color red, bright, spicy and delicious thick, taste, by the praise of consumers.

seven seven into the old stove is Hot pot won the patrons of all ages, not only because of its delicious taste, but also because of the health quality, which makes it occupy a more advantageous position in the catering market. Seven seven into the old stove Hot pot franchise based on the old Hot pot on innovation, become an independent school, has made a great breakthrough in the nutrition and health function, maintaining the traditional Hot pot hemp, spicy hot fresh features, to overcome the difficulties of the greasy heat, formed a unique style in the four aspects of color, aroma, taste, raise. Bright red color, fragrance, flavor, Hou Qin lung nourishment, fragrant spicy but not dry, refreshing people more comfortable.

joined seven seven into how old Hot pot stove? Healthy food is our best choice. If you do, to join into seven old Hot pot stove project, is also very exciting. So, do not hesitate, hurry to leave a message!